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Bible Say About Hypnosis

What does the bible say about hypnosis? My sister is involved in this and I'm not sure what to tell her when she talks to me about it. I don't think it's right but can't find anything to support my answers.

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 ---randi on 7/21/05
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Hypnotism is called enchantment (charmer) in the Bible, and is prohibited *1. It like intoxication, or a meditative state as in sorcery *2, suppresses the higher function of the brain including the conscience. It makes one susceptible to demonic influences as well. It is also a "brainwashing" technique used in many cults and religions ( meditive repetition), Matthew 6:7. Also, Proverbs 2:12-15, John 1:5, Revelations 3:15-16.
*1 Deuteronomy 18:9-14, Isaiah 47:9, 12.
*2 Acts 16:16-18 (Spirit of Python), Galatians 5:20 (witchcraft), 2Timothy 3:13 (seducers), Revelations 9:21, 18:23.
---Glenn on 4/7/10

What exactly to you fear about hypnosis? It is only taking what naturally happens and giving it different labels and terms.

If you don't believe it will work, it will not. You can't do anything in hypnosis that you would not want to.

Some of the evangelical speakers, use every hypnotic trick in the book to get their message across. They just wouldn't call it hypnosis.

If you don't like the word hypnosis, just change the word to something else.
---Andrew on 4/4/10

I had seen a hypnosis show in person. The only way that they can be put under is if they fully comply and believe. It is just like being in a deep sleep except that you are fully aware what is going on.

But I couldn't shake the feeling of something strange going on though.
---Joel on 12/4/09

id like to know many of you people saying youre under someone elses control has ever even looked into hypnosis? i am a christian and i was hypnotized to quit smoking and lose weight. i was completely aware the entire time.
---tim on 11/25/09

One of the first things a Hypnotherapist learns in training is that not only is the Patient fully aware of what is happening, they are also fully in control in that they will hear everything that is said, mentally agree or disagree with any statements made and can wake up and walk out at any stage.

Generally people are more likely to be unconsciously led by the power of social conformity within their immediate community or by authority figures within it.
---Mike on 11/14/09

hypnosis is dangerous, for you put your mind in someone elses control, the bible says to guard your heart but how can you guard your heart or mind if you have little control. there are such things as deomonic healing. and truly the mind is by far the more complex than any computer. this, the mind is one thing of what only god has complete under standing of. hypnotist are messing with what they understand little of, it is like a child tring to disarm an atiomic bomb with a machine gun
---kirk on 11/3/09

Chelsie is right for the most part, all hypnosis is self hypnosis, you can't be made to do something you wouldn't normally, it's just a tool to make or break habits, basically.

It's like martial arts, rock and roll, and electricity, other things: People don't know anything about it, and get scared, so they label it a sin.

If you put bad lyrics in rock and roll, it becomes bad. If you accept bad suggestions under hypnosis, it's bad. Neither are bad alone.

Ask yourself what you actually know about something, then learn, before you declare anything about it, such as it being a sin.
---Chris on 8/27/09

Casey is right for the most part, all hypnosis is self hypnosis, you can't be made to do something you wouldn't normally, it's just a tool to make or break habits, basically.

It's like martial arts, rock and roll, and electricity, other things: People don't know anything about it, and get scared, so they label it a sin.

If you put bad lyrics in rock and roll, it becomes bad. If you accept bad suggestions under hypnosis, it's bad. Neither are bad alone.

Ask yourself what you actually know about something, then learn, before you declare anything about it, such as it being a sin.
---Chris on 8/27/09

In hypnosis there is no yielding yourself to anyone else. You are always in control. Imagine you have gone on a wilderness trip of some kind and you have a guide. The guide tells you where to go, what rock to step on as you are crossing a stream, where to camp. However, you can simply say no. You do not have to do what he instructs. That being said, there's nothing about hypnosis that goes against the bible. Hypnosis is simply a natural trance that we go into multiple times a day. We were designed to do it. I would encourage you to look up a man named Reverend C. Scot Giles. He has been a hypnotist for many years. You may not be of the same denomination, but I'm very sure he could help allay any of your fears about hypnosis.
---Casey on 8/13/09

We are to yield ourselvesbody, soul, and spiritto God. Romans 6:12-13 gives us the formula for overcoming sin: Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires. Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life, and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness. Its about controlas Christians, we can let sin control us, or we can let God control us. (See also Romans 6:16-23, 1 Corinthians 6:9-12, and James 4:6-7.) The scriptural formula leaves no room for hypnosis (yielding ourselves to a fellow human being).
hope this helps
---pen on 8/5/09

