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How Making A Better World

What are you all doing to help make this a better christian world for all of us to live in? I want to hear from all of you on this.

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 ---ladyj9749 on 7/24/05
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Reply to this BlogPost a New Blog Obama out of office and be active to reverse the perversion and sinful lyfestyles of this society created by the leftist.
---Jed on 9/23/11

Amen Jed. When the Lost Sheep realize who and how much trouble they are in,....they will pray.
Isaiah 63:19
We are thine: thou never barest rule over them, they were not called by thy name.

Psalm 33:12
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

Deuteronomy 33:29
Happy art thou, O Israel: who is like unto thee, O people saved by the LORD, the shield of thy help, and who is the sword of thy excellency! and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee, and thou shalt tread upon their high places.
---Trav on 9/26/11

As antiChristians and the antiChrist rises I continue to share the gospel, and if I ever get more money I would publicly sue certain individuals greatly in a court of law for damages, starting from the first offender to the last, then I would turn all the lawful settlemnet monies over to the poor where it belongs.
---Eloy on 9/24/11

The first thing you can do is pray for our country to stop electing leaders that promote Anti-Christ liberalism. The next thing you can do is vote Obama out of office and be active to reverse the perversion and sinful lyfestyles of this society created by the leftist.
---Jed on 9/23/11

hi,how can I make this a better world? Little ways,we cannot assume everyone on ChristiaNet a,each of us regardless,who - everytime, ex. Myself open up from the very depths of fear,hurt,pain & you know if you ever really experience the Love of God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit ..allow in your life! By God you won't be down too long! He right there!So o here someway or somehow if you really know Him.. You got to tell his goodness,mercy and Run backs in the Father arms! That's where you find safety
---ELENA on 9/22/11

Won't give my whole name, I don't believe in blowing my own trumpet. My wife and I are not rich by any means but for the last 2 months we have been helping our friends. He can't work because of medical reasons and his wife only works 2 days a week. They have no medical insurance. We give them $200.00 a week because God has been supplying the money. I am also going to visit an elderly man in a home today. I also go visit a man in prison when I can. I still do and want to serve more. I love it, Praise God!
---J on 10/23/07

My family prays for George W. and that our country will be one nation under God.
We're praying for our food supply.
(We didn't think the pet food mistake was a mistake from the onset). Let's eat U.S. food and support American farmers.
I don't want to eat fish products from China and Taiwan. I want to eat tuna fish canned in the U.S. Pray for the U.S. fish supply, salmon in particular. It's dwindling. Pray for the Bees, crops need the bees.
---Catalyst on 4/26/07

I am working with people who are new to sobriety, helping plant the seed for Christ.
---zoe5647 on 4/1/07

I am a teacher. My post is in a predominantly Muslim area. Most of the teachers, the good ones, are Christians. The difference in religion between teachers and students is very noticeable. The difference in work attitudes/values between Christians and Muslims is very sharp. Being a Christian, there are many things that could be done in this area by maintaining oneself to be a GOOD Christian!
---bebet3754 on 7/27/05

Madison, I appologize for being so abrupt. The president has a tough job, this is why he needs our prayers and coperation. The president does understand but there are policies that have already been in place years before he took office. Yes, I agree that medical costs are too high and a lot of physicians are perveyors of perscriptions, but we have a voice too and we can lobby for better medical services and affordable insurance. It won't be easy or happen overnight but I believe there is an answer.
---John on 7/26/05

I taught my children to be responsible, God fearing Christians. Hopefully that little thing will help make our world better for all to live in.
---sue on 7/26/05

John, no offense taken. I think you guys have a great leader who deserves more support than he seems to get.
---bethie on 7/26/05

John ... your comment helps to make the point that maybe we in the privileged countries (OK the USA has so much more than any other but we and many others are still disproportioanely wealthy) should be doing more to make the world as God intended it to be.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/26/05

John: Our country is a great nation, for those with good jobs with medical benefits. Unfortunately, there are millions of hard working people who work in jobs that do not offer medical insurance. For them, America is just another capitalist country.

