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Husband Will Not Stop Adultery

My husband committed adultery several years ago. Since then he has lost a job because of sexual harrassment, talking to single women on the phone, and registered on a singles website. He constantly lies to me. Can I divorce him? I have stayed in this 9 years.

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 ---Felicia on 8/2/05
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Drop HIM!!!
---elmer on 9/17/05

Stay and PRAY! Felicia!
Unless your sexual health is in danger(ie risk of S.T.D.'s or HIV) or God directs otherwise. it is not so easy to find another husband and it can take years of wasted singleness while you are still young, trying to find a mate.
Sometimes it is better to be in a bad marriage then not one at all under this light. Pray in faith that God will change him
---susanna on 8/10/05

Of course you can get a divorce in this case - God says so.

God hates divorce, but...

Consider how much He must hate adultery, allowing divorce for it.
---Happy_Wife on 8/3/05

Your ?, can you get a divorce the answer is yes if that's what you truly desire but this is not within the will of God for any Christian according to the Bible.I will not have space to fully explain this, Matt. 5:32 is one of the most misinterpreted scriptures in the Bible. Instead of giving us a reason to get a divorce, it is simply stating a fact of resposibility to the one that's seeking a divorce! Your husband is also a soul whom God loves, whatever your choice is be sure to pray for his deliverance!
---Scott on 8/3/05

Felicia, before you make a decision on devorce, take Dorothy's advice. just give it a try. You have nothing to lose and much to gain before you decide to file. I know I could not change my wife, but God did a mericle in both our lives. Just have some faith, and you will never have to say that you should have done this or that. Many say to devorce because abuse is not good at all but everyone speaks from their experiences. No one knows exactly what you are going through. Give the sister a call,
---lupe2618 on 8/2/05

One of the guidelines for divorce is found in Matthew, 5:27. Basically, unless you husband has committed adultery, you can't get a divorce. The one exception MAY be in Matthew 5:28. But, even if you are able to justify divorce, you can't remarry, based on the same passage in the Bible, Matthew 5:27-28. But, I must add, I've seen some very successful Christian marrages, "the second time around." Do you know why has sexual behavoir is like it is?
---Ray on 8/2/05

Email me at doroth3714 and I will give you a great Christian marriage website to visit. It is God-filled and can help you learn how to restore your marriage, even if you are the only one working to do so. God is awesome and He loves you and your spouse and wants to save your marriage. Trust in Him alone!

God bless.
---Dorothy on 8/2/05

Read Malachi 2:16. Remember ur vows you promised 2husband & b4God. Many Christians forget: 4worse, 4poorer, in sickness, until death do us part. Ur husband's doing the worse, using poor judgment, is sick. Read & use Stormie O'Martian's "The Power of a Praying Wife". W/God, all things r possible. Have faith. I know, married 19yrs, husband had affairs. I stayed faithful 2him & 2God. Now he goes 2 church, his heart is changed, r marriage is great, praise the Lord!
---Dorothy on 8/2/05

Dear Worried Wife,I believe strongly that you are hurting from what your husband did to you and also his continueous lies which i believe is ruining your marriage.My advice to you is to continue to pray for him and look for a good church to attend and he will change.Let him understand that you're there for him and i believe by God's grace everything will be alright. praying with you and wishing you the very best in your marriage.
---Johnny on 8/2/05

According to God, this is not a marriage. And yes, you can divorce him.
To put it plainly in a nut shell? He's married to several other women anyway.
You must be a house wife huh? With kids? Are you able to seek and find employment? If not, I trust that you will go to God in prayer and ask him for guideance and deliverance. Ask the church to lift him and you and the children up in prayers! A man that is not in the Lord will not have a strong house hold. Amen? Keep the faith my sista'! God bless!
---Ms._Cj on 8/2/05

Yes you can divorce him if he has committed adultery. I'm amazed that you have taken this from him for so long and he doesn't seem to have any intention of changing. However, prayer is a powerful tool and he certainly needs some. God can change the vilest heart.
---Xanthi on 8/2/05

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