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I Was Asked To Leave The Church

I am confused. I visited a church where my nephew was dedicated and I was asked to leave the church grounds. The only reason the usher gave me was I cannot have my son in the church. I never heard from the pastor. Any ideas why? My son was three and playing with his cars in the pew quietly.

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 ---Kate on 7/28/05
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.rob, blasphemy is having a spirit of desecration, which mockingly ascribes the works of the Holy Spirit to Satan. Blasphemy misjudges saint as sinner, calls good evil, the truth a lie, and the Holy unholy. The Christian is one whom is born-again, and worships and obeys Christ.
---Eloy on 10/2/08

Christ loves children, an church who would reject or remove a child, that church is not of God, run away quickly!
---Jerry on 10/1/08

Eloy, what is your definition of blashemy, also what is your definition of what it means to be a Christian?

Acording to what is written in John 1:1 would it be blasphemy for a person to tell others they are the Word of God?

What about the many scriptures written about the Lord, ie, Genesis 2::4. I have heard many teachers of the Word of Faith Movement claim to be God, or claim to be the Lord. Is this not blasphemy?
---Rob on 9/30/08

Eloy. Unfortunately you present to be 'the scary type of christian' that tends to turn some away from hearing/listening. Some simply want to discuss God. Although you may be entitled to your opinion... the thought of 'that information' being heard or read by my children dismays me. Please, pray for a little peace of mind for yourself. God has made us all differently and left us confused because He is God. It thankfully is not your job to straighten the rest of us out to see things your way. If I met you on the street Brother I'd run as have so many others have done when His name is mentioned in public.God Bless Dear.
---Pamela on 9/30/08

Eloy, as you said, I don't belong to the same body you do. Most of us don't. You can only join This body one way, and that is to humble yourself. That will be a hard job for you since you are a very proud person.
I still believe that nothing is impossible for God, and that if He wants to make you a new creation out of you, one who is humble and forgiving, He could do it anytime.
By believing that you are God, and that your sacrifice is worse then Job' and Christ on the Cross, you will never believe there is a real God and never except the scrifice of Christ as sufficient for your salvation.
---MarkV. on 9/30/08

I warn anyone, if you support Eloy, he will be completely ungrateful because he has no grace, because he is not in Christ. You cannot be completely without grace, unless you are completely without Christ. I once or twice supported him, and I bitterly regretted it. I think he is into mind games.
---frances008 on 9/30/08

I would consider it a qualification as a Christian, to be asked to leave the premises or to be made to feel uncomfortable by so called 'Christians' who are merely Churchgoers. The established church is way off the mark. You shouldn't bother going there in the first place. Find some fellowship with true believers who would welcome children, as Jesus did.
---frances008 on 9/30/08

.rebecca, rob, and markv: how true it is, birds of a feather flock together: the blasphemers with the blasphemers, and the Christians with the Christians.
---Eloy on 9/29/08

.rebecca, I stay with Christ and I do not change, so as you read my posts over the years you will see that they remain unswerving even as Christ is unswerving: and if you are looking for fault or falsehood, then you're waisting your time.
---Eloy on 9/29/08

Eloy: I am convinced that you are quoting from the satanic rather than the Holy Bible. Satan would deceive even the "very elect" in the last days. I will not be moved from my salvation. I will not support you or your way of thinking. You by your own admission are not of Christ. Christ did not see a light which was you when He hung on the cross. He called "Abba Father" and He begged "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." And further to this I now beg my Father which is in Heaven even the same God the Father which sent His only Son Jesus that I might have eternal life, Abba Father forgive Eloy for he knows not what he says or does. Yea, he knows not his eternal damnation.
---Bernadette on 9/29/08

