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How To Share God At Work

How would you share God in a work place with your co workers without being mean.

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 ---Elizabeth on 7/25/05
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The greatest compliment I could ever have is when someone knows I am a Christian without even asking. At work, I try to let God's love shine through me in every situation and be a living testimony. I start each day with a prayer: "Lord, thank you for this day and help me to make the best of it in Your name."
---Nan on 6/10/08

If you obey God, and act as He would want you to, and let your light shine, they will ask, they will wonder, and God will open up a way for you to share!
---Zoe on 10/5/07

Seems like farmers have not been praying to "the correct person"
or being "in the right place with the Lord" for sure!
---Nana on 4/14/07

I would say.. by the Word of God it says,...
First I would be an example of how a Christian should be, in the likeness of Christ. Respect to all and requiring respect.
---Junia on 4/14/07

Don't be so serious.
Yes i know that.
---Ed on 4/14/07

Ed, just saying a prayer won't work.
You must pray to the correct person. We don't have to go through hoops to get prayer answered. We just gotta be in the right place with the Lord and speak to Him. Ain't no one else trustworthy.
---Elder on 4/13/07

Well say a prayer and you never know what might happen.
---Ed on 4/13/07

Ed, a lot of farms are going bankrupt and their land is being foreclosed on.
Is the Patron saint of Madrid outta work now? Is he drawing welfare like so many farmers? Or is he just trying to raise crop prices because he has so much invested in farming?
---Elder on 4/12/07

The Patron saint of Madrid was a farmer who was so blessed by God that angels used to help him pull his plough. You might not believe in saints but I am sure that God will help us carry this extra burden that you mention in your post. I agree with you.
---Ed on 4/12/07

It's not the gospel that's the problem, It's people that won't accept the gospel.
---catherine on 4/11/07

It's been said over and again that the gospel is offensive. People have an image of themselves as being good, and the truth is that's offensive, not to mention perverted.

It's often true that life has to break people before they are willing to accept this.

The best way that I can see that keeps you out of trouble is working harder than anyone else, and caring more genuinely for your employers wishes.

They'll ask.
---Pharisee on 4/11/07

I feel every chance you get put God first don't be forceful. I mean at my job in a bank they are doing construction so when the noise gets loud and they complain I would say well give thanks because some would beg to hear the noise. I try to be positive with everything and get them to see it. Just be sure to be positive and put God first and he'll supply you with the when and how you can talk about him. You can if you like begin a topic at lunch and work him in.
---judit4846 on 9/4/05

First you should conform with the Policies and Operating Practice of your employer; may companies have definitive policies in this area. You were hired to perform a specific function for your employer and that most come first. The best thing to do is be a good example of a Christian in the work place, do your job as best as you are capable and keep evangelism out of the work place.
---phia4633 on 7/27/05

Read your Bible during breaks. Pray for an opportunity to share your faith. When that opportunity does come, be bold and know that God is going before you. Some will listen, some will not.. Be an example through your actions as well as words, and in all you do show love. (If that doesn't work you can put a burning match on their tongue and throw a glass of water on em. Then tell them they've been baptized in fire and water. Just kidding.)
---Katie on 7/26/05

Pray each day that God would use you. Then do your best to do a good job, not as unto man ,but unto God. Someone is paying you to work for them...not to share the word. So let your life show it, and if someone asks then you can tell them. Or get together with them on your own time, if you are still willing to share.
---Linda3939 on 7/26/05

I don't to cram anything down anyone, but when they ask why I am so happy, I tell them.
Sometimes a silent witness is better than a crammer.
---shira_5965 on 7/26/05

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