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Do Creatures Evolve Later

What about the creatures that evolved AFTER the great flood?
Didn't some animals evolve into something else as time went on?

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 ---Tanya on 8/2/05
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Warwick, i never said a microbe can evolve into a man im not an "evolutionist" as you people like to say. i believe i was created.
however through natural selection the best specimens stay the sick and different specimens are automatically naturally illiminated. (however this has nothing todo with survival of the fittest rather it is the survivalof the luckyest)
nevertheless i also believe that a familie line can evolve from 1.20m to 1.50m this can be noted by the legendary pygmees who with their discovery where averagely 1.29m, yet today the average is about 1.45m a verry clear evolution .however i also pointed out that this has nothing to do with the evolutiontheory. im actually playing with the "word evolution".
---Andy on 3/19/09

Jerry. Aha, now you recognise we where talking about different things with the same words. Nevertheless, do not worry, We Not-anglophonian Christians don't see any problem with the word its' just a synonym of growth. we might say your child evolved quite well (reffering to the educational progress he'smaking) or we would say this plant evolves quite beautifully (referring to the growth) so if you prefer the word growth then let me refrase my last compliment "I believe you do grow as a christian" :-)) Love in Christ is the best way to,evolve, progress, grow, and that is what i believe these blogs are about.
---Andy on 3/18/09

Andy Volvo talks about their cars 'evolving.' By this they mean countless manhours go into improving it. If you wish to call this evolution, go ahead, but it isn't. However you cannot then do a 'bait & switch' and say-see this is evolution so the evolution of microbe to man is true as it is also evolution. Not true. Volvos design programs (from day one) are intelligent design, and lead to changes in their cars. No aeroplane appears via this design process does it?

Conversely evolutionists say the ancestor of the dog was not a dog. Very different to changes in a 'model' isn't it?

As the man said my cat has four legs, and my dog has four legs therefore my cat is a dog. Bad reasoning.
---Warwick on 3/17/09

Andy: Let me try a different approach. Evolution (as the theory goes) causes a creature (or more specifically, its offspring) to change into a different sort of creature SPONTANEOUSLY, WITHOUT DECISION OR EFFORT on the part of the creature in question. It is a random accident or mutation of nature - a magical restructuring of its DNA. Christian growth, on the other hand, is NOT evolution. It REQUIRES A PERSONAL CHOICE, a DECISION to follow Christ, and a supernatural REVISION OF CHARACTER - not DNA, and not by accident or mutation.

Many of us Christians find the calling of our walk with Christ "evolution" to be highly offensive! Christianity is of God - evolution is of Satan!
---jerry6593 on 3/17/09

Jerry, even when my first language isnt English i know what is the difference between evolving and evolution, apparently most first language anglophonians have no notion whatsoever upon their own language.the question was "What about the creatures that evolved AFTER the great flood?
Didn't some animals evolve into something else as time went on?"
that is why i gave this answerr on this way since the person formulating apparently did not understand the difference between i evolve, and evolution. and Yes Jerry I evolve in my Christian experience, You Dont? because if you dont there is something wrong with that Christian experience. nevertheless i believe you do evolve as a Christian.
---Andy on 3/16/09

Jerry, To continue. You said "Evolution is a specific theory addressing the development of new species."
however you are right,it is also incorrect. i advice you to open an English dictionary and find what evolution means. thats why it has to be clear what the person meant with his question. Some examples.a language evolves, a child evolves, christians evolve in their faith from baby to youngsters to matured.We will evolve from our earthly state into a angeliclike state. etc. If used in a specific sence evolution is not such a bad word afterall. its our intentions with it. not bad for someone whos not Anglophonian, being able to have evolved into a higher level of English.
---Andy on 3/16/09

Andy: Do you consider the Christian experience just another form of Evolution as well? All growth is NOT evolution. Evolution is a specific theory addressing the development of new species.

The Bible tells us that our distant relatives were tall, noble, intelligent and long-lived creatures. Since the inception of sin, the human race has degraded in size, intelligence and lifespan. That doesn't sound like Evolution. It sounds more like DEvolution!

