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Believe The Word Not TV

Televangelist talking about Lucifer, saying Lucifer had authority over 1/3 of the angels, ruled over the earth, God destroyed the earth when Lucifer fell and that is why God had to recreate the Earth. He said that Satan came to Eve because he wanted to regain control of the earth. Is this Biblical?

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 ---Sally on 8/1/05
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Satan is in control but God is in control over Satan and I don't think this is Biblical because it doesn't say anything about satan and 1/3 of the the angels or regaining control of the earth. And God only made the earth once, God didn't go back and recreate the earth. I don't know what this televangelist was talking about. I would read the bible over again and see what you think about all of this.
---Andrea on 11/3/07

Which tv evangelist did you watch?
Satan is in control of the world yes, he told Jesus he'd give him his kingdom, also Satan did take 1/3 of the Angels with him.
If we follow GOd & are Gods children we are protected by the blood of Jesus & satan can not get through.i watch t.v. ,but also I decide whom I watch & what they say. If it doesnot line up biblically, then I no lnoger tune in.
---candice on 5/6/07

Open your heart to the unveiling of the person and work of Christ by sincerely praying Eph.1:17-23.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

We know this, that the old man was crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should no longer serve sin; for he that is dead is FREED from sin. Freedom from sin came by the death. A dead man has no problem with sin or the world. His next step is to be buried before he starts to decay. Next, we are to reckon (by faith) that we are dead to sin and alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Then, we are to yield our members.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

Jesus' death was the death of who I was in Adam and who He is now is who I am in union with. Yes, sin does dwell in the flesh but I am not in the flesh. I am in the spirit because the Spirit of God dwells in me. I make no provision for the flesh because Jesus already made one and that provision was and is a death. This is how we live victoriously by faith in what He has already accomplished in, by, and through a death, burial, and resurrection.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

When Jesus was lifted up from the earth (on the cross), he drew all men into himself and his death was the death of all men in Adam (2 Cor.5). He was, at that moment, the representation of fallen humanity in Adam and God judged every one of us in him by judging him. Cursed is every man that hangs upon a tree. This is where identification and substitution come into place.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

He is the Father of righteousness and blessing. Sin and the curse sounds like the result of Adam's disobedience. This is why we need to take a second look at the cross and see far deeper than just the flesh. If Father God says that I was crucified with Christ and I died and was buried with him, then there must have been something that took place there that God saw but we have yet to see.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

If you water down the Lamb, you get a watered down result. When the Israelites ate the Lamb, they had to eat it with bitter herbs (the sufferings of the cross) and roasted with fire (the judgment of God). 2 Cor.5:21 tells us that Jesus was made to BE SIN and Gal.3 tells us that Jesus became the CURSE. Does that sound like he was the Son of God while hanging on the cross? God is not the Father of sin or the curse.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

Acts also tells us of Jesus, "Thou shalt not LEAVE my soul in hell nor shall mine holy one see corruption." In order to see exactly what happened to Jesus in the crucifixion, death, and burial, you are going to have to see deeper than just his flesh. This is why Paul exhorts us to pray Eph.1:17-23. If there was no need for the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened, there would have been no need for Father God to inspire that prayer.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

Sally, 2 Cor. 5:21 tells us that Jesus was made to be SIN and Gal.3 tells us that he became the CURSE. Neither one of those things are the Son of God. Jesus came into perfect union with fallen humanity and he likens his descent into the heart of the earth as Jonah in the belly of the whale. If you read Jonah, you will see that he cried out from the belly of the big fish and said, "Out of the belly of HELL cried I."
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

The 'telev(*angel)ist' messsage was accurate AS POSTED, character assassinations have proven to hurt the assasssins! *Ironic!

I would'nt let anything eat at me, making me bitter, regardless of my personal belief's [I Thess.5:14(19-22)24, Eph.4:26-31, Heb.12:14-15, Rev.3:11]!

Your anger is why every war on earth, has been religious based or religious inspired!

Many have received Christ under 'inaccurate' teaching/preaching, then left when convicted by God to do so.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/18/05

Dear Sally: This is upsetting primarily because lots of folks don't know Scripture well and can easily stray with such false teaching. The obvious challenge to such a thought as this is, "Please show me where you find this in the Bible". Thank heavens you had the sense to respond to the Holy Spirit's nudging that this was incorrect and sought out the answer. Also thanks for asking on CN blog so your question can help others!
---Elsie on 8/17/05

I don't believe the garbage that was preached on that program. It's just that so many Christians are putting men above the Lord that it is getting old. If a so-called preacher teaches falsehood, then he is nothing more than a false prophet and no one should listen to a word he says!!!!
---Sally on 8/16/05

God's prophets 'painted' illustrations for those to whom they were sent;

Jesus/Messias thankfully used parables for the same reason, us [Jn.3:12].

