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Not Good For A Man To Be Alone

I am 26 years and been praying for a husband and my own family since I was 16. God said it is not good for man to be alone yet it seems as if the rules are some how different for me. Can you explain?

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 ---carra5666 on 8/3/05
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Shira4368, my friend I am happy you respond, I love you as a beautifull sister in theLord , this guy was all o'er my fon..cpr can run my android out! He said oh,"you a widow, you got to have a pension... "

later, he said " I apologize, he sent me photos his lill' girl,long story short. I got up & out. I felt bad I could not get my video nor my other one try so hard, my fon no matter what no way to send you. I hope you not mad. Facebook not the place for me.

I do not have the savy to maneuver on facebook.. it like driving imagine
In my condition! Legallyblind...Lord, bound to "crash!"
---Lidia4796 on 11/26/13

Lydia, there are many catfish that flatter with words. These people want money. When a 30 year old tells a 70 year old how beautiful she is, you know something is wrong. That is why I hit delete.
---shira4368 on 11/26/13

Hello, Bro.Mark,Shira4368 most people do not take time to look for the inner side they are so lonely, it really takes strength,wisdom,patience,faith,etc.full devotion put Jesus first!

Not the flesh, I met a guy on facebook /not take me too long see his motives,he claim he was a christian & saw my face boom! He was hit!

I felt he just look for papers,or trouble! he lied said he was from Spain and weird messages, I read a little Russian to know but he not good... his mistake sent me a text talk about me to someone in russian.

I am single not looking for a boyfriend , God would have to come first!!
God gives peace than I could desire that respect. I would not like to get involved too,quick ..
---Lidia4796 on 11/25/13

marks, yes many Christians are made fun of and many judge. example, if I strayed out and do something wrong, my sister is quick to judge. Sometimes I don't have patience. You know those days that nothing goes right. she thinks I should be perfect but the body fails God many times. we have a black preacher that preaches on the street and "someone" made him stop. When he prays, the hair stands up on my arms. He is not ashamed to preach Jesus saves. Truly a role model
---shira4368 on 11/25/13

There is too many man looking for a godly woman, and too many women, looking for a godly man. They seen to hardly ever meet. When they meet someone, their intentions are not right. Man because he needs a woman, and women because they are in need of a man, and everytime they find one they say God put them in their path, to later find out they were so wrong.
On the other hand, godly man, meet woman who are beautiful and believe that is the one God put in their path, to later find out they are not godly at all, and in the end they take everything you had away. No one should look for anyone. Do the will of God and work for God and He will find the person for you.
---Mark_V. on 11/20/13

markv, since we are on this blog, who do you expect to see it? if he were on this blog, he would see it. oh, I have told him time and time again that he bears no fruit of the spirit. he is suppose to be a Methodist preacher but he is never in church and he likes his whisky.
---shira4368 on 11/19/13

Shira, here is what you say about others,
"for that reason many are laughed at and ridiculed for their stand."
I make a stand for God's elect and what you say about others that is what you do to me, because I stand for God's Word. You do exactly what you complain about your son-in-laws dad does to you. You even say you don't want to be around him. And get this, he doesn't do it on line so that the world can read it.
---Mark_V. on 11/19/13

Well if there weren't so many Rotten Women out there nowadays just maybe we would be able to meet a decent normal one for a Change.
---Seriously_Speaking on 11/18/13

It is very obvious that man shouldn't be Alone At All.
---The_Honest_Answer on 11/13/13

it takes a special man to proclaim Christ. for that reason many are laughed at and ridiculed for their stand. my son in laws dad makes fun of me all the time. I will not be around him. self righteous and other words a cut above everyone else.
---shira4368 on 10/4/13

I guess he was speaking about real men of God and in thoses days... ain't many of em around today... It is good for those men to be alone Period!
---Carla on 10/1/13

Hello,Shira4368 yes! I like it here,smiles.. we are" family!" I thank God for ChristiaNet! It been good to me.

I love the people on here, and I got alot of respect for the moderators!"

Thankyou, respect goes out to every person! May the Lord bless us all in Jesus' name.amen.
---Lidia4796 on 9/29/13

lidia, I have never been on Christian mingle's web page. I just stay on christianet.
---shira4368 on 9/28/13

Hey,Shira,everybody, had sign off ChristianMingle, ha!ha! For real they send me a message everyday or night!

