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Here Is A What's Up Blog

How about a "What's up blog?" I know we have a humor blog and chat but how about a blog that applies to our daily lives. thoughts, news current events, and concerns and prayers for each other. This should only be done in love for one another.

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 ---John on 7/31/05
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One thing is for sure, I won't whine and I hope no one else will about our piddly problems!

Elder and Jeraldleen have lost everything, yet they will go on and even pray and try to get these hoodlems that fleeced them to accept Jesus!
Thank you for teaching us your kind heart Elder, lets all take a lesson here. We love you both.
---NVBarbara on 8/5/08

You too Ralphie! God bless.

Are you out of Kleenex yet Sue? That is 2 emotional events in just a few days. You and your family will be in our prayers.
If you need to vent or just chat, I'm at penpal 'barba7434'. I'd enjoy hearing from you! Give the 'kids' a hug from another "mom." Luv ya' g/f.
---NVBarbara on 9/25/07

What is it you would like us to pray for you Virginia?
---Linda on 11/11/06

Peter, if you still check this site hope you will pray for me. Since my Dad died 5 years ago I don't know that anyone prays for me. Sometimes I feel so alone thinking this.
---Virginia on 11/11/06

A man in our church got a new kidney!!!! thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! life will be so much better for him now!!!!!!!!!
---Laureen on 9/2/05

We could all use prayer here. watching Emeril and he's preparing lobster.HELLO!
---Bob on 8/20/05

Hello everybody, just stopped by the "living room" to read and tell you that I pray for everyone who stops by this blog. No remote here. God bless all of you!
---Peter on 8/20/05

Ralph, Yes, still praying for Israel everyday. I can't help but feel for these people, they have been through so much. I sense a connection with them. If they only can see that their God reigns!
---John on 8/20/05

What's up with pizza, why is it so good? Ice cream is a close second.
---Kip on 8/20/05

Something in the air brother John? I'm going on a controlled oxygen inviroment. The'll never get me, HA HA HA!
---Bob on 8/20/05

I got hit on the head. I am now shopping with my wife. I will be a good husband now. I am happy. I am the boss as long as I have her permission. Somebody help me.
---anonymous on 8/20/05

I must be getting batty because I am actually shopping with my wife now, also. It must be something in the air. Yes, I must sound weird, this big bruser bending over a counter at a flee market, pointing and saying, "O look honey, a cool lighthouse figurine". Yeah, it's in the air.
---John on 8/20/05

What's wrong with this picture? Yeah, going out to dinner is nice Peter, but you went shopping AND enjoyed it?
My husband claims men don't have the 'shopping gene!' Unless of course you're at Sears and can look at power tools while she tries on every shoe in her size!
---NVBarbara on 8/20/05

What's up everybody? Are we still praying for Israel?
---Ralph on 8/19/05

Hello everybody! Had off today so I took my wife out to dinner and we went shopping. It was a nice day, praise God!
---Peter on 8/19/05

I think we should take this to another blog. This is supposed to be a peaceful blog, remember it's the what's up blog.
---Karen on 8/19/05

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I believe that this falls under the heading of an alter call. Back in New York my Pastor used to ask the congregation to all bow their heads, then he would ask whoever wanted to accept Jesus to please raise their hand. He also had regular alter calls. It worked.
---John on 8/19/05

If someone is intimidated by an alter call to accept Jesus, then they are ashamed of Jesus. God told me that one years ago.
---JP on 8/19/05

I agree with the saints of God. We must have alter calls!
---Bob on 8/19/05

Only the devil would put it in someones heart to not want alter calls.
---Peter on 8/19/05

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This one woke me up! I have to get serious and respond to this one about alter calls. You see fine people, the devil does not want alter calls in church because he wants more souls to be destroyed with him. No alter calls equals a better chance of someone going to hell! I know that night that I responded to an alter call in church, that if I didn't, death was waiting for me just outside. This is part of the church's job. Alter calls are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
---Olie on 8/19/05

This is so important! We should have alter calls in every church service. It could be the only chance a person has to have eternal life before they die. I agree with Si, because if the Pastor leaves it up to the individual to accept Jesus when they think they might be ready, then an important opportunity may be lost. We need a push sometimes, this is why we have Pastors. If a Pastor refused to have regular alter calls, then I would leave and not look back also.
---John on 8/19/05

I totally agree with Si and totally disagree with Madison. We MUST have alter calls in church. This is what's it's all about.
---Kip on 8/19/05

Hello there. I am going to be away for awhile. I am going on vacation to Gettysburg and then Pittsburgh. See you when I get back. God bless you.
---Madison on 8/19/05

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Si, I disagree. People can come to the Lord in a private prayer, as they do in my church. An altar call can be intimidating.
---Madison on 8/19/05

I think that everytime there is a church service there should be an alter call (Opportunity to accept Jesus). If this is not happening in your church, tell the Pastor. If he refuses, than get out and don't look back.
---Si on 8/18/05