Greetings in the Name of Love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to tenderly suggest to love each other and not try to "scare" anyone for or against. The Bible talks about in that day that the hearts and motives of people will be revealed. If someone comes to hypnosis or even preaching Christ for profit of money only, than Biblically that motive may be challenged. The truth is God knows hearts of people, we don't, and the Bible clearly says He's more interested in the motive than the perfect behavior. Truthfully even a worry is a sin, which according to James means guilt of the entire law...which leads us all back to dependence on Jesus work at the Cross of Grace for us all.
---Bill on 7/31/09

As long as doctor are used for good not for evil then there is no sin.
---Vladimir_Khrustalev on 7/27/09

seems like their are alot of closed minded people. The bible does not actually use the word hypnosis, but hypnosis was used in the bible. Faith of something is hypnosis. Noone can take control of your mind unless you allow them even under hypnosis. You have the right to reject any suggestion that is given. That is what hypnosis is positive suggestions. You only use 12% of you r concious and 88% of subconscious. The 88% is what has been hypnotized your whole life. from The time you are born, you have learned behaviors some good some bad. You were hypnotized. You ever see commercials and you run out and buy something that is hypnosis. People spend thousands on comercials tohypnotize the audience everyday.watching a movie is hypnotizing.
---kelli on 7/17/09

This is a question I researched a lot before deciding to become a professional, certified hypnotherapist. I'm glad you asked it here. Thank you! First, people used to think medicine, psychology, and democracy (among other things) were all evil at one time. Second, hypnosis does not allow a person to exert control over you, instead, it allows you to exert more control over yourself. In fact, I appreciate how I can regain control in areas of my own subconscious lost to advertisers, bad habits, and more. Of course... anything can be used for evil, so ALWAYS investigate your hypnotherapist and interview them to discover their beliefs, values, etc.
---Aaron on 2/28/09

I am a Christian and a hypnotist. I pray for God to give me wisdom to help my client and I pray for them. I suggest we apply the test Jesus gave. Paraphrasing he said that a good tree can't produce evil fruit, and an evil tree can't produce good fruit. The fruit of my effort is to help people give up smoking, lose weight, and lessen pain and suffering. Where's the evil? Jesus himself was ridiculed by the religious crowd of his day for healing on the Sabbath and casting out devils by the prince of the devils. Just because religious folk are against it doesn't make it so! It is scriptural however that if you believe it to be sin, Don't do it! The Apostle Paul advised this but called those enslaved to legalism the weaker brother.
---Paul on 12/22/08

I am a Christian Hypnotist and by reading the replies here i see that many people have the complete wrong idea of what hypnosis is, it is not mind control, you do not give yourself up or anything of the sort, if that was possible then the world would be ruled by hypnotists but that is not true so its not, Hypnosis is a form of neuroscience used to help people with problems such as addictions, anger management, etc. it is to help the people, and satan is far away in this work, because we help take people away from sinful lives, All Glories to Jesus Christ!
---Leo_Gopal on 11/4/08

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I did some research and found nothing but great things about it. So I scheduled myself to be hypnotised to quit smoking. I continued to pray and the night before going I decided to look up the "negative side effects" of hypnotism. The scary thing about what I found was the small amount of research done regarding hypnotism... Don't you think its kind of interesting that the only people who frown on it are conservative Christians? Like a big blanket being pulled over eyes not opened by Jesus... 50 years ago they said that smoking cigarrettes was great for our health. I opted out of my appointment. I'd rather keep my soul safe inside my subconsious than to find out that Satan was whispering evil in through the cracks hypnotism created.
---Clint on 9/2/08

I believe that Jesus was one of the greatest hypnotist of all times!! Amen!
---Brad on 9/2/08

I think when you are not sure weather something is good or bad, u should leave it alone altogether. This way you would not have sinned if it turned out to be wrong. Personally I have looked into hypnosis and would never try it, there are complications, like risks of seizures ect (dont know why all these bloggers who say they are hypno-therapists dont mention these dangers) Of course spiritually you might open yourself up to very undesirable things, losing control is scary, and despite some saying you are in full control, i dunno how thats possible because i cannot see how these ppl on tv would willingly make fools of themselves. When in doubt pray, and in this case(in my opinion) leave it alone!GOD BLESS
---BEN on 9/2/08

