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What's The Point Of Life

This is something been weighing on me a while. If our lives have been preordained B4 we're even conceived, what's the point to everything? If God knows when I'm going to fall, when I'm going to everything, what is this life for anyway and what does anything matter?

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 ---Jason on 8/3/05
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Jason, have you ever had a girlfriend you really liked and you knew she would do what you wanted to do with her? Just because you already knew, did this stop you from enjoying doing it with each other?? If your parents knew what they would give you for Christmas and that you would choose to accept the gifts, does this mean you a child should not open and enjoy your presents???
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/4/07

Jason, have you ever had a girlfriend you really liked and you knew she would do what you wanted to do with her? Just because you already knew, did this stop you from enjoying doing it with each other?? If your parents knew what they would give you for Christmas and that you would choose to accept the gifts, does this mean you a child should not open and enjoy your presents???
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/4/07

Yes it is true that God knows all before we are even conceived, but I believe that the purpose of our life in Christ, the storms, trials, are to conform us to the image of God's only begotten son, Jesus Christ. God uses every situation that comes into our lives for our good, and for His Glory. He is the Potter, we are the clay.
---Cynthia on 9/4/07

God has designed for us through Christ to experience the fullness that He allots to man, that we might understand the plans and purposes of God and the hope to which He called us. Without the righteousness of Jesus Christ, none of this can happen.
Without His righteousness there is no hope of us ever staying connected to His grace.
---PineyWoods on 8/25/07

What is the point of Christian blogging if you feel comfortable pulling any lie out of a hat to write a reply?

After months and months of reading the blogs, the most thoughtful answers are from those who've left. They are no longer here.
They were real and genuine, and true blue.
---PineyWoods on 8/25/07

The blogs have become filled with fabrications. They are everywhere you look.
Jesus gave us His righteousness in this life.
Paul lists them in order - wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.
Redemption is not something that happens on the other side of the grave.
God intends for every believer to walk in that redemption this side of heaven.
If your heart is filled with lies, how will you ever walk in the Glory of God?
---PineyWoods on 8/25/07

To live a full life not to stand still and live the life that God gave to us as to waste it, is a sin. Enjoy the small things like a sunny day, the smell of fresh grass and the look in your childs eye. Have some children be kind and live every day like it is your last.
---Geraldine on 6/22/07

nerrad, I'm sorry you feel this way. You sound very lonely, and I wish you would know the love of the Father for is more incredible then you can imagine. There IS purpose, and God is that purpose and to know Him, to be with Him is fullness of joy.
---christina on 6/11/07

Because God knows all, does not negate nor erase your life. No one is made a robot or a mindless machine with no will, but instead God gave you a free will which you can use to your fullest ability to serve God or else to serve sin. It pleased God to create you, you have a mission that he has set for you to do, and you are to fulfill his will and do his works which he has instructed for you to do.
---Eloy on 6/11/07

But, there are actual living things on this planet. My dog notices when I'm missing and expresses sadness when I'm gone and joy when I return. This happens with people too. Furthermore, there is God's love. He loves us at all times and just wants us to "be" with Him. To have a relationshiop with Him. We can do this by spending time with Him through prayer, reading scripture, serving others, etc. God is Love. And he wants us to truly experience His Love.
---Katrina on 6/10/07

My Goodness>> I know where you are coming from. I have ask about this to God several times. Just today as a matter of fact. His Answer was back to me, "I'll help you to learn".
---catherine on 6/10/07

Life? There is no point in life we are all matter in a world of pointless existence. If there was not a single living thing on planet earth who would know the difference? Who would be around to miss one another? Nobody! life is the single most pointless thing on this planet.
---nerrad on 6/10/07

The whole purpose of this life is to believe that Jesus died for us on the Cross so we can live in heaven forever. Once we have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour we are then privileged to tell others about His Sacrifice of Himself on the Cross so that they may too believe in Him and go to heaven also.
---Helen_5378 on 7/28/06

billy i have never talked to god and i have often wondered this i say dont believe it because i dont believe evrything i read you know so if some crazy guy came up to you today and said god told him to write this would you believe him no you wouldnt so dont worry about it im not saying gods not real do not get me wrong im searching for the point of life and i think there must be a reason why we are here

