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Why Is Heatwave Happening

When will this heatwave stop here in the USA? People are dying. Why is this happening?

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 ---anon on 7/21/05
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We hit 119 last week,117 a few days, but that's normal for here. Las Vegas is in the middle of the Mojave desert. The hottest on record around here, was in Baker CA, south of NV, close to San Bernardino was 136 about 50 years ago.They have "The world's tallest thermometer" to mark the 'event.'
Those who want them can have "the good old days"-I WANT MY A/C!
I'm orig. from SC, where 85 feels like 100 because of the humidity,its VERY dry here.
Its 104 right now at almost 8PM.
---NVBarbara on 4/13/08

Shira,ha ha ,love your answer.It's always hot summers here, different years bring more or less heat.In Central Texas it's not unusual having 100+ degrees , as high in some years as 112,heat index has gone over 120 degrees.Nothing unusual so far,except we did get a good rain last week.It is sad all people can't have coolers to help bear the heat.Electric Companies allowed to up costs so high here,ours-$400.00 electric bill,daughters-$600.Thats why people die,can't afford coolers because of high bills.
---Darlene_1 on 8/10/07

During WWII we bought our first tractor. While plowing a field one day, a blob of grease feel to the ground. My father's comment was, "Man is going to kill himself with his own technology one of these days." Global warming may be the start of it. According to reports I've seen, global warming is the cause of both the warmer weather and more hurricanes. Our "smarts" may be our un-doing!
---Frank on 8/4/05

Rained here too. It also cooled down substanctially. I was out on my lawn tractor yeasterday in the sun and Everybody's lawn is blond, no pun intended.
---John on 7/28/05

Yep Sue, they get you on labor! My warrenty is out on that part, but they 'have' you, can't live here without A/C!!!
Our temp dropped from 102 to 80 in the last half hour!Oddly enough we got a bit of rain! Normal for the desert weather.
---NVBarbara on 7/28/05

weather update for Michigan: beautiful 74 degrees for the last 2 days! I love my state, we are surrounded by 5 great lakes and they are all beautiful. Barbara $700 to fix your air conditioner!?!?!? Gosh I can remember when I could buy a good used car for that much!!
---sue on 7/28/05

Here in Lodi California, it has been over 107 many times and in two weeks has not been under 100. It is somewhat humid. I believe there is a great change in the world. When you read of icebergs breaking away in the antarctic, and the ocean temp. climing 4 to 5 degrees tells us that something major is happening.
---lupe2618 on 7/28/05

What most overlook when they think about the changing climate is the fact a major portion of the World's forests have been cut down,one area in South America has only 30% of it's Rainforest standing.Trees,green plants are God's natural air cleaners.Humans breathe Oxygen give out Carbon Dioxide,plants use CD and give back oxygen.Increased CD is the big reason there's global Warming.Man made machines contribute but if forests and greenery hadn't been stripped even that may not have been as great a problem.
---Darlene_1 on 7/28/05

You're in my prayers John! I had to have my A/C worked on too. The fan motor was shot and it needed a new panal where the switches are to turn it off and on.
$700. at the Volvo dealership..Yuk!
---NVBarbara on 7/28/05

Just hit 101 in Mooresville NC today. It has been climbing every day.
---John on 7/27/05

I forgot to tell you all. The air conditioner in my car went at the end of last summer. I have an appointment to get it repaired on Friday or at least the mechanic is going to look at it. Please pray that I won't get ripped off and that it will be fixed right. This past winter a Christian friend recomended a mechanic. I later found out that he charged me $304 for a $75 job.
---John on 7/27/05

It was 110 degrees yesterday, in Mt. Lookout WV. That is a record for us. And this is only July, August is our hottest month. But whatever the weather may bring, God has everything under control.
---Rebecca_D on 7/27/05

It hit 100 here today in the Charlotte NC area. With the humidity, it was very intense. I just heard on the News that 28 people died of the heat in Arizona. Let's continue to pray every day until this passes.
---John on 7/26/05

, well, there are many opinions on global warming, but microwave ovens causing global warming? that's a new one.
---steve on 7/26/05

Alan, in regards to what you were saying about the UK and its close kinship to Africa and the wider world, I agree. I have lived in America and in Europe, and it wasn't until I was a resident in Europe did my entire perspective change on how interconnected we all are and how much more we need to work together. I can only speak for myself...I was suffering from "tunnel vision" before, and now I am grateful to be rid of that awful "us and them" mindset.
---Ginger on 7/25/05

Thank you Moderator for bringing us to our senses.

