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My Boyfriend Died

My boyfriend died of accident. I really love him and we are so in loved each other until now I can't accept that he was gone. I don't know how to move on and be happy again and able to accept that he is gone.

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 ---christine on 7/29/05
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I'm so sorry for your loss. my boyfriend died in a car accident July 3rd. i miss him so much. he was leaving my house when it had happened. if only i had know that that was going to happen i would have never let him go. i know everyone around me wants to be there for me. but they just don't understand what I'm going through. he is with you and you may not know this but he sends you messeges in songs and everything around you. you just have to catch them.
---jessica on 7/9/09

Valerie~ I feel your pain in your words and I'm so sorry about your loss. I think what would be really good for you would be to go to meetings in your community where other people have experienced similar losses to the one you have. This way you can all share and talk and seek strength and wisdom from each other and from the Lord. I hope you heal over time and God bless.
---Anne on 6/24/09

My boyfriend died 4/11/09...the results of the biopsy have yet to come in...every day I think about him. When I meditate i feel his presence and a big part of that is because when he was here we used to meditate together. He was the most peaceful, loving person i've ever known. Just as I am, he was only 16 years old. It kills me to know that he's really gone. Some times I feel so alone..actually, I feel that way most of the time...I talk about him everyday it has yet to help. I feel so empty...please, if anyone reads this, I just need someone to talk to.
---Valerie on 6/23/09

Im so sorry and i know how you feel. The man i loved and was planning on spending the rest of my life with died on February 22 2009 of an accidental overdose. We were living together and i found him when i woke up the next morning. All i know is that time will heal. There isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about him. It helps to talk to somebody or someone that has gone through the same thing as you. It will get easier But for now think about how much he loved you and how he would want you to be happy even if he isn't here with you in person he is here in spirit. I think of my boyfriend as my guardian angel looking down from Heaven smiling. Time does help heal. R.I.P. baby, i miss you so much. - 4 ever and 4 always
---Anna on 6/19/09

my boyfriend died on saturday. in a car accident. all other people in the car walked away with minor injuries. I love him so much and i want him back and it feels like if i ask enough and beg enough and pray hard enough he will be given back to me it doesn't feel real at all! I love him i don't know how to deal someone please help me i don't know what to do :(
---Lili on 6/7/09

Sry to hear that.... 2/27 is my birthday, god bless
---Kelli on 5/31/09

Hi, I was just reading this and thought maybe someone could help? I lost my boyfriend on the 16th February 2009 (This year) and i am so upset! Im only 16 he was 19 but i knew that him and I were meant to be together! I just knew. I don't know what to do, i can't even look at pictures of him it breaks my heart and the only thing i can remember was seeing him in hospital and at the chapel of rest, How does this get easier? Please help me?
---Stacey on 3/7/09

I totally understand where you are. I lost my boyfriend of 7 years on 7/24/08. I am now in sever depression and cant except he is gone. I however, have a 8 year old son. If it wasnt for him and my church i dont know how i would still be here. Still, i cant believe he is not walking this earth. I never got a chance to say goodbye ( he died in his sleep with no warning).
---April on 2/28/09

I was in three serious relationships in my life.One seven yrs,one three years and one year. At a difficult time in my life things began to happen to me things that no one could explain, because it was spiritual.I lost one of the guys to a seizure the night i was to meet him he was 25.The other one died in a wreck was 39. And the one thati thought i could not live without of seven years died in a diabetic coma he had just turned 31.I asked the lord WHY? He said because you forgot all about me. Some things the lord allowed me to go through to get me to be a powerful witness for him. Remember that God watched his son get crucified, if he had to suffer we are going to have to suffer also. The lord just let us borrow them for a season. God Bless
---faith on 11/2/08

Dear Sister,

Cheer up ! So many times we do not know why it happens when it happens, But be assured of this that God loves you, Jesus Loves you and He knows how u feel. Surrender your life into His loving caring hands and your heart will be filled with Joy everlasting.

