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Do I Drop The Legal Charges

Does forgiveness also mean dropping legal charges? I saught legal recourse when my husband's mistress began harassing me. He and I have reconciled. I have forgiven him and her. Is it wrong to not drop the charges for harassing calls to my job and stalking at our home? Her actions have ceased.

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 ---Shelly on 8/1/05
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To forgive, doesn't mean a person doesn't pay the consequences of their sin. You may want to drop the charges, since they have ceased, but that's up to you. If you have any type of communication with her, you could tell her you have dropped the charges, but she's not to repeat her offensive behavoir. If she does don't hesitate to press charges. (However, don't feel you have to make contact with her just for that purpose.)
---Ray on 3/9/08

Continue on with your charges. The actions are now up to your State and you are just a witness to the facts of the crime committed.
People also must learn that we reap what we sow.
People must learn that every action has an effect.
---Elder on 5/18/07

Realizing that trials come to make us stronger, I am posting more to share than anything else. The harassment has started again from the woman with whom my husband had a relationship. Hang up calls to my office & to our home have been going on for 3-4 weeks. She drives 30 min. out of her way to blow her horn in front of our house. Her behavior is childish but it hurts nevertheless. I pray daily for God to intervene. I have to believe "for he (God) is faithful that promised." Hebrews 10:23
---Shelly on 9/15/05

Thank you for all your input and prayers (I know some went up!) It was a criminal case and the DA's office was the only one who could drop the charges once I decided to follow through. We have all been through a lot and it is time to move on with our lives. Healing is still taking place in my marriage. It is a continuous effort to love and forgive. I want to do things God's way and be the Christian He desires. My husband has also come back to the Lord! Now to walk in that truth!
---Shelly on 8/3/05

WELL today was the court day. I testified and to make a long story short, the charges were dismissed against her. I thank God that I was not accusatory nor vendictive in my testimony but gave only facts and can accept the judge's decision based on her lawyer's request to confine questions to just 1 call. My prayer is for healing for all of us. What is done is done. I am glad I didn't drop it but prayed for guidance and God's will. Yes, my husband was present. It is an experience I won't soon forget!
---Shelly on 8/3/05

Well, you sought legal recourse to fix the problem, but it has fixed itself. Did I understand that right? If this is the case, then dropping the charges would be a sign of forgiveness and willingness to move on. Look to God, he'll let you know what you should do. I believe it was the book of James that said if we ask for wisdom from above, God will grant it to us. You could start by reading that book and go from there.
---Katie on 8/3/05

Sister Shilly, I believe that you and everyone has suffered enough on what happened. You should drop everything and just move on with your life's. What will it bring to continue in the matter when things are ok now? It will only bring more pain to someone. God will judge us all one day for what we do now, our actions is what is important and not the others actions for they will have to face God on their own. You be right with God and continue your walk with the Lord.
---lupe2618 on 8/2/05

Billy: This is not a civil matter, but a criminal matter. She is not taking the woman to court, the state she lives in is taking the woman to court.

This woman is accountable to the state for her unlawful behavior.
---Madison on 8/2/05

If she is a Christian (or even claims to be), would that not fall under the Scripture that forbids us to take a fellow believer to court, lest it shame the gospel of Christ in front of unbelievers? If you've really forgiven her, drop it and let it go. The ONLY question that matters here is what action you could take that would be the greatest witness to non-Christians. Taking vengeance and imposing consequences is none of our business- God quite clearly reserves that right all to Himself.
---Billy on 8/2/05

Thank each of you for your response. Wisdom is a gift from God that I seek. Other Christians can bless me with input as well. According to the NC Statue regarding harassing calls, the law was clearly broken. I saught legal recourse because I didn't want it to continue and didn't know where her mind would lead her. I know now the stalking (which isn't part of the charges but which did take place) and the calling was to itimidate. Dropping the charges will likely perpetuate that intimidation.
---Shelly on 8/2/05

From my years in Law enforcement I realized in cases like this if the person dropped the charges they were not valid in the first place.
The next time you call with a like compliant you will have a hard time getting the support you may really need.
Go forward and testify. Nothing has changed, either this person broke the law or they didn't which is it?
We let too much sin go unpunished in this country and we are too weak. That is why we get run over by whoever wants to do it.
---Elder on 8/2/05

That's wonderful for forgiving your husband, and let alone his mistress. Surely you follow the preachings of the Lord. However, being u have forgave them, dosen't mean u should drop the legal charges. Stand your ground. The mistress will probably do it to another husband, and hurt someone by stalking.

God Bless
---Jean8946 on 8/2/05

I would let it go and let God deal with her in his way, in his time. It wouldn't be wrong, but maybe wise. She may have an anger problem that can turn into a deadly problem. If she has stopped then I would leave it alone.
---Rebecca_D on 8/1/05

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