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Why Are Some Christians Judging

Why are some christians very judgemental towards non christians while other christians respect and don't interfere with others lives?

Moderator - Monica, isn't a Christian and I expect everyone to give her loving and kind answers. God bless you Monica.

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 ---Monica on 7/31/05
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I guess that they do not understand what they are doing. Like all of us, we have to be taugth by God. Be patient with them and pray for them.
---Linda3939 on 1/7/08

I believe many Christian /or people judge because they first of all are human and do not see spiritually. Oftentimes Saints misunderstand one another because of the outword presentation, different backgrounds or faith denominations. We may not always understand and like one another but we can learn to love and respect one another!
---Valerie on 4/26/07

You must remeber Monica, that we are all "Sinners", even "christians" though some may not like to accept it. And sometimes it becomes easier for people to point out the errors in others, rather than looking at their own errors. That's my personal opinion on that matter.
---Tonya on 8/18/05

ken, it's my pleasure. i'm glad i could help. The Lord Jesus Christ bless your life, and fill you with his treasures. in Jesus i pray. Amen.
---Eloy on 8/9/05

Thank you for your blog. I have been looking for those verses(at least verses with their meaning) for quite some time. Thanks again
---ken on 8/8/05

Try praying in school. Try taking your children to church if you are a non-custodial parent, and your x has an agenda. Try objecting to filth in the movies when other people want your kids to go with their kids to the movies. Try standing on principal in a world without principals. I believe the word "Christians" in your question could and perhaps should be replaced with "people in general"
---ken on 8/8/05

Part 1 of 2

I think a lot has to do with how we want to use the term Judgmental; judgmental used in the sense of condemnation is a negative Christian attribute. Judgmental used in the sense of analysis and differentiation is a very positive Christian attribute. I want the Christian education committees to be Judgmental in the selection of curriculum and church school teachers.
---phia4633 on 8/4/05

Part2 of 2

I want the Mission committees to be Judgmental in the selection of mission programs they chose to fund. I want them to fund only programs with high effectivity, administrative cost less than 15%, and don't have good alternative sources of funding. Being Judgmental can be a positive Christian attribute, it depends who they are and what they are expected to accomplish.
---phia4633 on 8/4/05

Monica, you're right. Christians should not be judgmental toward the unsaved. Please try to understand that most of them do mean well. They're probably trying to do what the O.T. laws are intended to do. Show us ourself. Just try to look past it and see the outstreched arms of Jesus, who loves you just as much as any Christian. We are all sinners saved by grace. God really loves you.
---Rick on 8/3/05

, Monica, i invite you to read the Bible, starting with the new testament. what might at first look like "judging", is really a deep desire to turn people away from bad things that will cause harm.
---steve on 8/1/05

Reading the bible does not make anyone a christian. Satanists, KKK and other evil radical fundamentalist movements also read the bible but it didn't make them christians. That is why the only way one is defined as a christian is by yielding their life to Jesus and declaring that HE IS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOUR. An evil person is unable to yield to the LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ. Some Christians also read the bible and become judgmental/self righteous because of their religiousness/self rightousness.
---lisa on 8/1/05

Hi Monica, I think some Christians judge because they are trying to teach you something...I dont think they mean you any harm, anyways most Christians, they just love you and want you to be happy. They are only human, not perfect!
God bless you Monica
---sue on 8/1/05

Madison, Please read Ezekiel 3:17-21; 33:7-11; Galatians 6:1,2.
---Eloy on 8/1/05

People often quote Math 7:1 "Judge not, that ye be not judged" to hide from what is a very appropriate EVALUATION of what others do, say, and write. What Jesus does not want us to do is to CONDEMN and PASS JUDGMENT. BUT we are our brothers keeper and James tells us that if we see a brother go astray, and we claim to be spiritual, have a responsability to bring him/her back. James 5:19-20. So,it is ok. to intervene if we know a person is erring in his/her ways. See
also Mathew 18:15-16
---Pierr7958 on 8/1/05

It is easy for one to judge a none christian because they have forgotten what is was like being a sinner. And the others just don't want to stick their noses into other people's business. The real children of God can judge spiritualy. but it would be hard to judge someone who doesn't have the spirit of God in them. It is easy to judge anyone, I catch myself doing it, and when I realize it I ask for forgiveness over it. And some that is what they do best is judge.
---Rebecca_D on 7/31/05

Judging is God's job - and noone else has been given permission to do this. The Christian who judges, should always remeber that one finger "pointed in judgement," hase three more pointing back towards them. (Read Matthew 7:3-6) While a Christian, can be "fruit inspector", this only applys to "judging" other Christians. There are rules in the Bible given as guidelines for this form of "judging."
---Ray on 7/31/05

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although there really isn't any excuse; it's hard to say that everyone who sins is not a believer. where would I be? and i'm not saying it's right not to speak at all either, because in both ways words are the most powerful thing in the universe under God. please try not to judge back I beg you. and I aplogize for them but please understand because of our own hard hearts discipleship into holiness takes longer for some than for others. if theres' a bruise on the apple please don't burn the tree.
---matthew on 7/31/05

