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My Mother's Altar

Do you think I would be able to find the church that fits into my way of worship? I am looking for a church that approaches the worship of God with all reverence and sanctity! I was raised in an environment where there's always a place in the house where God is supposed to be: my mother's altar!

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 ---Linda6546 on 8/1/05
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(Cont#3)The whistle and the clapping from young men behind me were so intense. I wonder if those were praises for God or praises for those dancing onstage, especially for the young ladies whose beautiful bodies, some skin from the hips, back and stomach were revealed because of the type of clothes worn!
---linda6546 on 1/7/08

When I became an SDA, the altar of my mother had disappeared in my room, in my quarters but I had it whenever the church meet. When I left the SDA church I did not look for an altar nor for a church because I was too angry, hurt, pained to look for one! Now that I am looking for a church, I could not find any from the churches Ive been to.

The music and the dancing: these really disturb me! Last Sunday real dancing was made at the place where the pulpit was supposed to be!
---linda6546 on 3/19/07

You are really right, Sally! I told a friend that my concentration towards the Lord comes strong during traveling when I am confined in a very small space, and can do nothing except to PRAY!
---Linda6546 on 8/9/05

It occurred to me that I needed to add that we can worship the Lord anywhere, anytime. Doesn't have to be in church! Sometimes I have the best time worshipping God just driving down the road by myself!
---Sally on 8/9/05

Okay, Sally, your warning is well taken. I understand what you mean. Chosen, I get your point. Advice accepted. Darlene, I pray that I would be one of those "willing vessels." My thanks!
---Linda6546 on 8/7/05

Linda, God strategically places where He wants us to be, not where we want to be. Don't look so much at the familiarity in situations but just go where God will have you be and can use you effectively. I think we try to stay with what seems normal to us that we miss our blessings. Be willing to look outside of the norm to truly experience God in a real way.
---Chosen on 8/5/05

One thing to keep in mind is that some people don't know how to worship God. It comes from the heart. You need to find a church that the people aren't ashamed of God. And they are a willing vessel for God to use them for his glory. worshipping comes from the heart. I would pray for a church that God wants you to be in.
---Rebecca_D on 8/5/05

Do you think that people who worship the Lord with all their mind, body and soul aren't worshipping with reverence and sanctity? I understand that you want to go to a church which does not show any kind of emotion during worship. The church I was in as a child held their services exactly that way. But, they didn't teach about Jesus. They taught (and still teach) that they are the only TRUE church. Watch out for that "reverence and sanctity" appearance in a church.
---Sally on 8/5/05

Hello Jim, Eloy, Mirria, Candice and Shira: Thank you for the input! God bless you all!
---linda6546 on 8/2/05

when you look for a church, donot just focus on the denominational name. Focus on how & what the preacher teaches.Is he gonig by the ibble? Is he constantly using-referring to the bible? Focus less on social church activities & more on Jesus based. I listen to tapes from Charity Gospel Ministries & though I attend a non-denom church they helped me alnog the way.Just search engine Charity since they donot allow em to psot websites here.
---candice on 8/2/05

Linda, if you will find a good baptist church, missionary or independent, you will find an altar. What you won't find is people dancing, no mockery of God, ungodly music and speaking in tongues. What you will find is, Godly music, Godly preaching, an altar to which you can humble yourself and pray. I am baptist but I am ashamed to say I have been in some that were disgusting with their music and going thru motions.
---shira_5965 on 8/2/05

Some Churches really practice worship by loud singing, clapping hands, using drums and all sorts of loud instruments, and we should respect it becuase this is the way they glory God. But there are also churches that practise solemn worship like Fundamental and Bible Baptist Chruches, I may suggest you search for these. It is in your spirit on how you really want to worship God, and I suggest you do it on how the spirit lead you. God bless.
---Miria3973 on 8/2/05

That depends on how hard and how far you are willing to go to look for your kind of church. For example, i have a sister who goes to a church far away in another city than where she lives, because she likes it there. There are many many different kinds of churches, loud and quiet, etc. i suggest you try "churches" in the yellow pages in the phone book, they're usually listed by the different kinds or denominations.
---Eloy on 8/2/05

yes u can find a church.
read mathew 5:6 "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled" ana again ask God to do this Psalm 119:133"133: Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me" and know this too: THE STEPS OF A GOOD MAN ARE ORDERED BY THE LORD
---jim on 8/2/05

(Cont.#4)Is this the way worship is done in the Protestant churches? I am sorry for this question. But I have to find one church that I would be able to worship without misgivings and reservations in my heart. I wonder if I would be able to find one! Any reaction? Any suggestion?
---linda6546 on 8/1/05

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