Moderator - :)
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

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, people are suffering from heat in this world. i wonder about those who can make light of this and deny that the bible says that heat will really afflict us in the last days.
---steve on 7/25/05

I am surprised you thought I was on the attack ... I was just pointing out this is a serious matter, and jokes are innappropriate. Your response was rather challenging, and it did seem you wanted a reply.

Moderator - Alan is sorry and Barbara is sorry. Nobody was trying to cause problems. Now we are all happy brothers and sisters in Christ again :)
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

NVBarbara, I was being facetious. I was trying to make a point that it appears that 18 lives in the US are worth more than thousands in the third world. I give generously of what I have; I recycle, walk to work, the grocery store, gym, and church so as not to add to pollution, unlike some on this blog who revel in their SUVs. Yes I would like to think I do more than my part but do any of us do enough?
---randy on 7/25/05

It seems to me that this is a question that cannot be answered. Maybe its global warming, maybe its a cycle the earth goes through every few, or many years. Its no different in my country, many die from the heat, that has always been a fact, I come from desert country. We can guess, but only God has the real answers and we will know some day. Peace
---Kathay on 7/25/05

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We have many people in our country with close connections in these other countries.
When Africa bleeds, we feel it almost as much as we felt 7/7.
To us they are not far off countries.
Our history makes us realise we are part of the wider world,
Thus my distaste at the joke.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

I have nbeen wondering why this issue of global warming seems to have a more passionate and concerned response here than in the US
I think it may be because of our different history. The UK has had a history of involvement with African and other countries, first a colonists then as rulers, and even after independence, we have had a great sense of responsibility for those countries.
So maybe we feel for them in the way that Americans cannot.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

Ginger ... I quite agree with yuo about that ... I only listed the things I did because I was asked to. I had previously not said anything about them.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

Funny how this thread has erroded from a discussion about climate change to who is the most pius and sacrificial worker for the Kingdom. My bible reminds me that we should boast in nothing save Christ; that our efforts are as filthy rags. As we are told in scripture, we should not broadcast our good works for others' approval.
---Ginger on 7/24/05

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Alan, my response to you didn't get posted, just as well. I wasn't upset at your diatribe, just confused as to why you were on the attack. All I did at the beginning was ask you to not take Elder's microwave remark so seriously.
Enough of this, bless you Alan.
---NVBarbara on 7/24/05

I find Darlene that the person leading our prayers at church prays "O Lord, feed the starving in Darfur" or "We pray for those lonely and housebound" etcc
I feel we should add ... "Tell us each how much we should send to the appeal" & "Show us where the lonely and housebound are, so we may visit them"
And so on ...
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/05

Alan thanks for the explanation,sometimes I have to have things spelled out for me.I agree we all should move as God leads.God has usually quickened/led me in my spirit the direction I should take before I even pray about it,when he hasn't I do seek His will.Yes,It's all about moving as your heart and God quickens you to.Praying for God to be in the choices gives more of God's power and anointing for the Ministry of those choices.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 7/24/05

And really, nvB I do not know why my latest, admittedly long, series of blogs should have upset you. I was merely telling you what I was doing about things, as you had asked me to do. I'm sorry it was long, but you did ask.
And I asked a question.
And I have never personally attacked anyone's integrity in the way you seem to attack mine.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/05

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nvB I was responding to your personal diatribe against me on 23rd July
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/05

Darlene ... I did not express myself very clearly ... I meant show us the ways in which we should help. For example, there are many calls on our pocket ... I for one pray that God will sho me which charity to help. And with time, where to spend it. And when it comes to visiting the sick ... to point out the sick & needy
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/05

