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Why Does God Make Me Suffer

A friend told a vile lie about me, years ago, and it still cost me a job just yesterday. She's very sorry, but she can't undo it now. Why does God make me suffer because of this?

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 ---James on 8/2/05
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-- James :


Brother, We'll suffer for sins or b/c of sins... Christ (Whom we're to follow) hath also suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit. Now it is better if the Will of God be so, that we suffer for well doing than for evil doing. 1 Peter 3:17-18
---Shawn.M.T on 2/25/11

Stop THINKING/feeling that the reason you suffer is "BECAUSE OF THIS".

God knows that you can handle "suffering", but HOW YOU REACT to your suffering is what matters. If you react 'in silence' (not making your problems anyone else's) instead of with PRIDE as a 'woe is me' victim, you will suffer righteously (suffering righteously means you are suffering for the 'cause' of God....peace). It is called "ENDURING" and also teaches true 'SORROW compassion'....

Matthew 24:13
"But he who endures to the end will BE SAVED".

...suffering produces character.
---more_excellent_way on 2/23/11

Well not easy to answer this one i know your pain i try to do right for everyone but i get evil in return
---bill on 2/21/11

We must, of course, accept that the punishment for our actions should be much worse than anything we may suffer on this earth

Naturally, we are upset, even angry with people who have hurt us - but let us remember that the hirt we have done to God is much greater and He does not retaliate or hurt us in return

Was it that I could remember that more often!!!!!
---Peter on 2/11/11

I agree..i want to know why god makes me suffer all this. I am sure i must have done something wrong in the past.. but it couldnt be so grave that i have to suffer like this through my husband everyday..he is so insenstive towards anything on this earth.. he has no feelings for anyone...he cares only when everything is normal..why it had to be for me me please take me away from this world forever..
---Simran on 2/11/11

God does not cause anyone to suffer. god allows us to suffer to build our reliance on him.
---Harold on 2/9/11

I live everyday with a wife who continues to lie. whether it is about seeing her ex boyfriend or who she emails. lies, lies lies. why does god make me live another day when I have no steam to go anymore
---matty on 2/9/11

Although this is an old blog truth doesn't change.
Sarah, your problem with "suffering" is that you don't understand who God really is.
You said, "Some say Satan is the root of all evil, not God. But if God is so all-powerful, then surely, He should be able to deflect Satans pain and suffering on innocent people."
Well, what makes you think you are innocent? Suffering helps us to be more like Christ, Phil 3:10. Those who want to escape this part of life will never be what Christ intended nor will they really know Him. There will be a lack of real fellowship with Him.
Cluny, It doesn't bother me when people lie on me. I can defend against that. It hurts the most when they tell the truth.
---Elder on 1/20/11

I've been a victim of slander, too.

Yet Jesus said that the disciple is not greater than his Master.
---Cluny on 1/20/11

James people are conssitently stuck on stupid. God had nothing to do with this. What happened between you and this so called friend just happened.Some things we cannot explain in life.This is one of them. If you are looking to blame someone, put it where it belongs. On this supposedly, friend. He/she would be out of my life for good.
---Robyn on 1/18/11

Gordon and Donna66, I completely agree with both of you. So long as there is sin in the world millions will suffer. Sin was the cause of Jesus death, though it was ordained to be that way from the foundation of the world, Sin breaks up marriages, causes wars, brings death in accidents, causes child abuse, and so on. Good people suffer, in fact even bad people suffer. Innocent children suffer. There seems to be no end to the suffering. But God is not ready to do away with sin yet. So we continue to suffer because of sin.
---Mark_V. on 1/18/11

He is not making you suffer he is trying to tell you to walk with him threw this time instead of trying to take matters into your own hands. I find it much easier to deal with things holding his hand and believing he is by myside in things tht I do.
---Nicole_Hawkins on 1/17/11

You might read Genesis 37-50, about how Joesph was falsely accused, but then he took advantage of his situation to help himself and to save the lives of many people. But he was faithful to God. This made the difference. Right now, if we obey God . . . now . . . we can have all that God pleases to share with us and do with us, now. Just obey however He takes care of you, and you will be taken care of very well. But this includes first seeking to be pleasing to Him, not just to please yourself (1 Peter 3:4, 2 Corinthians 5:15), and caring about others as much as ourselves.
---Bill_willa6989 on 12/18/10

Gordon--you are SO right! None of us really deserves to escape all injustice. The ONLY One who did deserve to be, was tortured and hung upon a cross.
It must be a rather recent phenomenon that people think everything should be FAIR (especially to themselves). Life has NEVER been "fair".

