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How Has God Corrected You

What ways has God used to correct you, and did you feel loved?

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 ---TC on 7/24/05
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James L.-- Sorry, I just wasn't sure how to interpret your post. And if Lily Tomlin meant that as you said, I misinterpreted what she said too!

Written comments lack a lot when it comes to conveying intent. And the argumentative tone of these blogs can make one a little defensive. Again, sorry for misunderstanding!
---Donna66 on 6/25/11

no, I was not mocking you. And I apologize if it sounded as such.

I was responding to what you wrote that God speaks to you, and some may be skeptical.

I read that and Lily Tomlin came to mind. I don't remember if I saw it on tv or read it, it's been so long ago.

But she was asked about praying and hearing God speak, and the way it was asked sounded like the person thought she "hearing voices", as you put it.

That was just her way of saying if we can believe that God hears us talking to Him, why can't we believe that He would talk back to us?
---James_L on 6/25/11

JamesL-- Just sharing my experiences. Were you mocking me? Maybe you were joking. (I always got a kick out of Lily Tomlin, too, but never considered her a great Christian, if indeed she was one.)
If I were schizophenic, somebody would have noticed it by now.
If I was schizophrenic, you would not be able to follow two sentances that I write. If I was schizophenic, I would not have the many friends that I do who invite me into their homes or teach a Bible class. I've known and worked with REAL schizophenics. Neither you nor Lily Tomlin got it right.
---Donna66 on 6/24/11

God corrects me, (or my thinking) all the time, primarily through His Word, as well as conviction, during prayer, circumstances or consequences in life, sometimes through others' life's or words, but never with a spirit of accusation or condemnation. He ALWAYS offers hope, and that hope is in Him.
---Christina on 6/24/11


I believe Lily Tomlin said something to the effect of:

"Why is it that when we talk to God we call it prayer, but when God talks to us we call it schizophrenia?"

I always have liked that one :)
---James_L on 6/24/11

Yes, often while I am in prayer, the Lord speaks to me (no, not in an audible voice, but still quite clearly) "Why did you do or say such and such?... Was it for the reason you said?...Why do you allow such and such?...You don't need to...Think about this...What does my Word say? Does that glorify me?"
Even when corrective, He is so gentle, so kind. My reaction is often, "oh, yes, Lord, I see NOW. Thank you for showing me that!
I always feel especially loved when the Lord speaks to me this way (even if it is not really what I wanted to hear).

Some may be skeptical and no, I don't hear voices! But others will understand. The Lord and I have a relationship as real as any I have in my life.
---Donna66 on 6/23/11

Twice while witnessing(I have witnessed to hundreds)the Holy Spirit has told me to stop talking, be quiet, shut up. Both times this has happened upon stopping talking I discovered that the individuals I was witnessing too were in the act of accepting the Lord. As to feeling loved, I have never felt unloved by the Lord.
---mima on 6/23/11

Thankfull! I may be a lill'slow hmm..yes! Jesus He knows me...he correct me n my prayer time..all the time home he really set me "free" is like when you talk with a best friend n she gives you the"once over"... I know n my prayers I felt the Lord speak to me about my faults n yes! With Love! My pastor said "God been talkn & work'n with you!"... GOD IS REAL!
---ELENA on 6/22/11

God has used the Bible, sermons and good friends to show me when I am stepping out of His will.
---Madison on 4/10/07

God can use just about situation He wants too. He has corrected me in several ways. Something will be said by someone I will over hear, on the radio, in a store, at church, by a child, or even on TV. He uses the Bible. Or He just won't let things go the way that I have planned. Sometimes He has corrected me in situations and I did not know it was Him till afterwards. Always afterwards, He lets me know that He loves me. He corrected me because, He loves me! I'm thankful today for that.
---Linda3939 on 7/26/05

God corrects me daily. This year alone (as I posted some on past blogs) he showed me about modesty & how I need to put my husband as head like the bible says , instead of myself first. I now have collected more dressess & long skirts & have 2 sets of pants I only wear when my dresses are dirty. The Lord called me to do certain things that is clearly shown in the bible that others either ignore or just hasn't been called to do yet, but yes he corrects me daily.
---Candice on 7/25/05

If we are His and He corrects us thru Holy conviction, we will know it. I have been chastised many times.
---shira_5965 on 7/25/05

This weekend at a campout a woman left her young daughter with me for a few hours by saying "you can watch her, can't you?", not really asking. I agreed but didn't feel joyful about it, and complained some to my husband. Later our middle son got hurt and needed the ER, and guess who immediately said "I'll keep your baby, go with your son."? The woman I had complained about! God made me ashamed of my complaints and myself, but also made me feel the love of Him and my friends.
---Tanya on 7/25/05

Oh my goodness, there are so many! I had started slipping into a habit of spending more time watching movies ... and not so much time in the Word. I remember one day, driving home from the video rental store & glancing at my new "treasure" on the front seat next to me. I was both anxious and excited to watch it. At that moment the Lord dropped into my spirit the words, "Be careful, I don't to lose you to TV."

Needless to say, that was my last movie rental for a while.
---DoryLory on 7/25/05

CN bloggers had corrected me last May2005. The interactions brought positive effects after going through very difficult times. I understand that such events must happen to put things in proper perspective. Felt loved? Yes!
---linda6546 on 7/25/05

god gange me 180 degre he make me another one love every one i thank him for his love andm every one of us if you know him you will be anther persone how give nevr take
---marseel on 7/25/05

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Always felt loved, from the beginning I was being corrected...A thought comes to mind, the spirit brings a verse and convicts.

The most beneficial way that God deals with me is through the things I see and hear.
Everything people say or do (myself included) is picked apart for me to teach me about myself. To quote the News Boys, "it's like a circuit judge in the brain."

Religion that is not focused on self is a waste and put's out the spirit's fire. Humility is essential.
---Pharisee on 7/24/05

I had an odd against my sisters. I was singing at church one evening and my sisters were guests to sing. As I was singing, It came to me that I had an odd against them, and I needed to make it right. I swallowed my pride, put the mic down and went to them. That hard part was confessing, it was th steps to get to them. God chatised me and yes he done it in love. Now me and my sisters are as close as ever. Thank God I listened.
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/05

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