---josh on 7/27/06

Billy, I hate to bust your thinking but I think you need a study on God's attributes and you might change your opinion. I say you might. I know many already have a preconceive mentality, because you mention on one of your answers, "I cannot stress that enough" I hope that your understanding of God grows. Bless you brother Billy.
---lupe2618 on 8/14/05

Believe through faith in Christ and what He stands for or don't believe. Preordination, does not effect your life in anyway. Its just that you don't see it as right. Not many do. They see things with their eyes and many of those eyes are blind to God's Omnipotence. He hold all power over His creation. No part of creation stands outside the scope of His sovereign control. That is what Omnipotence means. God's sovereign power, authority, and control over the created order.
---lupe2618 on 8/14/05

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3. That is if you are a true believer, if you are not then, you live for yourself and don't want anything to do with God anyway and will go to hell. Now that is the difference. Live for God or live for satan. Take your choice. But stop complaining why the purposes of God don't agree with you. He is the Creator and does as He pleases. Not to what anyone thinks or feels. He is Lord and ruling from His throne. He knows why He does certains things we don't understand, only He does.
---lupe2618 on 8/14/05

2. He never learns anything or acquires new knowledge. The future as well as the past and present are completely known by Him. He is surprised by nothing. The word, "Omniscience means "to have all (omni) knowledge (science). It is a term properly applied to God alone. Only a being that is infinite and eternal is capable of knowing everything. Jason, you ask, whats the point of everything? What is this life for anyway? Well Jason, your life is for God. What meaning is there? To glorify Him.
---lupe2618 on 8/14/05

Billy, you say God doesn't know what you are going to do, then you say God knows from the future what you will do. Now somehow you have something there wrong. You say He knows you like a book, I believe that is correct. He knew you before you were born. Either He knows or He doesn't, and is learning as He goes. That would go against His attribute of Omniscience. God, being infinite, is able to be aware of all things, to understand all things, and comprehend all things.
---lupe2618 on 8/14/05

you were preordained befoe eternity to be a child of God.. you are written in his book... now, if you can get thur the first part of suffering, and find the positive bible scripture then your eyes will see and your heart will sing. in jesus name i pray for your blessings! amen. a sister
---shawn on 8/12/05

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Jason, it's not that their answers are rehearsed, it's that you're not open enough to received them. God allows us to fall because if we never go through anything we won't appreciate Him; we won't know how to withstain in ministry; we won't know Him in the capacity of His greatness; we won't know that He's able. Everything that we do, say or go through is for for our good but brings glory to God. He doesn't want to control us, He wants us to freely surrender to Him and He will help us get through.
---Chosen on 8/5/05

He allows you to fall, to make bad choices, because He loves you. It's important to Him that you choose goodness because you love it, instead of because He forces you to. You'd be no different than a rock or a tree, if you had no choice about what you do. He wants your willing love, not your forced obedience, and in order to get that He has to give you the option NOT to give it. Nothing is preordained, Jason. I can't stress that enough. He knows because He sees, not because He preordains.
---Billy on 8/5/05

Jason, you're confused because you don't understand about God being outside of Time. That's very, VERY important. Think of your whole life as a page in a book. You have to read it line by line, but God isn't like that. He can stand apart and look at the whole page at once. God doesn't know what you're going to do until you do it, but all He has to do is watch you. He sees you, right now, doing whatever you'll be doing twenty years in the future. That's how He knows.
---Billy on 8/5/05

God has a plan for our lives ,it is up to us to take the right steps which lead us down the path he has choosen.We do that by praying and seeking God's will and following His Word.It's like parents who plan their childrens future but those children have a free will to choose their own future good or bad.It doesn't change the parents intentions but the outcome changes because the children didn't do their part.God doesn't let us fall,we jump by ourselves,just like those children fail doing as they please.
---Darlene_1 on 8/5/05

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Jason, there are some very good responses to your question, but if you're still confused, please consider a counseling session with a minister who can give you answers to questions, back them up with scripture, and respond in more detail than what is allowed here (due to space). God bless.
---Nan on 8/5/05

All of these replies sound a little too rehearsed. How can it be that God lets us fall if he knows that's what's gonna happen? I mean if he knows us before we're conceived....I'm just lost.
---Jason on 8/5/05