Bless you John, and you are on my permanant prayer list.
Indeed, all pray for Israel. I saw some of the residents being dragged from their homes on the news this morning. Can Jesus tarry much longer?
---NVBarbara on 8/17/05

Hey everybody! I have been busy the last few days and had no time to come on.
Barbara, your still in my prayers. Hope your all doing fine. Be safe this week and be blessed. Don't forget to keep Israel in your prayers, always. Peace of Jerusalem, right?
---John on 8/17/05

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Hi Pierre,
Was wondering how you were doing today. Praying for you.
---Madison on 8/17/05

C'mon over, just like Motel 6, the light is always on!
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

NVBarbara: I would join you for the carrot cake, but my doctor would be very upset if my blood sugar went any higher. (Prediabetic). I will take a cup of coffe though.
---Madison on 8/16/05

I pray you're still feeling better Pierre.
I'm still curious about the question I asked you-Nutra Sweet?
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

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So what's happening in YOUR life today?
I hope it is blessed and you are content.
I made a carrot cake, c'mon over all of you before Steve comes home and makes a pig of himself!
Take a right on Las Vegas Blvd. until you get to the quieter side of town!
Juan Valdez will show up with coffee!

Yes Moderator, you're invited too!

Moderator - Cool
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

John: Thank you very much
---Madison on 8/16/05

God bless you Pierr, I am so glad this is happening. May God 's blessings be on your life.
---Barry on 8/16/05

Miracles still happen Pierre! God bless you brother, I'm so thankful you are better. I'll continue praying for you.

May I ask, do you drink diet drinks, or anything with Aspertame (Nutra Sweet) in it?
---NVBarbara on 8/16/05

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Everyone have a good week. God bless!
---Linda on 8/15/05

Please continue to pray for Israel. This is very important!
---Barry on 8/15/05

Three days ago, I found myself practically unable to walk normally more than 2-4 a day, due to my Parkinson.
My next Dr. appointment was not until Sep 2nd. I prayed that I would get to see him sooner without having to go via the emergency room. I was told I could see him the next day. HE ADDED A NEW PILL TO MY MENU aand for the last 36 hrs I have had practically no trouble walking. It feels like "a miracle"!
---Pierr7958 on 8/15/05

Congratulations Madison! May God bless you in your new career.
---John on 8/13/05

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Remember to pray for the people along the Gaza region of Israel. By next week they are expected to leave their own land.
---Mary on 8/13/05

Thank you very much. It has been my prayer that I would be able to minister to hurting people.
---Madison on 8/12/05

Madison,I am so happy for you.May God bless the work of your life and use you in wisdom and the light of the Lord.May He bring those to you who will receive the Wisdom of the Word,although it may be in secular terms,in their life.God Bless your steps.
---Darlene_1 on 8/12/05

Moderator and NVBarbara: Thank you for the congratulations. God deserves all the glory. I look back in wonder at how He was able to carry me when I could not do it myself. God bless.
---Madison on 8/12/05

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Thank you Jeffrey. The baby's name btw is Layla Simone.
---NVBarbara on 8/12/05

I'm happy for you Madison! I know how difficult the work is, but with God's help you have proven that your dedication to your field will be blessed by God.
Congrats! God bless as you start a new chapter in your life.
---NVBarbara on 8/12/05

Hi everyone. I just read this blog for the first time tonight.

I just want to praise the Lord. I finished my Masters in Social Work tonight. God has been with me all the way. Now, I am getting ready for a licensure exam.

God is good, all the time.

Moderator - Congrads!
---Madison on 8/11/05

We're praying, NVBarbara!
---Jeffrey on 8/11/05

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Hi all, PLEASE pray for my friend Julie and her newborn. She was pregnant and having problems, so they put her in the hospital with intentions on keeping her there til the baby was born. Her due date was not until later in Sept.
She went into labor and had a 3lb 5oz. girl this morning.The little one needs prayer that she will fully develop and go home once she reaches 5 lbs. Thanks all of you, luv ya'.
---NVBarbara on 8/11/05

Yo Bob, wazzup? God bless you brother.
I think its cool that you can spell your name backwards and its still the same! A good name in case you're dyslectic!
---NVBarbara on 8/11/05

Hey everybody. God bless you all and praise the Lord!
---Bob on 8/10/05

Please pray fervently for 9,000 people in Israel. They are asked to leave the Gaza strip by next week (wednesday) in the West bank. these people are being intimidated by terrorists and are told that this move will lead to peace, but in reality it will lead to more bloodshed. Pray that the governmaent of Israel will not comply with this act of oppression. Pray for these people that have their homes and property at stake. I cannot imagine all these people being displaced. This is very important!
---John on 8/10/05

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Warriors never stop John!
---NVBarbara on 8/10/05

I have actually been feeling better lately. Very sudden. I know it's the prayer. God is good! Thank you Barbara for your prayers. I hate to tell you to stop.
---John on 8/10/05

Ralph, my penpal addy is barba7434. If you care to write I can catch you up on Elder's travails. I spoke with him over the week-end.