Alan, did I say we should live each day as if it were our last? Although it could be, for all, or for you, or me. It certainly will be for many.
Am I joking? NO, and I didn't, I just thought you were a bit harsh on Elder for his microwave comment.
You are surely excellant at making a mountain out of a molehill.
Margaret I have visited a friend in New Plymouth NZ. He claims that the weather there has been the same as long as he remembers, he is 72.
---NVBarbara on 7/23/05

Alan,think about it, one thing we don't have to pray about is God to show us how He wants us to behave.His Word/Christs example tell us exactly how we should behave.Alan there's no doubt God has placed it on your heart for a Ministry of helps with the Gift of Giving.I have seen few with the passion to help the helpless as you have.Not all have that special call on their life,thats why the Bodies many members fill diferent positions.There seems to be quite a few on here who do help the poor.God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 7/23/05

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Alan, London 7/7 is a terrible tragedy, and many many churches and individual people are continuing to pray for GB. Maybe they are working, as the last attempt to set off bombs has failed. Doesn't lessen the terror aspect though. Kia kaha, stay strong.
---Margaret on 7/23/05

nvB, Cont... Winter usually brings with it very cold weather in the temperate climates. Before you all go off, I suggest that you study the history of the weather on this planet over the last thousand years or so. There is a noticable cycle pattern. Arizona is a desert state, but that will not help to lessen the impact of the tragic deaths.
---Margaret on 7/23/05

nvB, That ozone hole over little underpopulated New Zealand is no laughing matter to those of us who live here. Maybe you all might have noticed that where-ever you have large land masses, the inland parts do get very hot in the summer. Even here in NZ, inland parts of both larger islands tend to be very hot and dry in summer.
---Margaret on 7/23/05

Darlene ... all you say is true ... I would just say two things ... Jesus dis day the poor would always be with us, but He did tell us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc
And whilst yes we are to pray, do you not think that one of our prayers should be "Show us how you want us to behave" ?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

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Elder ... It was hot here last year. The qworld is bigger than the USA & world had abnormal weather. The changes are happening far quicker than the normal cycle. Even US scientists acknowledge that much of it is man-made. You will disagree no doubt.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

nvB #8
And even if we may be, we should still live as Jesus taught, with concern and love for others, including those whom our cultures would naturally have us despise (as per Good Samaritan)
Or are you saying that we should live each day as if it were to be our last, so it doesnt matter if we poison our planet?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

nvB #7 I care about these things ... all I asked was that we should not joke about such a serious thing as the climate change that is killing our planet.
To say it is the end time Barbara is to try to out-guess God. Generations over centuries have thought they were in the immediate end times, and they were wrong.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

nvB #5
Project to give hope to prostitutes that they can exit from that life, and come off the drugs that control them
Bringing home kids who have left home.
Christian Missionary work
My gifts amount to about 20% of my limited income
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

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nvB #5
Project to give hope to prostitutes that they can exit from that life, and come off the drugs that control them
Bringing home kids who have left home.
Christian Missionary work
My gifts amount to about 20% of my limited income
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

nvB #2 When you say "I'll ask you the same question Alan. What are YOU doing to help those who don't have some of the things we take for granted, A/C, fans, food?" I'm not sure why you put it in that way, because I never asked you that question.
I never thought that you did nothing, and would have considered it impertinent to ask you to list what you did
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

nvB #1 Thank you for praying for us after 7/7 ... I hope you do not imagine there were no prayers from me after 9/11 You will not have seen them here, because I was not a CN member then.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

It's just weather why the arguing about it. It's unpredictable and we can do nothing to change it. I wonder if we'll have this same type of post come winter when we are wondering when the cold and snow will end.
---bethie on 7/23/05

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The weather has gone through changes ever since this world began,we are just more aware of them now.Abram went to Egypt due to famine Genesis12:10,so did Jacob's family Genesis46:6.Throughout the Bible we are told of hard times.The USA had her Dustbowl.Ireland a Potato Famine, and it goes on and on.The Bible says we will always have the poor with us.It's true and each person must follow their own heart about what they do,where,and how much.Fretting about any of it won't change it,but prayer can.
---Darlene_1 on 7/23/05

