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Christians Marry Muslims

Can a christian marry a muslim?

Moderator - Not if they want to follow the Bible.

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 ---Shane on 7/31/05
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nadeem, if you are muslim, what are you doing on a christian web site? Just wondering. My God and alla are nothing alike.
---shira4368 on 1/11/12

I am a Muslim (which means submitting of will to God only).You have a lot of misconceptions about Islam. It is not a new religion, but it is a religion which God himself enjoined upon all prophets like Adam,Eve,Noah,Abraham,Issac,Ismael,Moses,Jesus,Muhammad,etc. Peace be upon them all.. The foundation of Christianity is based on "Trinity" but the word "Trinity" is nowhere in the Bible.infact Bible says "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: (Deut. C.6 V.4.)"
Also Jesus pbuh said "I can do of my nothing but the will of my father".Same is there in the Quran..
You christians believe in the Bible,you have 4 gospels. But where is the Gospel which was given to Jesus?
---Nadeem_Ul_Haq on 1/11/12

Well you're not supposed to.Islam is a very strict religion and false religion.Unless youre a very dominant person. I'm married to a muslim man for 14 years and were very happy. But our children are Christian and they know that islam is a false religion. Islam is a replica of the Old and New Testament. But he always celebrate Christmas every year eith us which he loves! He doesnt get along with his family only with mine which helps alot.But if someone is going to get married with a muslim you just have to be very strong on your faith and like I said be very dominant! Don't be like those women that are weak and very naive.
---Dawn on 4/9/11

ank>>>Try and get out if you can!
---catherine on 10/24/10

HI!i am married with a muslim man for 11years,and is a hellllll ....wich i can t describe you in words.
Be very carefull what you decide about mariage,because after little time past he is gona show you the rules of muslim man.
I don't say they are all the same but in general you don't have opinion or word to say in any way.
If you can handle this ....go on ....bat if you dream that you have the same life after .....i don't think so.
---ank on 10/23/10

Francis-- You have a point. There are numerous modern American woman who have married Muslim men in the United States, thinking that since they were not very religious and their Muslim mate seemed tolerant, they could find happiness.

After the couple has a child, he decides they should "visit" his family in
...Egypt, Jordan, Iran etc. They do. But the "visit" never ends. The husband reverts to his cultural roots. The wife becomes an oppressed, disrespected family member. She's prevented from communicating with family in the US. The child is raised a Muslim by his family.

A woman's compliant nature can cause her great trouble.
---Donna66 on 6/7/10

My point was, it is different when christian men marry none christian women. They woman do conform or at least they should conform since the man is the head of the home. Ot the priest in the home.

And i gave several text for that men including Joseph, Moses and any soldier who wanted a none jewish wife.
---francis on 6/7/10

I do not know the religion of Asenath or the Ethiopian woman. Were they even religious? Did they worship idols? Would they be just as happy worshiping the God of the Hebrews?

Islam did not exist in the days of either Moses of Joseph. But today it is a strongly anti-Christian religion.

Shane --Islam has no requirement to be truthful with an "infidel" (Christians and Jews). If you are really a Christian, not one in name only, the marriage would surly be a disaster...for you personally as well as for your faith!
---Donna66 on 6/7/10

Genesis 41:45 And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphnathpaaneah, and he gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On.

Numbers 12:1 And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.

Deuteronomy 21:10 When thou goest forth to war against thine enemies..,

Deuteronomy 21:11 And seest among the captives a beautiful woman, and hast a desire unto her, that thou wouldest have her to thy wife, ..,
Deuteronomy 21:13 .. and she shall be thy wife.

Somehow or the other MEN are able to marry none believsrs. Is it because men are leaders of thier homes and dictate the religious practoice of the household?
---francis on 6/7/10

No. Marriages between people of different religions are bad. A prime purpose for religions is to act to defined differences between people and peoples where they don't really exist. Marriages between people of different religions may succeed because of the love of the two people involved and as a result the devisiveness and conflict caused by religions that should be generated and passed on to the next generation could be lost. Religious intermarriage could result in less hatred in the world, and weaken the the religions of adherents engaged in in such marriages.
---atheist on 6/5/10

NO you may not, unless your christianity is just something because you are born in England and you have English parents. (in other words then your not even a Christian).
---Andy3996 on 6/1/10

can i marry a muslim girl, i am english christian , she in malaysain?
---chris_bullock on 5/31/10

