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God Alone Exists Truly

God alone exists truly. Man manifests Him in time,space and matter. The more God's manifestation in man (life) unites with the manifestations(life) of other beings, the more man exists.This union with the lives of other beings is accomplished through love. What do u think?

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 ---esther on 7/21/05
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Whoa, Rob Woodland, lay down the bong man.
---Jed on 7/17/12

god alone exists

this is a true statement

therefore man does not exist

hence there are no worries

god means perfect happiness

to exist is to exist forever

therefore man does not exist

god alone exists

happiness alone exists
---rob_woodyard on 7/17/12

I think the way you stated it,it sounds like New Age Teaching and you need to study the Bible and throw all that "stinkin thinkin" out.Stop trying to spiritulize and unify all things in this world,they aren't joined by love or anything else except biology.Only people become joined Spiritually through Christ to God and thus become family in Christ.Perhaps you didn't mean it the way it sounds if not please clarify what you mean.
---Darlene_1 on 2/23/08

Sounds like an ancient Bhuddist philosophy. Where does it say that in the Word of God?

Jeremiah 2:13:
For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, {and} hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.
---Jeffrey on 4/6/07

esther, This sounds of the likes of Edger Casey. Be careful, because there are many false roads and they all lead to hell. There is a way that seems right to a person but the end of it is death. Jesus is the ONLY door to eternal life.
---John on 7/24/05

Good thread! Bruce, Jeffrey, thanks for all the details you gave. Glad to see 'esther' is reading and learning from this. I want to emphasize here that Believers MUST always try to be very careful not to 'jump to conclusions' about any matter; to diligently compare things with the Word first! We may all fail miserably at times, but all should want to keep their emotions and thoughts in line with God's will not our human desires.
---Daniel on 7/23/05

Well done, Jeffery, I do understand it as you put it down. Good way of breaking the whole statement down. I had not heard it put in that manner. Thanks for doing that. I read it a bunch of times and tried to make out something else. That is why its good to read someone's else answer and learn from them. You helped me a lot on this one.
---Lupe2618 on 7/22/05

How about the next one, "Man manifests Him . . ." Really? I'm sure you can think of many verses that say we were His enemies! And those who are unsaved still are. That's fighting God, not manifesting Him! Even now that we're saved, we just stand in awe and watch Him work.

As Daniel said, we have to compare everything to the Word. If it agrees, it's ok. If it almost agrees, it really disagrees, which means it's an enemy of the one true God.
---Jeffrey on 7/22/05

Take the first sentence, "God alone exists truly." Really? Is God the only One Who truly exists?

On the surface that sounds like it's exalting God. But is it? I thought "God created man in his {own} image" (Gen 1:27). Are you going to tell God that His creation doesn't really exist?

(By the way, existing is like being pregnant. You can't do either a little bit.)
---Jeffrey on 7/22/05

Right on, Daniel! God wrote the truth in His Word which we are to study (2 Tim 2:15). Something that is close to the truth is NOT the truth!

lupe2618, none of those Tolstoy statements can be found in the Word. In fact, I can find many passages that contradict them. But many people miss that because they're not accurate and precise when they study the Word.
---Jeffrey on 7/22/05

it is from leo tolstoy, a russian christian who was fleeing...found it quite interesting..just needed ur views on what u thought bruce.thanks for ur views everyone
---esther on 7/22/05

There is only one way we can "test" if anything is from God or "false prophets" (1 John 4:1): Search the Scriptures! If it agrees with the Word, fine. If it's against God's Word, be very careful lest you fall into sin! If the topic doesn't concern your relationship with, nor the truth of God or the integrity of Scripture in any way, you'll have to look elsewhere for comments about its usefulness. "Examine everything carefully" (1Th 5:21; Acts 17:11).
---Daniel on 7/21/05

Bro.Bruce,thanks for the information,I've never read Tolstoy,where ever it comes from it sounds like a lot of humanistic mumbojumbo.Esther I would love for you to explain to us what you think it means.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 7/21/05

God is the only uncreated thing, Esther, but every being in the universe is fully real whether it loves others or not. Evil and cruel men are not illusions, I assure you. We're not part of God, or an aspect of His being. We're His sons and daughters, which is VERY different from the kind of relationship you're describing. The philosophy of manifestations is deeply un-Christian.
---Billy on 7/21/05

We believe that Jesus, man, is also God, created the world, plants, animals, humans, became a man himself, explained how sins stop us from friendship with God and living eternal next life. Many saw his death, burial, return to life. Christians choose to believe him: only through him can we know God and then have eternal life. All is in the Bible. We hope everyone will believe because we are convinced that this way, all people, believing, will be able to rejoice in the never ending next life together.
---charles on 7/21/05

This is nonChristian bunko. It is vain philosophy, and does not follow Christ. Not all men manifest God, more men manifest Satan the destroyer. Man must be born-again of God in order to manifest him, else they remain earthling and resemble other beasts of the earth. And man is not qualified by uniting their perceived display of God with other lifes, instead man is qualified by accepting the Truth, which is Christ, and sharing this Truth-Way-and Life with others.
---Eloy on 7/21/05

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Wow, I just got the other answers on line and maybe I did read it wrong. Maybe it was not clarified right. I would sure like to know what is meant through the question in a better way. I haven't seen all the results of Bruce so I will wait for them. Thank you Esther,
---lupe2618 on 7/21/05

The proper thing to do is to give the source of a quote. As you can see by the response below, when you don't, people think you thought of it yourself. That is plagerism.
---Bruce5656 on 7/21/05

Brother Jeffery. I thought she wrote it ok. Can you explain a little further. Maybe I didn't read it correctly. I read what you wrote but I didn't understand why you wrote it that way. I am ok with whatever answer you give. Thank you brother
---lupe2618 on 7/21/05

This is taken from The Last Days Of Leo Tolstoy by Vladimir Chertkov (Moscow, 1911)
The following thoughts entered in Tolstoy's diary had been dictated by him to Alexandra (Tolstoys youngest daughter) at Astapovo on November 1, 1910:
"God is the infinite ALL. Man is only a finite manifestation of Him.
"Or better yet:
"God is that infinite All of which man knows himself to be a finite part.
---Bruce5656 on 7/21/05

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"God alone exists truly. Man manifests Him in time, space and matter. The more God's manifestation in man (life) unites with the manifestations (lives) of other beings, the more man exists. This union with the lives of other beings is accomplished through love.
"God is not love, but the more there is of love, the more man manifests God, and the more he truly exists...
---Bruce5656 on 7/21/05

"We acknowledge God only when we are conscious of His manifestation in us. All conclusions and guidelines based on this consciousness should fully satisfy both our desire to know God as such as well as our desire to live a life based on this recognition."
---Bruce5656 on 7/21/05

Sister Esther, you put it right. I believe that too. I wrote an article I called, "In the Beginning God" in it I put down much of what you just said. I tried to set a picture of God in infinite time. Maybe one day I will be able to send it to you, What you wrote is well put. Just my opinion.
---lupe2618 on 7/21/05

I know God exists, he showed me through his words & in dreams (& I checked out those dreams, onyl he could have given them to me!)
I donot rely on mans word,but God. Let me ask you, even if you are not affiliated with the above buddist religion, if that is what it is from,then has a buddist prophet arose from the dead like our saviour Christ?
Jesus is the only way, therefore God does exist.
---candice on 7/21/05

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