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Husband Left Me For A Man

My husband left me and 3 kids for a man. How do i let go. It's devastating for me. I lost my dad april 18th, older sister may 6th, my husband left us 3 weeks after. We seek prayer daily, It's tough, I'm lost, phil 4-7.

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 ---inez on 8/4/05
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Be encouraged that you are not alone-1Cor 10:13. God's promises are sure- John 14:18.
This world is full of problems-John 16:33
Understanding the hidden 1/2 of the gospel is important- Isaiah 53:3. Contact me for more info. May the Good Lord keep and comfort you
---Sam on 10/17/08

My heart goes out to you. You are not alone. As casual as that sounds, it is so true. God can heal the pain and bring you peace. Seek Godly counseling and search His word for guidance. Talking about it with someone who can offer biblical encouragement can be a balm in this valley you're in. God bless.
---Shelly on 9/4/07

I can relate to your problem in that my husband was having an affair with a man he met on the net. I trusted him totally and thought he was just a friend. When I finally learned what was going on I wanted to die for being so trusting with him. He chose me over the man and we are working at putting our lives back together. It is not easy but is working. With Gods help
---Frances on 8/29/05

Sounds a lot like Job, whose latter end was blessed more than his beginning [Job 42:12; Rom.8:28].

You're not lost, just free! Give God time!

You have my condolences regarding your dad & sister.

I pray your 'husbands' lifestyle will not have any permanent negative physical/mental health problems for you or your kids! III Jn.2.

Relocate if possible where you & yours can be spiritually nourished [Prov.18:14].

God's Best!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/15/05

2. You cannot change your husband. No one can but God. If your husband goes down the gutter it will be God that lets him fall. You have no saying in what he is doing. You could mention so many things but it would not do any good to him. All you do is make things worse and keep the pain going. As a brother, I tell you to move on with faith, that God will not abandom you and the kids. He will get you through somehow. If you love you husband, just let him go. If you need someone to talk to please write me.
---lupe2618 on 8/9/05

Inez. I am sorry for your lose in the family. I have been through a lot myself. First my dad eight months later my mom, eight months later my wife and four months later my only sister. No one knows how it feels. It is different with all of us. God pulled me through and I believe he prepared me for what was to come without me knowing it. I pray that you be strong in faith. That you don't think its just you that is going through this. Sin is in the world and we will be facing sin always till we die.
---lupe2618 on 8/9/05

Thank-you for your replys God shows me i'm not alone by your response and advice. It's been 9weeks now and loneliness has set in big time.prayers help us through our days and i live for the kids.The father never calls nor see them. keep them in prayer thier lonely as well. we pray together and surrender the dad to God. nothing we can do hes in God's hands now thats all. today we take it one day at atime. Phil4-7 Inez
---inez on 8/8/05

I wont say I understand how you feel but you and your children are in my prayers. May God heal your pain and comfort you
---maryanne on 8/5/05

Inez,the loss of your relatives through death will take time to heal so try not to linger on the pain of their death,remember the good times,it will get better.The husband that left you for a man,praise God he is gone.He could have kept it hidden and cheated on you until he brought home aids and infected you too.File for divorce and child support and start,with God's help, putting your life back together.God be with you.
---Darlene_1 on 8/5/05

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