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Dolphin And Shark Dream

Swimming with dolphins and loving them like one would love a child. But someone in the dream gets eaten by a shark. Does this relate to the enemy... this dream has been taking place for 3 nights in a row and everytime there is a different person attacked by the shark.

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 ---Tania on 7/22/05
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maybe something is telling you not to go to the beach or you've watched too much news. I have had over 20 dreams of leaving church and can't find my car. I did leave walmart once and couldn't find my car. I called 911 and they found it in the place I had told them a mile away in their "other" parking lot. LOL. I knew I was loosing it then.
---shira_5965 on 11/17/07

maybe you have been watching tv or maybe something inside you is telling you don't go to the beach. I have dreamed many times that I have lost my car when I come out of church. I know I have had that dream 20 or more times. All that tells me is I have a worry of loosing my car and I once did. Called 911, they found it far away from where I said it was. LOL
---shira_5965 on 4/14/07

dolphins should be protection against sharks your dwelling in their habitat,their not doing their job your blinded by your love for them and people are perishing. you need to get out of that place. more than likley it is false doctrine you can love it so much because it sounds so good but it is designed by satan to kill, steal and destroy. exzucuh
---Exzucuh on 4/4/06

3 nights and 3 people, attack is planned and enermy is engaging warfare by searching and waiting for victim at unsuspecting times. Even when in comfort zone, with friends, enermy will attack. Warning of a dream of an attack or preying on fear on not to leave comfort zone and do God's business(demonic dream).
---Paul on 7/23/05

If you didn't feel scared or threatened by the shark, it could mean that you have three things you need to conquer in your life or that there are three things going on in your life that you feel like you are having a feeling of being dominated by... and that you (the shark) need to take over control of the these three things.
---Janet7433 on 7/23/05

If you have a dream 3 times it is usually more than pepperoni pizza or a B-movie before bed. Pray for the people in the dream. It could be a warning of the enemy trying to devour something or someone.Do the people have anything in common such as same ministry or function? When in doubt seek Him out. Ask God for the interpretation of your dream. Either way when you pray before bed you can submit your dream-time to God and ask Him to shield you from anything that is not from Him. Sleep well.
---Chera3744 on 7/22/05

Are you watching too much shark week on discovery?

The shark is a neutral player and can be used as a villian or a hero in a dream.
i.e. shark eats bad guy...Hooray!

My best guess is that the shark represents some real fear you have in life, an issue placed on your heart that maybe your not dealing with?

I'd pray about it and ask God to help me understand why I am having the dream, and what it means.
---Pharisee on 7/22/05

A hidden fear probably.
I used to dream very frequently of getting seperated from my mother in a busy shoppoin area. And of falling off the edge of a dam.
It is extremely unlikely to be sent as a warning message to you. If it was from God, I would expect there to be something to validate it.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/22/05

I have no direct interpretation from the Lord. But my dreams are often made up of past events all jumbled together. And sometimes there is a hidden fear acted out in them. Reoccuring ones bother me, too.
A shark has a vicious mouth. I wonder if the words we say destroy people instead of building them up. - Taming the tongue - James 3:6
Contrast this with James 3:7,8
---Barbara67 on 7/22/05

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