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Is Smoking Wrong

Is smoking wrong?

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 ---Vicka5378 on 7/26/05
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To those of you who want to quit, I encourage you to rebuke the spirit of nicotene, every time you feel the urge, you have the power, in the name of Jesus. It took me three weeks wrestling with this spirit to break free,now, I can testify to the fact that "Whom the Son sets free,is free indeed!" I absolutely have no desire whatsoever for a cig.A friend that quit 19 years ago, in his own power, still dreams about them, to me that proves there is a spirit behind it. Pray & Rebuke. It works.
---Gayla on 10/9/07

Hi Robyn, I am not a smoker, and yes, I do think smoking is a bad idea (everyone knows that this day and age), still, God loves the smoker as much as He does the non-smoker, okay? :) When I eat too many chocolates, I'm being just as bad as a smoker. :)
---Mary on 10/9/07

YEs...yes...yes. And very dangerous to yourself and others. Second hand smoke is a killer. A very hard habit to break. If you are not a smoker. Don't start. Christians should be wary of this vice. The Holy Ghost should be living in you. He may be dead or has since found another residence to live in, if you are puffing on cigs. You better check yourself. A Christians without the Holy Spirit is like a marriage without Christ. Dead and needs to be buried.Just taking up space and doing nothing worthwhile.
---Robyn on 10/9/07

400,000 people die every year in the USA because of tobbaco use. We've lost about 4,000 troops during the whole Iraq thing, and we think that's terrible. You do the math people. For every 1 life lost in Iraq, et al, 40 will die of tobacco use.
Stop making excuses to continue your stinking, dirty, filthy, health killing habit and repent and ask God to forgive you for being so ignorant!
---Chipper on 10/9/07

Your right I know a man who's brother works for a tobacco company and his Job is putting nicotine in the tobacco.
---exzucuh on 8/2/07

Cigarette companies should be sued big time. They purposely put the drug, Nicotine, in them so you get hooked. Nicotine is highly addictive. Look it up on the internet and read about it.
---Chipper on 8/2/07

Anyone can do an internet search on how many chemicals are in cigarettes. It is said that they are over 2,000 and possibly as many as 4,000 chemicals some of which are formaldihyde or embalming fluid, carbon monoxide which also comes from car exhaust... so why not sit in back of your cars tailpipe and take deep breaths.
Tobbacco kills an average of 440,000 people a year in USA. In contrast, there hvae been about 3,000 (three thousand) deaths in Iraq sine the start of this war... that's 4 years.
---Chipper on 5/8/07

With 440,000 people a year dying due to the use of tobbacco products, is it any wonder the health insurance rates are through the ceiling?
Let me state again that since the start of the Iraq conflict nearly 4 years ago we have lost approximately 3,000 troops.
In contrast, 440,000 people die every year due to tobbaco use.
Smoking is not only dangerous but stupid.
How can one sing praises to God with a cigarette in his lips or a wad of snuff in his mouth?
---Chipper on 5/8/07

John....Hang in there man.I quit Jan.1,07. Going on month #5 of no cigs..I have tried quitting several times,but never tried since being "Born again". Only through Gods grace could i quit.Believe me...if it were up to me i would be smoking know. Ask God to be with you and give you strength.I give all the Glory to God.
---JIM on 5/1/07

i do think smoking is wrong, i have just given up (struggleing still)due to the fact it is not good for the body - the temple of God. The money can be given to others and you benifit from better health. God bless
---John on 5/1/07

would you desecrate a holy building?iour bodies are temple of the holy spirit,smoking desecrates the body of the smoker and can affect nonsmokers in ther vicinity of smokers,what do you think?should we desecrate the temple of te holy Spirit
---doree4573 on 11/19/06

Let addiction go
Throw it down
Put it out

Just Breathe Again
Let Freshness in
Is smoking sin?
Anyway choose

---Reiter on 11/17/06

Is smoking wrong? Ask your lungs!
---jason on 10/25/06

Do you want to die prematurely? If you will turn away from that addiction and call out to the Lord, He will break the power of it in your life. It will also make you a better witness of Christ. How can we share the delivering power of Christ to others if we are walking in slavery to addictions ourselves?
---Mike on 10/25/06

Sue - No, I did not beat cigarette addiction at all. It had nothing to do with me at all, except that I confessed it as sin. The Lord Jesus Christ, through His finished work on the Cross, set me totally and completely free. You see, I believe that Jesus took my cigarettes on the Cross. It is the Cross that delivers people.
---Helen_5378 on 10/24/06

Leon, Helen and all who have beat this nasty habit: CONGRATULATIONS! I want to quit smoking so bad, even more so now that I'm going to be grandma (just found out!)
So PLEASE: Pray For Me! God Bless You ALL
---sue on 10/24/06

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Yes, smoking is wrong. Smoking is a sin. It gave me Emphysema. Jesus set me totally completely free from the horrible addiction, after I confessed it to Him as sin.
---Helen_5378 on 10/23/06

1 Thess 5:22 i think "abstain from the appearance of evil" if a non-believer sees a "Christian" smoking, drinking etc. they'll have serious doubts if Christianity is real
---r.w. on 10/22/06

yes smoking is a sin i use to smoke three packs a day Our body is the temple of God
---Bet on 9/8/06

I myself am a smoker and everytime I say I want to quit I listen to the devils lies about why I shouldn't. I can blame the stress in my marriage or many other things, but I know that I need to give my habit ALL to God and have faith that He will heal me. Yes, smoking is wrong.
---tina7868 on 9/14/05

