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False Prophets In Church

I am married and was married once before, in both situations a prophetic word was given to assure me that it was God's will. In my first marriage he left after 2 weeks, my current marriage is awful. Have any others been trapped in this same way?

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 ---Joanne on 8/3/05
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Marriage is a picture of ourself.

How you feel about yourself affects every relationship that we have and will ever have.
---Cindy on 2/7/08

Ok davis, i'll tell them not to do what psychics do but what Jesus did when he read the pharasee's mind...remember that??, and he also read his disciples minds at times also...its all about the source
---mark_B. on 7/3/07

Fruits of false prophets/teachers: Showing oneself above others, with a conspicuous preeminence, although they may have a form of godliness. They have an overtopping estimate of their own merits. This produces a condescending contempt of others. Their pride is to be adversarial, oppositional and contrary. Not for the truth, but to withstand, be raised up, and lifted up over others. They are haughty and insolent to others.

Jhonny posted this awhile back, how accurate it is.
---anonymous on 7/3/07

Given the evidentiary fact that Jesus is all about building up the people instead of tearing them down, even so far as to be lifted up from the very earth in His crucifixion while we were still yet sinners,unlovely and without strength, the phrase "bite the dust, mister" is highly suspect of originating from the Spirit of Christ. Ephesians makes it clear that the prophetic office is to the edifying of the body of Christ and "biting the dust" is a step down, not a step up.
---Linda on 7/2/07

1Co 14:31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.

I don't find one ounce of comfort in the words "bite the dust". Only an earthy man would extend such an invitation.
---Love_is_Kind on 7/2/07

You agree with Prodigal's word for you, Eloy?

Church is not limited to a building, gifts are not reserved for a solitary Christian that's removed themselves from others. A prophet is subject to the prophets.
I have observed Prophet Goofballs; ex. one sat on the platform and stared at the congregation. He didn't worship, just stared around the room. When he began to preach there was a mass exodus. They knew this prophet was not of God. They knew the information was from a familiar spirit.
---Davis on 7/2/07

When a false prophet says,
"You have heart problems", and the congregant says, "No, I don't."
False prophet says, "You don't know it, but your heart is about to give in, and I'm just telling you before it happens."
You have a false prophet and they will be exposed, sooner or later.
---Davis on 7/2/07

A prophet should not be operating as a psychic does, reading someone's mind.
It's not the gift of suspicion, either.
We can all read someone's writing or look at someone and suspect all kinds of strange and untrue things about them.
---Davis on 7/2/07

There are many, many churches that welcome authentic prophets in.
Pastors, preachers, ministers do protect their flocks from false prophets, false doctrines, and false prophecies. It is security for the Church through the discerning of spirits to know when false doctrine is coming forth. The Holy Spirit alarm system exposes familiar spirits operating under the guise of a prophet.
---Davis on 7/2/07

The bible says a prophet is subject to the prophets for protection, catherine.
A good shepherd will not allow somone off the street to come in and devour the sheep.
They will tell that prophet to hit the door.
---Davis on 7/2/07

Jody: you are spot on.

Davis, I am a Preacher, of course, you'd have problem with anything to do with women in the pulpit and God.

How about you learn to see His daughters through His eyes rather than your own - after all Christ's example in the bible is aplenty for you to be inspired by.

My 'barbs' are very unpalatable, only to those who are insecure, immature, given to 'offense' and are interested in truth.
---Prodigal24 on 7/2/07

Ephesians 4:11-16 seems to indicate that one who occupies any of the five fold offices is a gift given to the body, for the perfecting of the saints (unbelievers aren't saints), for the work of the ministry (this would be the ministry of Christ of which unbelievers take no part), for the edifying of the body of Christ (unbelievers are not a part of the body of Christ), that we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.
---Linda on 7/2/07

Each "finger" of the five fold hand of God had a specific function:


Each one has its part and each one is needed...and each one is submitted to the others in love.
---Linda on 7/2/07

Dave you are ignorant and do not know the things of God. Churches will not welcome prophets. [most are unbelieving preachers] Just incase you weren't aware. Besides, it's God's business not yours. And you must not put God in a box. God does as He sees best and as God sees fit. BITE THE DUST, MISTER.
---catherine on 7/2/07

.david, the gifts are for all flesh, and not to be misused to only entertain the so-called saints once a week. And since you yourself do not know who I am, you should not use my name.
---Eloy on 7/2/07

I would wonder about my pastor if he is allowing this false prophet to continue fortune telling in his church. Does he recieve "love"offerings for HIS predictions? Most prophets do not speak of marriages or personal issues of individuals but speak of more global church matters pointing toward ultimate salvation of the lost. Things of Jesus and the God of our forefathers. They interpret,correct,exhort,rebuke and predict for the BRIDE OF CHRIST
---jody on 7/2/07

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Joanne ::You are supposed to test the spirits Before Not after the fact dear.
---Emcee on 7/2/07