I agree with what warwick said. I really wonder if the people on this site are actually christians at all. I was very happy when I found this site, but as I go through it I am afraid this is not where I need to be. No, I don't think a relationship between a Muslim and a christian is a good idea. If the person is a devout muslim, they will not marry you any way(with you being a christian).The Christian can not be a real true Christian or they would know not to marry outside the faith. Now, back to this site. I came here looking for christian friends,but when I got on the profiles and seen the pictures.It looked like some kind of trashy worldly dating site. Women not dressed modest. I believe there is a picture with someone with a drink in hand.
---angea4937 on 12/29/09

i believe GOD is big!
i also believe that what one person views, and what is right for them doesn't necessarily work for everyone.
Tamar, i believe that in your heart if you feel that its right and your not compromising your faith in anyway i believe that its between you and god to decide whether its right.
im currently with a muslim man, and when it comes to issues about god, neither of us comprise what we have with our relationship with god, if this was the case then i wouldn't think its right and i wouldn't be in the relationship.
when it comes to talking about our faith (religion) we always listen and respect the other, we openly discuss it.

but listen to god and seek gods wisdom and direction
---danni on 12/27/09

"i am dating a musilm guy who have asked me to marry him,i am a christian, we both know about each others religion. i have deep feelings for him but something in me is not permittin me to accept his proposal. we both speak the same language but still we have difficulties in getting our point across. can someone explain this to me"
Yes, Shery, I can explain it. The terms and phrases you use to explain your faith sounds the same but the meaning is different.
You accept Jesus and so do the Muslims. They just don't accept Him as God or Savior.
You have experienced the tip of the iceberg. Marry this guy and you will receive the full wrath of his religion. Christians practice Christianity not religion.
---Elder on 10/19/09

"Can a christian marry a muslim?"
blog question

Let me ask you this, can a christian stay married to a muslim?
---Nana on 10/17/09

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Warwick you and Alan are correct in defining the terms. This is not the Bobby I heard mention how we are to define the terms. This Bobby needs to find the definition of the word love, because he says he loves that muslim girl. So the question to him is, Whom does he love more, his muslim girlfriend or God? He will choose who's love is more important. And Shery should also needs to indentify the terms of her commitment to Christ. She already feels she should not take the proposal, and that thought comes from her conscience, where the Holy Spirit works. To a believer, never go against conscience.
---MarkV. on 10/16/09

Thanks Alan. We definitely need to define our terms, otherwise things are somewhat meaningless.
---Warwick on 10/14/09

Warwick ... I remember tthat once I asked a man if he was a Christian, and his reply was ...

"Of course I am a Christian ... I am white and English"

It bears out your point
---alan8566_of_uk on 10/14/09

I believe the word 'Christian' is meaningless to some here. I wonder if those who say they are Christian only mean they have a christian culture but do not Follow Christ.

No Bible-believing Jesus-following person could marry a Muslim. Scripture says 'Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?' And surely Scripture, not our falible feelings, nor how nice the Muslim is, should decide what is right in God's eyes.

Any Musim cannot be by definition a Christian believer, therefore Christian/Muslim marriage is an example of being unequally yoked.
---Warwick on 10/14/09

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i am dating a musilm guy who have asked me to marry him,i am a christian, we both know about each others religion. i have deep feelings for him but something in me is not permittin me to accept his proposal. we both speak the same language but still we have difficulties in getting our point across. every time we come together it is a clash. can someone explain this to me
---shery on 10/13/09

Look i have respect for all religions and do not want to disgrace nor take lightly the fact that this is people's beliefs. In saying this i have a serious problem, i believe i am in love with a muslim woman. I would be considered a christian but do not practice. I live in her muslim contry. We both like each other very much, and i would just like to hear some views and advice on what to do. I would be willing to do anything it takes to be with her including converting. What steps should i take to be with this woman, and how would i make her family accept me? She is not a devout muslim but her family is. I believe in love and think it's possible to overcome any obstacle if two people are truly in love. Any thoughts are welcome, thank you
---bobby on 8/6/09

Tamar, you are on dangerous ground and using human justification for your passions. Trust God to lead you into what is after all a biblical institution.
What would your ministry look like as husband and wife if you are married to a Muslim.
I am sympathetic for loneliness or whatever else must be fueling your passion, but such choices have real consequences. Slow down.
I trust God, so ask your fiance to join you in prayer and seek the face of Jesus in this decision. Pray together nightly because prayer is ultimately agreeing with God and the fakers will eventually bug out.
To love God is to obey him.
If your fiance balks, run away as fast as you can.
---larry on 7/20/09

Anyone who does not believe that Jesus is God is not a Christian and should please stop deceiving herself
in Christianity, you do not make your own decisions because Jesus becomes not only your Saviour but LORD as well.

