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I Don't Understand Catholic Family

I'm having issues with Catholicism versus Christianity. The majority of my family are devout Catholics and I am Christian. The practices involved in the Catholic church seem unnessasary to receive acceptance and love from God. How can a priest be so praised? And why are so many of my elders believers?

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 ---Danielle on 8/5/05
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Cluny I notice you did not deny that the RCC as well as the Orthodox Church you belong to make the sacraments necessary for salvation. Cluny does your church have statues? Do members of your church bow before these statute?
---mima on 7/11/10

\\\\Within Catholicism, the definitions related to salvation are different, and salvation is based on works(keeping the sacraments).\\\\

mima, you yourself teach the non-Biblical doctrine that people can be saved by saying the so-called "sinner's prayer"--which is itself a work one must do to be saved, in your soteriology.
---Cluny on 7/10/10

I don't tend to scare very easily, but for someone to write True Christian Churches follow the practicies, rituals, and traditions of the Catholic Church is scary.

It is apparent some people have never really taken the time to study the Bible and compare what the Catholic Church teaches.
---Rob on 7/10/10

True Christian Churches accept the Blessed Trinity and infant baptism, not dedication. The RCC is the mother of all. The Pope represents Christianity. To be a good Catholic is to be a good Christian first. The RCC preaches renewal, transformation, rejuvenation, conversion rather than "to be born again", easiest way to be understood. Cathechism articles are all taken from the Bible explained clearly. Others proseletyze instead of allowing the person to be renewed. Ex-Catholics come back discovering that they did not seek their faith first. RCC preaches the Gospel of love not fear. Faith, good works and love is only possible by the grace of God. Salvation is when the Blessed Trinity is alive in one's being not just Jesus.
---Celia on 7/10/10

\\Within Catholicism, the definitions related to salvation are different, and salvation is based on works(keeping the sacraments).\\

Just another one of your remarks that show how wrong you are about Roman Catholicism, mima.
---Cluny on 7/9/10


Matt:22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

I will bet that 100% of the many mentioned above are assured of their salvation. There are many reasons why the RCC cannot be considered 'christian', but there are many 'christians' that cannot consider themselves disciples and might want to address their salvation with fear and trembling.
---aka.joseph on 7/9/10

True Christian churches can differ on such as---
A. method of baptism
B. pre-tribulation or post-tribulation but the one thing true Christian churches cannot differ in is the most fundamental and foundational Christian doctrine salvation. Within Catholicism, the definitions related to salvation are different, and salvation is based on works(keeping the sacraments). Because of this, Catholics do not believe that anyone can be assured of their salvation. It is for this cause the Roman Catholic Church cannot be called Christian. Some Catholics have salvation but that salvation did not come from the teachings of the Catholic Church.
---mima on 7/9/10

\\If true this statement would make Mary a goddess.
---mima on 7/8/10\\

No, it doesn't.
---Cluny on 7/8/10

I also have trouble with the Catholic beliefs. Such as this is from Ripaldes' Catechism.

"Who is our Lady the Virgin Mary? She is a lady full of virtue and grace, who is the mother of God, and is in heaven. Our Lady the Virgin Mary is the only descendant of the sinner Adam, who was conceived without a spot of sin (p. 126)."

If true this statement would make Mary a goddess.
---mima on 7/8/10

There are so many things wrong with the catholic church, And many catholics ingnor them. Worshiping Marry, playing with idoles are just a few.

They dont really read their bible, or else they wouldnt do or believe the things that they do. You cant play with saint Chirstopers, or even pray to Marry. Our God is a jealous God and deserves all our praise. When we have a problem you dont go to Marry, we are supposed to go to our creater.
---BATIESTE on 7/7/10

cluny, you continue to speak falsehood. In lit.Gk, Jesus says: "Misjudge not, that you all be not misjudged." Mt.7:1 And yes, this includes all. For Jesus also Commands: "Judge righteous judgment." Jn.7:24.
---Eloy on 7/7/10

\\I have judgment for NonChristians posing as Christians.
---Eloy on 7/4/10\\

Matthew 7:1-2

1"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

That means you judge yourself, Eloy.
---Cluny on 7/6/10

I know what you mean.

I have judgment for NonChristians posing as Christians.
---Eloy on 7/4/10

I know what you mean.

I have problems with Christianity versus Protestantism.
---Cluny on 7/4/10

Some rules are manmade, some are God made. Catholics dogma means they are rules that come out of the teachings according to the agreement of the church. They have an entire book of why they believe called the catechism. You can read that if you want to know why they believe what they do. If you want to know the truth, ask for the gift of discernment, read God's word, he will explain it to you if you seek his truth. It doesn't matter what I think, I hold what he reveals in my heart because it only starts pointless arguments. It is up to God to tell you what the truth is about this and that. Test everything by the word and by the gifts of the Holy Spirit!
---Joyce_Mascio on 7/1/10

People join vain religions for various reasons. Religion is manmade and it is the world's broad way to destruction, and many go that way. But the way of Christ is straight and narrow, and few there be that follow this single right way to salvation.
---Eloy on 6/29/10

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I think if you search your heart you already have the answer to this.

