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How To Get Back Together

My fiancee broke up with me because I told her a lie. I said I am sorry, but this hasn't helped. How do we get back together?

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 ---frank on 8/5/05
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You've broken her trust. If you want to reunite, you'll have to earn it back, and that will be hard. First of all, promise that you'll tell her no more lies, and then stick to it. In time, if you live up to this, you'll earn her trust back. But there's no short cut.
---Billy on 3/7/08

If you lie, she cannot feel safe w/you now or in the future and a woman needs to feel safe with her husband. What you do today is an indication of what you may do down the road. Marriage is not a game and you cannot lie here and there and expect an "I'm sorry" to cover that sin. Yes, there is forgiveness, but were talking about integrity and character issues here. It takes a lifetime to build trust and just seconds to destroy it. PRAY & REPENT
---irhnow on 6/26/07

Elder, have I missed something here? Where does Frank say that his lie has anything to do with there being another woman?
---Paul on 8/6/05

Frank being sorry is not asking forgiveness.
This is a bigger issue than just telling a lie.
Just between you and me when did she find out about the other woman?
---Elder on 8/5/05

you can give her time to forgive you and promise her you will never lie to her again.if you lied to her before you were married she thinks you will lie to her after. and why did you lie to her any way in the first place? if you truely love her you will be totally honest with her with every thing in your life.i am praying for you.may god bless your relationship.
---brenda on 8/5/05

Depends on what the lie was. Some lies can be bigger than others. It sounds like you may need to earn back her trust.
---Annie on 8/5/05

I guess you will just have to pray for her. With sin comes consequences.
---Madison on 8/5/05

First you need to understand this is not just about breaking up and getting back together. This is about trust. Trust is earned, not given. You will have to prove to her that you can be trusted and it will take time. You must also realized that she may forgive you but may never trust you again. And there is nothing wrong with that. Pray and seek answers as to why you lied. That is within yourself and ask God for help. God bless.
---Nancy on 8/5/05

Like Humpty dumty-once the shell of trust is broken it is hard to put back together. Now-you have to get that trust back. Check your God connections and live and talk responsibily. By proving yourself, she or someone will like the new responsible you who is smarter.
---chuck on 8/5/05

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