Eloy: After reading a lot of your comments over the years I can see you haven't changed. You want others to see you as Christ, bow down at your feet. You have said that you will rule with Christ sending people to hell cause you know who is going and who is not. I will use your words, You lie and the truth is not in you. When telling others what you believe the truth, you expect them to listen and believe the same way. But when a person tells you the actual truth from the bible, you refuse to listen and start the name calling. You are the one who refuse the truth and refuse to admit your faults. Until you listen to the truth and admit your faults you will never grow in the Lord. So admit your faults and please grow-up.
---Rebecca_D on 9/27/08

Eloy, you sound like you are a follower of Eddie L. Long, who has told people "IF ANYONE GOES AGAINST MY WORD, THEY ARE GOING AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD, BECAUSE I AM THE WORD OF GOD".

---Rob on 9/27/08

Rebecca, you said to Eloy, "no one is going to look up to you and take you seriously and until you bring yourself down from above Christ" True, many don't take him seriously but side with him because at one point or another you have answered against them on other blogs and support him, completely agnoring what he has said about Christ and to all the others just to make you feel bad. It's the same pattern, they many times give Scriptures first as Eloy does and then stab you in the back, and many times they conclude, they will pray for you.
I know I do not agree with you on losing salvation but to take the side of someone who blasphemes the name of Lord gives clear evidence of who they are, for they really have picked a side.
---MarkV. on 9/27/08

.rebecca, your choice is your loss, not God's
---Eloy on 9/27/08

Eloy ... I like Mark have seen you say that :
1. You are the light Jesus saw while on the Cross while dying.
2. You sacrificed more than Job, and Christ put together.
3. You said you stand at judgment day with Christ sending people to hell.
4. You know who is going to hell and who is not because they don't agree with you because you are the Truth.

And you call us blasphemers!!!
---alan_of_UK on 9/27/08

AlanofUk, Jesus is not going to find it difficult dividing the sheep and the goats. He will soon see those who elevated human thinking above His Word and His promises (and warnings of wrath to come). There are many who think they are saved and are not, according to Matthew Ch 7 ''Many will come to me on that day and say Lord Lord, and I will say 'Get away from me you. I don't know you, you who DO evil.' '' So it is not where we are found sitting down drinking our beers with, and its not who you know, but who we are that matters. It is not what we say, but what motivates us. Jesus looks at the heart.
---frances008 on 9/26/08

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Eloy: I don't want to be apart of your body. I am apart of Christ's body, and you are not Christ. So stop acting like you are on the same level as Christ. You are so judgemental toward others, it's awful. I believe you are envious of others that you try your hardest to boast yourself up so others would look up to you. No one is going to look up to you and take you seriously until you bring yourself down above Christ. I find it so discouraging that you go around telling others your not saved because you don't agree with me on everything. If God wanted us to be alike, he would have made us robots instead of humans with a conscience and opinions. It seems you're not happy unless you're boasting yourself and putting others down.
---Rebecca_D on 9/26/08

.markv, Are you so blind to think that you can brazenly mock God's own children and raise any word against us, and will be able to escape God's judgment, and not be judged by God? Many that have chosen to come against me and my family have had to answer to my Almighty Father. I have heard all of these same dissings from blasphemers before, and I am unimpressed and have no care for your antiChrist beliefs nor for your self-condemning words. For as you and those like you have mocked Christ and those of us from him, so your tongue and your dissing will perish.
---Eloy on 9/26/08

Eloy, here is what you have said that has convinced me something is wrong:
1. You are the light Jesus saw while on the Cross while dying.
2. You sacrificed more then Job, and Christ put together. Demeaning the sacrifice on the Cross that Jesus took for all of us. As if you had been whipped, and then killed.
3. You said you stand at judgment day with Christ sending people to hell.
4. You know who is going to hell and who is not because they don't agree with you because you are the Truth.
Don't you see your problem Eloy?
---MarkV. on 9/26/08

Eloy :From reading all these posts and past history.Your contemptuous, remarks stem from the belief that you by your own determination have declared yourself to be some etheral Body,ready to call everyone to Order.This in the science of today is called "Chemical Imbalance"and needs Help.For your own peace of mind In two words "Get help"
---MIC on 9/26/08