Your Brother who cares for you

Roshan Jathanna
---Roshan on 10/31/08

my bf is dying of cancer. I am devastated. I wish i could do something to prevent all this from happening. I love him so much. I cant imagine life without him. I need him I want him. but he is not going to recover. what m i suppose to do?
---Desty on 10/31/08

My boyfriend died a few weeks ago in a car accident.. my life has stopped i feel like i wake up to that day everyday. I dont know what to do. I always feel like noone has experianced this so their is no real help.. I dont know how I will ever move past this and accept what happened.

---Victoria on 10/29/08

Dear friend,
I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Pain is a part of life but we never want to go through it. It gets easier as time goes by. But waiting for the time to pass is the hard part. Pray and ask the Lord to help you deal with the pain and loss. Read the bible for comfort and guidance. Psalms 23,30,27 are all good choices. Romans chapter 8:28. Hebrews ch 12. So many good scriptures. It is only God who will be able to help us heal in the end.
People mean well and we do need others but God is the only one who can truly heal us.
You will be in my prayers.
Be strong and stay prayerful. It gets better.
---Robyn on 9/11/08

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not to you own understanding in all thy ways acknoledge and he will direst your path." Although you feel like you can't go on, you must. There are others in your life who love you dearly, and the love that you are harboring for you dead boyfriend needs to be redirected to your alive family and friends. Let them love and care for you. God has sent angels in your life and they are standing by ready to be activated. Only way is to stop hanging on to your grief and continue to cry but try not to let it consume you. It is going to hurt. Pain is a part of life. But do not allow it to make you stop living your loved one wouldn't want that. Making him feel guilty and disturbing his peace,
---naejeive on 9/10/08

hello dear,it is unfortunate he is dead. well, you are alive and you owe God the responsibility of taking care of yourself- you'll answer for it. so please be determined in your heart to move on and pray for guidance and strength for each day. may the Lord help u my sister
---Patience on 5/19/08

I lost my beloved boyfriend in an accident 2 years ago. 3people died on the spot. You could imagine how high the impact of the car. I love him very much. He love me too. I need him.. Hope i can meet him and be with him next generation and next next generation.. Hope he can keep the promise. I love you forever,Alan !
---Angel on 5/19/08

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Quit celebrating the anniversary of death and get on with life. Worshipping at the altar of death is death. Let the dead bury the dead, if you're alive in Christ, you don't need to celebrate death any longer.
---jessica on 5/18/08

I would love to talk to you more. My boyfriend died in a car accident almost three years ago. I would love to talk to someone who is in that same time period/stage. This anniversary is seeming to be very hard....
---Ruth on 5/16/08

I lost my boyfriend in an avalanche almost 2 years ago. His passion was skiing so I know he died doing what he loved. It really does get better- the answer is time- just go with it and be patient- it will get better. It doesn't go away though- I am in a relationship but I still think of him everyday. As time goes by you focus on all of their positive aspects and realise just how much they influenced you and what a lucky girl you are to have known and experienced such a wonderful person.
---Carlin_Stone on 1/13/08

My daughter's boyfriend, (both 17) was killed in a car accident almost a week ago. They were together for a year and a half and have both lived with me for the past 2 months. I have no idea how she is going to get over this, as I have never been thru this myself. She is an utter mess, going between anger and not being able to breath caused by the sobbing. I just want to find that elusive lolly-pop to make it all better.. It would be appreciated if anyone could give us some insight, hope or suggestions...
---sharon on 11/2/07

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I have asked God to help me. I have seen amazing things happen. I have become functional, I asked that I be able to go on and do things I have to do for my dependants. My boyfriend died 2-27-07 of alcohol poisoning after we broke up 6 months prior and have enormous guilt but not guilt but guilt. the issue is that he didn't want to live in life's terms I hope he is no longer in emotional pain. I grieve for him every day. I hope he had some release from pain and depression. I really do.
---Lisa on 9/29/07

Jessica, every month or so, someone is dying or just died. You need prayer, but tell us what do you need prayer for.
Do you need prayer for your mind? You don't respond back, but this time, tell us the truth.
---Cindy on 7/28/07

That's strange, Jessica. I remember around Valentine's Day, you told us of a boyfriend you were crazy about, but just prior to that, your boyfriend had also died. So how many of these boyfriends are dying on you. I think something is haywire.
---Bob on 7/27/07

Then, I remember this one, Jessica.