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My father used to say, " you won't go to hell for smoking but, you sure smell like you've been there." I had to laugh. I am a reformed smoker. I know it is a serious thing and nothing to laugh at. But, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.
---rue on 8/29/05

Anything that harms the body is wrong. (It may be eating too much, drinking too much, and smoking.) The down side to smoking is it not only hurts the person doing it, it also hurts the people around you because of second hand smoke. There is enough medical evidence that shows smoking is dangerous to the health of a person. Why do you thing so many places do not allow smoking? Word of caution, don't rationize smoking because you see Christians who are overwieght.
1 Corinthains 6:19
---WIVV on 8/20/05

Awhile after my salvation I felt God wanted me to quit smoking(after 13 yrs)because He loved me and it didn't fit my new life!I tried and failed.Then he sent a witness that had been delivered.We prayed.I left those cigs at the foot of the cross.Jesus took it all away with no withdrawal since 1977.I was told to TELL someone that Jesus had delivered me.I did(by faith because I wasn't sure I could do it or it would last).Praise's lasted.Smoke-free 28 yrs!
---lovable_linda on 8/10/05

See the Canadian Cancer Society for examples of many kinds of Cancer. Smoking does cause mouth and throat cancer as well as lung cancer.
---barbara67 on 8/1/05

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Sue: Be encouraged sis. (Philippians 4:13) You can do it when you're ready. I pray that'll be sooner rather than later. :-)
---Leon on 7/29/05

Leon, I loved reading your post! It gives me hope! I smoke about a pk a day and I never really tried to quit, but I know I will have to one day. My dad died of emphesima...I miss him a lot. But congratulations Leon! thanx for your post
---sue on 7/28/05

Geraa, I agree "Christians are always being judged by non-Christians". and sometimes it works FOR us. On holiday my husband and I met a young girl who was talking about Christians. "They are so miserable, can't smoke, mustn't drink, swearing not allowed" etc. I asked her "Are we like that, do you see us as miserable?" "Goodness me, no" she said. "You are the happiest people I've ever met and you (pointing to me) never stop smiling".
---Xanthi on 7/28/05

It's wrong because it defiles your body, and your body is a temple. That doesn't stop many people though. Try asking someone who is dying of lung cancer if they wished they had stopped smoking, or never started.
---Fran on 7/27/05

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John: In '80s I smoked 3-packs a day. One day I was smoking & realized how filthy it was. At that moment I wanted to & did quit smoking, cold turkey. A week later, I dreamt I'd started smoking again. It seemed so real. I woke up, in a cold sweat, very disappointed in myself until I realized it was just a bad dream. The devil is a liar... I then asked the Lord to take the desire from me & He did even to the point where I can't stand to smell cigarette...smoke today. God can do that for you too. :-)
---Leon on 7/27/05

The worst thing about smoking is that it not only harms the smoker but all those around them as well. It has been proven that children of smoking parents inhale about a quarter of the cigarette smoke themselves and grow up with severe illnesses. Other bad habits tend to harm only the person with the habit initially but even then there are spin-off problems i.e. shortage of money for family, personality change affecting others etc.
---Pauletee on 7/27/05

Pretty simple, Christians are always being judged by non-Christians. How are we going to lead the lost to glory of our Savior if we are smoking, cursing, watching or drinking things we shouldn't. Though we are made free by Christ, what better way can you show and share what Christ did? Paul writes about us to weaker brothers.
---geraa7578 on 7/27/05

yes, smoking is wrong.
---Eloy on 7/27/05

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1 Cor. 6:20 ... You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

Be good to yourself, don't smoke. If you will pray to God for His help, He will help you to stop. He helped me several years ago!
---Linda2tk on 7/26/05

1 Corinthians 6:12, "All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any."1 Corinthians 6:20, "For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."
---Bruce5656 on 7/26/05

The Bible is silent on the subject of smoking, but it has principles which can be applied to the subject at hand. Since our bodies are the temples of the Holy Ghost, we should do all we can to take care of them. As smoking is clearly harmful to our bodies, it should be discouraged among members of the Body of Christ. But we also should be gracious to those caught up in this terrible addiction.
---Thomas on 7/26/05

As Christians we must not do anything to harm or kill humans. Smoking kills via secondary inhalation. So when someone smokes
he/she not only damages his/her body, but also cause damage to other peoples bodies.
---debra6585 on 7/26/05

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Yes it's wrong. It sure isn't right...
Just a dirty, discusting habit that will kill you eventually.
---sue on 7/26/05

Smoking-wrong because it harms your body, it's not what God intended, but neither is over eating and a host of other things.

I know a Christian Brother who said he actually wanted to "kick his wife in the face."

The same cat turned around not more than ten minutes later and gave a sermon about cuss words.

My point, you can still over eat, smoke and cuss without having stumbling blocks with others...Is your righteousness by what you do or your relationship to Jesus?
---Pharisee on 7/26/05

A lot of us Christians have done things to our bodies that we are ashamed of. After we find out that it is wrong, and it does not honor God, we make the change. The Lord is abiding in us. We should respect Him.
---Linda3939 on 7/26/05

We are to present our bodies as holy living sacrifices to God. Our bodies are also the temple of God. Is your body holy and clean when tabacco is put inside of it? When you do something that could cause cancer? Yes it is wrong to defile your body in this way.
Pray and ask God to release you from this bad habit and resore and clean you.
---Marla on 7/26/05

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