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Eloy, even though I don't have access to your heart, and I don't know your whole life, but, by what I heard you say, I am convinced that you are not a child of God. It is impossible that anyone can blaspeme the name of the Lord and be saved. It is impossible. A believer can argue with God, question God, be angry at God, but he will never ever demean the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. Even the athiest are careful what they say, but not you. Of couse I am not God and cannot see and feel what you feel, and know what you know and believe what you believe, but by what you have said about the Lord, I am convinced, I don't want to be a part of your body.
---MarkV. on 9/26/08

.markv and rebeccad, I am from Christ, and a person is either with me or else against me. And by your dissing it is proven that neither one of you are of my body and neither of you are from Christ. And until you become saved, you must remain separate from the body.
---Eloy on 9/26/08

Rebecca ... You say "You can not tell others that they are not saved just because they do not believe the same as you"

Actually, you can ... and some here do, it is not only E.

How many times have you seen told you can't be saved because you smoke.

And I because is accept the possibility of a long Creation time-scale.

Yes they CAN do it, but we don't have to accept the man's condemnation
---alan_of_UK on 9/25/08

Eloy: It is very childish for what you said to Bernadette and now to Wayne. You have just proved to others here on the blog a good example of a hypocrite. A hypocrite means: one who puts on a mask and feigns himself to be what he is not. You can not tell others that they are not saved just because they do not believe the same as you. Here is a verse that I can see you telling others, Isaiah 65:5: Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me for I am holier than thou, these are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day. You also remind me and to others the Pharisee in Luke 18:11-12. Even though children are playing quietly in church, they still listen to the preaching. LITTLE EARS are BIG LISTENERS.
---Rebecca_D on 9/25/08

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Eloy, to this day I don't expect any change in you. What you said is what you have been saying to everyone. So there has been no evidence of a "new creation" in you yet. But God may be allowing you to think you are God, and the light that Jesus saw on the cross, as you have said you are. But the bad part about it is that you don't know how hard you will fall when the time comes.
You see, when God breaks us, He has many means of breaking us. Sometimes He allows us to get to the very bottom of the gutter before He brings us up. You just haven't come up yet, or maybe haven't gone deep enough, but my hope is that you one day will, by the mercy that comes only from God and not from your free will concept.
---MarkV. on 9/25/08

.markv, I have exposed your falsehood and corrected you more than once. And until you get saved, you will continue to abide in darkness and continue to think that your falsehood is the truth and the truth is falsehood. As Saint Paul before his conversion, many enemies of God today think that they are faithfully serving God by persecuting the holy body of Christ.
---Eloy on 9/24/08

Eloy, I have faith in Christ that He is in control of not only my life but yours. He might desire for you to continue your ways for a reason, so I don't question that at all. I believe that God can change you and that maybe before I leave this website you will be a new person in Christ.
I also believe your hate for others comes from the pain you got from your wifes rejection. It has made you a very bitter person, and turned you into a person that condemns others because they too reject you, only your condemnations not you as a person. I know there is people here also who support your views which really shocks me, because they have heard you talk bad about others, condemn many, and they still support you, I know you are not alone on this.
---MarkV. on 9/24/08

.markv, "But your wrongs are separating between you and your God, and your sins have hidden face from you, that he will not hear. Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! If they have called the Lord of the house beelzeboub, how much more them of his household." Isaiah 59:2+ 5:20+ Matthew 10:25.
---Eloy on 9/23/08

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This was not a church this was a cult. They did you a favor. Thank God you did not get involved with them. Everyone should be so blessed. I would shake the dust from my feet and move on,quickly,and not look back.
---Robyn on 9/23/08