Our dear president has made it clear that he caters to corporate America. Corporate America includes the medical insurance companies and hospitals. Who is he thinking of when he makes decisions concerning the needs of the medically uninsured?
---Madison on 7/26/05

Part 2 Madison, The grass is not greener on the other side. There are things that you don't understand. You can retort and get angry all you want but I love our President and our Country! No insults intended to the good folks from Canada. God gave us a great Nation, lets's make the most of it.
---John on 7/26/05

Madison, I have a good Christian friend who was born and raised in Canada. He lives here now and is reaping the benefits of our American system. I love this Nation that God gave us. Our President IS a good Christian man and I don't appreciate your insinuations! If you think that the medical system is better, go live there. The taxes in Canada are super high and I asked my friend about the medical and he said that if you need a major operation (Heart Operation) sometimes you have to wait 3 months.
---John on 7/26/05

Alan: There are times when I wish I could move to Canada, where there is socialized medicine. Oh, I know people will talk about their medical system being inferior, but I would rather my children have some medical care than none.

What we wonderful Americans have, with our supposedly Christian president, is an inferior capitalist medical system where the insurance companies and the American Medical Association run the show, and Washington lets them.
---Madison on 7/25/05

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Madison ... you make just my point ... we do have some compasion for the needy in our country. There are many faults with the system, but our society recognises the need to have a safety net. And we try to take seriously our responsibilities to the needy of the rest of the world.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

Alan: You have something in England that the US does not, with it's Christian Republican leadershipo that we have. Socialized Medicine. It is absolutely wrong that people who work full time jobs in this country do not have medical coverage. My sons work, and don't have it. They have been sick and have suffered horribly because of not being able to afford the doctors. A lot of kids in this country are not covered either.
---Madison on 7/25/05

My church has links with an organization helping the needy in Romania and also with a centre in U.K. helping those who have abused drugs and/or alcohol. We regularly send clothing, toys, bedding and food to Romania. The main needs of the centre in U.K. are toiletries, underwear and cash of course. It is amazing just how much is collected every time we hear of their needs and we are very small in number.
---anonymous on 7/25/05

Wayne ... we all look at politics as they affect us ... and it is usually selfish.
You say that if the Democrats govern, you will have less ... that is as selfish as the poor saying the Democrats will give us some allowances.
We have the same over here, & have to balance between sensible support of the needy, and retaining an incentive system.
But you do need both ... the question is will one party be too selfish, or the other profligate?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

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Moderator ... Yes I think you are right, although he did not claim to be a practicing Catholic. What I was really trying to say was that he did not say ... I am a Cathoic, therefore my Party is the one you should elect. This is the danger in US as I see it, that the Republicans claim to be the Christian party, and to paint the Democrats as against all Christian principles. At least that is how I have seen it from over here!
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

Anonymous, one fun way to collect baby stuff is to host a baby shower. We do it once a year, the invitations say it's a baby shower for our local teen pregnancy centre. It's fun, we do all the shower games and have a little lunch, the ladies really seem to enjoy it.
---bethie on 7/25/05

I have to correct my statement about the UK ... sorry.
In Northern Ireland, politics has been poisoned by alignment of politics and so-called religion. It is murderous "Catholics" against equally evil "Protestants"
I hope the USA does not go down that route ... Fundamentalist Christians in one party against Roman Catholics in the other.
If you do, it will be uncomfortable for all.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

Wayne ... Adolf Hitler did not claim to be a Christian.
In the UK there are Christians, both non-Catholic Christians and Catholic Christians, in all the parties, and I believe the same applies in the USA.

Moderator - Alan are you sure Hitler didn't claim to be a Catholic? Most of the history I read says this. However, I agree he obviously wasn't Catholic or Christian in practice. He used those words so he could deceive people.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/25/05

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J, in this day and time sad to say when we vote, we vote for an agenda. Not a Dem or Repb. I now pay 30% in taxes. If a certain party has their way we will have alot of good free benifets, but we'll be paying 50 to 75% of our check in taxes, maybe more. there's a word for that. communisn.
---wayne on 7/25/05

So who said religion and politics don't mix? Adoff Hitler in 1939 told the Christian Church, also the Catholics to keep their religion out of his politics, and he wouldn't bother their religion, they believed that lie. you'll know what happened. Each party has an agenda, THINK..
don't be deceived.
---wayne on 7/25/05

I, too, wish to remain anonymous, but I like to do good deeds for others. I am currently collecting baby items for a young mother-to-be who is alone. My favorite charities are those that minister to run-away children, and ones that help abused wives and children. Please pray that I can help more.
---Anonymous on 7/25/05