This guy and that one, check me out! I laugh because I let them know" it' not my cup of tea!"

I don't even have NO picture on there, they still text me!"

ha!ha! CAN Imagine ...
somebody really look' I guess they will "hook you up!" Smiles..
---Lidia4796 on 9/27/13

have you checked out chat and penpals on christianet? some nice people on chat and penpals but you always get some of the obnoxious too.
---shira4368 on 9/23/13

well i am a man looking for a good woman to meet which i certainly do feel that God is really punishing me from finding a good woman that i would love to share my life with.
---Very_True on 9/21/13

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the blog is now 8 years old, hopefully she is married by now.
---Mark_V. on 5/30/13

Balance is needed here:

Genesis 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him an help meet for him.

Proverbs 21:19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.

Proverbs 21:9 It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.
---francis on 5/30/13

I am 29 years and have not found any girl yet. Was waiting for my perfect but seems that I can not have even a single one.
---Victor on 5/30/13

Tom2, when the right one comes along, you will know it. There will be a feeling like you've never known before. maybe its called chemistry. There are some good ladies in the world and I hope you find one.
---shira4368 on 9/27/11

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i have been praying for a good woman for over 30 years ,havent found one yet.
---tom2 on 9/26/11

since i was your age over 20 years, ago i have prayed to god for the same wish. if you pray hard, believe in god, you will be blessed. i have grown closer to god, in the past 2 years, this past year i found my soulmate.if things are happening, its right time, place, meant to be. if it dont work out, its not meant to be.god testes us in everyway of life , there is, specially faith, believe , dont give up, when you lay your eyes on him, you will know in your heart, fisrst smile, i fell the day i meant mine in love. god bless
---susan_johnson on 9/26/11

God gives to each in His own time as He sees them fit and ready to become helpmeets for men.
Keep searching after God and strive to make Him first in your heart, putting your desires for a family under His will for your life - even to sacrificing them should He call you to do so - and He will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. His ways are not our ways.
---Sian_Jones on 9/24/11

The reason so many are frustrated is because of thinking that God only does things one way. We must seek the Lord to hear what He is telling us individually. Like Mary said at Cana, "whatever He says to you, do it. " For one person He may be saying wait, for another He may be saying take a step of faith and ask a particular person out, then to another He may say that He will bring the person to them. We end up hurt and frustrated when we see God's will as a cookie cutter process in which everyone must follow the same pattern. To one He may say wait and to another, step out on the water. He's your Father and He loves you, ask Him for direction.
---JD on 3/25/11

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well let's see i am 38 year's old and have never been married and have no kid's so you are not alone there young lady i don't like being alone but i live with it
---kevin_toohig on 2/5/11

I can tell you that the standard "Christian" response is going to be "all you need is a solid relationship with the Lord to be happy" but that is not true. GOD said :It is not good for man to be alone. If all we needed was a "vertical" relationship the Lord would not have created Eve for Adam. That is the standard religious copout that people give because they don't want to be honest and say that sometimes things dont work out the way or in the timeing that we would like.My advice would be to stay close to God and try to meet some people, sometimes God expects us to make an effort in this. After all, God cant steer a ship that's not moving. Dont be afraid to date, just DONT compromise on your Christian stance.
---Ryan on 1/13/11

The blog is 5 years old....

Hopefully shes married by now :P
---JackB on 9/7/10


I would have used that scripture but the word limit is to keep us from using up too much convo on any particular subject but you may as i do find your point cannot be cleared up unless toy quote clear scriptures with an overview of why you used them.

I give no one hope in marriage I give clear example of putting God first in everything simply because you have inexperienced people who quote scriptures to prove marriage is something that you must have first, especially if sexual desire in hot on their gender, But the scripture you used needs good study because
direct your paths does not mean marriage specifically.
---Carla on 9/6/10

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So too all these things will be added unto use scriptures like this is to suggest marriage is in that package.

However there are also those who are single, eunuchs man made and God made for the kingdom. I have watched fantastic women of God grow OLD in the church never as far as I know gone outside of his promises, yet unmarried, and prayed for answers.

Their strong stance to serve regardless is a higher calling than I could manage and for those God will reward their faithfulness. So many are marrying outside of the guideline and many marry well within the guideline and yet divorce is still rife.
---Carla on 9/6/10


I am sure you are a fine young lady with the best of intentions. In the Book of Matthew, Chapter 6:33, Christ said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you." So, be patient my dear.

