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How To Get Church Visitors

Any suggestions on how to motivate church members to bring visitors? How about ways to invite people? For example- instead of "I hope to see you at church" say~"I will pick you up sunday for church" Any suggestions will be appriciated. Thank you.

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 ---robyn on 7/28/05
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Have a Family and Friends Day. Once the visitors are there know how to treat them and welcome them in. Most churches are not very friendly towards visitors. Be kind and genuine.Perhaps share a small snack and gift with them. Make the visit memorable.Be sure to act like a christian should and show lots of love.
---Robyn on 5/10/08

Once a month at church we have a special of some kind, a dinner or the kids sing, the youth are doing a skit. Something that makes it easier to invite someone.
---bethie on 5/9/08

This is something many of us struggle with I'm sure. I'm not so sure that you should say "I'll pick you up" because that could be seen as pushy and if the person really did not want to go then they'd probably start not being in when you called or pretending not to hear the door bell and might even avoid you in the street. I think you could try "Would you like me to call for you as I'm passing your house" if you really are passing that is, and accept 'no' as their answer if necessary.
---Xanti on 5/13/07

Pharisee your last posting made me wonder how many people here on Christianet have done the Spiritual Gifts Analysis test? It's extremely helpful. I was quite surprised at my results but when I really thought about them I could see these were my gifts which I wasn't using quite correctly.
---F.F. on 7/30/05

Please Pardon me but I was thinking about this the other day. I think we should focus on showing people Jesus and then let him bring them to church. After all our goal is not to fill the pew but to get people conformed in the image of Christ. In acts it said THE LORD added to his church daily. remember, the Lord. Also when a person truly taste and see that the Lord is good, then they'll tell everyone they know. Just like us, if we are in love with Jesus we can't help but talk about him.
---mark585 on 7/29/05

BEER TENT!...Just kidding ;)

I agree that Christians must be the salt and light, and preachers alone can't do it.

One of the contentions I have with modern churches is that the gifts of the body aren't more frequently used in church services.

I think in turn we tend to not produce enough Christians who know what their spiritual gifts are for or even what they are.

It has to start in house whatever the solution is for your church.
---Pharisee on 7/29/05

We don't have hotdog/bakesales at our church. But we do have get togethers either at a park or at the Pastor's house. We have other singers or preachers to come in for visit. But as far as having something once a month, we don't have that. But I would ask if they would like to come to church with you and if they say no, leave it at that. The most important thing is, is to let God shine through you that they can see and maybe they'll want some of that living water as well.
---Rebecca_D on 7/28/05

When I invite others to come to church, I accept their answer and go on, if the answer is no. For the most part, I let God shine through me so they can see him. My church is the most talked about church, not bad things, even sinners have said to the preacher that he has a great bunch of people in the church. We let God be God, we have no schedule to go by. When we do have sinners for a visit or someone else from another church, we always make them feel welcomed, and sometimes they come back.
---Rebecca_D on 7/28/05

This may seen cliche and obvious, but the most important visitor is Jesus. And if he is there, he will draw people to him. The holy spirit draws people to God, and is the one who convicts. Focus on bringing Jesus in and just invite people.
---Jessica on 7/28/05

My church has a Friendship Sunday where we are encouraged to invite special friends or family members to services. The whole emphasis of the message is evangelistic and testimonies are often given.
---Madison on 7/28/05

Dear Robyn,
My granddaughters name is "Robine"! About motivating people, I've got my own experience. Never try to convince or persuade. Never let temptate you to discussions! It has no sence!
Inviting is very good. Further more making the other jealous or curious by your personal testimony. That's all!!
---Ernst9433 on 7/28/05

Why don't you bring something up like , "Hey,what are you doing next Sun/Wed?
If you do not have plans I would like to invite you (& family if they have some) to church.Let me know the night before incase you need a lift. thanks." Something like that would do, therefore it's not introucive.
---Candice on 7/28/05

Our church has a potluck dinner after service one Sunday each month. The visitors seem to flock in on those days, LOL. Or maybe you could sponsor a special event at your church like a group of Christan singers or a Christian talent contest. You could circulate flyers throughout your neighborhood.
---Nan on 7/28/05

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