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Get Out Of A Christian Marriage

Has anyone experienced God telling them to get OUT of a christian marriage due to circumstances. I know many who will say God would not say this, but I have seen it with some people. Have you had this experience? How did God speak and why?

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 ---Queenie on 8/3/05
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People that tell you things like that are called psycopathic liars. It is a way of taking advantage of people who do not know their own minds and are ill-taught. God never told these people anything of the sort! These people have found someone else or has grown tired of whomever they are with. Instead of lying, why not just tell the truth. You made a mistake and want out. Your little selfish whims did not work out they way you wanted and you hate to lick your wounds.
---Robyn on 12/6/10

If God is going to tell you something it will be backed up in His word. Read Bible. You wont find anything supporting you to leave your partner. So if you think God is saying something to you which does not line up with His word, then it's NOT God saying it.

1Cor 7 however says if you leave your partner REMAIN UNMARRIED OR BE RECONCILED TO THEM. If your circumstances are genuinely bad (not the typical selfish reasons most have these days) then if you choose to leave out of fear and desperation then remain unmarried or be reconciled later.

It's best to ignore those convenient selfish beliefs that God is wanting you to do something contrary to His word. That would be you speaking, NOT God.
---Haz27 on 8/10/10

My pastor preached a sermon a few weeks ago: If you don't like something,Change it! Some people are christians in name only. They use this title to fool people to get what they want and then you see the real---person come out. A tree is known by the fruit it bears. God is not coming to your house, tke your hand and make you do anything. You need to use spiritual wisdom and understanding along with prayer. Get out of these bad marriages, before too late. Life is too short to spend on some loser who is pretending to be something he/she is not. And taking the family down with them. There is something better for you. But it won't happen as long as you are wallowing with these hogs. Get up,clean yourself and run away--quickly! Don't look back.
---Robyn on 8/10/10

Well, in the bible it clearly indicates God does not favor divorce, however, God does not say you cannot divorce. People need to understand that we all make mistakes. Sometimes we think it's God, but it's really more of us, instead of God. People get married for their own selfish reasons, which could spell disaster. When you know you've gotten ahead of God, sometimes, you just need to face reality and take a step back. Even if it means getting out, at least you have cleared the way for repentance and rid the chaos and confusion. Maybe, then.. you can REALLY hear from God!
---Adam on 7/8/10

My daughter in-law prays to God requesting to get out of marriage that have a 2 yr. old, 8 yr. old and a 10 yr old.
They appear to be doing OK financially and spent 10 years together and all of sudden she decides to do this. It is a very unhealthy behavior, My son does not mistreat her at all in any and he is just full of love. He chirishes his children and his wife. He was hurt in military and now he said he is tired of being mistreated and just let her go. She prays to get out of the marriage for another man...
---Francis on 4/12/10

Read your bible, I dont see any stories of God calling people to leave their spouse. The only acceptable reason in the bible is due to unfaithfulness.

Rather than leaving, pray, fast and seek God's will in your marriage, and stop nagging your spouse or if you're a guy never stop withholding love from your spouse.

---john on 3/29/10

A lady of my acquaintance had five children by her husband, who was a big wheel in their church.

Then he started playing away, and eventually left her for another woman.

He then said Jesus had forgiven him for his mistake.

Do you know what that mistake was? In marring his wife, who became mother of the five children.

There is a name for hypocritical men like that, but the Mod would I am sure not publish it here!
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/12/10

I would be incredibly doubtful about that (though my ex wife first said God was leading her to marry me and then said God was telling her to leave me, but I now doubt both), as God also tells us that we are then one flesh, which should not be broken
---peter3594 on 3/12/10

My husband and I argue all of the time about everything! Carla said God has called us to peace...we have no peace. I need a break from this marriage.
---L on 1/4/10

I dont know my wife lies to me all the time makes promises denies she ever made them, Every time I confront her with it she says I'm being cruel but never admits or discusses it. She cheated on me once and that didnt help either I am always praying for God to either kill me, get me out or do a miracle. I may be praying my will rather than His.
---Bill on 9/17/09

Christian's are suppost to be in fellowship with God before they marry anyone.. And the signs are always there when NOT to do it!!! If we are selves are walking with GOD and honest about what He is sharing.. we know if we are getting married with God's blessing or married for other reason's I have been married twice wanting to BELIEVE it was of God.. yet the whole time walking down the isle I heard GOD saying.. DO NOT DO THIS!!!! lol! But being lonely, frustated, hungry for another... makes one shop in the bargain basement... YA get what ya settle for there.. GOD does not shop in the bargain anything store... He loves us and saves us the best if we would just look for it and wait!! So nope !!
---KIM_Chatman on 7/25/09

Marriage takes two to make it work,my wife walked out and blamed me and God for all her unhappiness,then she wrote me a term paper on all my failures,I didn't reply,then she hooked up with her friend who dumped her husband after 20 years to find soul mate.I have peace in my heart today after one year and forgave her.She still bitter to this day,I still love her,but my energy is focused on myself and kids,I told God he can have her back
I lost her schematic.
---Bob on 6/28/09

God has called us to have peace and if there just cannot be no peace living together LEAVE, but consider the fact that you are to leave the way clear for repentance and reconciliation. You are called to be faithful to God if you cannot contain in a marriage, so re-marriage is totally out.