I had a co-worker once from India, who, when other employees around her complained, would simply comment "life is hard". Her outlook may have had to do with her religion (which wasn't Christian). But it was a statement of unvarnished realism. She saved herself much consternation, and also avoided the self-pitying attitude of others.
---Donna66 on 12/18/10

The innocent suffer because of the sinful actions of the guilty. YAHUSHUA (JESUS) was also falsely accused when He did no wrong and was humiliatingly crucified as a result. 'Though He had the Power to lay down His Life, the principle is still the same. Because we are all sinners, we have to endure, each one, our share of injustices in this sinful world. I believe we all sin against other people just as much, when they also did not deserve it from us.
---Gordon on 12/17/10

chozen01--- Are you sure the pastor was referring to YOU in his sermon? A lot of times people think this because they are preoccupied with some problem they have...while the pastor may have no one specific in mind when he preaches. In fact, he may have been thinking of something quite different from what you think. Believe me this happens a lot.(I don't know what to say about the cursing)

I have no way of knowing about your particular case. But please don't jump to conclusions. If it really worries you a lot, you might go to the pastor privately and ask him what he meant. See if he really believes about you what you think he believes.
---Donna66 on 12/18/10

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chosen01, ask to speak to the pastor in private and tell him the truth. You can also confront the liar and demand their repentance, and if they refuse, address them as antiChrist. And next, You go up in front of the body of the congregation and began speaking out to expose the liar in front of the pastor and the church with every detail, and with the pointing of the finger single out the person by name and inform the church that the liar refused to repent and has also misled the pastor into believing the lie. Then let God do his work, the liar will either repent or not, and the church will either accept your truth or not.
---Eloy on 12/18/10

I find this conversation interesting because I had someone lie on me right in the church!!!They had the Pastor thinking I did something that was not true and he believed it!And to make it worse he got in the pulpit and preached about it and then cursed from the pulpit about the situation! I was so crushed because the person that lied is still in the church doing evil and has not yet been exposed!
---chozen01 on 12/17/10

I believe that God isn't making you suffer. Has been dealing with you about leaving your job? Sometimes our seasons are up and if we don't take the more easy road and leave when God is telling us then he will take more drastic measures to move us. We tend to always look at the negative in situations instead of looking and seeing what God is trying to do. The bible tells us that we will suffer many things. But I myself count it all joy to suffer for Christ sake. Tell the Lord thank you in all things whether good or bad. I myself lost my house, car, job, and my daughter was dx with cancer. I could of asked why but I chose to look towards the hills from which cometh my help. The greater the suffering the greater the anointing.
---brianna on 12/13/10

I had something like that happen to me. Someone I knew and they didn't like me at all, spread lies about me to all my friends and what made it so bad is that my friends believe the lie. I'm having a hard time with truthing people and I need strong christians people to pray for me and to help me through this.
---Lola on 12/11/10

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Why would a nine-year-old lie cause you to lose your job? Are you sure that's the reason you lost your job? Did you contribute to this job loss in any way.

Sometimes we blame God, or the devil, when neither one is actually to blame. I'm not saying it is true in your case (because I don't know), but many times we bring things on ourselves. And God doesn't rescue us until we respond as He desires.
---Donna66 on 12/10/10

God does not make you suffer anything but satan does. We must all learn to forgive those who have offended us and then God can and will intervene on our behalf to correct all injustice in our lives. Try it! You will love to be free!
---Allan on 12/10/10

Some say Satan is the root of all evil, not God. But if God is so all-powerful, then surely, He should be able to deflect Satans pain and suffering on innocent people. God showed that he is not all-loving and all-forgiving by banashing Satan. Who would banish someone if they would forgive and love everone an everything. It does not make sense. All that is said and argued can't possibly work as there are so many facts against God and even Satan.
Suffering, pain, loss etc. is all a part of life. Life is a learning curve. You suffer to make yourself stronger and able to cope. I'd rather suffer from something but be made stronger than live a perfect life, being weak, so when something bad does come along I am unable to deal with it.
---Sarah on 12/9/10

how can one justify the long suffering of a loved one with a belief that God will cure one day..and putting in efforts endlessly and thousands of prayers offered everyday for months together and then finally GODS takes away the loved one leaving a pain which will never subside..which will make you weaker enough to disbelieve in GOD and his goodness.....
---Rebel on 2/11/08

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God make everyone suffer but not for too long, once he put an end and give u joy that joy is directly proportional to how long u have suffered.I think we should pray for Peace.
Peace be with u all.
---Dominic on 7/3/07

God does not enjoy His people suffering. And He does in His timeing bring deliverence. However, He allows His people to suffer for a number of reasons. To strengthen us is one. Can you believe the God inwhich unbelievers do not believe in, God uses them for His very own purpose. Well, It is true. Seek God.
---catherine on 6/15/07