"I am looking for support, I have been married to my bipolar husband for two years and I am realizing how REAL this disorder is......I am in constant prayer for him and our children.The affects of his disfunction are very devastating for my seven year old boy.One day he wont get up at all,the next he is on the roof(really!!)"

So is it husbands or boyfriends, and how many are really dying.
---Bob on 7/27/07

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Then Jessica, on 05/08/07 you said this on
"My Husband Doesn't Love Me"

Hi, i just wanted to say that i too am having the same problem.
---Jessica on 5/8/07
---Bob on 7/27/07

Then Jessica, your boyfriend died again on this date.

"My boyfriend also passed away. I can offer you an ear to listen...thats the best I have
---Jessica on 2/23/07 "
---Bob on 7/27/07

Jessica, what really is the problem?
Why do you periodically come on and tell us someone has died again?>

"My boyfriend died almost 8 months ago from cancer I felt also felt like I couldnt go on or ever be happy again but the way I see it is God takes the very special ones first because he needs them more than we do even if we dont see that. . made me feel a whole lot better becasue I got to say goodbye.
---Jessica_on 8/24/05 "
---Bob on 7/27/07

My boyfriend died 7/22/07 from a car accident. To this day, I do not know if it was suicide because he often threatened it and i am blaming everything on me. we fought so often that i believe maybe it was suicide.

my only comfort is the fact that i made him go to church and he eventually asked Jesus into his heart, and he got saved.

Please, I need prayer.
---Jessica on 7/27/07

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Sam, when people tell you that 'time will heal', I think what they mean is that after a time you will be able to think of your boy friend and smile, instead of cry. The pain will always be in your heart, but it does get better. God bless you.
---sue on 7/26/07

Christine. Hang around a lot of your friends often. Don't think that everything has to be perfect right away. Give yourself some time to mourn and let the natural stages pass in their own time. Acceptance will come soon but happiness may take a while. You may go through some anger and a bit of depression which are also normal and can go quickly or take a while. But you will come through and be able to help others who will need you later.
---john on 7/26/07

hey, ive just lost my boyfriend a few weeks ago and ive never been so devastated in all my life,and im only 15. it also was an accident and we were in love also. i cant accept hes gone either people keep telling me i will over time, i know i will never get over him. it helps seeing the family though.
---sam on 7/25/07

Jessica, are you the same Jessica that was going to marry a short time ago, or had a boyfriend? (Valentine's Day).
---Gail on 2/24/07

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My boyfriend also passed away. I can offer you an ear to listen...thats the best I have
---Jessica on 2/23/07

I'll keep all you guys in my prayers. My boyfriend died about a year and a half ago. I have cried before but now it really is kicking in. I guess I was so busy before I didn't really really feel the pain. Anyway he passed from cancer, he was only 26 but we had know each other for about 10 years. He was also like a best friend. My friends and family don't understand my pain. It hurts so much, I know God loves me and he had to go but I hurt so much.
---Regina on 11/30/06

Girls, I can not sleep tonight. Thank you all for writing- I think it truly does help to know we are not alone. I am not really sure what else to say this time around. Good to know you bought the ring, Kara. I would have done the same thing.
---cia on 11/30/06

I too have no idea what to do, when i walked into that hospital that night and was told that i had to i.d my dead fiances body i felt the walls crashing down around me i thought i would be able to write you something to help but im afraid all i can say is that your not alone. Gavin Jan 31st 1982-4th Nov 2006
---Jess on 11/29/06

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my boyfriend died 11/11. he had cancer so we had prepared. but when you take the drugs cancer patients take, you don't think clearly, so our relationship has been dying all year. anyway, we had talked about getting married and guess what? I went out and bought the engagement ring on the 18th (I was lucky enough that he picked one out a long time ago and I actually found the paperwork for what he picked out when i cleaned his stuff out).it made me feel so much better. I kind of validated us myself.
---Kara on 11/20/06