I am surprised at the attitude here on this uncontrollable subject that has been beat to death so many other times.
When you get into this subject you find that nothing has changed for hundreds of years. If I had said it was Bush's fault none of this would be going on. If people are dying it is because of Rom 5:12. Global warming will never destroy this world. Maybe it is not so much what was said as who said it. Alan how come last year was one of the coolest Summers we had?
---Elder on 7/23/05

Smile, you're on! God is watching, Satan is laughing. The Bible reveals that because of sin these things are, and will increase. In fact Revelation mentions that the sun will have power to scorch men with fire (16:8). As the old world was overcome by a flood, the world that now is, is reserved unto fire (2 Peter 3:7). Look forward to others sharing what God says about this subject--remember Job 1 & 2?
---Wayne on 7/23/05

NVBarbara, I am horrified that you would throw the London bombings in Alan's (or any Englander's) face. I submit if this is the way believers are going to act toward each other in these last days, we have a far more serious problem than the depleting ozone. To use the bombings as your own verbal weapon is not only inappropriate, it is appalling. I pray no non-believing Londoners happen upon this page.
---Ginger on 7/23/05

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With respect to all here, could I just interject that yes, the situation is grave, yes, we need to help our neighbors, but my goodness....if any nonbeliever happened upon this blog they would see believers venomously arguing rather than simply sharing our ideas and concerns! That would be the far greater tragedy, don't you think?
---Ginger on 7/23/05

, i agree with alan. this is a serious matter. the poor are suffering, and there is no place for humor in that.
---steve on 7/23/05

You just don't get it Alan!
WE ALL care, there is just so little we can do! Can you fill up the dry riverbeds? Are you helping the countries suffering from famine?
Read your bible, these are all signs of the last days, it won't get better!
We all just have to help where we can, and not just talk about it!
---NVBarbara on 7/23/05

I agree with Alan. Global warming is slowly killing us. My fear is that it may already be too late to do anything. Even if we abolished all industry tomorrow, the problem would continue to get worse for decades because of the damage already done, and politicians are not well-known for making big sacrifices for the future. I'm not a pessimist, but at this point we might have no choice but to deal with the symptoms as best we can.
---Billy on 7/23/05

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#2 I'll ask you the same question Alan. What are YOU doing to help those who don't have some of the things we take for granted, A/C, fans, food?
Yes, lift them in prayer, but feed them as well and give them a loving hand.
Enough said, I know your 'you ask questions, but never give answers' routine. I am doing just as the Lord is telling me to do, which includes my turn once a week feeding the homeless in our soup kitchen.
Get over yourself.
---NVBarbara on 7/23/05

Serious Alan, YES.Can we do anything about it, NO. We have no control over the weather. The ruination of our air began before you were even born. Exhaust from smokestacks, cars, filth being spilled into our lakes and rivers, The rain forests being raped.
I was the first one to ask for prayer for YOUR country after the bombs. Further I answered Randy, telling him just one thing that we do for our fellow man. We have also sent help to our neighbors in Arizona who have lost 18 people due to the heat.
---NVBarbara on 7/23/05

Elder, friend ... no the heat is not getting to me ... it is not so hot here that the ground scorches, although we do have hosepipe bans, there is still plenty of water to drink, and food to eat.
What I see are the reports of drought and famne and empty lakes and rivers in the most needy and most helpless parts of the world.
It is clear from others here that I am not the only one to care about that.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

I'm sorry Barbara, but this is a serious matter ... I for one, and Randy too see that this global warming is killing the populations of the world's most vulnerable continents.
I would not joke about 9/11, nor you I hope about London 7/7, or Madrid.
Global warming is much more serious than that.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/23/05

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I'm with Alan on this. I'm sure he, like most of us, has a wonderful sense of humour but this question wasn't asked as a joke but required a serious answer.You already have your humour blogs, funny church notices, bumper stickers etc. so couldn't we just keep the remainder serious? The change in weather patterns is a serious issue, the problems being brought about by man. God created everything perfect. Adam wasn't the only one to spoil things. We continue to destroy what God gave us.
---Paul_James on 7/23/05

We care Randy, do you? We give an offering monthly for not only the many homeless, starving people in our own country, but also for 3rd world countries.
If each and every church took ONE family off the streets in the US, we would have NO homeless, that is TRUE fact.
---NVBarbara on 7/22/05