Things always happen for a reason. Perhaps it could have been time for you to leave this job. Or this was a way to escape this evil person who lied on you. God could have a better job for you but don't blame God. All things that look bad are not bad. May be a blessing in disguise. I would not have anything else to do with this vile person. Forgive and move on.Far from her. I know it is painful to lose one's job. I pray you find another job quickly. My blessings to you.
---Robyn on 6/14/07

Why do you assume it is God who makes this happen? Satan isin this world to and satan is the one who makes bad things happen. God is a God of love and mercy.
Perhaps you need to pray and ask God to help you in this situation and to keep satan out of your life rather than blaming God when things don't go as YOU WANT them to.
---Shaz on 6/14/07

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A lie told years ago caused you to lose a job today? How? Did you try and explain what happened? If you think God had a hand in this, maybe He's trying to tell you that you need a different job. But, maybe it's not God at all. Think back, what is your responsibility in all of this?
---Nellah on 1/21/06

james things like this and much much worse have happened to me too! i am still suffering after somebody did evil to me, its a life sentance, but God keeps blessing that person but i do think sometimes God forgets about those who are left behind and suffering, well thats my testimony anyway!
---susanna on 1/20/06

Hello Bruce5656 Let me quickly point out the name, "Ray" is used too many times in this blog. Mine is right under the blue lettering, "Fast Online Loans". As a person who has spent 33 years counseling, holder of a Ph.D. in Theo-Centric Psychology, in my opinion, some of the advice given by some other "Ray" is horrible. Either the person giving it, is trying to be "cute", or a pessimistic person - who has low self esteem or a legalist.
---Frank on 8/4/05

James....the Devil is a liar,GOD does not make you suffer the Devil has challenged youre faith be steadfast and glorify HIS name HE shall lift you up,Remmeber you wont be tried beyond youre capability and when one door is closed the other one is opened,PRAISE HIM ALWAYS BRO.
---peter on 8/4/05

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Bruce ... could you please clarify your last post? It sounds like you don't believe that sickness is necessarily from the devil. Is that what you're trying to say?
---DoryLory on 8/4/05

God does not "make you suffer" This expression is too accusatory. He does occasionally allow suffering for our edification (David) for His glorification (Job) but He never does it maliciously.
---Pierr7958 on 8/3/05

Re: your comments about those oppressed by the devil.
That tells us only one thing. That there were people oppressed by the devil who needed healing.
It does not mean ALL who were sick were oppressed by the devil.
Also, this was before the cross. SINCE the sacrifice of Christ we as Christians have the Spirit of God living in us and no demons. We are assured that 1 John 5:18, "We know that whosoever is born of God ...keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not."
---Bruce5656 on 8/3/05

i will pray that you can forgive your friend, i believe she realizes the damage she's done, and please remain good friends. Remember, the tongue should only be used for edification, and not to malign anyone as even some so-called christians wrongly do.
---Eloy on 8/3/05

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God is not to blame, for he is perfect and above reproach, but rather your friend's at fault for abusing her free speech. Our tongues were created to edify, but too often they are carelessly and maliciously misused to malign, especially by the unregenerate. One sinner destroys much good. Both of you can learn a valuable lesson from this, pray for forgiveness all around, and pray for another job.
---Eloy on 8/3/05

James. I reckon you must be mad at ya friend and God.Being a christian does not make us immune to suffering.We are troubled on every side yet not distressed;we are perplexed but not in dispair;persecuted but not forsaken; cast down but not destroyed.2 Cor 4;8-9.Forgive your friend and pray/trust God for another job.
---david8634 on 8/3/05

"Jen says she's very sorry, but she thinks it's better - not dig up the past" This is dreadful. The reason Jen doesn't want to dig up the past is because if she tells the truth that will destroy HER future. Just as news spread in a small town about you (wrongly) so would her confession that she lied. However, if she chooses to live with this lie for ever she is going to be a much bigger loser in life than you are. Guilt like that is totally destroying. I pray she changes her mind - soon.
---F.F. on 8/3/05

If she was really sorry, she'd have the guts to take responsibility for her actions, exonerate you publicly, and take her shame on herself instead of letting it rest on you.

