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Kathryn Kulhman Divorced

Has anyone got any information on when Kathryn Kulhman left her marriage after God told her to, so that he could restore her ministry, where would I find information on this part of her life. Thanks.

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 ---Maxine on 8/3/05
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You will find what happened in the book "Daughter of Destiny" by Jamie Buckiningham
---Selwyn on 1/5/08

Wiki has a site about religious scandels - there are plenty of names incl KK. Aimee simple mc, but actually reading them all I was very impressed I thought there would have been hundreds more.
Does scandel negate the work God is doing? Or reflect on the work produced - I guess thats for another blog.
---Andrea on 8/12/07

Probably the best book on the subject is A woman of destiny, by Jamie Buckingham. It was out of print for years, then came back into print recently, though I'm told it's been taken off the catalogues.
They were friends, I believe, and he had help from her family and workers.
---mike6553 on 8/12/07

Kathryn Kulhman left her husband in 1944 and he divorced her in 1948. I read this in her biography.
---marjie on 3/25/07


Was like King Solomon that she had many husbands and ike Johnny Cash had many groupies.. those of course us men us men of God... she was great. and she lives in heaven with madre...teresa.... later Saint Nate like Saint Patrick so what I got to say counts at least to the underground church in the usa of today.
---SaintNateLove on 3/11/07

Praise God for "The Daughter Of Destiny". True Repentence after conviction by God's Holy Spirit, "makes all things new", including an unbiblical marriage. Suppose a child was born of this 'union'? They're not the first, probably not the last either. Is this not what Calvary is all about? The Just for the unjust? Countless lives have been changed because God never gave up on Her. Man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 2/5/06

Hello, I have a book called daughter of destiny which is all about her you might want to check into that It a wonderful book. God Bless you
---Ashley on 2/5/06

A woman preacher?
a woman is not supposed to preach accordng to the only bible available so far.
Therefore a woman preacher is condemned by the Word of God. She was an instrument of deception.
---oscar on 9/21/05

Remember people.....this is the only time in history were God granted a divorce for un Bibical we believe this garbage.....
---wayne on 9/15/05

Jesus and the disciples were provided for no matter where they went. They did not travel in the best of transportation of the day nor did they stay in the finest inns. They also did not accumulate a great deal of wealth for themselves. This is something that few evangelists of today would even think of. Many have taken to charging a cash price before they will do a service. Jesus is coming soon! Are you ready?
---Sally on 8/22/05

Things cost money, bibles, films, digging wells, planting churches, airwaves, satellites, feeding the hungry, legal battles, unfunded programs, WEBSITES, "equipping the saints" for ministries here/abroad, etc.

I agree with some 'legitimate' concerns, but our enemies don't need more ammo!

Some sound outright bitter!

Demos Shakarian knew how to handle this type of situation,leaving things in God's Hands! Read his book! Gal.5:6-'15'.

Get Over it, Move On, In Jesus' Name!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/15/05

Yes, we are to look at their fruits. I don't see Benny Hinn or Oral Roberts spending any of the "millions" of dollars they raise each year on the homeless or hungry or those in prison. Isn't that what Jesus told us to do? And, as far as the "healings" Hinn was in a city where we used to live and there were "NO" reports of healings! Get it? None!
---Sally on 8/12/05

didn't O Roberts say that if his followers didn't give him a millon dollars God told him He was going to take him home?, Oral needs to repent of this. i can't believe people bought into this. I would not want Roberts or Hinn laying hands on me, I don't want any demons.
---wayne on 8/11/05

there will those at the judgement, saying,
"did I not do great and mighty works in your name, and cast out demons"? God will say depart from me ye workers of iniquity I know you not. do we know who these workers are?
read your Bible and you will see the counterfit. the Bible says nobody has ever seen God, Hinn says he has, so who's lying?
---wayne on 8/11/05

I've never been to B.Hinn's crusade..but look at the "fruit"...God does heal people thru him,much like Oral Roberts years ago,and I suppose K.K.also.Aren't we suppose to know them by their "fruit"? God's gifts are 'without repentence'(He doesn't take them away)..even if the person fails Him at times.
---lovable_linda on 8/10/05

"From such things turn away" Yes, I think much of what passes for evangelism via the TV should be turned away from, or should I say TURNED OFF?
---Xanthi on 8/10/05

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Wayne I believe you said it right. Now Benny Hinn will do stuff like that. Can you just amagine on the grave trying to get the annoiting? What awful things things guys do. He also saw God while shaving once and talked to Him. People in the church started cheering him and saying Amen. I could not believe it. They make a mockery of the of God.
---lupe2618 on 8/9/05

Sally, ofcourse that's sick and unGodly. hope he repented of that, because that's borderline demontic. he also sold books for $15.00 each on how to survive the Y-2K. false teachers? the Bible says "from such, turn away" whoever they are, i'm not judging, just turning away.
---wayne on 8/9/05

Yes, Hinn is an admirer of Kathryn Kuhlman. In fact, in one of his services he talked about how he had laid on "her grave" for several hours trying to get the annointing. Anyone else see this as sick and ungodly?
---Sally on 8/9/05

i know that Benny Hinn is an avid admirer of hers, and he may have the information your looking for. i'm not sure where his ministry is headquartered, but you probably can find his address online through a search engine.
---Eloy on 8/7/05

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We've all seen what happens when we become so "holy" we are full of ourselves. quick to outcast others, like J.S. did to J.B. our tongues will snare us. maybe thats what happened to K.K. I didn't know much about her. we become so holy we can justify anything. sin is at all our doors.
---wayne on 8/7/05

"Daughter of Destiny" by Jamie B. tells all in a non-tabloid way, as Kathryn said to tell all!

The man she married she called "Mr", was married when they met, divorced his wife for Kathryn K.. That was the real problem, not that he had been married before!

He too was a true man of God who lost all because of this near "fatal attraction", never to approach Kathryn again, sending her a card every year!

One's End Is What Counts! I Cor.6:9-13, I Jn.1:5-10.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/7/05

What I heard on TV was the anointing left her Ministry due to her marriage to a divorced man.She knew she had to choose the Ministry or the man so she put God first and gave up the man. God had a call on her life and God's call was more important to her than the love she felt for the man.Simply she could give up the man but not her God or the Ministry.
---Darlene_1 on 8/6/05

True, there is forgivness for all sins.
but I didn't know God made exceptions to call someone out of a marriage. am I missing something?
---wayne on 8/6/05

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True, Kathryn Kuhlman, and Jamie Buckingham were close "friends", Jamie B. is the only one Kathryn K. authorized to write her autobiography, "Daughter Of Destiny", hence, the intimate details and nature of his book about her.

When questioned about her marriage, she would simply state "it never happened" [true, in God's, eyes after forgiveness by His Grace]! She also said she fainted, before saying "I Do"
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/5/05

according to her story in Daughter of Destiny, Kathryn married a man who had left his wife and children to be with her.A divorced man.She repented after being with him 6 yrs. repent means to turn away, the cost was very high as she loved him dearly but loved her Lord more.She was called with a destiny in God like we are and made a wrong move. Please read this biography if you can it will beless you.
---Sue on 8/5/05

So did she say that God told her to leave her marriage?
---wayne on 8/5/05

Type in "Kathryn Kuhlman" and you will find several articles on her. Remember that she was a human being just like the rest of us. So many are quick to judge ministers who fall. But, they are also entitled to the same repentance and restoration as King David was.
---Sally on 8/5/05

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