Not all that say Lord, Lord will enter into the Kingdom of heaven but those who obey the Father

Obeying includes not marrying a non-christian
light and darkness cannot get married that is what Jesus' command is

you are either a christian or you are not
---PAT on 7/20/09

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I am a divorced christian woman. my x-husband was christian too and i lived in hell with him. I have one son from him, he even dont care about his son. Now im in love with muslem men, he is so good. He loves my son as if he is his son. He does everything to make me feel happy and stands beside me in any situation. He loves me as i am and respects me alot. So i think religion is not what makes a person but his kindness and personality. Im with my muslem lover the most happy woman on earth and im ready to marry him and stay with him all my life because he is a great person...
---Tamar on 7/11/09

All arguments aside: we know what the bible says on the matter (be not unequally yoked), HOWEVER, if you already married then you stay with this person. Can a christian and a muslim marry? Of course! SHOULD they? Not really. BUT remember, God is a BIG God and He can turn things around!

Whatever your situation, pray unceasingly! God will answer you with HIS will! You must be open to it! If you ask Him for the strength you need to remove yourself, then HE will give it!

God has a plan and a purpose - it is only up to us to DISCOVER it. He's really in control, so just believe, pray, and wait. Brothers/Sisters, that's all we can do. What a GOOD God we serve today!
---elmapatterson on 4/14/09

I was married to a Muslim man from Cairo Eqypt. We had a warm, loving, caring marriage and would still be together if it had not been for 9/11. I loved him too much to see the way he was being treated after 9/11/ To this day, we still send emails back and forth daily.
---Lois on 3/1/09

My name is Donna...I am married to a Moroccan man, hes muslim and I am christian, I was in a severely abusive 1st marriage, my first husband made my life hell, so when Abde and I met and I saw the fine qualities in him, I was drawn to his kind and gentle ways, contrary to the stories you hear about the treatment of women in is not true, muslim men put a high value on their wives, they do not believe in infidelity, if they are a true muslim they are wonderful husbands, I can tell you my experience with my muslim husband has been great...We talk about our differences in beliefs all the time and we dont argue about it, I know in my heart someday Jesus will reveal himself to my husband..I love him so much
---Donna on 2/24/09

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if you are traditional christian through birth, and he is a muslim by name alone, no problem both your faiths are only luggage any way. yet if you love christ and his church, you an never marry someone who is member of a group that dedicates itself to destroy the memory of Jesus christ Emanuel.I read the coran and no good Muslim can ever let christians live acording their book. any muslim who compromises with christians in any way is worse then a pig and deserves to be killed. sorry it sound viollent but these are facts.
---Andy on 2/5/09

I believe that God loves Muslims and Christians alike. Remember that Abraham had two sons. God chose to bless them both. The Apostle Paul said: A man could be saved by his wife who is a believer in Christ. If God gives me a Muslim husband to love, I will love him and be his wife. The word of God says,"I will also bless the foreigners who commit themselves to the Lord. Who serve Him and love His name, who worship Him...and who hold fast to My covenant. I will bring them to My holy mountain of Jerusalem and will fill them with joy in my house of prayer...for the Sovereign Lord who brings back the outcasts...says: I will bring others, too, besides My people Israel(Isaiah 57:6-8)." Christ is my Lord and Savior and I love Muslim people:)
---Jewel_Opalenik on 1/11/09

Tish, the command is, "Do not be unequally yoked together with nonbelievers." Because a nonbeliever's heart is exceedingly kind is not enough, it is not enough to keep the second commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself, but also the soul must keep the first commandment and accept Christ and worship him as their Lord God in Spirit and in truth. For hell runs over with "nice" people who are idolaters and reject Christ.
---Eloy on 1/8/09

I'm talking to a guy who is a Muslim and his heart is so great. See, I dated a Christian for 3 years and the way he treated me compared to this new guy, was horrific! Not to say I ran into a muslim guys arm but he was there for me when I needed. He encourages me and accepts me as I am. Though I will never commit apostasy against Jesus Christ and I feel called to become a minister, It really sucks that Christians will never give me a chance because he is muslim but having met and been accepted by his mother, it goes to show how backwards Christians can be some time. We preach about accepting and then shun. I'm not sure about marriage as yet, God's will be done
---tish on 1/7/09

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P.s. Allah is Arabic for God.