Mine is:
The (Authorized) Bible is a map & guide.
Having a personal daily relationship with our Lord Jesus is a must.

Rituals & ceremonies isn't necessarily a reflection of what is in the heart. Rituals could be done out of duty or guilt.

Ex: I've seen some expensive, elaborate wedding ceremonies that lasted five minutes. (meaning a very very short time).
Outward ceremonies is no indication of a surrendered heart or life! God wants our heart, a ceremony should not replace a genuine surrendered heart (read Isaiah, God said the fakes & rituals wearied him)
---SZ on 6/28/10

The rcc Is a Man-made trin - relig - org. The rcc's offspring daughters churches came later on the luth, presby, naz etc. The rcc started the Father - Son & Holy spirit baptism. ( there is No one found in scriptures that was baptized that way ) In scriptures they were baptized in the name of The Lord & the name of The Lord Is Jesus Christ.
These scriptures Are for those that believe in the Man-made trin - teachings. Prov.14 v 12, Matt.15 v's 9 & 14, Matt.23 v 24, 2nd.Cor.4 v 4 & 11 v's 14 - 15, Rev.17 v's 4 - 6.
The Man - mades deny The Church of The living God that's according to Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20,
because of here, 2nd.Cor.4 v 4.
---Lawrence on 6/28/10


'It is all about keeping tradition in my experience'

- and there are lots of Baptists and other Protestants or Protestant-derivatives who are also a member of thier Church / denomination because of their family and tradition.

- Just as there are many Baptist, and other Protestant or Protestant-derived converts to the Catholic faith.
---Ed on 12/5/07

Kate ::"When I became an adult I did not 'agree' with some of the aspects which were going on"Pray tell us in all honesty could you describe these aspects in your mind, which was offensive to you.
---Emcee on 12/4/07

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Helen::It would seem that you and your mom are at logger heads over some of her ways. the ensuing spite results in a quarrel & you retaliate by punishing her by going against her choice of her Church, which you blame for this disagrement.I may be wrong but the hidden agenda shows bias.You love your mom but disagree with her. By using the RCC as a lever which is most dear to her heart,to get back at her.So this time its a piano.
---Emcee on 12/4/07

Catholics are Christians....I am one of them.
whoever told you otherwise is a liar..James 5-9
Do not grumble, brethren, against one another...THAT YOU MAY NOT BE JUDGED!

A priest devotes his whole life to God, and gives up all worldly loves...He is a great servant of the Lord.
Shame on you.
---lisa on 12/4/07

Helen & Kate - It sounds like your families are typical American Catholic families. They have bought into heresies that the RCC condemned over 1,000 years ago. I would encourage both of you to research the ACTUAL teachings of the RCC by googling Catholic Answers and Scott Hahn. BTW, 15 years ago, I agreed with both of you.
---Greyrider on 11/20/07

I am exactly in your position. I left the catholic church when I became an adult. I did not agree with some aspects of what was going on. My parents and siblings are still catholic. Most of the time, I believe that is what they grew up with and they dont know anything different. It is all about keeping tradition in my experience.
---Kate on 11/20/07

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Helen, I'm sorry to hear about the response you got from your mother. However, there are many, many Christians (Cath & Prot alike) who have little knowledge of their church's teachings and/or the Scriptures. We can't judge an entire church by a few of its members.
---augusta on 6/27/06

3/... She believes very strongly in Mary, but never talks about Jesus, and when she talks about God it is extremely vague. She is totally caught up in her works to the point that she wants to give the family piano (which should be mine) to the RCC as a "good work". As far as I know when she is given something she gives it away as a "good work". Maybe one or both of you can enlighten me as to RCC "good works".
---Helen_5378 on 6/27/06

2/... I know for a fact that her mother also a very strict RCC did charity "work" at the expense of feeding her children to get to heaven and believed in Mary. My mother doesn't know where she is going when she dies and says nobody knows that (I know because I believe Jesus died for me on the Cross). My mother has catholic nuns visit her weekly to talk and on her 90th Birthday last year the RCC gave her special honors in the RCC. (continued...)
---Helen_5378 on 6/27/06

Helen, no offense, but it's evident from your posts that you knew very little about the teachings of the Catholic Church. Being a member doesn't necessarily make one knowledgable. If you would consider studying the true teachings of the Catholic Church then you might have a different outlook. Or, at the very least this info would make your testimony against the CC more effective. (you know the old adage.. know thy enemy. ;)

blessings, augusta
---augusta on 6/27/06

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Augusta and Ruben - A few years the Lord told me to post my mother a tract clearly outlining salvation by grace alone. She literally threw it back at me and was determined to go on with her "good works". She is a very strict RCC (she's now 90) all her life. She strongly believes that she should do "good things" to get her into heaven. She believes in Jesus, but it seems only as a baby and had never been told that He died on the Cross for her sins. (continued...)
---Helen_5378 on 6/27/06

Helen wrote: "The roman catholic church teaches that you have to work your way to heaven."