Here is what Pat Robertson says on the subject: Any time a person allows his subconscious mind to be taken over by someone other than himself, he is asking for trouble. I agree. And is also my frank belief, That no human being should submit his deepest self to anyone other than GOD the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.Any other type of submission is inviting trouble and danger.
---catherine on 5/30/08

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I don't remember reading anything in the Bible about hypnosis.And some times I think about learning more about hypnosis.But I do know that three years ago my niece used it to quit smoking.And she did for awhile,but then she got depressed.And even after the birth of her daughter could not shake the depression.She ended up taking her own life.I can't say for sure it was the hypnosis,that made her take here life but it was less than a year later.
---Marina on 5/29/08

I'm a certified hypnotist and the truth is that most people really don't know what hypnosis is. They only seem to believe the rumors from people who don't know nothing about hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural process we are enter into automatically throughout the day such as Watching TV, Watching a movie, reading a good book or daydreaming. All of these are forms of hypnosis. So this means we have all been hypnotized at one point in our life. You are always in control during hypnosis and know whats going on.
---Josh on 3/3/08

The foregoing comments (1/11) about hypnosis are not this "Leon's" views. Perhaps another Leon or...? Subjecting one self to an altered state of consciousness, in my opinion, is never good & can be very dangerous.
---Leon on 1/14/08

Giving anyone control of your mind, will and emotions is dangerous. Not everything is written in the Bible but the implications of the affects of hypnosis are very clear.

If one will renew their MIND to the Word of God they would not need hypnosis for anything.
---Ardith_Kay_Tolson on 1/11/08

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Hypnosis is not from the devil - it has a good and bad side, like everything. Saying that hypnosis is bad, because it is an altered state is rubbish, because when praying people also go into an altered state.
---Leon on 1/11/08

we must aware of any strange power without the name of Jesus Christ.
---Simon on 10/14/07

Dear all,
magic or Hypnosis is belong to Devil,but the person who learns it , don't know what is behind the scene, it's something that Devil gives you and make you no longer to have faith in God and u treat Hypnosis like your God, It breaks the rule of the bible. what is the point? this is to confuse those christian and all the people to go to hell..and Satan is happy to see that.
---Simon on 10/14/07

hynosis is just like a black magic, just like what satan used it control our mind to seduce us to make sins.if we stay with Jesus Christ, we can't be hynosized as the power of Darkness is not greather than Lord Jesus Christ.Stay cool stay calm and read the bible..
---Simon on 10/14/07

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I know that the Bible tells to be sober minded and watchful for we do not know when the master cometh. Hypnosis is an alterted state of conscousness so that it is not 'sober minded'. In fact it would be considered worse than drunk or on a drug because you do not remember anything after hypnotized and are completely unaware and subject to your environment when under its influence.
---splaa6685 on 10/1/07

Did Jesus or His disciples use hypnosis?
Does the Holy Spirit use hypnosis to deliver anyone from post traumatic stress syndrome?
The Holy Spirit doesn't use suggestion of any kind, He can deliver someone immediately and without danger of falling victim and further into the dark arts.
---Michelle on 10/1/07

Well dear sister, this well known and still active Hypnotist can control people. Here's a quote.
"REIF SPANO: And I got him to sit down in the closet. I put the light
and he was gone in 30 seconds. And you know how kids are a little bit selfish, wanting to get out of chores? He was my zombie for two years. He mowed the lawn, shovelled the walk. He did it all. You know, Jo Jo, I loved him like my own brother but I...he was putty in my hands. I had him do lots of things, you know? "
---Dennis on 10/1/07


The Bible is a textbook of religion. It is not a textbook about most other things. If you want to plow a field, will you look for instructions on what kind of plow to use in the Bible? No. It isn't there. you will ask a farmer. If you want to bake bread, you will ask a baker. The bible has no bread recipes. But that doesn't mean that making bread is wrong.
---Mark on 9/1/07

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Only a very very small part of the "hypnosis industry" deals with such dubious practices such as past-life regression. Most of it is used to help people take control of their own lives.