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath (James 1:19)It wouldn't hurt to be a little bit more understanding and have a bit more tolerance :)
---tish on 1/7/09

Example1: in the past, a lot of jewish were killed in europe due to the inquisition. Theyve been to muslim countries who protected them. Example2: during the II WW as everybody knows a lot of jewish people were killed in europe by nazis people. lots of countries sent them to germany to be killed (ex:france). The only country which refused was "Turkey". they propose to jewish to come. example3: (from711-1492) muslims were in spain. they protected jewish and christian. [...]
---yk on 3/19/08

Than why did the Turks invaided assyria and raped the women and killed whoever that didnt convert 2 islam???

Some islams in lebanon think Christains are a sin to them!!!
---Nas on 11/9/08

Many people think that christians are worse than muslims.But I say that the soul purpose of the socalled religion Islam is to breed as much as possible in your life time spread all over the world try to convert others and wadge Jihad against non muslims.Prophet Mohommed himself is responsible for millions of lives throught the history(may pease be aporn him) for peraching Islam the religion of peace.
---priyath on 3/25/08

If christians are allowed to marry muslims so should the muslims be allowed to marry christians. It's all about demographics The challenge to become the religion with most number of followers.The hypocracy of the muslims is unbeliveable.While Muslims live freely in non muslim countries they are silet about the plight of the poor christians living in their home countries
(Pakisthan,Indonesia,Turky,Iraq etc)
---priyath on 3/25/08

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there are a lot of muslim people in europe and lots of marriage between muslim and christian people. i have in my family christian, muslim guys. someone in this blog wrote that islam and christian are totally different because in islam, the muslim kill people who are not muslim. it is totally wrong. i advice everybody to open a history book and read before saying such stupid things. [...]
---yk on 3/19/08

Example1: in the past, a lot of jewish were killed in europe due to the inquisition. Theyve been to muslim countries who protected them. Example2: during the II WW as everybody knows a lot of jewish people were killed in europe by nazis people. lots of countries sent them to germany to be killed (ex:france). The only country which refused was "Turkey". they propose to jewish to come. example3: (from711-1492) muslims were in spain. they protected jewish and christian. [...]
---yk on 3/19/08

Example4: One of the fact that explains that islam spread out quickly during the middle-age is that muslim people did not spent all their time killing non muslim people. Exemple5: the war between protestant and catholic with a lot of victims (St barthelemy in France). Exemple6:the long list of people which were killed by christian during the colonization or the inquisition, etc. history gives a lot of examples of how stupid some (christian as muslim) people can be. [...]
---yk on 3/19/08

in muslim countries,you still have non-muslim people(example: lebanon).the issue nowadays is that you have few groups(al-kaida)which are trying to impose their point of doesn't matter who is killed (muslim, christian,etc).[...]
---yk on 3/19/08

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I'm Muslim + my Father, mother=Christian. We've never had problems together.FACTS: Muslims believe in same 1 God as the Jews & Christians, Allah is Arabic for God.Muslims believe in & love Jesus & he will be back to lead us all. Muslims believe in the same prophets as Jews & Christians e.g. Adam,Moses,Jonah,John(etc).Muslims regard Muslims, Jews and Christians as "people of the book" fellow believers of the one true faith.
---Amir on 12/17/07

We must not assume that all Muslims are racist, liars, or terrorists. There is good and bad in every religious group. We have had people be racist, lie, and terrorize others all under the name of Christianity. We do not have to downgrade people in other associations of faith in order to give God and Jesus glory. That being said, I think marrying a Muslim as a Christian could be creating your own personal stumbling block.
---joy on 9/21/07

1) speculation???

Lori,I don't speculate.I only present the undisputed facts.It is a fact that Jesus did not speak the English language which did not exist during his lifetime on earth.It is a fact Jesus spoke Aramaic.The Aramaic word for God is Alah(AaLaH) and Alaha.Please consult and read any Aramaic glossary,dictionary or lexicon-concordance.
---Lari_S on 9/3/07

2) Since Jesus spoke Aramaic and not English, I will quote from the Aramaic Bible(NT). In Luke 6:12, Jesus prayed to Alah-Alaha all night long.