The wrath of Eloy is found in almost every blog. I believe more then a hundred have been condemned by Eloy, and counting. Bernadette, I have forgiven Eloy, but continue to answer against his statements of Scripture because he is very wrong indeed. Some here support him which makes me very cautious as to who this other people are.
We should forgive and it was hard for me to forgive him because of what he said about Christ, but I know that God hears everything and doesn't need for me to hate him but to pray that he changes his ways. Only God can do that. Maybe in the future we will see a different Eloy. God has a way of humbling people.
---MarkV. on 9/23/08

.bernadette, you mock me, either you are with me or against me: "Blessed be you all when which malign you, and will persecute and say all evil word against you, lying falsely, on account of me. Rejoice and raise high, that the bonus plenteous yours in heaven: for so they persecuted the prophets, them before you. We are of God: he that knows God hears us, he that is not of God hears not us. If they have called the Lord of the house beelzeboub, how much more them of his household? He that is of God hears God's words: you all therefore hear not, because you all are not of God. But all these things will they do to you for my name's sake, because they know not him that sent me. Matthew 5:11,12+ I John 4:6+ Matthew 10:25+ John 8:47+ 15:21.
---Eloy on 9/22/08

.wayne, you blaspheme and bear false witness against the sanctified from God, because there is no light in you: for I am the saint, not the sinner. "This thereupon know, that in final days will be desecrating speakers, slanderers, not lovers of good, mockers, having not the Spirit. For out of the heart the mouth speaks. A good tree cannot bring forward bad fruit, neither a corrupt tree bring forward good fruit. Werefore by their fruits you all will know them. If they have called the Master of the house beelzeboub, how much more them of his household? They do this, for they are not of God."
---Eloy on 9/22/08

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While telling yourself and everyone else that you are a "Born Again Christian" don't forget to tell yourself "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of they brother's eye" (Matthew 7:5). Jesus gave us clear descriptions of saducees, scribes, pharacess and priests. Jesus called them vipers and snakes. You are far to unforgiving. In His Word, Jesus speaks of people such as you (Matthew 7:21-23). I suggest you re-read this passage and pray and meditate on it. I have been praying on this all night and day and my spirit grieved heavily for you. I will continue to pray for you that you would see the error of your ways and repent.
---Bernadette on 9/22/08

Well since my last post on here in 2005, we no longer have a home church, we go to a church and my children go to their individual classes . I have 4 children from ages 9,7,4 yrs and then 2months old. One daughter and three boys. I use to think the children should always stay in the same service as you, but now after letting them go to their classes they not only have fun ,but learn at their own pace of the bible within their own age groups like school.Our evening services our children sit with us except the 4 yr old & 2month old have their rooms.
---candice on 9/22/08

Don't get offended...there are plenty of other churches out there. It was probably just a bunch of old people with a cob up their bottoms. There are bunch of people in the church that just like to be in control. Obviously..NOT a family church. MOVE on!! :)
---melanie on 9/22/08

Eloy, you think of yourself as being born again, I tell you your not. So condemn who who wish. You will answer to God just as I will and everyone else. Your pride will be your downfall. So pray to God as the Pharisee did in the temple as he stated thank you God Iam not like this poor man next to me. Yeshua said that God did not justify him. But the poor sinner said forgive me my sins, he was justified. Youve proven how much repentance you actually need.
---wayne on 9/22/08

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Thank you for your appology but it wasn't necessary. The one who needs to appologize can't see the error of his ways. This is not your fault and it is unfortuneate this one sees only falsehoods in everything any one person has to say. To tell everyone they are speaking falsehoods is calling everyone a liar. How would he know who is and is not lieing? For what it is worth I accept your appology but will not forgive him because he clearly feels he is above reproach. All I can do is pray that others here are not swayed by such narrowminded people and thoughts. I question the salvation of anyone who so ademently insists that anyone with an oppposing view is not saved.
---Bernadette on 9/22/08

