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Why Doesn't God Control People

I work with abused children sexually & physically. I don't understand if God is such a loving God why he allows it to happen. Isn't He our Father and isn't a father supposed to protect his children. Why does He let this happen to the little babies and children?

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 ---andrea on 8/5/05
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There are so many things in this life that we don't have the answer to. It is difficult not knowing but we must trust God in those times. Very difficult. We want to question and fault God but should we do that? Everything happens for a reason and God does not have to give us His reason. He is God! We are not! He does not have to ask our permission for anything. He doe not need us. We need Him!
People are cruel,evil beings,sometimes. Love does not mean all good things will happen to us. Love does not mean we will never feel pain and suffering. You need to pray over your feeling toward God and your understanding of Him. It seems to be immature.
---Robyn on 7/30/10

Why does God who loves His people and His people only does God love, allows His people to be abused, thrown in jail for serving Him, mocked and cursed? We are not to question God.
---catherine on 8/12/07

He is a loving God but he doesn't control the minds of people. I don't know how anyone can harm a child. God helps those children more than you know. And he will judge the ones who harm them.
---Rebecca_D on 8/12/07

God PROMISSED us free will if he began controlling us he would be going back on this promiss meaning he lies and God doesn't lie. What God promisses he does.
---judit4846 on 9/4/05

Us humans aren't puppets on a string controlled by God, but have free will. Those who aren't Christian don't operated on the same system as Christians. While the Christian isn't on a "string" either, they want to do what pleases God, because they are in the family of God. (Romans 8:15-17) The non-Christian just wants to please themselves; not God, because they aren't in the family of God. They are under Satan's control.
---WIVV on 8/30/05

Eloy, I disagree with your last statement. That the person lost can choose to do good or evil. He is in slave to sin and cannot do good. The best or good he does is more evil, because he does it for pride and not for God so more sins go into his already long list. Remember, he loves what he is doing and has enmity against God. His desires will be against God. He does have a free will, to do more evil or less, but there is not one thing good in man without Christ.
---lupe2618 on 8/12/05

You seem to come up with a lot of assumptions 'just off the top of your head' steve.
Whats this boyfriend theory? I guess that if YOU forbit women over 40 to marry saying they are too old,(your many previous posts) what choice do they make but to take a 'boyfriend'? (LOL)!! -:)
---susanna on 8/11/05

, we desperately need to return to the values of a hundred years ago, when children were of more importance than feminist causes.
---steve on 8/8/05

, there is a verse that says God has darkened the minds of those who reject him, so it should not surprise us that many people "don't get it" on these issues.
---steve on 8/8/05

, feminists tear down the family unit, so women end up with boyfriends who don't care for the kids, and the moms are less than caring. muslims react to what they see feminists doing, so they make harsh laws that are tough on women and children.
---steve on 8/8/05

God made us to glorify him. It isn't his fault so many people do evil things and are evil. He shows them love by things around them, but yet satan has them blinded so they do not see the love of God. It is a shame that children suffer alot. I was sexually abused as a child, through God I overcame this and forgave this person. If it hadn't been for the Lord, I would be in jail, insane place, or 6ft under and in hell. Thanks to be to God he watched out for me. He takes care of his own, that is a promise.
---Rebecca_D on 8/7/05

Candice, continue on young lady I am proud of you.
---Elder on 8/7/05

Sorry 'Steve', I can't see how you equate child abuse with feminism or Islam?
Maybe you meant for this o be on another blog? It makes no sense.
---NVBarbara on 8/7/05

God is loving, for instead of irrational robots he made each of us with the capacity to exercise free will, whether to be good or to be evil. Many abuse their gift of free will and choose to be cruel and evil, and that's not God's fault, it's the abuser's doing.
---Eloy on 8/6/05

It is because GOD IS LOVE and true love is not controlling.
---Pierr7958 on 8/6/05

, sadly, feminism has caused children everywhere to be hurt and abused as a result of broken families. also, the rise of feminism has resulted in radical forms of islam sprouting up, causing more suffering to kids elsewhere.
---steve on 8/6/05

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, people raise children instead of raising mannequins. people own real cats instead of stuffed toy cats. and so also, God allows us to be real beings who make choices, whether good or bad. praise God that we are not robots because now love really means something.
---steve on 8/6/05

i was the victim of child abuse and sexual abuse that was the life i knew i forgave but when you see it happening to others you want to just hold them & tell them it will be okay but it isnt & unless they see the light of day it wont be for them i dont personally work up close with them i want to one day but i do see them & occassionally get to speak to them you can see the pain in their eyes and it hurts you to see that it hurts me deeply but i know all i can do is pray thanks for your help everyone
---andrea on 8/6/05