Luke 6:12 "And in those days, Yeshua retired to a mountain to pray, and he passed the night there, in prayer to Alaha."
---Lari_S on 9/3/07

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rita. well said. exactly.
---lori on 9/2/07

Would you marry a false prophet or anti-christ? The two religions are completely incompatable. Muslims believe that they must kill infedels(nonbelievers of the Islamic religion)in order to maintain right standing with their God Alah. A Christian is definitely an infedel (non-believer of Islam). Our Christian Bible tells us to not be unequally yoked with a nonbeliever. This is not only a nonbeliever, he/she is the spirit of anti-Christ who we are to stay away from. Hope you make the correct decision.
---jody_martin on 9/2/07

Ahmed the bible states that we must not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Unbelievers means absolutely anyone who is not a Christian. As you state, the reason that Islam allows Muslim men to marry non muslim women is because the female will then have to 'convert' and bring up all children as muslims. If she doesn't convert her life will be intolerable. If they allowed a muslim woman to marry a non muslim man they fear they will lose the next generation of children to something other than Islam.
---RitaH on 9/2/07

Ok Laris. you made a statement, now take your KJV of the bible and show me the referance, chapter and verse where Jesus said he also believes in allah. when you do that, then I will accept what you say. if you can't it is speculation on your part and false. I will be waiting to see your response.
---Lori on 9/1/07

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I am an African American Muslim male. Islam doesn't prohibit us from marrying a Christian female but it does frown upon our women marrying non-Muslim males. Why? It is about children. Where in the Bible does it prohit Christians marrying other religions?
---Ahmad on 9/1/07

"muslims believe in Allah, NOT Jesus Christ."-Lori

Lori, Jesus also believed in Allah(AalaH) as do Arab speaking Christians and Jews.
---Lari_S on 8/31/07

Before the Lord Jesus was born to Mary...He existed as THE WORD (LOGOS) the 2nd person of the Tri-une Godhead. ONE GOD revealed in 3 persons. Not 3 gods. Mohammad said that he "had been ordered to WAGE WAR against ALL NON-MUSLIMS (aka non-believers) until they acknowledge Allah as god, Mohammad as his messenger, pay a heavy tax, and feel themselves subdued."
---Toto on 8/31/07

The penalty for fighting back against Islam is (according to the Qur'an Sura 5:33) "ONLY THIS that they be murdered, crucified, or have opposing hands and feet cut off..." Islam is NOT what we are told in the West. Start investigating BOTH pro & con of Islam and see for yourselves. Study Dhimmitude too!
---Toto on 8/31/07

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whatever you sow in life, you will also reap. If someone is warned about the dangers and then chooses to ignor those warnings and does something anyways, you have made your choice. regardless how bad things get, you have only yourself to blame. muslims believe in Allah, NOT Jesus Christ. Sometimes you must get burned to know flames are dangerous. Sorry if I am not sympathetic, but I never support stupidity from those who know better.
---Lori on 8/31/07

I am a christian woman now fighting for my life. My muslim husband is trying to take our baby from me. He has made false claims of child abuse, among other tings. Why? Muslims are allowed to lie, if it is for a greater good. That greater good is Islam, and his son being raised as a muslim. I pray every single day for God to grant me a way out of this misery. If you marry this man,you will regret it. Please run, and never ever look back.
---M on 8/30/07

I agree with the Moderator.You are not a Christian because you are from a Christian home.You are a Chrisitan because you believe The truth that Jesus Christ is the Son Of The Living God.That is the Word of God.That is the Truth.Muslims strongly disagree with this truth.As for me,I can never think dating a muslim not to mention marrying her.True friends have the same enemies.I can never marry any enemy of the Truth that sets me free.
---bosun_Abuja-Nigeria on 8/17/07

Virginia: you contradicted everything you said. you say you are a christian but don't believe Jesus Christ is the son of God. sorry, but you are WRONG. when was the last time you commanded the elements and it was done. when did you raise the dead, walk on water, die and take upon yourself the sins of mankind and were resurrected. Only Jesus Christ did that, no one else. Is Jesus a part of God. Yes, he is his son and if you read the bible, you would know that.
---Lori on 8/17/07

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con't. if you want to marry a man from the muslim faith, I hope you have studied it in detail. anyone can lie and deceive others. are you prepared to kneel at his feet and worship him, give up freedoms you now enjoy and support terrorism if he chooses that. you have to support him in every way. if you don't you can be beaten, abused and treated like dirt. things may appear wonderful at the moment, but the second you marry him, you kiss your freedom goodbye and become nothing more than an object he owns.
---Lori on 8/17/07

Yogi...NOTHING is created by mother nature!!!