I would hesitate to malign anyone bearing the fruits like the 'preacher' mentioned by name [Mk.16:14-20, Acts 5:34-39, 12:21-24]!

The Tenach/Brith Chadasha mentions many labelled "heretick's" etc by man, versus enemies of God, CAREFUL!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/14/05

Amen to truth and lie mixtures ["half truths" = cults, etc].

Read Gen.1:1, 2 >, to see "the 'beginning' creation", then God's Spirit 'moving' [changing] the formless void & darkness, saying "let there be light..., etc".

Dinosaur's, 'cave men', 'ice age', Grand Canyon(s), etc, where did they come from, [man being created in God's image & likeness!].

Recreation is biblical;

All else is theory, some hypothetical, some not! I Tim.6:20-21.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/14/05

Sally, what you heard from the evangelist is wrong when they say that God distroyed the earth when Lucifer fell. The Bible does not say God had to recreate the earth a second time because of his fall. I believe that the evangelist put more into the Scriptures to make a point they want others to know, but it is not all Scripture, Like Elder said, truth mixed with lies and makes it a lie.
---lupe2618 on 8/13/05

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sally, no one said 'KJ'V of the Tenach/Brith Chadasha was God authorized, just time proven accurate!!

Preceeded by the first English translation of 'original Greek' scriptures in 1535 c.e./a.d.;

The Gutenberg Bible of 1455 c.e./a.d., preceeded both English translations. What's Your Point?

Calling KJV bible readers idol worshipers is crazy, contrarywise, other interpretations/readers meet your criteria.

How can so many 'unbelievers' translate so accurately? [Rev.22:18-19]!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/12/05

"Authorized King James version" which was "authorized" by King James himself, not authorized by God. Ungodly "scholars" did the KJV translation. It was not the first translation!!!! I get sick of people trying to make an idol out of the KJV. The only "authorized" translation of the scriptures were the actual hand-written documents made by the people who actually witnessed the events and were led by God.
---Sally on 8/12/05

Sally, the rest? What [bibles] do you read, "Christ is not divided"!

While seeking a gift from God once, I read I Cor.14:12, my goal [or gift] ever since!

I'm completely surrendered after running out of self, God "quickening" me, always sending me a word(s)/witness.

I'm thankful The One who does know everything, knows me personally.

I profess no false humillity, self arrogance, or respector of persons, just who I am in Christ Jesus My Lord and Saviour!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/10/05

Sally, where did you get what you got?

Frankly, to show how smart I'm not, I'd be pointing others to myself instead of to Jesus/Messias!

I read the same authorized KJV bible many others have for years, unshaken by "Every Wind Of Doctrine"!

It's said I.Q's automatically increase when God's Word(s)are read/accepted as is, as opposed to trying to understand/know it all.

I've said my goal for being here is not personal, I enjoy sharing God's Word(s)!

---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/10/05

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Ok, Bob, I get it! You're not reading the same Bible that the rest of us read. Forget what you want to call Satan. Just call on the name of Jesus!!!!! It's sad when people spend more time trying to show how smart they aren't!!!
---Sally on 8/9/05


A lot of cities [Kingdoms Of This World] have luster & bear lust(er)! Lke.4:5-7. Say On!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/7/05

Eloy, I don't use chat rooms, having no idea what takes place, neither do I confer with translation expert's [no need!].

Maybe you should double check to see if God created a "Lust-Bearer" & gave him a throne in Eden again!

Maybe it's a typographical error, if not, I understand your reasoning(s).

There is a spirit of lust rampant today, I've been bloodwashed & Holy Ghost sealed, no problem, despite numerous attempts, lies, slander, etc otherwise by some!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/5/05

Well Eloy, it's like this, I can't see why you refused to simply use the name of Lucifer, as this is the name most bible readers/students [not using theological reasoning, etc] have always heard & used.

I Cor.13...some use charity, some use love, both are understandable!

Some have a problem with those scriptures referring to Lucifer as such. Tenach scholar Rabbi Shaul turned Apostle Paul of Tarsus, I Cor.2:4, Col.2:4.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/5/05

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Truth can be spoken by anyone and it will still be truth.
All truth is God's truth no matter where it comes from, but a little truth mingled with lies becomes an untruth. A truth told in a manner to deceive becomes a lie.
Balaam's Donkey spoke truth ( Num 22) and it was pure truth but I would not want to clean up behind him just because he spoke truth one time.
---Elder on 8/5/05

Candice, I have just read your response to this question. I remember when you came to ChristiaNet. You had much confusion and wrong teaching thrown at you.
I have watched as your growth in Christ has matured and has been displayed in your answers of truth.
You are one of the people that make the pain and suffering of the Ministry all worth while.
May God bless you in all that you do and your constant searching of the riches that are only found in Christ.
---Elder on 8/5/05

Sally, Benny Hinn or whoever preached that sermon is scripturely right.

