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Can We Recite Prayers

We are taught that when we pray, we have to kneel down, bow head down and eyes closed. Can we recite the prayers sent daily by some mailing lists (devotions)? (read then on computer screen?)

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 ---satya on 8/1/05
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How we pray is less important than if we are praying! Paul said 1Thessalonians5:17"....pray continually". There is nothing wrong with reciting prayers; in fact, we cannot improve upon "The Lords Prayer"; however, it is easy to recite the words of our Lord in an unthinking way. A person told of a time they meditated on the "Our Father" for two hours....THAT really woke me up. When you pray ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you and your prayers will be set on-fire!
---Elsie on 2/19/08

Once upon a time songs were written from the heart (most songs today are written to sell by writers who are indifferent). Many people associated themsleves with certain songs because they couldn't express themselves what was truly on their minds. Prayers are the same way. People need other's prayers to express what's on their minds. Unfortuenatly they can't truly express what's on their hearts. This is the reason God told us to pray in tongues. Praying in tongues reveals what's on the heart, not the mind.
---Steveng on 5/27/07

As for the physical positions, do you kneel when talking to a friend? Of course not! A person can pray in any position - standing at work, working in the garden, laying in bed, sitting in a park, standing in a park with hand extended in the air and eyes looking above. It would definately be difficult to kneel if your legs were amputated. Besides, the Bible is full of examples of them praying in all kinds of positions, in all kinds of situations.
---Steveng on 5/27/07

I do not see anything wrong in what you are referring to, but, as one blogger put it, "Whatever you do for God do it from the heart", or it does not count.
---catherine on 5/27/07

You are talking about teachings of man about prayer. God hears prayers of individuals while they walk,sit ride in cars or any other activity. The Bible teaches that we are to pray without ceasing. We do not need to be on our knees all of the time. Also the only recited prayer taught is the "Our Father". Prayers can be spontanious. Discussions with God. Spending time with Jesus in relationship. Listening.
---jody on 5/27/07

**However, prayer should always be from the heart.**

Following your line of reasoning, hymns should never be sung, as many are actually pre-composed prayers.

The heart can as well be in a memorized formula as easily as in a spontaneous effusion.

Besides, who said that spontaneity was always more spiritual?
---Jack on 5/27/07

There is group prayer, as well as personal prayer time. However, prayer should always be from the heart.
---geraa7578 on 5/26/07

Jesus was asked about praying & said not as vain repetition. He shared "how" to pray. That became "The Lord's Prayer" & is memorized, sang, recited, etc. It was not THE prayer but the areas of importance. As others have said, pray to God, YOUR respect & love. Praise & Glorify Him. Ask Him to see you & your needs. How you sit, stand or where you are is important in respect for the King of Kings to whom you pray. Not in vain repetitions, but from your heart, words only between you & God.
---mike_fl on 8/21/05

yes, it's good to pray always, be instant in season and out. Whenever there's a need, pray right then.
---Eloy on 8/2/05

As you get older, life's experiences will TEACH you that you can pray in any position and at anytime. Of course, you can pray the devotional prayers you find as long as they are scripturally sound and the prayer is from your heart.
---Sally on 8/1/05

Prayer comes from the heart. If you read a prayer that comes from someone else's heart how can that benefit you? That may not be what you are feeling. Faith and prayer goes hand in hand. If you don't have faith in your prayer then how can reading someone elses prayer help? Now reading 23 Ps is different, because it benifits everyone. But just reading a prayer off of a computer screen wouldn't be coming from the heart.
---Rebecca_D on 8/1/05

Prayer is the same as conversing with a best friend. Therefore you don't want it to become a too technological or dry exercise. You want to talk and listen for his answers just as if He were sitting next to you or riding in the car with you. Keep it personal!
---Pierr7958 on 8/1/05

prayers is talking to God. Why would you want to quote someone else talking to God. I talk to God for myself. I ask not for things that can be touched by hands, but things that are not seen. Things eternal. I talk to God about my family, health, friends health, salvation, missionaries, my church, my pastor. I ask God to give my pastor and his wife what they need in this life. Thank God for prayer.
---shira_5965 on 8/1/05

You can read prayers and pray them, sure. You can read ones in the Bible too, and pray them. You can repeat prayers too. One person in the Bible prayed 21 days, After, the angel said, that God heard his prayer the first time he prayed that satin hindered the prayer answer. pray to lose your prayers from being hindered. All prayers are answered. Yes, No, Not now.
---linda3939 on 8/1/05

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