.wayne, Since I am a born-again Christian, I am not able to receive your falsehood. You speak falsehood, because there is no light in you. And until you get saved, instead of the truth you will hear what you desire to hear, and believe what you desire to believe, and say whatever you desire to say.
---Eloy on 9/22/08

In my church the children are allowed to play quietly in the floor or color. I let my two kids play on the floor if not to loud. They hear the preaching. My kids does. One night in church we had a guest Preacher come in the church. My daughter fell asleep and my son was playing on the floor in a corner where I was sitting. I didn't see anything wrong with him playing, he was quiet and wasn't disturbing anyone. But the guest preacher said to my son in a hateful voice for him to get his stuff and sit down. My son was 7 years old at the time. He came to me crying. The pastor of the church told me he was fine to let him continue playing. I did. The guest preacher told my son boy I said for you to sit down. That preacher hasn't been back.
---Rebecca_D on 9/22/08

Eloy, How dare you! Since when do you sit in God's seat of judgment? You tell someone you cannot recieve them until they repent. Maybe you need to start repenting. There is alot of hypocrisy in all church's, they are the people responsible for this woman leaving, may be you should be showing true christain piety. But no, you send people away as if you can sit on the judgment seat. Shame on you! What makes you better then anyone? Because you think of yourself as rightous, you just proved the opposite.
---wayne on 9/21/08

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Bernadette, Forgive those who have shown thier true colors. You believe in God but the hypocrisy of the so called christain has made you think otherwise about going to a church. The heart is the true church, for this is where God has His throne. Not in a building made by human hands. Im sorry for what some say on this forem. Its one thing to disagree but to condemn someone is not of God, I apologize to you for this. Dont take it to heart, God is there for all, and I do not think of you as eloy does. But I ask you to forgive eloy. God bless you Bernadette.
---wayne on 9/21/08

.bernadette, Since I am a born-again Christian, I am not able to receive your falsehood, but if you repent then I would be able to hear you. John 10:4,5.
---Eloy on 9/21/08

People who make blanket statements should be careful. The writer of the querry mentioned her child was quietly playing. Jesus said: "suffer the little children to come unto me". One thing is sure Our Lord did not say "only if the child can sit quietly or not play can then come to me." I have left all churches for the hypocrisy that hides in the hearts of many and you are one of them. How can you call yourself Christian if you condemn an innocent child?
---Bernadette on 9/21/08

Many times mans will gets in the way, either from the leadership or the pew. The bible says that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Man controls, the Spirit inspires and frees. The flesh usurps the spirit. I would ask the pastor to explain what happened, so that you can better understand, what is going on. Then make your decision, as to what is right.
---gayla on 8/17/08

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Well, if a church doesn't accept a stranger who is otherwise not rude or disruptive, Jesus made it clear, He, in turn, will not accept the self righteous discriminators. He was quite to the point when He pointed out that if we don't offer water to one that thirsts, it's as though we refused Him. The same if it were a house of worship. Just because there is a steeple or cross, means nothing. If Jesus is not in there, move on. Actually you can shake the dust off your shoes as a testimony against them. There are absolutes throughout God's Word. Christians need to take note and abide by them.
---Robert on 8/16/08

My mother(who was a Baptist) once had a Communion cup taken from her hands because she was not a member of that particular (Baptist) church. That particular Baptist Church's communion service was closed to outsiders.
---Mima on 8/15/08

Your 3 year old was learning nothing from the preaching, playgrounds are for children to play in and not worship services. Your unruled child may have been distracting others from the message also. I have been in services where a child screamed outloud continually disrupting the service. "If you want to play, go outside: but if you want to pray, come inside."
---Eloy on 8/15/08

A man was traveling and decided to stop in a church one Sunday. He was asked to leave because he didn't have a tie. Upon laving he met a man outside the church. He told the man that he just wanted to go in and worship. The man said I am Jesus and I have been trying to get in there for years.
---Pastor_Herb on 8/14/08