P.S. English isn't your first language, is it?
---jerry6593 on 3/13/09

First let us explain what is meant with evolving. i evolve when i go for the first time to school and start to learn how to read and write. i evolve when my ancestors where 1.20m and now our familie's average height is about 1.65m howevr that has nothing to do with evolution. this is due to sircumstanses. that have bennifeted an evolvement.
---Andy on 3/12/09

I don't know about this!
---catherine on 3/9/09

Evolution is to Biology as Astrology is to Astronomy. It is not science, but rather an intricately woven fabric of conjecture, imaginings and fraud devised for the singular reason of "proving" that no God was necessary in the creation of life on earth. It is in fact a blind faith religion for atheists. At it's foundation is the blind belief that life magically sprang from non-living matter - contrary to provable scienctific law. It also makes the implicit assumption that living matter continuously adds intelligent new DNA information to itself in order to produce improved species - contrary to the laws of thermodynamics and Genetics. There is not a single piece of scientific evidence to support it, but there many which refute it.
---jerry6593 on 3/9/09

IF (big IF), evolution worked, it would be more of a miracle than God's original creation. Not only would there have to be two (M&F)of the new born & alive to mate, their offspring would most likely revert back to what their parents came from. IF 2 did mate, & had evol.babies would they have to mate bro & sis? or who would they mate with? Just try shuffling a deck of cards and see how often 4 of a kind come up in the deck? Nope, not evolution, Christsolution.
---mike_fl on 8/18/05

The only problem with creation evolving to something else, makes God a lier in that he stated he created all things.
On a practical note, if things did evolve, why aren't things half way between the two separate creatures. Where are the things that are half man, half ape?
---geraa7578 on 8/7/05

Leon, I've tried to give a good explanation within the confines of this 85 word forum. Of course I can't quote the context or even mention all the verses. But you might want to look them up yourself. And if you want a better explanation, write me. - jeffr5976
---Jeffrey on 8/7/05

Seriously.....if monkeys evolved into man, Why are there still monkeys? Wouldn't they have all evolved by now? Could a human egg be furtilized by a monkey?. A birds beak my change over time to adapt to the food supply..but it's still the same species.
Crows and eagles don't mate.... Cows and horses keep to their own kind.
---interested on 8/6/05

Jeffrey: Sorry bud; but, your explanation is blonde my understanding. I just don't get it! Perhaps others on the blog may? The pieces (scripture) you've referenced do not fit/are out of context regarding Gen. 1:2-3.
---Leon on 8/5/05

I explained yesterday (at length) why undirected evolution is not possible, speaking as a biologist. Not from a religious standpoint, but from a solid scientific standpoint. If any of you are interested, you can read it on the "Does God Exist" blog. It's valuable information, for those of you who are interested in this subject.
---Billy on 8/5/05

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Regarding the frog discussion, those who believe in evolution are talking about one creature becoming something else - a new creature that then remains that new creature (IF it really happened). A frog produces spawn which becomes a tadpole which becomes a frog. If this was evolution the frog would then produce frogs not spawn or tadpoles. The fact that the same cycle goes on shows that they are all one and the same, no evolution involved, no new information creating a new (different) creature.
---Paul on 8/4/05

There is no such thing as a baby butterfly simply because all butterflies, once they have wriggled out of their crysalys, are fully formed adults capable of laying eggs as soon as they've had their first good feed and mated. Those eggs then become caterpillars, crysalyses and the whole thing starts over again. ALL ONE AND THE SAME CREATURE. If you wish to call this evolution be my guest but you'll never see a butterfly egg become an elephant (or anything other than a butterfly - after the other stages)!!
---F.F. on 8/4/05

Ann, however you want to put it, the fact remains that the offspring of a butterfly is a butterfly (regardless of the stages it goes through first) the offspring of a frog is a frog (regardless of the fact that it goes through the stage we call a tadpole). A tadpole is not a different creature, it is an infant frog. Some creatures become fully formed babies in the womb some do so outside the mother's body - e.g. a chicken lays an egg, not a live chicken. A geneticist might be able to convince you.
---Xanthi on 8/4/05

"Destroyed" doesn't mean "pulverized"; it means "rendered useless or ineffective". If someone destroys your carpet, some of the carpet will still remain.

Gen 1:2 says, "the earth was without form, and void". The word "was" is the Hebrew word "became" and "without form, and void" is the same Hebrew word as "in vain" in Isaiah 45:18 where God says, "he created it not in vain", talking about the Earth.
---Jeffrey on 8/4/05

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Leon, both "heaven" and "earth" are singular in Gen 1:1, yet 2 Cor 12:2 mentions the "third heaven", which is future.