As for people trusting hypnosis rather than God. Why not ask "why do so many people trust the CN blogs rather than God"?
---Mark on 9/1/07

Strange how so many things that were shunned in the past have now become acceptable. Christian psychics, hypnotists, TM, just put christian in from of it, that should clear up the questions. Christ promised to take the 'old man' and give us a 'new man' or is His promise not valid anymore?
---dan on 9/1/07

I would not wont to be under some one else control except God
---Betty on 9/1/07

NOT TRUE. The hypnotist does NOT have control of you, they CAN NOT make you do any thing you wouldn't normally do. Naturally we enter that state many times during every day. All I see here is ignorance. God doesn't administer meds, so is that wrong too? God doesn't fix broken bodies that cant conceive , so is IVF a sin too? We are given tools to HELP OURSELVES and so long as they are used for good not evil then there is no sin. In my mind, NOT helping yourself to become a better person is a sin.
---Missy on 8/31/07

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How can anything that helps us become a better person be bad? Surely being the best we can be is what God wants? Where in the bible does it say that hypnosis is evil? - Nowhere! Self improvement, self esteem, addictions fears and phobias that cripple people can all be addressed by hypnotherapy.
Free your mind.
---selfhelp-hypnosis on 8/26/07

it says that there will be no happiness to those that practice that they will die, seduction, magic and hypnosis i tried the first of the three and lost my friend things turned around amazingly fast and alot of bad things happened , i have been depressed for ten years and its not ever changing. it could be a coincidence tho, as for me trying it again? im thinking about it. i really looking for a time
---jesse on 7/30/07

Hypnotism is often promoted as a simple way of refocusing ourselves. As believers in Christ, our focus should be on our Savior, not on ourselves or anything else (Hebrews 12:2). The answers do not lie within us (Romans 7:18); the solution we need is found only in Christ (Romans 8:2). The father of hypnotism, Franz Anton Mesmer, was himself a practitioner of the occult this method of inducing a trance was very similar to the way a medium conducts a sance.(excerpt from book by Ron Rhodes)
---Tish on 6/29/07

Awesome Carla...keep it up
---mark_B. on 5/16/07

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I am a Christian hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, commonly experienced on a daily basis when we lose awareness of surrounding distractions. We all enter the hypnotic state just before we fall asleep at night, & again just before awakening in the morning. Other forms of hypnosis include daydreaming, becoming engrossed in a book, movie, or sport. While in hypnosis, the subconscious mind will not allow a person to do or say anything against their moral or ethical beliefs.
---Carla on 5/16/07

i believe hypnotism is the same as horoscopes and they both represent witchcraft
it tell about it in the bible
it tells you not to do any of this stuff
---judy6645 on 4/29/07

all things can be used for good or psalms about what david wrote about asking God to search his inner heart/expose his hidden faults things that lie in his not meditation on God's word putting yourself in a state of deeper consiousness? in this state one is able to quiet themselves and be still and hear the voice of God? God also gives us a promise that in that state of mind His sheep Will Hear His voice & they Will Know his voice.Also make sure she is as wise as a serpent.
---michelle_lee on 4/28/07

Any human book that explains the ways of Satan hasn't scratched the surface of what Satan can do, often in subtle ways. People can only comprehend what Satan can do using only worldly knowledge. We humans could never imagine in a billion years what is on the mind of Satan and his followers. We could never imagine in a billion years the hatred Satan has against God and his people.
---Steveng on 1/29/07

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What about people who have overcome seriously debilitating emotional problems by being hypnotized and learning self hypnosis? What about people who are able to give up the medication and for the first time are able to deal with life in a positive way? Did God not also give us the gifts to assist ourselves and others? Maybe Dr.s who treat illness are also wrong. I am not sure I understand why it couldn't be positive. Is medication more positive? Thank you for a reply..
---mitch on 1/28/07

I read a book that explains all of satans works so well. It's called The Return but I don't remember the author. The entire book explains with scripture all of satan's works. On page 18 it lists satan's devises as, alchemy, astrology, clairvoyance, divination, ectoplasm, extrasensory perception, fortune telling, graphology, hypnotism, magic, mind reading, numerology, ouija boards, palmistry, parapsychology, phrenology, psycical research, spiritualism, superstition, telepathy, and witchcraft.
---faye4464 on 1/28/07

Is hypnosis the same thing as divination? Aaron used a divining rod. Are holy people allowed to use divining rods?
---anonymous on 1/28/07

Randi, the Bible doesn't specifically mention ouija boards either, yet we know they are from the devil. Hypnosis is the science of the mind, and the science of the mind looks for answers outside of the Word of God. ALL answers to every problem are in the Bible. If you look elsewhere you are not looking to God. What other power is there besides God? satan. So, if you're not looking to God you're looking to satan. Romans 14:23 "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin."
---faye4464 on 1/28/07