I believe, through crunching statistics, that only 10% of those that get married, should have, or have the character that is required to be happily and faithfully married.

Don't get me wrong, marriage can be a wonderful thing (from what I hear), but most of us never experience it this way, especially with no fault divorces and 60% of spouses cheating on each other.

"Christian" marriages fair no better than the secular
---Higgins on 9/5/10

With all the best intentions the word says that then men were lovers of themselves, boasters, truce breakers.....

The bible also states that If the righteous are scarcely saved......

So their present was bleak then we are in that progression [NOW] WOW so what hope do WE( never mind God) give those who are still praying and not receiving, are we saying the opposite to what Gods word is saying?

Is it an impossible encouragement to encourage others to be contented in whatsoever state they find themselves in. Only a True and Godly life will deliver the goal of salvation according to the word, anything before/after that is a bonus.

If marriage don't come, don't run it down!.
---Carla on 9/2/10

It's not only you that is feeling that way, many are in the same situation. But please struggle to remain in God's plan because getting what God has not given you without HIS leading brings too much pain and troubles. (1) Continue to trust God for every good thing you need (2) When the bad, envious or lonely feeling comes, please do not keep silent but pour your heart to God at such times, telling HIM exactly how you feel and what you need again, testify to HIM that HE knows best and should help you.
---Adetunji on 9/1/10

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By the looks of things he's better off alone, lol
---Carla on 9/1/10

No the rules are not different for you.

When I was your age I felt the same way.
Gods timing is always the BEST ! I tried
to make relationships work, but God stopped all of them. I became a Christian at the
age of 30. God had to mold and shape me
to become the wife he wanted me to be.

I prayed for years ! I am now married to
a wonderful godly man who loves the Lord
first and then me. I wouldn't change my
life for anything. I was 45 1/2 years old
when I walked down the isle to the Love of
my Life. We have been married for 5 beautiful years. All my hard times and
heartbreaks made me the person I am today.

Rest in the Lord and His timing.
---Paulette on 8/30/10

>We need to prepare ourselves for marriage with Christ before we can have a marriage with another person. Christ must be first.

Excellant advice!
---djconklin on 3/8/10

God listened carefully to my prayers for a mate, and left me single because i am a sensitive person and no one is available worthy to be married to me.maybe it is a compliment to be own life developed drastically without the divorce and complications of competing with my team mate in one would enter into a business arangment with someone they knew would ruin the business
---Katie on 3/3/10

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We need to prepare ourselves for marriage with Christ before we can have a marriage with another person. Christ must be first.
---Fay on 3/1/10

I understand you wanting a husband,and that you feel at your age you should already have one,I've been married before 12yrs and divorced for 14yrs.I wanted a Husband right away but it didn't happen an Im still waiting.But I had to do somethings 1 is to really become the woman that I was purpose created to be,pray an ask God to mold me into the woman and wife He and the husband He has for me needs,and to prepare me for my husband and prepare my husband for me.Some choose to say marriage is giving and taking ,dont give up God will bless you in His time,remember the race is not given to....
---velma7693 on 3/1/10

Christians can give such good "advice" and "encouragement"

I was told shortly after my dear wife died that "You should be glad now that you will have more time to do God's work"
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/28/10

I understand how you feel. I am 5 years widowed now. I miss my husband. My husband was young when he died, 48. I was 47. We have a 17-year-old son, he was 12 when his dad died. Everytime I feel that desparate need for companionship I pray, "I only want your will in my life Lord. No matter how it feels right now, in my spirit, I really only want your will." I pray that to the Lord all the time. Even if it means that I am alone from now on. His will really will bring true happiness. Just remember, he promises to give us our heart's desires. I too get really down sometimes. I miss that life we had,but it is getting easier. Just keep on keeping on with the Lord. He is there with you. Who knows, you may have met your husband already.
---Tammy on 2/27/10

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Carra, those rules are not for everyone. Some do very well along. Others need someone close to them. I'm 58 years old and have seen many wait for a love one. Some for years, others for a short time. Be patient and hold on to your faith.
---mary on 2/27/10

Please do not lose hope because you have not received your answer. God is not slow and does not hurry. He does HIS thing perfectly. Gen.2:18 that you quoted does not have specific ages for marriage written into it. Could you please explain why God chose to give Abraham the promised child at ~100yrs old, when many of Abraham's servants had children'(s)' before that time?
---Adetunji on 2/27/10

