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Attend Church Or Go To Hell

Is a person not saved or going to hell because they don't attend church everytime there is a church service?

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 ---Sara on 7/26/05
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There is nothing in the bible that says you have to attend church everytime there is a service. However, there are lots of scriptures in the bible that talk about Christians being around one another for the purpose of knowing the truth and receiving good counsel. The key in finding balance is knowing how much you need to know and attending service or "congregating" based on your needs. It's healthy for this to change from time to time.
---tanea8838 on 4/5/07

It takes hard work to obey God. It takes no hard work to obey the Devil. It takes courage to obey God. It takes no courage to obey the Devil. It takes strength to obey God. It takes weakness when you obey the Devil. There is only one God and one Devil. Good and Evil. >>>It takes hard work, courage, and strength to follow Jesus, right into Heaven. It takes a fool to follow Satan, Right into HELL.
---catherine on 4/5/07

Eph. 4:11-16... We need to hear the Word taught. Yes The Bible says also that we are not to forsake the assembling together. But nowhere does it state that we must go everytime the doors are open. As for being told by God to not attend any church, I personally believe that He would not tell you to do something that goes against His Word, but Catherine I don't know your heart so I cannot judge on that.
---betty8468 on 4/5/07

Sara, don't let man put you on a guilt trip. I believe in church services and we should assemble together to uplift the body of Christ, but you don't go to hell for not attending church. People will pull you down if you believe everything they tell you. There are a lot of good and bad people that go to church. Remember that so you won't be shocked when you do go. I like going to church, it really does a lot of good. God bless.
---Rick on 4/4/07

The only sin that separates us from God is grieving the Holy Spirit. That is denying Christ died for our sin, and rose to purchase a place for us in eternity with Him. Therefore if we believe in Jesus Christ by His Spirit we will do fellowshiping within the Church God has called us in to. Jesus said, "it is finished." If we believe this we will corporately worship Him with other believers.
---Meag5767 on 4/4/07

The building you sing and enjoy fellowship with others has absolutely nothing to do with our lives and our walk with Jesus Christ. It is our example seven days a week through obedience to God's laws that enable us to return to His kingdom. we pray and repent daily. That is not a sunday only thing. We lead by example that we love Jesus Christ, not verbally, but by actions. That is why Catherine said that. for many, we cannot hear what they say, their actions speak too loudly.
---ashley on 4/4/07

I do not care whether you believe me or not I write what God gives me to write. But one preacher said that if the church got rid of all of the unbelievers there would not be enough people to support the church to keep the doors open. You know what, I for one do not need money from MOCKERS I have decided to trust God instead.
---catherine on 4/4/07

I have relatives that used to go to church every time I went. but here in the last year this person just stopped going. This person has lost their desire to go. I can't make them go, I can only ask. If they say no, I don't beg and nag. I'd rather a sinner or backslider or a lukewarm christian go to church than them stay home. At least in church they are hearing the word and the seed is being planted. There are ones that are closer to God than others, but no one should judge and say that they are lost.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/07

Catherine: you can't say that. You don't know ALL churches. I agree that there are some hypocrites in every church, but there are some that are not. But to say 90% people are lost, that is untrue. Since God took you out of a certain church, are you basing your past experiences on all churches? By the way, God doesn't hate anyone, he just hates their ways.
---Rebecca_D on 4/3/07

75%-mabe as high as 90% of church members are as lost as a THREE dollar bill. Not going to church will not send you to hell. God hates the hypocrites. Church won't save you. If that was the case the whole world would be saved. Everybody would be in church if that is all it took. GOD took me out of the church. I did not like it, but God does as He chooses with me.
---catherine on 4/3/07

When the rubber meets the road, lets face it YOU ARE the Church. Probably the only church the person infront of you today will ever see.
---Cynthia_1 on 4/3/07

A person's relationship with the Lord is what's paramount; and wanting to do what pleases him and if one of those requirements is to come together in fellowship; then lets do it for him. It's the least we could do for All he has done for us.
---Mishon on 4/3/07

I dont believe a christian has to go to church everytime, however the teachings given in church certainly build and strengthen you. The fellowship we have with our brothers and sisters is a big help also.Never the less, I do recmend you go to church as often as possible.
---Trevor on 3/30/07

'stand at a garage the whole day and see if you become a car'-Joyce Meyer.being saved is when you agree to have Jesus as lord and saviour of your life (Rom.10vs9-10)and church is for felloshiping with others who share your values
---thobekile on 3/29/07

Going to church does not save you, but it helps. Christianity is a faith community, no man can go it alone. Going at least weekly is food for the soul and helps to keep you mind on God. The first step to loosing your faith is when you find that it is too much work to get out of bed on Sunday to go to church.
---lorra8574 on 3/29/07

Christ is Salvation, not church, although you are more likely to experience Salvation inside God's house rather than outside in the world.
---Eloy on 3/29/07

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Some of us in the world have travelled to places and lived where a church much less a Christian is virtually non existent.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/28/07

One of the strongest supporters of church attendance(and don't forget tithing) are people who obtain their livelihood from the churches. There are people posting answers here that depend on church tithing for their livelihood. Interestingly the great apostle Paul was himself employed in tent making, purposely to avoid this charge being placed against him, how interesting.
---Mima on 3/28/07

We are saved because of our faith in Jesus Christ. In the church is the rest of the body of Christ. And in Gods design for you, is to become part of that body. The body draws strength from each other. We encourage and pray for each other. You will learn what your part is in the body of Christ and give glory to God by doing that service. There is an old worldly saying. Something about one bannana being But go to church, God wants you there and would like to see you often.
---Linda3939 on 3/28/07