John 1:3
All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.

John 1:10
He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him.

Colossians 1:16
For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.

Him = Jesus
---Holly4jc on 8/17/07

i have a muslium boyfriend and we are thinking about marriage, i am a christian and i believe that Jesus is not God's actuall born son, but apart of God, and musliums believe that Jesus is apart of God, and that's maybe do a little research, every muslium has their own beliefs so find out and then make your own decision. Who are we to tell others what they should take from the Bible? Educate yourself, then make your own decisions.
---virginia on 8/17/07

Why would someone who claims to love the Lord and accepts Jesus Christ into their heart and lives want to marry someone who doesn't even believe that Jesus is God? That makes absolutely no sense to me....marrying someone who is also predjusticed against other races is totally contrary to Scripture so if that is what you're thinking of doing then I would sit down and start reading what the Bible says, my friend!
---fran6775 on 4/28/07

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A born-again Christian can only ever marry another born-again Christian.
---Helen_5378 on 10/17/06

No. Christians and Muslims should not marry. There is no common ground. When Muslims say that God has no son that totally closes the door. I think Jesus must feel left out with that attitude. The more I hear about Muslims the more I feel like a racist - and I do not want to be like that. God did say He loved the world so much that He sent His Son to die for it. If we were forced to live the Muslim way - with no Saviour - what then ?
---Terry on 10/16/06

Can a follower of Christ marry a Muslim? Absolutely not!
---Kay on 10/16/06

So marriage between cristians and Muslims or Hindus not a big deal if one understands the following Thinking...
After experimenting with more 1000s of people and with my 45 years of experince, I have come to this conclusion.After all, every human brain is like a massive parallel computer chips and works like that , we have some additional instincts created by MOTHER NATURE, All our beliefs,good or bad,religions, etcc.. are as per what is programmed i.e. what is learnt over period of time.
---yogi on 7/31/06

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I understand the huge differences there are between Christians and Muslims. But is Christian love just about loving 'Christians'??? Did Christ ask people to be Christians before He could love them? And why do we tend to forget that we cannot judge people...Living with a Muslim spouse can be a the most difficult thing for a Christian, but what if that Christian is an instrument of changing a life, giving his/ her spouse the opportunity to know Christ?

Moderator - Sana, the scriptures are clear that Christians are not to be unequally yoked.
---sana on 4/24/06

lt all depends l was born from a very strong muslim background when l married my husband 18yrs ago he was the one who let me know about Jesus and without pressure l accept HIM as my lord and saviour l love Jesus,if my husband did not marry me may be who knows l may not know my Lord&Master brothers can marry muslims l am destined to be a testimony praise God
---AYOBAMI on 8/1/05

If you think you can marry him then convert him you aren't thinking clearly. He's going to see all your flaws and have a host of new reasons that Christianity isn't right based on those alone.

The differences in your religion will cause friction at the least.

You can marry a Muslim but it's a cheap imitation of the joy God intends for you to have in a Christian marriage.

I wouldn't settle for anything less then a Christian marriage knowing what I know now.
---Pharisee on 7/31/05

Yes, if the Christianity one is having is in "name" only. But if being a Christian is exercised in words and in deeds, I don't think that any Christian would ever think of marrying a Muslim. The belief systems are different from each other. Conflict could not be prevented to arise. No one in their right mind would want a marriage filled with conflicts.
---bebet3754 on 7/31/05

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"Can" or "May"? They can, but shouldn't. It's a "lose-lose" situation. And, bottom line, it's not scriptual, read: 2 Corinthians 6:14. At most, you would just be exsisting together - once the harmones calm down, you would have very little to share, (i.e. you couldn't pray together, go to church together, fellowhip with other Christians together, etc.) To make matters worse, if you ever had children they would raised muslim. (Even if you objected!)
---Ray on 7/31/05

you're asking for the distinction between christianity and islam. if you want a good marriage, if you were to compromise your faith then this person would lose respect for you and probably for the God you serve. but even if you never did and you were never convicted in faith it would still hurt the otherto know your spouse can't pray with you or worship or do any of the most intimate Godly things he intended in a marriage. there is more to it than sex. God wants all of you too.
---matthew on 7/31/05

As Moderator said, "not if they want to follow the Bible." The Apostle Paul clearly instructs us to "be not unequally yoked," and this would be as unequally yoked as a christian could get, because Muslims DO NOT worship the same God that we as christians do.
---tommy3007 on 7/31/05

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