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Have A Country On Your Heart

Do any of you have a particular country on your heart heavily from God? What do you take this to mean, share how it feels for you. I have a love of India that is so strong, I see the people there and love them, weep for them and know one day I will be over there in Gods timing.

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 ---Ruth on 8/3/05
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I spent 13 years in Rwanda / Burundi (Africa) They occupy a special place in my heart.
I am happy when I think of a number of my former students who have been very successful but I am also very sad when I think about how quickly these same people
have turned vicious and killed each other without blinking an eye. "Hotel Rwanda" (incidently Paul Rusabagina, who saved over 1000 WAS a student of mine) or
the HBO special "Sometimes in aPRIL" illustrate what I am talking about.
---Pierr7958 on 11/11/07

I have a burden/love for Zimbabwe. I love the people and the country is beautiful. I was blessed to go on a church planting mission trip in 2000. I miss the people I worked with greatly. My advise...PRAY FOR THAT NATION!
---Pam on 3/31/07

I have a state, not a country, that I feel a spiritual connection to. This state is Colorado. From the time I was a child I was connected to the beauty of the four seasons. I know that every time I'm there I feel my soul refreshed. I pray if it is Gods will that my family will be back to stay. Thank you for sharing your country.
---tina7868 on 9/14/05

The children of the USA, due to the rise of child abuse and neglect.Their troubles range from not being fed and kept clean to being tortured and violated with sexual abuse.Animals are protected better in the USA than childen are,mainly because laws give too much consideration to the childs adult family than the child.God save the children not only in USA but around the World.
---Darlene_1 on 8/5/05

Afghanistan! In 1975 I was told to prepare myself to join "a group" that is to do a missionary activity at this country. Sometimes in 1980, Afghanistan has fallen. I am now wondering if that "group" has made it to this country. But still, I am praying for Afghanistan!
---linda6546 on 8/4/05

My heart is crying for all the little babies that were abortions. All the countries, I guess.
---sue on 8/4/05

Tears flow down my face for the people of Liberia. A once civilized nation has now turn out to be a JUNGLE with no electricity, pipe water,38 persons wishing to becoming president and most of all hundreds in displace camp who left their county because of war. Babies born in the open with no doctor or nurse to tend to them. Please pray for this country and its people for total PEACE this coming election.
---Saybah7755 on 8/4/05

My heart weep for SUDAN.....just the other day after they left our country in KENYA to there promised land, there leader who fought for there rights salvaged them from years of agony and now just like MOSES and the israelites he never had the chance to rest peacefully on the promised land...i pray for that country and its people ..LETS PRAY FOR SUDANESE.
---peter on 8/4/05

I have a burden for a people, not the country. I am burdened for the Muslims in North Africa. A very good friend is a missionary to them. I did some missions work with them years ago.

They are not as literate as we are here. They live in closed countries.
---Madison on 8/3/05

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