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Will America See A Revival

Will America ever see a revival again before the rapture?

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 ---danny on 8/3/05
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No more time for revival, judgment is here.
---duke on 12/15/07

Brother Frank,

I believe you are correct. We are seeing a great falling away. Many of God's people have turned from the old path wherein is the good way (Jer.6:16) and have turned to entertainment. They want feel good sermons, and lots of social entertainment. The heap to themselves teachers having itching ears (2 Tim 4:3).

The good thing is that this means we are getting closer to his appearing! (Rom.13:11)

Lord bless you,
---trey on 12/6/07

As much as I would like to see a revival, the terms "remnant" and "great falling away" tend to bear witness to the few who find the straight and narrow way.
Those whom the Lord said that would be so few a child could number them.
---Frank on 12/2/07

Anyone participating in the I-35 Light the Highway revival, or watching it everyday?
---Karen_R. on 11/30/07

America needs a revival now more than ever. In Genesis the scripture say to take dominion. It could "kick start" the country if there was a mass revival. In the past there were great revivals, now the Church hids in the 'Mega-church,' complaining about sin. What needs to happen is action against sin, not just in church, but in the streets, in the schools, and in Washington D.C. That would be a revival worth remembering.
---John on 5/26/07

Yes I think there will be a revival in America. I am a minister and I substitute as the schools also, when I am there the students want to talk about spirituality. My wife went to a national Ceramics conference with 30 other art students in a university and half the trip there they spoke about Jesus. Yes the people are hungry for the gospel, but they don't like how the church is currently working, when we show the love of Christ, there will be a great revival. but don't get in the way.
---Jared on 5/25/07

They cant be manmade...but you can pray enough that God will send revival...get your whole christian commmunity to cry out to God every day for revival and it will come
---mark_B. on 5/25/07

I hope so as not many are saved! I believe that this Gospel has not been preached in all the world so there is time for a movement of the Holy Spirit's salvation, love, knowledge and power. The love of many has not grown cold it has been cold since I was born.There's pride,strife,love of money,teaching of man,divisions,jealousy,clicks. He will still gather the wheat,save His elect. Some are saved now but there are more and they will come with power and "greater works than I" as Jesus said.
---jody on 5/25/07

Revivals cannot be manmade or worked up in the flesh; anymore than rain dances will produce rain. I think many thought they could resurrect a revival at the Azuza street anniversary. There was barely a whisper heard after that anniversary. If God is not in it, it doesn't matter what you do, it will not happen.
---Jenny on 5/25/07

Probably not! While individuals in America will experience revival, I doubt America as a nation will. Why? There are too many fanatical religious groups that would die for their cause, rather than become Christian. This reads like I'm pessimistic, but I'm not - just a realist. Based on present evidence, just do not see a general revival for this country unless Christians pick up the pace of their witnessing in a positive manner. (Rev. 9:20-21 is a good example of what we can expect in the future.
---Ray on 5/25/07

I doubt it, I have found America in any part of scriptures to come. God has his own plan in the works. Actually scripture talks more of people turning away from God.
---geraa7578 on 8/7/05

A revival would be up to God.
---gregg8944 on 8/6/05

Continued;As I wrote the power of God began to fall all over me.God is just waiting for His people to call upon Him in adoration.The mighty God we serve created us for fellowship with Him, He delights to move but it is up to us to reach out,take His hand and do the work He has called us to do.Revivial is a body ministry not only to others but the body ministers to God by showing Him we truely worship Him.BODY must die to selves,live to God ,trust,obey,and move in faith.God uses willing vessels.
---Darlene_1 on 8/6/05

Revivial can be all over America if God's people realized revivial begins in the persons heart alone with God. Good church services come from preparing before you go.Praise God,sing unto Him,Glorify His name,Pray for the service , people,salvation for sinners,and especially your Pastor.People of God it's up to us to get out hearts/lifes ready to give to God and then we have revivial.God doesn't throw revivial down from heaven it's a loving our King which moves God's love to anoint.Sowing and reaping.
---Darlene_1 on 8/6/05

Church been having a "revival" for the nineteen weeks. Went to check out to see why people have left their church to go. Christian comedian. He used "butt ugly" in referring to a woman. He picked up the Bible and said I don't know why I'm carrying this around, not going to use it. He picked up the Bible again and said, I guess I better read something from this for those who think they need it everytime they come to church. And they called this a revival. Itching ears!!!!
---Sally on 8/5/05

The Bible says that in the end times peoples' hearts will grow cold and be pulled in by seducing spirits and false prophets. This is paraphrased, but you get the point. There is no mention of a revival in the end.
---Sally on 8/5/05

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No, if we are having a revival right now, where is all of the God-fearing people at? We have more crimes, homo's etc now then we did back then. It will only get worse, hell isn't getting any smaller. The nation that forgets God is in a world of trouble. I think America has forgotten God. There talking about taking off the "in God we trust" of of money, and the Ten Commandments are out, the school prayers. Revival, far, far, far from it.
---Rebecca_D on 8/4/05

If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will hear their prayer and heal their land. I can't remember where that is found. The bible says times will get worse and worse. We take God out of everything then we expect him to send revival.
---shira_5965 on 8/4/05

From what I've seen so far, it appears a nationwide revival is a long way off. I think we have personal revivals all the time, but an old fashioned Welch-type revival, I don't know. One thing, the more we are threatened by terrorism, the more I think people are examining their spirituality. Perhaps this will hasten the process! Sad to say we are locked into our comfort zones as a rule.
---Elsie on 8/3/05

Currently God's grace is still extended for all, and he pours out his Spirit upon all flesh, but unfortunately sin abounds and is spreading. We are presently in the Apostate stage, or what the Bible calls "the great falling away", and unfortunately for all of us this will increase until the day of Jesus Christ. But don't lose heart, endure, and hold fast to the Lord, for the redeemed are not appointed for his wrath.
---Eloy on 8/3/05

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There is one going on right now but some is truth based and directed by God and some of it is not. To know the difference, study the Word and ask God for wisdom and understanding.
---Pierr7958 on 8/3/05

Nobody knows the future except God. Some people say we're experiencing a revival NOW. Revival in the broad sense means that people are waking up to the importance of God instead of just sleepily ignoring Him. I think it's possible to say that as a nation we're more interested in God today than we were 25 years ago. Don't you think?
---Billy on 8/3/05

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