Also, Isaiah 65:17, 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, and Rev 21:1 all talk about a new heaven and earth which God will make in the future. It does not say that He will make two more heavens and earths, so the "third heaven" in 2 Corinthians must be the next one.
---Jeffrey on 8/4/05

A tadpole is not a baby is a tadpole..a completely different creature that changes (evolves) into something so unlike itself that it's hard to imagine. I wasn't talking about what things look like at conception..I'm talking about when they are actually in the & breathing on their own. A baby is something that at least bears resemblance to its parents at birth. A caterpillar is not a baby butterfly.
---Ann5758 on 8/3/05

NVBarbara, yes, size can easily evolve. So can color, thickness of fur, and lots of other minor things like that. Horses, donkeys, and zebras all came from just one ancestral species through ordinary breeding, but horses and frogs didn't. Exactly where the limits are for each kind of animal varies, and sometimes we don't know precisely. What we do know for sure is that everything couldn't have evolved from one single cell billions of years ago, as some claim.
---Billy on 8/3/05

Tanya: "Intelligent Design", i.e., God, according to the Bible, made all His creatures to be what He'd have them to be then & now.

Jeffrey:Since God made "the earth" singular (Gen. 1:1), how do you get plural earths between Gen. 1:2-3? Theoretically, let's say a 2d earth was made from a destroyed 1st earth. Wouldn't animal bones on the 1st earth also have been destroyed (pulverized) & they wouldn't be available on the "2d earth" for our scrutiny? I don't get it. :-)
---Leon on 8/3/05

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There is another name for a tadpole - a baby frog. Baby frogs grow up to be adult frogs, and they have babies. Unlike humans though her babies, in the little sac, (spawn) live outside her body and slowly change until they are frogs just like their parents. Not very different from humans between conception and birth really. No change from one creature to another, just growing as they are supposed to do.
---F.F. on 8/3/05

No Ann that is not evolution. Everything starts out at conception looking like something other the fully formed version. Have you seen a week old human foetus? It doesn't look much like a human baby does it? A butterfly, at an earlie stage, is a caterpillars and then a crysalys. It is hard to believe what beauty will come out of that strange looking thing. The next generation is always the same kind as the one it came from. Butterfly eggs don't become frogs and apes don't evolve into humans etc.
---Xanthi on 8/3/05

What do you call it when an animal starts out as one creature, but then becomes something totally different, like a tadpole turning into a frog, or a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Is that not a type of evolution...God-created, of course, but evolution nonetheless?
---Ann5758 on 8/3/05

There is absolutely no evidence of anything evolving from one species into another. Animals breed with their own kind and produce offspring of their own kind. Animals adapt and now we have numerous breeds of most animals. That is why we have tiny dogs the size of a small rabbit and huge ones as big as a fullgrown man and all shapes and sizes inbetween. God created only TWO people initially and told them to multiply and look at the population variety of the world now. We serve a GREAT GOD.
---F.F. on 8/3/05

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The confusion about where life came from is caused by people not realizing that we live on the second Earth which started in Genesis 1:3, about 6000 years ago. The first heaven and Earth were destroyed in Genesis 1:2 when Lucifer fought God (Is 14:12-15).

All that's left of the life forms that roamed that first Earth are bones and fossils. The reason some life forms on this Earth have bones similar to some of the bones from the first Earth is that the same God made them all.
---Jeffrey on 8/3/05

Elder, Your cat did not "evolve" into dirt! The dead cat has decomposed. Just like humans. At dying we return to dust! I believe that you are just kidding because there is no such thing as animals having the scientific name as "evolution" or "adaptability"! But I will use these terms as names to the puppies as soon as my dog, Quincy, gives birth! Thanks for the idea!
---bebet_3754 on 8/2/05

Barbara you might want to ask my parents that same question.
One time I had a cat that evolved into dirt when we buried it in a box. I think that still happens.
Adaptability and evolution are two different animals.
Evolution never was and so it would not be now either.
---Elder on 8/2/05

Billy, have some species gotton smaller, or larger to adapt to their surroundings?
Do you think that there was some mating going on that created any new species?
Just curious, thanks!
---NVBarbara on 8/2/05

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As a former biology teacher, I don't accept the idea that any species ordinarily evolves into another. They change somewhat over time, but only to a limited degree. If they reach the limits of adaptability, they go extinct. Undirected evolution has tight limits. If God directed a species to evolve in a certain way, that would be another matter. I don't see any reason why God couldn't create new species, nor why He couldn't use that method to do so if He chose, but He would have to be the director.
---Billy on 8/2/05

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