Alan the heat is getting to you ain't it old buddy?
---Elder on 7/22/05

Last count I heard was that there were 18 deaths in Arizona so far. And i pray for their grieving families. But during the same time period over 40,000 children (less than 5 years old) died from starvation in the third world. But they are poor and mostly in Africa so who cares.
---randy on 7/22/05

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Yikes, lighten up Alan! Have you NO sense of humour? At this stage there is little we can do about "Global Warming" or even a new "Ice Age" some forecast.
The largest hole in the Ozone is over a little populated area in NZ. The holes have ALWAYS been there,so say scientists, we just didn't have the equipment to see them, and they move around.
We can't do anything about the weather, I guess that's why we talk so much about it.
---NVBarbara on 7/22/05

People complain about the heat in mid-summer ,but come jan/feb. they'll spend thousands of dollars to get a couple of weeks of this same weather in the tropics! go figure!
---1st_cliff on 7/22/05

Elder, it ill becomes you to jest about what is destroying the lives of many billions of people on this planet, who do not have the resources that YOU (and I) enjoy to keep us warm/cool/dry/fed/watered as we need, or think we need.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/22/05

Ozone and pollution.
Elder u crack me up!
---sue on 7/22/05

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Someone left the Microwave on??
---Elder on 7/22/05

Temperature not unusual on SW coast of Florida; like an oven for 4-5 months (subtropical);93 degrees with 100% humidity; pours buckets every afternoon-praying that hurricanes don't hit....the usual. AC working OK in area but expensive. I remember it was very hot and humid in Ohio 63 years difference. However, like Zoe, I believe we have tampered with the ozone layer...thus, the "green house" affect. Pray for the elderly....also the homeless on the cement streets.
---Elsie on 7/22/05

I agree with Shira, it's the middle of July and it's usally very hot in the summer
---Joseph on 7/22/05

There are still many things that man cannot control on the Earth and in the Universe. But man was given a brain by his creator and is expected to use it by learning about nature. But people still build houses that will land slide, building in flood plains. And man knows how to make airconditioning and drink fluids when it is hot. God gave man the natural resources and an intelegence to use and manage then for our collective benefit the problem is us, not God.
---phia4633 on 7/22/05

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Climate change is occurring everywhere in the world ... we face a fearful future. It is becaise of pollution caused by man and excessive use of carbon fuels.
Other countires say that the US is holding back on measures which might help the situation, such as signing up to the Kyoto protocol.
But I do not know enough about it to judge the rights and wroings of the Bush decision on that.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/22/05

I work in Alaska, and it has been unusually cool for this time of the year. All weather is a result of the sun.
---Billy on 7/22/05

It is Mid July and if it not hot, I am in the wrong place. Our climate is constantly changing as it has for thousands of years with hot,cold,wind,rain records being broken somewhere every day. This is all part of God's plan. The only thing we can change is our attitude toward it.
---chuck on 7/22/05

You bring up this heatwave. It is in Europe too. The overall weather is acting crazy. It seems this heatwave and crazy weather has really emerged in the past couple of years. It leads me to think that it relates to prophecy and as a whole accepting sin and slowly rejecting God.
---Paul on 7/22/05

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The weather is changing, it has snowed in places that has never seen snow, tornadoes in places that haven't seen such strong stroms. God is in control of everything, he can blink an eye and it be snowing in Jerusalem (which got 7 in of snow). I think things happen so we will know that God is still in control.
---Rebecca_D on 7/22/05

The heat is not only in the US but other places as well. Last year in Canada we had a heatwave as well and many people mostly elderly and young toddlers died from it. Ity is not God's fault. There is pollution in the world which isn't helping anything. We can not control the weather we jus have to deal with it as best we can and perhaps stay in more when the heat is so bad.
---Marla on 7/21/05

I have to agree with Zoe. We have ourselves to blame with our wonton consumer mentality. Of course, the U.S. is not the only guilty party, but we are one of the worst!!! Of course, the Good Lord can give us warm weather whenever He likes, too. Anyone who knows an elderly person, please check on them.
---Ginger on 7/21/05

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