I was an abused child. God allows us choices, and our choices affect others. If a parent chooses to be violent , it affects their children. But were it not for my dad's violence, I would not be a believer now, and I would not have the love I have for children in the same situation.
---zoe5647 on 8/5/05

I was raped when I was younger and I beleive if I would have received help when I was young I would have not been the person I was before I was saved. I didn't understand why, but I had to forgive the man. What you are doing for the children is a ministry. The battle is the Lord's but you can help by helping them forgive now...
---Dianne on 8/5/05

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Thats a good question and like you I have also asked it.I live with victims of abuse and am one myself. For me all I know is that forgiveness has kept me going as horrible as the abuse is God is still God and what was intended for evil he will work for good even when we dont understand, we live by faith.
---Sue on 8/5/05

God is everything. But there is such a thing as freewill and we have a choice to allow demonic spirits rule over us or the Holy Spirit to rule over us. We have authority over everything in the earth realm, if you are walking after the spirit, and I believe a lot of people lose sight of that very thing. We don't have a choice how others are but we have a choice of how we will be. More people need to get that concept. Self-control is a fruit of the spirit.
---Chosen on 8/5/05

God doesn't allow these sins. It is those of us that don't take a stand for the things of God. It is those of us who sit back in our air-conditioned offices and homes in front of our TVs and PCs while people like Judge Roy Moore is forced to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Court House.
When we allow those things to happen we are saying it is OK to practice these sins.
Who's at fault?? It
Is it you?
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 8/5/05

God has given us a free will to choose or not to choose what we want. He will direct us if we let Him. (The operative word here is "IF".Those who abuse children or anyone, have chosen NOT to let God direct them. Earth is really the realm of Satan, so it should be of no surprize to see things that are wrong. Ephesians 2:2
---WIVV on 8/5/05

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part 2: on a case 3 month old in a state of comatose expected to die any minute head swollen bruised up broken femur etc. mother knew boyfriends abusing child for a while did nothing came home babies eye swollen gasping for air stopped breathing did cpr started breathing again then the next day when baby found not breathing rushes it to hospital why did God not put an angel there to protect this baby he knew what was gonna happen couldnt he have let someone who would take care of it have it
---andrea on 8/5/05

i dont want God to control peoples minds that wouldnt be fair to ask what i want is for the little babies who have no way of escape no control over their life and who they are born to to be protected God plans our life before we are born so why doesnt he plan to protect them i mean come on murdering or beating a baby he could give that baby to someone who cares i have a friend who is a great mom for 5 years trying to concieve a second and she cant but when she does she miscarries
---andrea on 8/5/05

This happens because God allows free will to all of us. Some of us will use our freedom to hurt others. The only way God could prevent it would be to take away our free will, which would be a worse injury than anything we can possibly do to each other. God's love is deeper than we can understand, and He loves all of us. Even horrible crimes committed against us can turn out to be blessings in the end. We can't see the future. That doesn't excuse those who commit the crimes, but God is not unloving.
---Billy on 8/5/05

God does not do evil.This is Satans world, look at the passage when Jesus is in the wildreness for 40 days & tempted by Satan. Satan offered his kingdoms (the world) to jesus. This said God cannot do evil, for he is God & it contridicts the bible.We all have freewill & unfortunally with that some people use it wrongly.
---Candice on 8/5/05

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Cond #2-->
I will give my home address to anyone who will write to me at elder2291 if you promise to send a letter written to our Congress and send it to me and I will hand deliver it to our Congress in Washington, DC and demand change in this nation. I will hand deliver the letters if I get at least a hundred from you, your friends and families.
It is time we stopped siting back and enjoying ourselves in the comfort of our air conditioned homes and offices in front of our PCs and TVs.
---Elder on 8/5/05

Cond #2-->
I will give my home address to anyone who will write to me at elder2291 if you promise to send a letter written to our Congress and send it to me and I will hand deliver it to our Congress in Washington, DC and demand change in this nation. I will hand deliver the letters if I get at least a hundred from you, your friends and families.
It is time we stopped siting back and enjoying ourselves in the comfort of our air conditioned homes and offices in front of our PCs and TVs.
---Elder on 8/5/05

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