Marriage is a big committment. Be careful about rushing into it. My advise is not to assume that the first person you meet is the one for you. There is the term called "one-itus." That is where one becomes needy and they think that person is the one. I would recommend meeting other people and getting to know them. There is nothing worse that marrying someone and then finally that person who is more compatible comes along. In my opinion, that is one factor that leads to infidelity.
---Lewis on 2/26/10

hie be patient mariage is a big commitment u dont want 2 rush in u will find yourself rushing out of it. You are still young.mariege is not a bed of roses it is mental spiritual and physical challenge and if u are not prepared for the challenges u will find yourself miserable
---tenjiwe on 2/26/10

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I can tell you about my experience. I am over twice your age and prayed also. Some friends suggested I joined Christianet and through this I met the person I am going to marry next year.
Both of us feel that God has brought us together, and that his time for our meeting was just right. So, yes, keep on praying, but be patient. If you are not a member of Chrstianet, why not join and see if your life partner is to be found there, as mine was.
NB to Moderator: Our story has been written so if you want to know more please email me.
---Chris on 12/11/09

I prayed for a man to love me and be my husband since I was ten. I took things into my own hands and married two men without taking it to God first. Well, I guess since I said, married two men, you know how that turned out. I prayed and prayed and finally just gave it to God and left it there. It took me years before the Lord decided that my future husband and myself had been refined by Him to finally find each other. I have been married sixteen years now, and there is no doubt that the Lord crafted this mans heart just for me. Please trust Him to know when and who is right for you. Take it to Him and let Him work in your life and your mates.
---Jennifer on 12/8/09

When you pray to ask the Lord for a mate there is the distinct possibility it may take the Lord time to get YOU ready for your mate Lol

Through all the bad relationships and heartache that Ive been through, God uses each one to mature me little by little. Sometimes through bad relationships He shows us things that we wanted that really werent all that important.
---JackB on 12/5/09

The only thing that I could say is that God has a plan for you. Did you know that God knew who you were going to marry, even before the earth was made?!

Have patience. The Lord knows what He is doing.
---Joel on 12/4/09

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Just prayerfully continue to live an obedient life in Christ Jesus, then wait on Him until your joy will be full. Continue to depend & trust Him, do not doubt God or choose another earthly way to find your husband. If you are trying other ways then God may not direct you as you may give His Glory to another.
---Adetunji on 12/2/09

Philippians 4:11-13 Not that I speak in respect of want:for I have learned,in whatsoever state I am,therewith to be content. I know both how to be abased,and I know how to abound:everywhere in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry,both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ who stengtheneth me. Make others needs a matter of prayer before your own. Focus on serving and loving God and your fellow humans not on finding a husband. Then make a list of all you want in a husband. Be specific but be real when you pray for those things in a mate. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 & 18 Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks:for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
---Darlene_1 on 11/30/09

it never ceases to amaze me how some religious people really live up to this broken record metaphor, the only one who knows gods reasoning for anything happening or not happening is god,
people sure can discourage someone or falsely give them hope, the only honest asnwer anyone can give is that they dont know why god isnt doing something but to give various explanations about why god isnt doing something
come one, isnt there blasphemy in there someone
speaking for god, unless youre jesus youre not
so stop!!!!
---kathryn on 11/29/09

Everything happens in God's time not ours, have faith that there is a reason for things being as they are. Better to be alone then surrounded and lonely. Take time to get to know yourself and what you really want, be specific in prayer and thank God for the loved ones in your life. Then one day without even a thought it will happen. We are all connected and never alone, only darkness leads us to believe that we are. God is always with you.
---Rachel on 11/20/09

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This scripture does not apply simply to husband/wife relationships. God created us for community and relationships, which includes all kinds of relationships. Both Paul and Jesus in the NT are extremely clear that singleness is a gift and a calling for some people, but that does not mean that single people are therefore doomed to being "alone." Your focus should not be so much on finding a mate or learning to be alone, but finding intimate, meaningful, healthy community.
---Kevin on 11/19/09

You are probably tired of hearing how "young" you are. But I tell you, the more maturity you have, the more likely you are to find a mate you can enjoyably spend many years with.(My parents married in their 30's, had 3 healthy kids, were married for over 50 yrs).