God KNOWS! the intent of the heart! Is someone in church because he was berated into going, pleasing in God's sight?
True Christians are your family in eternity! Why would you not want to know them now, separating yourself from them to watch a ball game or go fishing? Get hooked on the notion that you are a family member..see it in that light.
---Rebecca on 1/3/06

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You've heard, "Bad associations spoil useful habits?" Isn't the opposite true? If you associate with Christians their attitudes/actions affect you. Also, Hebrew 10:21 says that we do not forsake the assembling of our selves together but exhort one another, more so as you see the day approaching (Day of Christ's return).
See part 2...
---Rebecca on 1/3/06

No. The only way anyone goes to "hell" is by totally turning their back on God. If you serve him whether you attend meetings/services or you stay at home & get the word , as long as you serve him & follow him is a good thing. Those whom knows his word & chooses not to obey, well they have a better chance,but it is up to God, not us to where others go.
---canda3996 on 1/2/06

Paulette- God questions it. I was apalled by the comments in this blog. If this question were "Must we force ourselves to live with or spend time with our husbands? We say we love them, isnt that enough?!" How hurtful would it be for them to know we felt that way. We marry them and want to spend time with them out of love, not duty- same with our relationship with the Lord, which is compared to a marriage. Why do His people claim to love him, yet don't want to spend time in his house?
---MH on 9/13/05

The only thing that causes a person to go to hell, is not having Christ as Savoir. Going or not going to church has nothing to do with it, based on what the Bible states. (Some people will try and make you feel guilty if you don't go - but that's just people.) Keep in mind, God convicts, it's Satan who makes you feel guilty. So, if people are trying to make you feel guilty - even Christians - it's not God.
---Ray on 7/28/05

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A church Pastor/Reverend/Minister/Preacher/Teacher etc, who is wise and mature in Christ - speaks under the annointing and leading of the Holy Spirit - when the congregation/church people leave after services, church leaders are to trust the Holy Spirit to leave with them.

As God's people, He comes first, not church buildings or man made doctrine's.

Motherhood is a blessed ministry all of its own, I pray the Holy Spirit be your Counsel, not churches expectations.
---bethany on 7/28/05

Romans 10:9 is our salvation verse.

Im so sorry to hear about your emotional & spiritual abuse at your previous church, how precious you are to the Lord to continue to seek Him.

Going to church doesnt make us christians, any more than going to MacDonalds makes us a hamburger! We attend church for encouragement, period!

I encourage you never to allow any church of any denomination to dictate to you.
---bethany on 7/28/05

Thanks for the clarification,didn't think I was heading to hell.I was in a church 5 years ago in which I attended every service, serving&worshipping.I got emotionally and spiritually abused, now we are in another church and attendance is an issue.I attend once a week and sometimes during the mid week.But they meet 4 times a week and I wanted to live and enjoy my home and family. But I do enjoy being with God's people if they show Christian love to everyone.Pray for my emotional and spritual well-being.
---Sara on 7/27/05

I used to attend a church where the minister regular gave us a 'lecture' from the pulpit about how many in the congregation attended only once a week. He also regular used to say that many thought they were saved but wern't actually saved. He never said, in so many words, that the amount of times we attended was linked to our salvation but I think many of us felt that he meant that. His congregation halved in the time I was there and soon I moved on also. No-one questions my attendance now.
---Paulette on 7/27/05

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Believe in Jesus as your personal Saviour then you will be saved,which means you will go to heaven. Attending church doesnt save you. We all need encouragement from others.To grow spiritually we need :
- to pray(to talk to God)
- to read the Bible(listen to what God wants to tell us
- to go to church(to have fellowship with others)
- to give testimony(to talk to those who dont know the Lord about who Jesus is)

All these are only to help you to go further with our Lord.
---Nivo on 7/27/05

Not at all...if you attend a church that says you have to go to all meetings or you'll go to hell, get out of there real fast!! The ONLY criteria for salvation is "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." Nothing stated there about church attendance. God is everywhere. Worship him at home...but you do need fellowship of other believers to uplift & strengthen you.
---Ann5758 on 7/27/05

No never, if you heard that at Church shop around for a church that teaches about God's infinate grace.

Make sure also that you're saved, because coming from an environment like that you might have a false Jesus too.
---Pharisee on 7/27/05

No, God is omnipresent and not limited to only the church building. Every saved person will communicate with God throughout each and every single day, and not just when their is a church service. On the otherhand, some religions and the unsaved will erroneously think that the church is God.
---Eloy on 7/27/05

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If going to Heaven depends on going to every church service then Heaven is going to be rather empty I think. In my church there is a definite morning congregation and another definite evening congregation. I could count on one hand those who go to both every Sunday. Of all those people about half attend the mid-week meetings (bible study and prayer meeting). Each has their own reason for mode of attendance and God knows the reason why for each individual. I don't think he's counting attendances.
---Xanthi on 7/27/05

Itis not the church that saves us. The bible says we are to fellowship with believers but, it did not say miss a service and go straight to hell. I have MS and there are Sundays when I just do not feel I can make it to church because I may have a seizure or something. In these times I make sure I read the Bible or else I watch a church service on telivision. As long as we have Christ in our hearts and minds and live for him daily we should not worry about things like missing a service here or there.
---Marla on 7/26/05

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