Cia - Hi. How are you doing now? Yes, I have lost people that I loved very dearly. Sometimes the pain of loss can be so great that I have felt like I was the only one left on the earth. Of course that is not true. Cia, God knows your pain and He feels it too -- keep crying to Him ok. He loves you and will never leave you nor forsake you. Please keep in touch ok. I will be praying for you.
---Helen_5378 on 11/4/06

Cia - It will be alright sweetie, it really will be. I know that it doesn't seem like that now, but as time goes on the pain of loss will subside and you will in the end be left with beautiful memories. Don't give up. Let God rock you in His tender loving arms ok.
---Helen_5378 on 11/4/06

Helen, thanks for your advice and writings- I have been sobbing. How do you know this pain? Have you been through this?
---cia on 11/3/06

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Cia - I think a really good thing to do for yourself is to cry, I mean really sob your heart out, to God. Ask God to hold you. He will. You can talk to God too, and He will listen. God loves you very very much and He knows just what your pain feels like. Keep in touch ok. ((( h u g s ))).
---Helen_5378 on 10/17/06

My boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident 13 days ago. Any advice? The pain I am experiencing is like none other; manic frustration- we are both 29 right now- old enough to know an adult commitment, but so not validated. Did God help you, to comfort you, knowing you weren't part of his family, yet you were validated too in God's eyes? Will I ever get through this? I am so sad. So angry. So regretful. Please answer if you ever come back to this blog.
---cia on 10/16/06

My boyfriend died 13 days ago. Do any of you girlfriends not feel validated due to the fact you were not married or engaged? This man was my life; my best friend. I am sick. I am tired. I have no idea of where to begin again.
What should I do?
---cia on 10/16/06

that i know how u feel- Its okay to cry- Im 8 months pregnant and my boyfriend died 3 months ago I was very in love with him. only 17 but im hurting still till this day. I dont ever think that the pain will go away so baby dont be afriade to cry just dont stress yourself out to much. What upset me the most are the memories. it also make me happy beccause i still have a part of him with me. so itz okay to cry. I do because now i have to find a way to explain to my future child that she has no father
---Tierra on 7/17/06

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Grief does not play fairly. It sneaks up on us all, and causes our eyes to water, and sometimes we wrack our body with sobbing. Been there, done that. Ain't fun.

It is not easy, but time does help heal. One MAJOR source of healing was Grief Share, through our church. It is a set of video lessons and discussions to help the pain.

It is NOT group therapy, not is it evangelism. However, the over-all effect is therapeutic.

May the God of ALL comfort be with you...
---John_T on 6/30/06

My boyfriend died 2 months ago in a motorcycle accident. I am depressed and emotionally exhausted. I am resentful that I am expected to go on as if nothing happened, people just expect me to be strong. Everyone keeps saying that it will be o.k., while that may be true right now the pain is unbearable. I want to give up, but that's when I have to ask God to carry me beacuse I can't do it by myself. Stay strong and call on Him.
---Nya on 6/29/06

Maria, you say that you don't know if there is an after-life. Jesus promises you that there is, and He also promises NEVER to leave you. God loves you so much that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ into this world to become a Man and die on the Cross for your sins, then He rose from the dead three days later.
---Helen_5378 on 5/31/06

Im very sorry for everyone that has lost a loved one. I my self lost the person I loved and treasured the most. My boyfriend was shot only once and he past away. I miss him all the time and I still love him with all my heart. I always took him for granted only god knows why he does this things. I only hope that if theres an after life I get to spend it with him I know we will see each other again. Everyone keep your head up and be strong cause they are looking down at us. It will be ok over time.
---maria on 5/31/06

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My boyfriend died in a car accident on May 7,2006. It is 3 days later and i still cry everyday just hopeing that its not real I am 13 years old and it hurts more than anything but I know i have to be strong because he wouldn't want me to be sad all the time and I'm pretty sure your boyfriend wouldn't either. just keep your head up and be strong and you will overcome.
---Kanishia on 5/9/06

i am very very sorry i all i could just say is that keep your head up and remember that he did not say good bye to you he said ill see you later in heaven i also lost my boyfriend march 10, 2006 and i am only 15yrs i am very mature i leave you with this quote : "some day well meet again, till our 2 roads hit the same dead end."
---karina on 4/9/06