However, you're still more than a conqueror (Rom 8:37) and God will help you out of this. But you must claim that promise and not let the devil keep smacking you around! Remember, it's a spiritual battle (Eph 6:12), so take the whole armor of God; order the devil out of your life; and ask God to soften people's hearts.
---Jeffrey on 8/3/05

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James, I could not understand the term "friend" you used in here. Telling people a vile lie about you is not the workings of a friend but the workings of a user! If she is a friend, then, she must, by all means, rectify your name! Yes, she cannot undo what she has done but she must do something to clean your name! Demand it from her!
---bebet3754 on 8/2/05

Your "friend" has apologized to you, but has she gone to those who she lied to? We can't always sit back as Christians and say woe is me, or this is God's will for me, or something good will come of this. How about some pro-active advice here, folks! God gave us a brain to use! This is a serious situation. I would request your friend, on no uncertain terms, to publicly, if necessary, correct her allegations against you. Ask a pastor or counsellor to help you here, if necessary.
---marya4586 on 8/2/05

Though we deserve to suffer God's wrath and condemnation, God does not make us suffer. He blesses His children instead. You are definitely suffering, but what you are suffering is the consequence of your friend's sinfulness. God did not make your friend sin against you. God can give you the strength and grace you need to bear up under this suffering though. Seek Him. Fall on your face before Him and remember what God said to Paul said in 2 Corinthians "My grace is sufficient for you."
---Madison on 8/2/05

There is a suffering we do go through as the man who was crucified on the cross is put to death. Then the real us can come out and display the Father's nature, LOVE (AGAPE) But you must hate your life of PRIDE IN WHO YOU THINK you are in this life before the hiddened man of the heart comes out. You will not see Jesus until you let the flesh man die this death, you will not see Him face to face as no man can look on Him and live until the old man dies and the new you comes out ast maturity.
---ray on 8/2/05

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In this world, you will have tribulation, but BE OF GOOD CHEER, for I have overcome the world.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you in judgment shall be condemned. Bruce gave some wonderful advice. Pray for your friend and trust God in what He said about those firey darts.
---Linda_Smith on 8/2/05

Jesus said He came to give us LIFE and give it more abundantly. If you desire the better life SEEK HIM and His truth. The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy. What part of this dont you understand. The life Jesus came to give us was God's love since we were all cut off from this love by Adam and Eve in the garden when the tree of Eternal Life was cut off from us. Being born again your eyes and ears are opened to partake of His love nature as you mature into His image and likeness.
---ray on 8/2/05

Read these Scriptures: Luke 12:7, Romans 5:1-3, Romans 8:19. There is one theme in these Scriptures - God is in charge and he cares about you. NOTHING is going to happen to you that He doesn't have a purpose. We may not always understand what that purpose may be at the time, but He has a purpose. If you are suffering, just remember, God is not going to give you more than you can handle - even though you may think so at the time.
---Ray on 8/2/05

Jesus went about HEALING ALL THAT WERE OPPRESSED OF THE DEVIL. What part of that doent you understand. The devil made them sick and Jesus healed them. The devil OR DEMONS manifest themselves through your flesh and that happenes to christians to inspite of the teaching that a chritian cant have a devil. If this is true then why are we sick too. WE DONT WORSHIP HIM AND DO AS HE SAYS IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH
---Ray on 8/2/05

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God doesnt make use suffer YOU DO by your bad choices. Read Deut chaps. 27 and 28. If you worship Father then the blessing will come on you BUT IF YOU DONT worship Him then the curses come on you. Take the natural Jews, they are His chosen, as well as us gentiles, but they dont worship Him and the curses are on them and they will destroy by them for there failure to worship the creator of the universe.
---Ray on 8/2/05

Dear Friend, God does not make us suffer, nor does He wish us to. The one to blame is satan, who still has authority on this world, and will do so until the Glorious Appearing. We also must take responsibility for our own sinfulness, the consequences are far reaching. Even though we are forgiven. God bless you.
---Margaret on 8/2/05

We were in grad school together five years ago and she told her advisor that I raped her. We never even had any kind of sexual relationship at all. But word got around (it's a small town), and I've never been able to find a job teaching again, because this always comes up. Jen says she's very sorry, but she thinks it's better to let it be and not dig up the past anymore. I've forgiven her, but I just wish I knew why it had to happen to me.
---James on 8/2/05

, trust in the Lord in all situations. he has a plan for each of us, and everything will work out for the best in the lives of those who love him.
---steve on 8/2/05

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Why does God always suffer?? when He is repeatedly falsly accused of "making people suffer"? Your friend is to blame, not God.

Matthew 5:44, "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;"
---Bruce5656 on 8/2/05

Why when things do not go as people want do they always blame God? God gave us life and breath. God is our creator. Do you not think God would want the best for his children?
Give the devil some credit for some of the bad stuff. You never hear anyone blaming the devil when things go good or bad they always blame God.
Pray about it and ask God to cover you with his blood and to take away this lie and help you get a job. Put blame where blame is due
---Marla on 8/2/05

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