What is your source for this?

Unless you can provide one you are confusing what you erroneously believe the Catholic Church teaches to what it truly does teach. We are saved by grace and grace alone, and we are justified by faith that works.
---augusta on 6/27/06

Helen like all of those who left the Church, never ready understood why the Church teaches. It has never made that claimed, and I have been a Catholic for a very long time
---ruben on 6/27/06

Ruben - When did they change it then. I came out of the RCC so I know exactly what they teach.
---Helen_5378 on 6/27/06

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Helen-(catholic church teaches that you have to work your way to heaven. ) Where does it say that the Church teaches that?
---Ruben on 6/27/06

Danielle - What you are saying is correct. There is no salvation in any church or in any works. Salvation is in Christ alone and His finished work on the Cross for our sins. The roman catholic church teaches that you have to work your way to heaven. God says BELIEVE in His Son Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
---Helen_5378 on 6/27/06

One becomes a Christian when he/she is born again via baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. This is how we are added to the church (Acts 2:41). We must be born of water and of the spirit. As far as understanding your Catholic family, OP, I highly recommend a book called Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic, by David Currie.
---augusta on 6/27/06

Tsuanne:Keeping the Commandments of God has nothing to do with traditions of man,provided they do not conflict.That is a blanket statement as no definite transgression has been pointed out.
---Emcee on 9/13/05

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Catholicism vs. Christianity??? Many replies to this blog imply that Catholics are not Christian. I'm 100% certain that Catholics are as Christian as Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans or other denominations that believe in Christ. Catholics believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins and do not need to be "BORN AGAIN".
---Raymond on 9/13/05

By keeping the traditions of men we transgress the commandmants of God.Continue to pray for your family that is ensnared in doctrines of men.You were not saved by chance but by purpose. Stand in the gap. your prayers can avail much and set the captives free. never give up on them.
---Tsuanne on 8/22/05

Anne of8/22:- Admirable you have the absolutely correct principal & way of life.Having been Baptised & as you are following gods commmandments that guarantees you salvation as your acceptance of his holy will is important.Catholicism is must strive to do what is right,trust & love one another as he has comannded.Partake of the vine,as this is what keeps you holy.
---Emcee on 8/22/05

Anne of8/22:- Admirable you have the absolutely correct principal & way of life.Having been Baptised & as you are following gods commmandments that guarantees you salvation as you acceptance of his holy will is important.Catholicism is must strive to do what is right,trust & love one another as he has comannded.
---Emcee on 8/22/05

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Catholicism for me is fairly simple, marriage is forever, no premarital sex, no birth control other than abstinance on furtile days and no abortion. All fairly common sense and if both spouses agree very effective at bringing closeness and love.

Moderator - However, the most important factor salvation which is enternal is totally different.
---anne on 8/22/05

Daniell.Christians follow the bible some implicitely but here in lies a danger because the old & new have been mixed.The old covenant is history, the new covenant is life based on Jesus's teachings applicable to our daily way of life.he left us his body & blood,not a trivial,matter what you consider man made, are the basic rules for our redemption & he has said I shall be with you at all times even till the end of the Is necessary for redemption.Your choice!
---Emcee on 8/8/05

Danielle:Your family are Catholics,but yet you have chosen to break away as you say practices in the c/church are unnecessary to recieve acceptance & love from God.Yet you do not enumerate those practices.Gods love & acceptance is free without reservation to all,with the proviso Keep my Fathers Commandments,pick up your cross & follow me.HIS church which He amount of human acceptance will sway His decision,which we will be called to answer when asked to give an account of our stewardship.
---Emcee on 8/8/05

Danielle, nothing is necessary to receive acceptance and love from God except what the Bible says is necessary! So study your Bible. In fact, that's how you can show yourself approved unto God.

