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Tell If You Have Soul Mate

How is it that one could tell if they met there "soul mate"? I have been married to my husband for 16yrs and I feel like I have'nt connected to him yet..we have nothing in common with each other..but we do have a good time.

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 ---tina7868 on 7/29/05
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Well Tina7868: This is your soul mate. I feel the same way about my spouse. More friends than husband and wife. We have good times together. Almost 30 yrs now. If he is not my soul mate, I don't want to meet him. This one will do. He's great.Very loving,kind,gentle,caring,great provider, sensitive and he loves me! What more do I need??????
---Robyn on 10/24/07

the years are just a teststones for quality in your marriage. if goes up or down. teh fire is birning or not. why the fire is down? there is no wood placed. make the fire birn again strongly!go back in your history. what did he liked? what he likes still? what can you do to change you? that is the key. never go blaming and fout-finding. go to God and pray. Go to your husbant and say-do your best to relife and ressorect that fire-love and to have a new dimention in your relationship for God's glory.
---stefan_staykov on 10/22/07

Dear friend
In fact you both have many common things as the same God, same Spirit and even same purpose in life to become God's son and daughter. That's why you both do have good time. Try to find out or write down things you want to do each other and together. Pray and know that God's will is always best. May God bless you all.
---Hoang on 10/18/07

Nevermind since my name is always with an uppercase M, I'm going to continue to use Matthew. Sorry. =/
---Matthew on 3/17/07

This is the other Matthew. I am going to just start using a different name. Matthew is a common name and people using the same name happens often. For now on I am using Matthew131.
---Matthew on 3/17/07

Dear Elsie, How can one make sure one has a personal relationship with God when one "meaning partner" is not saved?
---Tina_Alcozer on 8/2/05

the term is not so much soul mate as- mated souls. you don't put on barry white when you pray, do you think sex is the only dimension of marriage? if you want that godly marriage then you must connect in prayer. pray with your husband I beg of you!
---matthew on 8/1/05

Dear Ones: I get so tired of all this New Age junk such as "soul mate". God and ONLY God ordains a worthwhile marriage; anything else is a shadow of the real thing. Dear Tina, make SURE you both have a personal relationship with Jesus, our "first love"; then all else will be added to you. This is the Truth not because I said it but because God said it. Only God can make you truly one, then the "feelings" will come!
---Elsie on 7/31/05

"Soul mate" is a new age concept. Get rid of the idea. God has joined you and your husband to be helpmates for each other. What do you mean by "not having anything in common". You have been married for 16 years, you have a good time together. Do you have children? Do you even love each other?
You sound, in your last blog, as if you are on the verge of committing adultery. And trying to justify it!
---Margaret on 7/30/05

Part 1
Tina: God created mankind as male and female; He created marriage. That's why we call it holy matrimony. Those who attempt to make their marriage work without God at its center are doomed to failure - it becomes a mere relationship (or contract) rather than the highly exalted estate that The Creator desires for us.
---Jerry on 7/30/05

Part 2
Seventeen years ago my wife and I almost divorced. We hated each other. We each subsequently rekindled our relationship with God, and He performed a miracle. Now, after 36 years of marriage, we are madly in love with each other. She is my best friend and closest companion. We walk holding hands with each other, and do everything else that lovers do.
---Jerry on 7/30/05

Part 3
Im sure she must still have some faults, but I dont seem to notice them any more. I know that it was not our doing, but Gods. Your husband IS your soul mate in the eyes of God. Go to God and beg Him for the miracle of a joyous marriage that he intends for you. It may take a while, but it will come.
---Jerry on 7/30/05

Darlene, I didn't marry for love, but for convience. I did eventually fall in love until he cheated on me several times.. I stayed because i did fall in love.. but it hurt. now i'm talking with a guy that is so into what im into.. i don't know what to do.
---tina7868 on 7/30/05

Maybe opposites DO attract! If we were exactly alike, one of us would be unneccesary! We learn each other's likes and dislikes, and interests and share in some of those interests. The 'soul mate' deal is romanticizing a relationship where we CHOOSE to love and share our lives.

I have to ask, WHY did you 2 marry if you were in doubt?

STICK with your husband, no need to be looking for a 'soulmate!'
---NVBarbara on 7/30/05

My husband & I are compatable together & although we donot agree 100% of the time we are made for each other ,that is why God put us together. We joke about how noone else would put up with our attitudes which is the truth.I do not know if he is my soulmate, but I know he is the one God intended for me to have & viseversa.
---Candice on 7/30/05

There's no such thing as a "soul mate". That false idea has caused more broken marriages, adultery, and heartache than almost any other, because it leads people to think that somewhere out there is an ideal mate, much better than the imperfect one they married. You chose this man- you must have loved him once. Love and cherish him, be thankful for his good points, and enjoy him. Try to connect with him, but that's a VERY foreign and difficult concept for most men, so it will take some work.
---Billy on 7/30/05

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Congratulations on 16 years! What do you mean by connected...if you enjoy being with him then you are connected. There is more than you are 'seeing'. God should be the center of your lives. We all go through times in our marriages that we struggle. It is in overcoming the struggles together that we grow closer. Keep praying and do things to edify your husband...little things like rubbing his shoulders, making his favourite meal. Use the imagination God gave you! God bless.
---Pam on 7/30/05

My husband and I've been married 50 years.What we have in common the most is love for oneanother.God didn't make us to be a carbon copy of our mate but a compliment to him.A wise woman builds her house but a foolish tears it down.I wasn't a cowgirl but my husband was a cowboy so I made those fancy Western clothes and learned to ride a horse.It's about effort you put into becoming that compliment to oneanother.Both taking and giving.Building on things you each like together.Building on liking each other.
---Darlene_1 on 7/30/05

I think with ones soul mate there is connection. You do not necesarily have to have everything in comman but, you can feel a togetherness just sitting together and not even talking. There is a feeling that there is no one else in the world but that person for you and you would do anything for them.
---Shaz on 7/29/05

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