It's amazing how many women declaring themselves to be prophets, do not even attend a church. The gifts are for the Church, God doesn't make mistakes now, does He? Prod, your spiritual barbs have returned. Didn't know you were that familiar with Eloy - or have you been on these blogs a long time using a different name.
---Davis on 7/2/07

Why would a Christian need a prophetic word about something as serious as marriage? That should be taken straight to the Lord, not man.
---Helen_5378 on 7/2/07


True prophetic people AREN'T looking for 'titles' - true prophets point people to two things: Repentance and Christ.
---Prodigal24 on 7/2/07

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Davis, please to not tar all people who have a prophetic calling as ones 'looking for attention'. Prophetic people are weird, different, kind, lovely and very misunderstood. Yes, false prophets have hurt pastors and people - ONLY when discernment was absent. Never mind False Prophets being the object to throw stones at here: if people are in tune with the Holy Spirit, regardless of their calling, they will steer clear of any person who self grandeurs themselves.
---Prodigal24 on 7/2/07

True prophetic people are looking for 'titles' - true prophets point people to two things: Repentance and Christ.

I am gifted in the Prophetic - did this happen overnight, no way. Have I made mistakes, absolutely. Am I special more so than others, no. I cant stomach this false humility about not being able to say with courage that we are what we are.

God exalts the humble and humbles the proud.

That goes for ALL christians, leave the prophets alone,
---Prodigal24 on 7/2/07

You dont need any prophecy at all to know that a partner is the right man for you..You have to do the homework yourself..what his back ground is, etc etc..did you do that with all your x husbands? How long did you date him? It all lies in your own hands to know what the man is like..and if he is suitable..God is God of order and if you have a close relationship with Him, He will answer you..
---jana on 7/2/07

False prophets and false prophecies can destroy your life.
Self appointed prophets are in desperate need of attention. Most suffer from narcissism.
False prophecy will prophesy you out of your church, your job, or your marriage.

Prophecy that draws from the human spirit is not accurate. Don't go seeking a word, you'll find one that can devastate you. Seek God and God alone. If it is a legitimate prophetic word, God will confirm it for you.
---Davis on 7/1/07

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Prophecy from God comes 100% true 100% of the time.
That should tell you something.
---Elder on 9/24/05

It doesn't matter what anybody says. The bible does say that we are bound as long as each other lives,but GOD doesn't want us in abusive relationships if it's life threatning.The apostle Paul states in the word that it is permittable to seperate for a season.I beleive there is a problem with that prophecy.This young lady was told twice that these marriages were GODS will.How can this be when you say she was bound by the first.If GODS word be true and I know it is, then why prophesy a second marriage.
---gwen on 8/5/05

No, I can't say that I have. If someone tells me something that is going to happen. I take it to God and ask for a confirmation. If there is no confirmation, then it don't come to pass. There was this one man in church who prophecy to a young couple. The woman wasn't able to get pregnant, but adopted her nephew. this man told this woman that she will be pregnant by a certain date. that date was 3 years ago and she never did get pregnant. One has to be very careful with people.
---Rebecca_D on 8/4/05

Who gave you this, "prophetic word?" (The man you married?) For future reference, remember, a man in "heat" is one of the world's best salesmen. They can "justify" anything they want, using scripture - most of the time out of context. You, being "in love with him", believe what he is saying. Read Matthew 7:15-16 it may help in the future.
---WIVV on 8/4/05

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Prophecy from God isn't given to tell a person who they should marry unless God has already told the person.Prophecy should only confirm what God has already been leading the person into.One will already be certain in their spirit and what they receive at any time is not to lead but to encourage and confirm the person is on the right track.It is so easy to be taken in by would be prophets if you don't have a full knowledge of Gods way of operating in prophecy.God Bless You,may God give you a way out.
---Darlene_1 on 8/4/05

I suffered this way for 13 yr's. I believed that when the man I had just met told me that he was to be my husband, I married him in a short time to please God. I was only a new Christian and did not know better.
Try getting a confirmation on things by stronger Christians before making big dessions. You have to deside what is right to do now... Seek God.
---Linda3939 on 8/4/05

We should always seek GODS guidance when words have been given by someone. You should pray for the spirit of discernment. When a true prophet of GOD gives you a word, GOD should already been dealing with you in that area.Learn from experience every body that says GODS SAYS, it really isn't from GOD. Remember the devil does hear when you pray. I mean he was in heaven with GOD,so he knows GODS word.He is very cunning and crafty. We must be careful.Seek GOD and he will direct you in what to do.
---gwen on 8/4/05

Scripture clearly states a husband and wife are bound in their marriage until the death of one. Then the remaining spouse is free to marry again if they choose. Seeing as Jesus cannot contradict himself, it seems clear that the "trap" was not the prophetic word, but the perception that the word was prophetic at all. God would not have you do what is contrary to his written word.
---Jennifer on 8/3/05

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