There are some good suggesstions here, but don't let yourself become obsessed with finding someone to marry. Put it entirely in God's hands. He knows just what you need!

Don't stress about it or your anxiety will be broadcast to any man you meet. Join a Cristian organization or two, perhaps volunteer for a Christian outreach, and count on God.
---Donna66 on 9/7/09

God said it is not good for a man/woman to be alone but being single is not a sin either. Sometimes it is best to be alone. Especially if the wife/husband is the wrong person for you.Sometimes people we are married to or dating are some of the worse infidels we have ever met. Take your time. You are still very young. Sometimes you have to be the right person before you can draw the right person. Think about that.
---Robyn on 9/5/09

God doesn't want to give you just anyone. He wants you to have what you desire. A great man of God visited a church, where an old maid had waited 10yrs for a mate. He asked her, "why kind of man do you want?" She said, "anyone God will give me." He said, "NO, God wants you to have your desire." So she made a list and asked for a tall, handsome man, that was musical. Soon a tall, handsome, music teacher came to church. The single women wanted him but he chose the old maid. So tell God what you desire in a mate.
You're still young and God has the precise time and mate for you. But don't focus on what you don't have. Focus on what you desire. Then you won't be discouraged. You'll be expectant.
---Alena on 9/5/09

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Norma:- I Thankee you! Yes, I am from the west NOW in the city of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.I ain't no cowboy but have romanticised at being one,from a tender age.You know the old rough tough, but, shy Gentle as a lamb type.Yet still true blue, and a gentleman.One who respects God and what HE REPRESENTS.This is the way I serve HIM.
---MIC on 5/6/09

Gentlemen: I really like your answers and they came from the heart. MIC, you sound like your from "out west." The only problem is you have to be a little more gentler than you would be with a horse. I've been around horses.

Anyone who is wondering about the same question I would say try Christian Singles Groups, ChristaNet has a mingles site, but do watch out for those who claim to be single and Christians and aren't. Is there anyone in your church that is single?

I don't think 26 is to old to be getting married. My granddaughter, and she is a beautiful girl and I'm not prejudice, just got married and she's 25.
---Norma on 5/6/09

Carra":-Unless the lady does not drop her Kerchief the man cannot pick it up.When shoppimg for a life Partner you must make the first move (no matter how innocent)After this initial intricacy,GET TO KNOW HIMif not suitable let the little fishy swim away.Try again But if you set your heart on this catch then do the same as any cowboy trains his horse to be His Partner and the most important is to be on the same wavelength No splitting up if s/he cannot agree then open the corral & horse bolt.Finally you will catch the one you are sure will stay the course, attentive, loving, Kind some one to ride the riverwith. Thank God as you walk down that isle UNSULLIED.To explore the wonders of "Two in one Flesh"and not before.
---MIC on 5/6/09

I respect guys who are intentional. Don't be a slave to man-made remedies encased in spirituality but rooted in vain imaginations. Work through your fears with Christ and don't hide behind platitudes and wives tales about patience. Dating is essential for developing social maturity, realistic standards, and faith/experience. Use Gods basic boundaries and enjoy learning about women. Avoid the fear of pain in others' advice. It makes God out to be a magician or a vending machine. Hurt people usually end up testifying through their insecurities and inventing semi-spiritual "coping convictions". They're not remembering the truth in trials. Truth= action while keeping an eye on your identity in Christ. You have the kingdom supporting you!
---Greg on 5/6/09

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Be patient for it is not Your time nor my time it is the LORDS time. When it is the right time your husband will appear.

Also when you pray, you have already asked our SAVIOR for your Husband now thank him for your Husband as if he was there with you. Also prepare yourself for him as in a space in your closet for his things, a place in your latrine for his thing, ect..

---Hector on 4/11/09

you asked if the rules are different for you. there aren't many
I don't think we can bank on God finding spouse for us. He may bring someone into our lives but just the fact that He made Eve so Adam wouldn't be alone doesn't mean He matches us up. He has given you great qualities I'm sure. Talent, skill, passion. focus on being a Godly woman and start chatting some guys up. Godly men flock to a woman who pursues knowing God. Flirt, get a make-over whatever. God gave us these laws of attraction so we would come together. Just don't delve into what is clearly wrong.
I feel for ya. I sweat it sometimes too. I've stopped waiting around though and am trusting God as I get to know like-minded girls. I'm praying for you. God bless.
---Brant on 4/7/09