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All I know is that I would not go back. Lots of churches will welcome you regardless. Bless you in your journey.
---randy on 8/14/08

My heart aches for all of the foolishness that goes on in God's house. I left church for many years due to the same type foolishness, that is yet going on. Pray my friend and do not become bitter against this church or the person who did this to you. Perhaps you might contact the pastor and ask him to explain what happened. He/she may have enough God in him/her to do this for you. My love to you.
---Robyn on 11/8/07

Did the church have a nursery where your son could play during the service? If so, he should have been there, and not in the pew. If not, I would ask why they don't offer one.
---Madison on 11/8/07

am sorry to hear that sister. Jesus said suffer not the children to come unto me for theirs is the kingdom..The church is also theirs to be in..if you cant get an explaination, do visit one of our churches SDAs near you and they have beautiful programmes for little ones too it will surprise you..they are early taught the bible. perhaps the usherer had a bad day....
---jana on 5/5/07

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I am afraid that is not nearly enough information to go on.
---Bruce5656 on 4/29/07

Thanks everyone. All the children that were being dedicated were under the age of 5. They all left church right after the ceramony. I dont know why they did not tell me about it when i walked in and walked right past the usher. nephew was 4 at the time and he was running around and he got to stay. Just FYI.
---Kate on 7/29/05

Kate I think you should approach the pastor of the church and tell him what happened. He probably doesn't know about it. Ask him if this is church policy. Was the nephew who was being dedicated also a small child? If so, I find it very strange that they would not want other small children there watching the ceremony.
---Xanthi on 7/29/05

Thankyou Madison,
it blessed me so much,

" ..It also gives the child the opportunity to be a child and not have to conform to the rigidness of a church service."

I know Paul speaks on 'when I was a child, I though as a child ...and now I am grown" etc..

I pray the Lord understands when sometimes I speak encouragement to someone, perhaps not so Biblically eloquent - but from my heart, giving someone hope.

We can learn so much from God's precious little ones..
---bethany on 7/28/05

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Why not just call the church and ask for an explanation? (Maybe the pastor doesn't have the answer, but surely someone does.)
---Ray on 7/28/05

That is why we have homechurch,therefore no child is turned away.
---candice on 7/28/05

I suggested a nursery because my brother and sister-in-law are serve in the 2-3 year old nursery every other month at my church. They have toys and lessons that are age appropriate for a 3 year old, including songs and crafts. This frees the parents to worship the Lord freely without the distractions of a toddler/preschooler. It also gives the child the opportunity to be a child and not have to conform to the rigidness of a church service.
---Madison on 7/28/05

I believe Jesus said to let the children come to him. My church offers a children's Bible class for the little ones who are too young to sit still, and they also have a goodie bag with colors, a Bible story and a small stuffed animal that children can hold during a service. After church, the bags are returned for the next Sunday. Bottom line, churches should make children welcome. Also statistics show that most Christians' first experience with God is as a child.
---Annie on 7/28/05

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A church that turns its back on small children, is turning its back on the next generation.Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these". (Matt 19, 14). Quite a large portion of His ministry on Earth was spent dealing with children.
---Margaret on 7/28/05

visited and learned about customs and beliefs of many different church organizations.
There are some churches who do not allow children in church services. They deam it as disruptive and do not tolerate it. I have been in services where a baby has cried and ushers have litterally grabbed the child and removed it from services with the mother running after. Some churches make no exceptions to thier rules even for guests.
---Marla on 7/28/05

It sounds like this usher is a old fuddy duddy. Thats why.
---sue on 7/28/05

Nurseries are for home.

I definately would'nt go back - and knowing me, I would make sure I rebuked any usher who 'ushered' an innocent child to leave His house!
---bethany on 7/28/05

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Wow, fancy telling anyone to leave God's house.

May I ask which denomination?

Oh Lord, it saddens me so much to hear that.
---bethany on 7/28/05

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