The Son Of God was in the bosom of The Father from the beginning,

The Man Jesus Christ was manifested in the flesh, when God's Holy Spirit "overshadowed" a virgin named Mary [or was the name Mariam, Eloy?].

Both being The Son Of God!

First in The Father's Bosom, then in the flesh, now with a 'body' we cannot explain,

and, believers "will be like Him when He appears"!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/5/05

Eloy, for that matter, how many English names, words, etc are not in the original scriptures?

Your name games don't come close to clouding the inspired word(s) of God, and/or their English interpretations which are time proven!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/5/05

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Eloy, More Name Games! The KJV translates his name as Lucifer, and was in the garden in Eden, BEFORE ADAM! Nonetheless, he is now satan, no matter how many name smoke screens you use!
---bob6749 on 8/5/05

I wondered if anyone would ask who this preacher was. On June 24, 2005, on the Inspiration Network, BENNY HINN preached this sermon. He also said that when Jesus died on the cross he died as the Son of Man and not as the Son of God. He also said that when Jesus went to Hell, he went as the Son of Man and not as the Son of God. When did Jesus stop being the Son of God? NEVER! You cannot stop being the son of your father even if you are adopted. Your DNA would always be the same.
---Sally on 8/5/05

bob, Lucifer (Luster bearer) is not in the original scripture. His name is Heylel from the Hebrew scripture. More relevant is that Heylel never had a throne, Heylel (mistranslated, Lucifer) tried to take over God's throne, and that's why he was cast down. Satan and Heylel are the same being, just as Satan, the Serpent, Beelzebub, Belial, the Deceiver, the Father of lies, the Accuser of the brothers, and the Devil, et cetera, are all synonymous. So what's your purpose of quoting "itching ears"?
---Eloy on 8/3/05

What about "Lucifer" Eloy, "Lucifer's Throne", Isa.14:12-15, Ezek.28:13-15?

Satan cannot have a throne as he was formerly the DETHRONED Lucifer!

I assume most everyone knows about the serpent 'allowing' satan to use him, and being cursed by God for it, as was Judas Iscariot for allowing satan to use him in betraying Christ Jesus!

"Itching Ears, Itching Ears"! Gal.1:10.

---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/2/05

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bob, Haylel and Satan are the same being."How have you fallen from heaven, Heylel, son of the early dawn? You have been cut down to the earth, You who cast lots on nations." Isaiah 14:12. The flood did occur 1656 years after the rebellion in the garden. Satan has no throne, he was thrown down, and now he eats dirt as God said, and the seed of man will bruise his head. bob,persuading one to sin is not the same as commanding one to sin. Religious beliefs do differ, but not the scriptures.
---Eloy on 8/2/05

Rebellions on earth still begin with those of lesser authority persuading 'their' subordinates to follow them in rebellion against higher powers/authority! CORRECT?


When Jesus r epeatedly said, "you have heard ..., but I say unto you..., it has been said ... but I say unto you .../you cannot put new wine into old vessels...", I believe His Word(s), do you?

Religious belief's & the scriptures can differ, AGREED?
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/2/05

Eloy: Was Lucifer or satan in Eden's garden with & before Adam & Eve?

What scripture(s) put Lucifer/satan in Heaven?

The flood of Noah's day is far removed from Lucifer's rebellion against God!

Satan became Lucifer 'after' his rebellion against God, there is a difference!

I gave the scriptures regarding Lucifer, his throne, his location on earth, & his defeat when he tried to "Ascend" & exalt his throne above God's Throne. THE SCRIPTURES DON'T LIE!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/2/05

No. Satan rebelled with 1/3 of the heavenly host, but he did not command the 1/3 to rebell, they each individually chose to go against God on their own. God threw him along with the 1/3 out of heaven and they fell to the earth. God destroyed the earth in Noah's day because the people were wicked in it, just like they are today. He tempted through the weaker vessel, because his chances were greater to get them to sin, as evidenced in scripture. Rely on the scriptures, rather then someones interpretation.
---Eloy on 8/2/05

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Correct as stated!

Lucifer was given authority over 1/3 of the angels of God, as opposed to 'taking' them, which would have made him stronger than God!

Gen.1:1-2, Speaks of in the beginning [After Lucifer's reign on earth, rebellion, ..dinasours, etc].

Vs 3-31, is the recreation of earth, all life and man. Satan gained control by default when Adam ate the fruit Eve offered him!

Isa.14:9-17, Ezek.28:1-19 is Lucifer before becoming satan. All we know!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/2/05

I have to argee with candice, if you read your Bible you will find out that what candice said is true. Satans kingdom is this earth, that is why Christ is going to set up a new heaven and a new earth. it says in Revalations. you could read your bible more and you would now the truth, what is true and not. Amen
---isaac on 8/1/05

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