I dont have a direct answer, but I will say that recently I just had a a great idea, being in the same shoes as you are, (been praying and wanting a wife for along time now). Heres my idea: Go through the whole bible and find all the parts where God gave some one a wife or husband...see where those people where at before they where able to recieve a spouse. I am going to be doing this and hope to find some real answers. Hope that helps!!!
---Silas on 3/28/09

Your Adam is still sleeping...when he finally wakes up, he'll see exactly what God wants him to!
---Taylor on 3/26/09

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I intended for men to have wives not husbands. women should be looking to be that suitable companion and men should be looking for that companion. from your post it seems you are seeking a partner of the same sex. this is not in my will and will not be honored.
---g-d on 8/11/07

Don't worry Carra. 26 is still too young to get married as far as I'm concerned. I speak from a lot of experience. A single man is not necessarily a man who is alone. Many young men are seeing what older guys have had to go through with divorce and bad marriages and have put off seeking a mate for now although as most young men grow older they will start to feel that they need to be married. Just be patient.
---ralph7477 on 5/7/07

Gen.2:19-20 along with vs.18, 21-22, is one answer, when God said man, women apply it too, in a feminine sense.

Adam's task was to name every living creature, taking lot's of time before his need was met.

Adam never complained [no sin nature] and was obedient. I Cor.2:9-14.

Subconscienciously we can get too used to what we've had to adjust to!

Many in your shoes are older, having waited for "this earthen vessel blessed hope" for some time!

II Cor.4:16-17.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/9/05

Hello just a note to say don't give up I know a 28 year old male that has been praying also and is about ready to give up. He thinks maybe he's not worthy of a good woman. God Blessed me with a wonderful man but took him home to be with him after 5 short years an I am 63 so DON'T GIVE UP. Blessings to you. God Bless
---Caroa9385 on 8/3/05

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Carra, I'm 30 and still looking- sometimes it takes awhile, but don't be discouraged. I know that's hard to accept, because I understand how you feel. A good wife and a happy family was my dearest wish since I was 14 years old. But I've learned to trust in God for that, and accept each day as He gives it to me. I think the more I learn to love Him now, the more I'll be able to love her someday. Be patient.
---Billy on 8/3/05

God gives what we NEED in HIS timing not ours. Perhaps God is yet preparing you for each other.
G/F prayed for 18 yrs for a mate. It was when she was content in own life and waited on God with her whole heart that God put an amazing man into her life.
Not alone in your desires. Everyone wants to love and be loved. I know a women 50 yrs old and thought she would never marry. Last night she informed me she was getting married on the 20th of this month. She waited for God's timing and it was perfect.
---Marla on 8/3/05

Not alone doesn't necessarily mean married. we are to have friendships too. I have been single now 7-8 years, lost count, doesn't really matter. I learned that I had to be happy with my self. That no one else can bring me joy if I don't have it with in my self. I would love to marry again. but I have worked hard for the life I have now, and don't think I could leave it, I don't think I could ask someone else to drop their life to fit in to mine. I can't ask some one to do what I'm not willing to do.
---Laure5469 on 8/3/05

Carra, Put your faith with the Lords faith. Agree in prayer with Him. Or pray in faith with another believer. God, truly knows everything. He works all things together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose. He is Holy, and Almighty-Powerful! Trust Him.
---Linda on 8/3/05

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Not just for you, you've been praying 10 years for a husband..I started praying when I was 20, & I'm 52 now, and no husband in sight..but I'm still confident that God has someone for me because I am very discontented as a single person, and I must wait on His time...but sometimes I wish His timing was a little closer to my
---Ann5758 on 8/3/05

Get back to me on that one when you are my age (40). I prayed for a husband when I was 19. I have just met him and he only found God 7 months ago..the Lord has a lot of healing to do before I get to keep him. I know it is hard to hear and accept what I am going to say, but concentrate on your relationship with God. He will prepare you for the one he is preparing for you. Maybe you won't have to wait as long as I did.
---Julie3763 on 8/3/05

Dear 26, You must first and foremost take comfort in knowing all you need is God. Continue to serve, pray and be faithful in all that you do. Focus on His glory and praise Him even in your lonleyness for He is preparing the heart of the one He has for you at this very moment. Remember His time isn't our time and you are not forgotten. God will bless you...
---Craig on 8/3/05

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