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Hypnos: Greek god of "sleep". Awake out of sleep. Mantras, t.m., self-induced hynotic states.
Issues are: Control, consciousness, subjugation, accountability.
We have the stewardship of our mind. It is argued hynosis opens a door for external controls. Once hynotized, much easier the next time, "have you been hynotized before".
Another asks, "are you okey?" "She's not comfortable" was the reply. Called the "silent observer".
---jhonny on 1/28/07

There is nothing new under the sun and that includes "hypnosis." Godly people and prophets went into "trances" to receive revelation from God. When you are trying to replace a bad habit with a good one, you are, in essence, renewing your mind. Christians who use hypnosis are weak in the faith and deny the power of God to heal them. But, like fire, there is a bad side. Satan can make you believe something that is not true in a trance that is not of God.
---Steveng on 1/27/07

Hyponosis is all psychological the only thing you can say for why it is wrong is that you must give control to the hypnosis person to be able to get can be good, but yes it can be just as bad, you give control to things that arent GOD
---mark on 1/27/07

The Bible no where talks about hypnosis. Those for or against it, who claim it does are being dishonest, or displaying poor exegesis. The Bible does refer to trance (Daniel 2:19 and Acts 11:15) in a positive light, but again to equate this with hypnosis is incorrect. Not all trance is hypnosis; not all hypnosis involves trance (as most understand trance). Each person must be convinced in his or her own mind that hypnosis is acceptable and under what conditions.
---John on 1/26/07

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The thing that most interested me was hypno-regression, or taking the subject back to a time before they were born, indeed to a previous life. As a Christian, I had to ask myself where does this information come from. The bible does not teach reincarnation, if fact it teaches the opposite. There is only one other source that the information can be from, the devil. Because of this, I can find no place for hypnosis in a Christians life.
---Dale on 8/20/06

History is full of royal torture. Only a handful of royalty have ever lived out their entire term of office. History is full of people who overthrew their kings to conquer the kingdoms. The Dark Ages, especially, were of kingdoms being conquerred like dominoes falling.
---Steven on 8/19/06

I once saw a programme on television which showed just how easy it was for a hypnotherapist to plant a false memory in someone's mind. The subject, a woman, told her genuine story first and was then hypnotised. The hypnotherapist altered many facts and when she awoke she was asked to tell her story, which was now drastically altered. She was adamant that things had happened that had not. She had to be re-hypnotised and the whole thing done again to give her back her true memories. Very disturbing.
---M.P. on 8/17/06

The Bible says nothing about hypnosis, as this was a technique developed (as far as I can tell) in the 19th century.

**Self help and hypnosis is a multibillion dollar industry and many Christians use it. Apparently their faith in God is weak to trust Him for healing.**
How strong would your faith be if your doctor said you needed cancer surgery, Stephen?
---Jack on 8/17/06

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Steven "Under hypnosis, people go back into time reliving past lives, most, it seems, were of royalty and had their heads chopped off. Many others died a horrified death. Are these past lives of God?"
Strange these "past lives" were not ordinary! Seems like hocus pocus, or the persons were a bit deranged already.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/17/06

Please tell your sister that is demonic, no matter how medical it looks. We should never allow someone to take control of our minds like that it's dangerous, and puts a person in a helpless ,vulnable condition for demons to enter. Only God should take over our minds.--Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/17/06

Under hypnosis, people go back into time reliving past lives, most, it seems, were of royalty and had their heads chopped off. Many others died a horrified death. Are these past lives of God? People also use hypnosis to stop bad habits. Self help and hypnosis is a multibillion dollar industry and many Christians use it. Apparently their faith in God is weak to trust Him for healing.
---Steven on 8/16/06

I was reading through these blogs and a thought came to me. Wouldn't then drinking too much alcohol and getting drunk have the same effect as being hypnotized and behaving in a silly manner - I've seen plenty of believers and non-believers act juvenile under the influence. I believe that moderation, situation, and reason should come into play with each of our decisions.
---Lisa on 8/16/06

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The subject undergoing hypnosis maintains there morals, and if at anytime they feel that they are breached in one way or another they will come out of the hypnotic state due to their morals being breached.
---Cameron on 2/9/06

When I was working on my MBA one of the electives was in Physiology & Human Factors, we had been instructed in techniques for progressive realization since all worked in an extreme time critical environment with excessive pressure with zero tolerance for mistakes. The professor wanted to hypnotize some of the class members but that was stopped before it ever got started. Operations did not want a class composed Minuteman Missile Launch Officers being hypnotized; something about posthypnotic sugestions.
---phia4633 on 7/26/05

I think hypnosis in the wrong hands can be a danger.Yes, you see people dance around like chickens and act foolish when under hypnosis for entertainment.
I know some have only the best intentions.