I am very sorry about what happened. After reading your story I appreciate my boyfriend more, because at times I take him for granted or get mad for no reason and leave. And you never know when something can happen. You are in my prayers and don't worry, God will help you get through this. He will never leave you.
---Lilly on 4/6/06

I know how you feel I am only 16 years old and my boyfriend died in a car accident to, but I was in the car as well, God does things that no one understand's but please know he did not mean to hurt you, by taking your boyfriend from you. It hurts and the memories are always there, I think of my boyfriend frankie everyday and he has been gone a year now. Just know I feel for you in everyway you are definitly not alone when it comes to this sad tragity okay. Everything will be okay, I promise you.
---Katrina_Scott on 3/28/06

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My boyfriend died as well, and I was on the phone when it happened! he was on his way to come to my house, this happened 3 weeks ago! What I felt at the open casket funeral was the most brutal feeling in my life, you're not alone.
---iliana on 1/4/06

I know how you feel and what you are going through. Only 2 short months ago i lost my boyfriend and his mother in a car accident.i am also pregnant with his child. The pain i feel is unbearable,i cry every day, and would do anything to hug him once more. Just know u r not alone,and if there is no one around u can always talk to GOD.Its times like this that we need to have faith in God's doings, but trust me i know how hard this can be.I will be thinking and praying for you.
---Katie on 11/16/05

My boyfriend died almost 8 months ago from cancer I felt also felt like I couldnt go on or ever be happy again but the way I see it is God takes the very special ones first because he needs them more than we do even if we dont see that. There are things you can do to help yourself say goodbye like sending a letter in a balloon or if you live by or go to the ocean you can send him a message in a bottle. I recently did that and it made me feel a whole lot better becasue I got to say goodbye.
---Jessica_Oakley on 8/24/05

It is hard to understand why loved ones get taken away. God is with you,you are not alone,he will,comfort,guide,help,protect you.phil4-7.u are in my prayers to ask god to help you one day at a time.God be with u.
---inez on 8/23/05

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The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. - Isa 57:1

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, .... and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. - 1Th 4:16-18
---Jerry on 7/30/05

Christine, I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I think all you can do is lay everything down for the Lord. Only he can bring joy and happiness to you.
Only he can turn your mourning into gladness(psalm 30:11-12) God bless you! Will be praying for you!
---roxy on 7/30/05

Don't worry, Christine, God knows exactly what your going through. I promise. He want's you to cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you. Speak this to God and He will honor His Word. He promised. You don't know what God has in store for you. If you trust in Him, it will work out for good. God is not only great, but He is good. May He comfort you and bless you abundantly. I just spoke this into your life.
---John on 7/30/05

I'm sorry about your boy friend and you're in my prayers. I lost my son 10 yrs. ago, I still think of him every single day. It helps if you can talk about your boy friend to somebody.
God bless you,
---sue on 7/30/05

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I'm still praying for you!
---Linda3939 on 7/30/05

The pain for us who have lost someone close to our heart is so enormous. I lost my son in an accident in 1988.. though life go on, you will not forget the wonderful times. Find someone who will allow you to talk about him as long and often as you please. For fear of hurting you, some will not understand your openness. You will find peace in telling the good things God gave you to remember.. He's forever in your heart.. So much to share about God's blessing to come but for now I remain in prayer. russe6366
---Russell on 7/29/05

Hi, i understand that its really hard to loss someone, i experienced it too a long time ago. It takes time for healing.God will not leave you nor forsake you despite of. Everything has a reason. God has plan for us (Jer 29:11-13). He dont want us to be hurt, sometimes we dont understand but sooner or later its for the better. Your decision is also impt. Decide to move on, accept it, refocus yourself with other things. See God, He can do more for you.He love you more than anything. See isaiah 41:10.
---lorea5856 on 7/29/05