Lisa,I said Christians are guided by the Bible/Word of God.It's reflected in their behavior.True, people read the Bible in different degrees but I stand by what I said.If a person doesn't adhere to God's Word/His ways they aren't really Christians.That's what defines a Christian,they become Christlike.They walk in love toward God,oneanother, unsaved.Matthew7:21-23(Paraphraised)Christ said ;be some who told all they did for Him and He would say depart from me ye that work iniquity I never knew you.
---Darlene_1 on 7/31/05

Christians are to strive to be like Christ who used the word "repentance" often. We should witness to them about what the Lord has done for us and tell them that they are in need of a Savior. If we saw one of our children going down a path that would lead them to destruction, wouldn't we try to stop them? Having compassion on the world, we will tell them about Jesus and his saving grace. Repentance goes along with that final submission to the Lord.
---Sally on 7/31/05

The "judgemental" aspect seems to come when Christians see something that seems inherently evil or wrong in the world, and in faith, refuse to accept that wrong, and give their reasons as according to the Bible, which we base our lives on.
Personally, I try not to be judgemental of my non-Christian family and friends, but try to show "by the fruits of my life" the way to Jesus.
---Margaret on 7/31/05

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2: I would guess, dear Monica, that some of us are too busy removing the mote from some-one elses eye, and forgetting to remove the log from our own. Christians are just people, with all the human failings of everyone else. Chusches are full of sinners. The big but is that many of us, having confessed that Jesus is our Lord, we know we are saved
---Margaret on 7/31/05

Dear Monica, I do agree with you that there are some Christians who can be very judgemental! They do tend to forget that Jesus said, "come, follow Me,". He did not say, "confess your sins, then follow Me."
First, He wants us to believe on Him as God, our hope and joy, and the only way to the Father. In His life time here on Earth, Jesus healed, then and only then, He said, "go and sin no more."
---Margaret on 7/31/05

Just want to clarify what a few have mistakenly said. Christians are instructed to correct their brother or sister in christ who is doing wrong the bible says, not the sinners. They are to give the good news of salvation by grace...Hmmm, haven't many got it wrong....AND, not all christians follow the bible so you cannot simply say that christians use bible, sinners don't. Its more like some christians read the bible, some christians don't.
---Lisa on 7/31/05

Being judgemental is a character trait.The more you grow in maturity as a christian and a human being the more gracious and loving you will be towards others.Christians are supposed to pray for others and show them the love of God not throw stones and be self-righteous.
---sherry on 7/31/05

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Xanthi: Where are we told to correct others when they are wrong? I never heard of such a thing.
---Madison on 7/31/05

There's godly judgment and ungodly judgment. Ungodly judgment is of the flesh and does not seek to lift the lost one, but only to put the lost one down in order to make themselves appear superior and feel lifted: but godly judgment warns the sinner to get right with God, because we don't want the lost to be condemened but want them to also become saved, and the end result is restoration and joy for all except for the adversary.
---Eloy on 7/31/05

Continuing my last post,...

Love is the bottom line, and love warns of danger. But to do this, one must know that there is a danger.
---D.R. on 7/31/05

Monica, there are two kinds of judgment:

1) Condemnation, which is something a Christian is told in scripture not to do.

2) The making of a decision, which a Christian is to do (I Corinthians 2:15, John 7:24), but even then, we have to be careful when we do so.

We have to make judgments whether or not certain behaviors or even certain people (the Bible warns about dangerous people) are right or wrong so that we can be careful for ourselves and can warn others of the danger.
---D.R. on 7/31/05

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Christians are guided by the Bible for every situation.Behavior either lines up with the Bible,they are Christians or goes against the Bible ,they are sinners.It's a Christian's commandment go and tell the good news "Jesus Saves" but not every Christian is skilled with sharing that message and are too harsh in an attempt to call attention to a person's sin that they too will repent from sins ,follow Jesus, and receive eternal life.Hardness in anything stems also from personal background.
---Darlene_1 on 7/31/05

We are told to correct others when they are wrong. However this must always be done in love and with the hope that the person will change for the better and be glad that they were corrected. Correcting someone the wrong way will result in the person resenting the correction and not changing and, as you put, it, considering the correction judgemental and interference in one's life.
---Xanthi on 7/31/05

True religion takes it's focus off of other's, trusts in what God says, and places all of the focus upon self.

What you describe is called self righteousness, but let's not jump without understanding the motive factor.

If someone tells you something that seems condemning (be careful) they may have truely set in their heart to help you by telling you what God says, and then you are rejecting the judgement of God and not man.

Love when hurt and you'll cover their sin and yours.
---Pharisee on 7/31/05

The reason why I cannot "respect and don't interfere with others lives" is that if I know that someone's life is in danger, I cannot just let them continue to do what they are doing without warning them. When it comes to God we aren't just talking about someone's life being in danger, we are talking about someone's soul being in danger. I cannot be loving and silent at the same time. But judging is not the answer. Showing the way to Jesus is.
---judy on 7/31/05

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