HOWEVER,when you are hypnotized you give up your free will, it is a perfect time for Satan to step in and mess with your mind.
I have seen people oppressed, and possessed that later found out it all started when under hypnosis.We must be careful!
I would never allow myself to be hypnotised.
---NVBarbara on 7/23/05

The Bible does teach us to pray to and praise the Lord continually.It also states,He whose mind is stayed on me(Jesus) I will keep in perfect peace.In this I see the importance of being in control of one's mind at all times.To surrender one's mind to another's control isn't wise.As Christians we need to be cognitive of what is happening to us at all times for we are held accountable for all our actions.We also must be ready to fight the attacks of Satan,for that we need to be alert in mind and Spirit.
---Darlene_1 on 7/22/05

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I am not very educated on the subject but have seen people in a show setting doing the picking of money that was not there and even more foolish things.
They did seem to have lost their minds and none of them came out of their altered state no matter how foolish they acted. Explain and convince me that they did not give up/loose their self-control.
---Pierr7958 on 7/22/05

It is a usefull tool in a clinical environment. I don't aprove of it as parlor tricks or TV exploitation of Hypnosis.

There are no real Biblical references without twisting the meaning of the Text. You have to use you own best judgement on this one.
---phia4633 on 7/22/05

I am very careful about who speaks into my life on any level. If someone is whispering to my soul it better be the Holy Spirit. I know it is a counseling tool, but only Jesus can transform a life. Manipulation in any form is psychic not Spirit of God. That's one woman's opinion, I'd ask God for insight.
---chera3744 on 7/21/05

I am very careful about who speaks into my life on any level. If someone is whispering to my soul it better be the Holy Spirit. I know it is a counseling tool, but only Jesus can transform a life. Manipulation in any form is psychic not Spirit of God. That's one woman's opinion, I'd ask God for insight.
---chera3744 on 7/21/05

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People imagine that hypnosis is much more powerful than it really is. In reality, only a minority of people can be hypnotized AT ALL, and even then only with their consent. No one can be made to do anything they didn't already want to do, and it's certainly not a form of "mind control". It's just an occasionally useful psychiatric tool, and nothing more. I've used it myself as a counselor many times. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.
---Billy on 7/21/05

You don't "lose control" during hypnosis. In fact, you are in complete control of the session as any hypnotherapist will tell you. You can stop at any time you desire. If you believe it's wrong, don't do it, but please educate yourself if you are considering hypnosis.
---Nan on 7/21/05

i am certified in hypnotherapy. It is giving positive suggestions to the subconscious mind, then bringing the subconscious person back up to consciousness, and used frequently to help people lose weight, or stop addictions, etc. Our minds have alpha waves and beta waves, in hypnosis you slow the mind down to the waves common in sleep, give the suggestions, and then bring the person back up to the waves common when awake.
---Eloy on 7/21/05


Keep in mind people seek hypnosis for relief from a problem. Also, keep in mind that as Christians we are ordered by Scripture to find peace from God. I feel it is something that Christians should not be involved in because it is listed in most psychological references as an Altered State and most of these types of experiences spell bad news eventually for the person seeking them. This type of therapy as most psychological treatments have there origins in Eastern Philosophy. God Bless!
---Phil on 7/21/05

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The Bible is pretty slent on this subject but here is what I think of it.
I think it is very dangerous to let go of the control of ones mind because for the most part the control will be in the hands of a "medium" who is more likely to use it to do something stupid! (like trying to pick up a lot of money off the ground, when there really isen't any)
On the othere hand, I have not completely made up my mind when it comes to medicinal hypnothis.
---Pierr7958 on 7/21/05

The Bible has many positive verses on "mind control". In hypnosis a person has no "mind control" and most anything can happen. There are times when it becomes required to lose control of your mind, (in surgery for example), but it's not a game. When in the Navy, the chaplain could perform hypnosis, but wouldn't except in medical situations. All of our actions start with a decision made in the mind - why let someone else control it?
---Ray on 7/21/05

I don't see anything wrong with hypnosis as long as it is used in the right way. For example, self-hypnosis is a way to relax your mind and meditate. Contrary to what some people think, a hypotherapist cannot make a person do something they would not normally do, like commit a crime.
---Nan on 7/21/05

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