2 Tim 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
---Jeffrey on 8/7/05

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Gerra ... Luther did not speak or understand English.
The KJV was a translation inot English made long after her died.
---alan_of_uk on 8/7/05

gerra, Where on earth did you read Martin Luther had a KJV bible?! The fact is, he learned about salvation by grace through faith from his LATIN Vulgate bible!
Later on, Luther made his own translation (still sold in Germany) from copies of Greek and Hebrew MSS he had access to! Luther not only died before later English translations came along, but those translators often consulted his German translation!
---Daniel on 8/6/05


Perhaps you should do a closer study of Luther. It was never his intention to "start a new church". Also, translation of the KJV began in 1604 and the first edition (Authorized Version) was not completed until 1611. Luther's death was in 1546.
---etenia on 8/6/05

Laure5469 - You are a very wise mother! Here is a promise for you. "He will deliver the one for whom you intercede ..." (Job 22:30).

Remember, it is God's loving kindness that leads people to repentance (Romans 2:4). Keep loving and accepting your future s-i-l while you intercede for him. God will work on his heart. The churches are full of former catholics as can be attested by the bloggers here ... including myself. Blessings!
---DoryLory on 8/6/05

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i used to get down on all catholics after i left the catholic church, but God showed me this was wrong and very prideful. i left the catholic church a few years ago. There are a lot of catholics that are not christians, but think they are. There are also people that fall under the catholic religion that are Christians. I have proof of this too. We should be careful before we judge all people in the catholic church. We are not God!
---Elon on 8/6/05

My daughter is engaged to a caltholic boy. I would like to know what i can on this. I got alot of info on 2 blogs I asked before, they didn't give me alot of peace. I can't say YOU CAN"T MARRY HIM, as that will just make her want him more. any HELP??
---Laure5469 on 8/6/05

Yes I was raised catholic to
and I thank God my mom raised us with faith.Bornagain 11 years now .yes it's hard my mom respects my faith as I do hers she know that I can't pray to mary or the saints that we have a personal relationship with Jesus.
Don't let the devil when by holding crudges for others faith just pray for them and let Christ light shine threw you and one day they to will see the light as I did and you
---Donna on 8/6/05

Do a study on Martin Luther. Trained under Catholicism, but started reading his Authorized Bible (KJV). Then started the Luthern church. The bible states that there is only one mediator between God and man, that is Jesus Christ himself.
---geraa7578 on 8/6/05

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Danielle, I'd like to share some testimonies of former nuns/priests who've committed their lives to Christ. As Kate said, it may be too hard for some to leave "their traditions" even for the Truth. I was raised in an historic MS-Lutheran church. After becoming a Christian and deciding to leave there, it took a while to "feel" like I was really in church elsewhere. But wanting to know more about God, I found a pastor who preached verse by verse from His Word and soon felt right at home!
---danie9374 on 8/6/05

Claudette, I pray that you truly are saved, but there's more to it than just believing God exists and 'abiding by His will'; UNLESS that phrase be taken in its fullest extent! If you allow men teaching things contrary to God's Word/Will to rule over you, how much of His Will do you know? Many who repent of their sin and commit their lives to the LORD end up leaving places like the RCC after growing more in Christ; so, what's keeping you there?
---Daniel on 8/6/05

Catholicism is religion Christianity is about a relationship, the two are miles apart, if you need further help or advice and need someone to talk to and someone who wont mix truth with error, but will tell you the truth from the bible viewpoint please contact me here at cnet my name is keith6365
---keith on 8/6/05

well i am catholic ,but i believe the problem all starts with classification,i view myself as christian first and fore most before being anything opinion is that we are all one irrespective of differences.
---lucy on 8/6/05

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The elder generation is still holding onto the belief that they must remain Catholics. Tradition. But one must remain what one is convicted of. If God has called you into greater light and service to Him,then, you are following His will, not mans. There is no biblical reason for a man to be a priest or mediator. And the bible says "call no man Father" yet priests are called just that. We must search our hearts and the scriptures to find where God is calling us. Keep your faith always.
---Marie6469 on 8/6/05

I was raised devout Roman Catholic but later "saved" and left the church. Most RC's do not know the Scriptures or understand true Biblical salvation. If they did, they would not likely remain within the RC Church. When one compares the Scriptures with many of the false teachings of the RC Church,they would find it very hard to uphold "sacramental salvation."
---Miss_Ellie on 8/5/05

I am sorry to dissagree with most of you, but you are not a christian if you have not been born again, bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is an experience. It is a mirable and you cannot get saved anytime you want. There must be a drawing by the Holy Spirit for you to be saved. Christian means Christ like and I just call my self a born again sinner. Believe me, I am not Christ like, but I do try.
---shira_5965 on 8/5/05


I agree with you that to be catholic is to be Christian. However, would you please clarify something for me? Do you mean to say that as long as we believe in the One true God of the Bible-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and The Son's (Jesus Christ's) perfect life, death and resurrection applied to us, we are Christians? Thanks.
---etenia on 8/5/05

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I am a catholic. I don't agree with everything in the man made rules, but all religions have rules. We are all chritians no matter what religion.As long as we believe in one God and abide by His will we are Christians
---Claudette on 8/5/05

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