Elder, tell me if you'd rather I don't discuss it!
---NVBarbara on 8/10/05

What's up with Elder? How is he doing. Does he need help?
---Ralph on 8/9/05

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Yes, we should praise the Lord everyday and more than once. See what happens.
---Ken on 8/9/05

Praise God that the Shuttle has landed safely!

Things here in Las Vegas are as exciting as always!
So far today I have vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned bathrooms!
Who says I don't know how to have fun!?

Rains in So Cal have brought us VERY mild weather today, its only 78 degrees at 2 PM!

John, how are you feeling? You have been in my prayers.
I love all you guys.
---NVBarbara on 8/9/05

I'm happy for you Ann! I pray you all understand whatever reason your birth mother felt she had to do this, hold no resentment.
I LOVE having lots of brothers and sisters, and 32 neices and nephews! Our family reunions resemble a carnival atmosphere! We're all close and stand by each other no matter what. I pray that all you "kids" can be close and loving, God bless!
---NVBarbara on 8/8/05

Well, here's my story...adopted at 2 wks and raised an only child..found out at 26 I had a twin brother..found him 1/2 hr away 3 months later- 16 yrs later, found 7 other siblings- in order of birth, including us, we are: oldest sister, twin brothers, twin sisters, me and twin brother, another brother, and youngest brother. If our mother had kept me & my brother, she would have had 7 kids under 5, and she was only 21.
---Ann5758 on 8/7/05

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PRAISE REPORT- Praise God, the 7 people on the Russian sub were rescued. everyone Praise the Lord! Prayer works!
---Ralph on 8/7/05

I came along next to last Sue, there are almost 20 years between the youngest and the oldest "kids". I loved my Mother dearly, but occasionally she had a day where she acted as crazy as a crack house rat! Who can blame her? We would just play outside a lot on those days!
BTW, she had several still births and miscarriages, she was PG 16 times!
I mentioned on another blog that she was a RC with NO rhythm!
---NVBarbara on 8/7/05

My mom had 6 kids. No wonder she kinda loony these days! No, shes not. I totally respect her. I LOVE her! HOW did they manage, Barbara?!? I am going loony with just one sweet little boy!
---sue on 8/7/05

If its any consolation Ann, my mother had 8 children. Her 1st pregnancy resulted in twins! 10 months later she gave birth again.11 months later, AGAIN! She had 4 in diapers at the same time!
They would have had to peel me off the ceiling if I had to manage that!

Ann & Bob, come on to Vegas, we have spare rooms!
---NVBarbara on 8/7/05

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sue, you could try super-gluing the kid to a chair...just kiddin.
---Eloy on 8/7/05

You're on, Bob !!! You 'n me, buddy...we'll go see the world!!!
---Ann5758 on 8/7/05

Ann, Can I go with you? I need a vacation real baaaaad!
---Bob on 8/7/05

Thought I was all done crying Barb until I found out I have to babysit for my son's step son. Six years old and WOW I forgot how much energy kids have!! No rest for me!
I luv the kid but does he EVER sit still?
---sue on 8/7/05

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my joke was supposed to be in the humor blog, oh well ,no one's perfect!
---1st_cliff on 8/7/05

I'm on holidays.!!!!..Wha-hooooooo !!!!!!! No work till the 22nd !!!
---Ann5758 on 8/6/05

"Its a beautiful day in the neighbor hood....
won't you be my neighbor?"
Yikes I think the Senile dementia is kicking in!
Great, LAZY day here, just cruising the blogs and catching up on my letter writing.
Have a wonderful week-end in the Lord my brothers and sisters.

Insurance or not John, GET checked out at an ER! What's worse to owe a bill, or pushing up daisies? We love you, take care of yourself! God bless.
---NVBarbara on 8/6/05

What is going on people? I hope everyone is doing alright. I have the weekend off to rest, thank God. I have been working very hard and it's good to just relax and go to this blog. God bless each and everyone of you great folks! Praise the Lord!
---Ralph on 8/6/05

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A Catholic Nun was driving home from her job at the hospital when she ran out of gas.luckily a block from a gas station. The attendant said sorry we have no "gas cans". Goes back to the car,finds a "bed pan", fills it. back to the car,2 guys watch her putting it in the tank. 1 says "if that car starts,I'm turning Catholic!"
---1st_cliff on 8/6/05

I have not been feeling well the last day or two. I had a heart attack in 2001 and had a stent put in. Now I'm feeling bad again and don't have insurance because I work for myself. Just please pray for me and I believe God can heal even this. Thanks.
---John on 8/5/05

I have already begun to pray for Elder.Thank God none was hurt and God will restore, praise Him!
---Bob on 8/5/05

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