If the cause is through fornication then a good hard look at Matt 19 and various other scriptures on marriage, fornication, Adultery and Death is recommended. Then you may see yourself clear on what you are biblical able to do.

Otherwise PRAY!
---Carla3939 on 1/6/09

You put one foot in front of the other and walk out.Don't look back. If you have tried everything you know to do, pray,be an example etc.. A christian marriage can be one of the most miserable you can experience.Some of us don't have 20 more years to waste on a god hating loafer. We want some happiness now! sorry if I sound too radical. I am caught in a marriage of this sort,almost. It is hell! You can lose your mind,health and everything.
---mildred on 1/6/09

My Sister,
Gen,2:23-24"....They shall be one flesh."
and agean, Matt, 6:32"....except sexual immorality." YHWH sees thous that are married as one person not two, if there are problems of ANY kind we are to take thim to YHWH and have faith that He will provied an aser. I now that marridge can be hard my x cheted on me with my cusan, and yes we did get a devorice, but we wrer not saved ethre, and thus unawaer of what the Bible saies. Please pray about this, YHWH has placed you togather for a reason if your spous is not saved you are to be the light of the Messiah to him, if he is than bouth you and he need to pray hard about this, before you do something that could damedg your relationship with GOD.
---Aharon on 11/21/08

Yes there is such thing as getting out of a Christian marriage, if it abides to what the Bible says.My ex- husband was a Sunday school teacher and on the church council.He just had another side to him that he hid well.He had been raping my daughter for years.She finally just decided to tell me one day thanks to a tv program that was based on rape and that it was ok to tell.He is now serving 2 life sentences do to what went on. .We will make it through with God's help.
---Shelly on 11/21/08

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It would be hard for me to answer this without knowing what the circumstances were, but outside of abuse or continued adultrey I don't believe God would tell a Christian to leave their Christian spouse.
---maryj9396 on 6/26/07

I would not touch that with a ten foot pole.
---catherine on 6/26/07

Indeed, God would not say this. First test everything in the light of the Scriptures and if your calling is not in harmony with Them, you can know it is not coming from God. The two become one flesh according to the Lord's words and there are no circumstances when it is allowed to break it.
---Aben on 6/25/07

I believe that God will tell us how to be safe. I think if both are christians they will hear same real God. I don't think God would tell Real active Christains to do this. but if one is not following God, God maybe getting ready to slap someone cross the head and what the other at a safe distance while God does that.
---Laure5469 on 8/15/05

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pt 1 if you had cancer, I think that God would say remove it. if you're in a bad group, mom would tell you to get away from bad kids. We are Gods kids,I'm Christian, my ex WAS one, He lost his faith and did "bad" stuff, in order to protect my family I asked him to leave till he got help. he asked for a divorce, I asked God if I should let husband go. God said yes. I am now better off in many ways. Peace of mind that someone won't come to my house looking for him, and scaring my kids any more,
---Laure5469 on 8/15/05

pt 2 and he has a bad credit rating that if I had stayed I would have been dragged in to. I don't deal with drugs, alcohol, diseases, his kids out side of our marriage. He has to deal with them. I only wish My girls had a dad in their lives, but am glad that he isn't at this time.
---Laure5469 on 8/15/05

A man will leave his father and mother and will be joined to his wife, and the 2 will become 1 flesh. Now they are no longer 2, but they are become 1 flesh: therefore what God has joined together, let not mankind separate.
---Eloy on 8/13/05

desertion and adultery are two fairly clear cut cases where God permits divorce

i am the offended party in a marriage involving adultery and i believe God may be telling me that I have the freedom to leave

the fact is that marriage is a covenant and adultery breaks that covenant... it can be restored, but sometimes it simply cannot
---erasmus on 8/12/05

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Shelly what you had was not a Christian Marriage.
We get confused when someone says they are a Christian as to what they really mean. When we determine what a Christ like person is then we can answer the question posed.
The answer is, you will not want to end a Christian marriage.
---Elder on 8/4/05

I don't believe God wants us to quit a Christian marriage. If God put you together, then he wants you to be together. But if there is abuse involved, then it's NOT a Christian marriage. Like in Shelly's case for example. Shelly thought her marriage was Christian based, but it wasn't. A man of God will not do such horrible abuses to his daughter, as her husband has done.
Shelly, you and your daughter have been through a lot of traumatic experiences. I'll pray for God to give you peace in your lives.
---TeeRee on 8/4/05

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