Elsie, That is wonderful that you are serving the Lord! You have certainly helped me with good advice. God bless you abundantly!
---J on 7/25/05

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This is not "a Christian world we live in"......there are 6.4billion people on earth; only 1 billion of them are professed Christians. My contributions are small because I am elderly disabled. I pray, minister at CN blog, smile, call and e-mail people to lift them up, assist missionaries by helping them conduct their U.S. business, advise people in local casemanagement, write a penpal in Australia, study the Word, practice the presence of God, and appreciate our Creator's handiwork all-ways.
---Elsie on 7/25/05

I prefer not to say who I am. I do various practical things that raise money which I send to 3 different Christian charities. One is involved in treating very sick people in other parts of the world, one provides practical and spiritual help to those persecuted for having become Christians and the other provides Christian literature in other lands where people have no access (cannot afford) bibles and Christian books. Our ways of helping others will be very varied because God made us all different.
---Anon on 7/25/05

Come on now, lets not turn this into a political bash. Religion and politics don't mix. I am seeking the lost so they wont' know what tortment really is. I pray for the will of God to be done through me that others might see him, and turn from their ways. This world is not my home, I to am just passing by. I (try to) treat others as I like to be treated, with love and respect, with honesty.
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/05

Wayne, Thanks for the uplift. As far as voting, I am a registered Republican and I voted for our beloved President, President George W. Bush, but Let's not put limits on our party choice for office. If a good man was running for office and he was a democrat I would vote for him.
---J on 7/24/05

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Wayne: I vote Democratic in order to make the world a better place. It is a crime that children in this country cannot receive decent medical care because they do not have insurance. It is a crime that there is not adequate funding for education in the inner cities.

I also agree with Alan that it is prepostorous that a man can claim to be a Christian and all of a sudden he is elected.
---Madison on 7/24/05

So there is no need to have such statement here as that of Wayne. We are also fortunate that winnig elections by claimning a religious connection does not and could not happen, so there is no temptation to hypocritically claim a faith that one does not really hold.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/05

Fortunately in UK our politiacal parties and their policies are not so closely aligned to religious denomination as they appear to be in the USA.
There are Christians in all parties, and their political views on secular matters differ.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/05

Everything you'll are doing to make this world a better place is great, especially you J. Also one thing not to do, vote democrat.
---wayne on 7/24/05

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Every Christians should be fulfilling the great comission given by Jesus written at the end of each gospel account in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. However the Bible reads that inspite of our propogating the gospel, the world will still continue to grow increasingly wicked until the time of Jesus Christ.
---Eloy on 7/24/05

Loving people to christ. I am a single mom and I find because of some of my circumstances I am able to relate to and also to give hope to others who are in some of my same situations. When they ask me how I survive or how I do it I can tell them it is only through Christ which strengthens me.
---Marla on 7/24/05

I am ministering to people with addictions and mental illness.

BTW. I don't think this is a Christian world we live in.
---Madison on 7/24/05

Well at church I work with the children helping them to grow closer to Jesus and teaching them practical ways they can live they lives for Him. I am a youth mentor. I help my dad with his ministry for street people, we basically go out and give out clothes and cups of coffee to those who are homeless in our city. Basically try to be an encourager to everyone, I love getting words of encouragement and hugs, and i suspect others do too, so I pass them out to anyone i can.
---bethie on 7/24/05

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I am not trying to make this world a better christian world to live, I am trying hard for sinners not to go to a devil's hell. This world is not my home, I'm just passing thru carrying burdens for sinners.
---shira_5965 on 7/24/05

Jesus said ... Love God and love your neighbour as yorself ... on these hang all the laws.
In our own different ways, we are doing this. Some give give money, some have none, but give time, some pray more than others, some preach, some interpret (although we don't always agree!)some provoke others think more deeply, some feed the hungry, some visit the sick, some clothe the naked. Some just raise their God-given family
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/24/05

Reaching this generation of children and the lost , with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by getting the bible into there hands , so the Holy Spirit can get it into there hearts .Pastor Danny
---Pastor_Danny on 7/24/05

I do alot of outreaching and give the love of Christ and encouragement. I share the laughter and tears of all within my sphere of influence. It's amazing how just a smile or light touch on someones shoulder can make there day easier when deal with problems or not.
---fla373 on 7/24/05

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Praying. Bible reading. Church attending.
---barbara67 on 7/24/05

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