2. I had to realize that I was still alive and I had to pick up and go on. No, you will never forget him but, you must carry on and live your life. It still hurts to think of sometimes and I still shed tears for him but, I have found I still have love in my heart to give to another. Life really actually does go on if you let it. I know the pain is really real.
---Marla on 7/29/05

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1. Christine I am so sorry for your great loss. I was engaged a few yrs ago to a man who I felt was my soulmate. I could not imagine ever loving anyone else in my lifetime, as I loved him. No one had ever loved me more either. It was an unconditional love that you do not find much in todays world. Anyway, he died. I was not even able to go to the funeral. I cried for months. People said all the things people say but nothing helped, except time and God.
---Marla on 7/29/05

Please know that you are in my prayers. I had the same experience 1-1/2 years ago. I was told to read and study the book: Purpose Driven Life. I did that with a prayer partner, and it was a tremendous help. Do the things you know that he'd want for you, stay focused on God, and be grateful that you knew such a wonderful person.
---Dee on 7/29/05

I am so sorry you are in pain my sister. Was your boyfriend a Christian? If so, try to think of him being so very happy to be home with the Lord.
Obviously God has other plans for you in life, stay in prayer and let our loving Father comfort you and lead you.
God bless you dear one.
---NVBarbara on 7/29/05

I am very sad that you lost your boyfriend.
As you deal with this great loss, remember
THERE IS A BETTER DAY COMING, actually THERE ARE MANY BETTER YEARS COMING and the Lord will comfort you because we will ask Him to and He has promised to hear us!
---Pierr7958 on 7/29/05

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I'm sorry that you are in so much pain right now. It is very difficult to lose someone you love so much. It will take a lot of time, but God will help heal you. Stay close to your family and friends for support and comfort. Seek some professional groups - like griefshare, made up with people who are going through loses like this. I will be praying for you this weekend.

---Linda3939 on 7/29/05

I understand what you are going through. My husband died over a year ago and it is still hard to accept sometimes. But, God has brought me through a lot of it. God has given me strength and reassurance that I can make it and be happy again. I did not think it was possible at first but overtime it has become true. I pray that you find peace and reassurance that your loved one wants you to go on and be happy. If you want to talk, I am here to listen.
---Deidre on 7/29/05

Sorry about your lose. Remembering you in prayer.
With all loses, including people, pets and things, there is a normal time of breavement. Time is healing and the struggle to return to a different life is beginning within you. Keeping some of the old routine is helpful. Beginning to create a new routine begins with the funeral. It takes a year to go through all the holidays once without someone or even something. And most people cry on the first anniversary of the death. God bless.
---barbara67 on 7/29/05

please my dear I am so sorrowly suffer with your words of saying you don't belive that he is gone.

Even if missing some one whom you love is very bad you have to accept the fact and prepare your self for the one who is looki ng for you.

be happy unless you will lose somethning in your life so special.

I am online to be part of your suffer.
---Aschalew_Mekonnen on 7/29/05

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I well pray that everyday well get better for you. Try to put those things from him away, so you won't look at them. keep your self busy and be involved in church and friends, and maybe talk to your pastor.
---Jennifer on 7/29/05

You are surely shocked but I will like you to understand that is a way for God to bring you to JESUS.You need now to surrender all your life to JESUS and accept him like your personnal Lord and Saviour.
Confess all your sins and be free.I'll like you to understand also that in Christ there is no boyfriend.There is on ly courtship and Marriage.
Be blessed.
---ivonn8339 on 7/29/05

The situation you are going thru is very painful. But Rom 8:28 is a wonderful verse to remember. Also what Paul writes in 1Thes.4:14 that we all will meet our dear ones alongwith Jesus on His coming back again. And please continue to read on the next 3-4 verses and I'm sure you'll find solace there in the arms of Jesus. He has sent His Holy Spirit to be your comforter so experience Him in your life and you'll be hopefully happy evermore. If you believe these verses, you'll never feel sad. God Bless!!!
---treva on 7/29/05

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