God gave us life to serve him. Do things for his glory. Yes he knows us and everything about us. Life is a gift from God. He created us to worship him, to obey him. Yes I fail God at times, I am human. But God picks me up and I repent daily. It is a privilage to serve God to be able to call upon his name, it is an honor. Life in God is great, life in satan is hell.
---Rebecca_D on 8/4/05

There are kindnesses that will never be done unless you do them, there are evils that will never be corrected unless you correct them, because that's your place and the role God made for you, if you'll accept it (you're free to refuse). But NOTHING you do is without purpose, and no choice you ever make is anything less than your own free will. It matters a lot what your choices are- to you, to others, and to God. Don't waste the opportunities He gave you.
---Billy on 8/4/05

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Jason, God knows your choices, but not because He foreordained them. He is outside of Time altogether. For Him, it's still 1492 and already 2009. Everything in Time is the present, for Him. He knows your choices because He can simply watch you making them. Every choice you make is completely free, and it matters immensely what you choose and what you don't.
---Billy on 8/4/05

I read all of Psalms 31 and Psalms 34 today.It's truth helped me.Perhaps it'll help you,dear.linda3957
---lovable_linda on 8/4/05

Our lives aren't preordained in the sense that we are puppets on a string, every moment controlled by the great Puppet-Master. God knows the beginning from the end but that doesn't mean everything that happens is His will. His perfect will for man was demonstrated in the Garden of Eden.

God IS love (1 John 4:16) & love always craves an outlet, a way to express itself. We aren't puppets but free-will agents with the capacity to choose whether we will receive & reciprocate His love or reject Him.
---DoryLory on 8/4/05

One of Satin lies is for us to live to ourselves. God created us. God created us to love Him, and to fellowship with Him. Since fallen man... We are to share God's good news with others with love and mercy. to lead them to Jesus.
Life is desined by God. He created us. After fallen man, Jesus, paided a price of His own blood. We belong to God. We have to find out what God wants us to do with this bring Him glory and praise.
---Linda3939 on 8/4/05

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This life is your gift, this is your time to enjoy God in the people/things he has created.

Life is about joy in the Holy Spirit, anything else is death with a different name tag.

Make no mistake child of God, you're here to spread joy and "good news."
Satan has waged war against God by attacking us; look around you, there are people everywhere helping him.
---Pharisee on 8/4/05

To continue ... Life is what you make it - and you can make your life beautiful! What is important is to have faith in God, live by His Grace, follow His leading and direction, discern His Will. Then we can die in peace - as preordained by God.
---Esper on 8/4/05

God has given us LIFE - the best gift we every received. Yes, our birth was preordained, as our death, too. But what happens in between - living our lives - is a matter of choice. A person chooses his path so he should be ready to accept the consequences of his choice. We can choose to be happy or sad, brave or coward, patient or irritable, do good or do bad. (Cont...)
---Esper on 8/4/05

It has been "predetermined" that we would be conformed to the image of Christ. Rom 8:29-30. God is not willing that any should perish but gives us a freewill.
Everything that happens to or with us is to bring about us becoming more like Jesus.
---Elder on 8/4/05

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God wants you to succeed. He made you in His image. What sets you apart from others is that you have options given to you by God. You can take the easier path or you can ask God to help you in these decisions and follow with faith and effort. Should you take the easy path, life will be miserable without knowing the love of our Lord. He does not like pity parties.
---chuck on 8/4/05

Ahh, the meaning of life. Why are we here anyway? For God's glory and to fellowship with Him. He is worthy of being exalted, and worshipped, so my purpose in life is to exalt him and glorify him.

I have to look at life from a kingdom perspective. What I do matters in the kingdom of God. It is either for His glory or the edificaton of the saints.
---Madison on 8/3/05

Try to read the book "A Purpose Driven Life" by Ricj Warren.
Answers questions about why and what we are here for.
There is a reason for everything.
---Marla on 8/3/05

We are here on this earth to spread the good news of God's love and Mercy and ultimately to have a life in him and live with him in Glory in the end.
God created everything on earth for us to enjoy. the beauty of the flowers, the mountains they are all for us.
Our purpose is to lead others to him
---M on 8/3/05

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just because God knows everything doesn't mean things are set in stone. we have a choice, and although God already knows what choice we'll make, we still have to make it. God knows every step we'll take in life, but still have to take them, one at a time.
---gabriel on 8/3/05

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