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Have You Dating Over The Net

I have met a man I have talked to on the phone for about seven months. He plans to come to town next week for us to meet. I am hesistant because I have never done this before. At the same time I want my blessings. Has anyone ever dating succefully anyone they have met over the internet?

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 ---Dianne on 8/8/05
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Yes ... it must run both ways

But I have to say that I have met more than a dozen ladies from secular sites, and none of them seemed to be like that. Perhaps though it's just that they did not fancy me!

And of the same number that I've met from Christian sites, none of them seemed to be that type.

Maybe it's different in the UK!
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/1/10

Yes sir, no doubt it does run both ways. I don't know because I've not looked at the men's, I'm Not that kind.
Men-Women Are so ate up with this worlds pleasures & it ought Not to be, being a Christian. 1st. John 2 v's 15-16.
---Lawrence on 3/1/10

Lawrence ... I was talking to a Christian lady the other day about these dating sirtes, and she says about the men:

"ate up with worldly pleasures, social-drinks, fornication, going to movies, smokes"
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/1/10

Amused some what but Not surprised. Again as I view christian & non-christian dating-sites, both sites, the Ladies are so ate up with worldly pleasures, social-drinks, fornication, going to movies, smokes, missing church services for sports etc, not going to church & they say they'r a christian. Bible says here & tells All, 1st. John 2 v's 15-16. People just goes right on doing such & think it's ok, But it's not. Your going to reap what you so, & the out-come will Not be pleasant.
---Lawrence on 2/28/10

I used to rely solely on websites, but got really tired of it because the women would use fake photographs and would play too many games. In my experience, it is best to just approach them and strike up a conversation. I used to have approach anxiety real bad, so I was alone for years. But it got to the point where I hit rock bottom and refused to be afraid.

I actually had the good fortune of learning how to meet women from one of the top dating coaches. His teachings have changed my perspective on meeting women. My point is, is if you wish to meet the kind of person you desire, you need to step out of your comfort zone and take the risk. There is simply no other way.
---Lewis on 2/26/10

Lawrence ... I'm 69, and the ONLY emails I get from girls on this ChristiaNet site are from kids in their 20's, expressing undying love for me!!

Clearly they are just after a passport and a sugar daddy!

I've also spoken to ladies on other Christian sites, who tell me that most men on those sites are not Christians, who are lloking for easy game, because they think Christian women will be gullible and naive.

And I've also come across women on those sites who are just after one night stands!

Who can we trust?
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/15/10

When Gal's ask me about myself more than what my profiling says, ask why I'm retired. I tell them. I have damaged shoulders rotator cuffs & this affects my limbs, some phys things I'm unable to do, & I'm on s sec dissa because of it. I dont hear any more from them. There just dont seem to be very many that wants to look at a my make-up being generous, honosty, easy-going, kind, loyalty etc.
I get to many emails from Gal's that are from the age of 25-45. I've been told when there's Gal's email older men that they may be looking for a sugar-daddy, I'm Not 1 of those..
---Lawrence on 2/14/10

I wonder what happened when Dianne met this guy, now four and a half years ago?
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/11/10

I wonder that too, sometimes. These blogs get recycled, sometimes years after the original was posted (this one is a good example) and the OP never came back to let the group know what happened.
---NurseRobert on 2/14/10

I get turned down a lot due to phys-prob's with my shoulders-arms & hands, most Gal's dont want to bother with a broken-down guy.

Of course they don't bother with you - YOU are a self-professed broken down guy

true christian women today want men who are confident in themselves - who can LEAD them your "brokenness" you are unable to provide this

many military men returning from Iraq who are maimed physically (some without limbs or physically handicap paralyzed etc) they have lots of suitors ...their character confidence and leadership are what True Christian women seek

dating over internet no different than life ...many lie about themselves without internet as their cover
---Rhonda on 2/13/10

I get turned down a lot due to phys-prob's with my shoulders-arms & hands, most Gal's dont want to bother with a broken-down guy. I have dated 2-3 times. Mostly talked to some through the da-sites. Even on the christian-sites I find there are so many Gal's they say they'r a christian but I read where they'r so ate up with the carnal-foolish things of this world(1st. John 2 v's 15-16), just like the other sinner people on the reg-da-sites.
---Lawrence on 2/12/10

Thanks, Nurse.

I wonder what happened when Dianne met this guy, now four and a half years ago?
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/11/10

I'm now meeting a nice Christian lady whom I met at a local secular function ... but too early to know whether this will end my 7 years widowhood (she was widowed on the same day)
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/9/10

I will keep that in my prayers for you Alan.
---NurseRobert on 2/11/10

I've met ladies through secular dating websites ... one was Christian but nothing came of it.

I've met several through Christian sites, but again nothing! The first lady I met was blessed by meeting her husband on the same site, & I went to her wedding!!

Through CN, I have been approached by many 20 year olds declaring their love for me !!!!

I've heard from some of the ladies I've met that these Christian sites are used by many non-Christian men, because they think the Christian women there will be naive and easy prey, so ladies beware.

I'm now meeting a nice Christian lady whom I met at a local secular function ... but too early to know whether this will end my 7 years widowhood (she was widowed on the same day)
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/9/10

I have dated over the internet and have met some nice people but not a Christian man. I will say that God does allow you do do what you want to to...only know that sometimes..and I know this from experience, you will rush into the arms of a loving man just because YOU think he is the one! God needs to be involved in this decision. I got my heart broke so bad and it has not healed yet. This happens when YOU choose and not let GOD chose! Believe me, dating is hard for both parties...but a lot easier if you are both saved and born again.
---Phyllis on 2/8/10

Be sure to meet him on webcam prior to meeting face to face. If you're Christian, fast and pray prior to meeting perhaps. You'll get an answer. God ALWAYS answers prayer, YES, NO, or WAIT. Share it all with God and with family and friends. Be prepared for disappointment and talk about that possibility openly. Both seek God for guidence.
---anon on 1/25/10

how did the visit go?
---Jorge on 11/21/09

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In 2004, I met my husband on this very site. He would travel to Houston from Dallas, stay in a motel and we'd visit over the weekend. Then, after several months I traveled up there. We married in 2005 and have now been married close to 3-1/2 years. It's not different than any other meetings of a new person. Use common sense and take your time. Have fun!!
---Annie on 9/5/08

PLEASE do a Google search for "online dating safety". You will find that most reputable dating sites will have a comprehensive list of safety tips. Pay particular attention to the ones refering to meeting for the first time. DO NOT assume because this you are christians these precautions do not apply to you!
---Bruce5656 on 8/24/08

That's how I met my husband. We met on a match website and began talking. When we finally met things just clicked for us. We dated for a little over a year before getting married, and have now been married a little over 4 years. God brought me a wonderful man and I was truly blessed. I pray the same for you. Becareful though, and always listen to God. God Bless you!
---Krist5495 on 3/25/07

My husband & I met on a good Christian website and have been married for over 4 years now. We had both been praying for several years for God to bring us the right person to marry and when God answered our prayers we both knew it wholeheartedly. That's not to say there aren't wierdos on these sites as well. We both "met" some of them before we met each other. You have to be careful, but if you trust in God & wait for His direction (even if it takes years) it is well worth it!!!
---Marilee on 9/16/05

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yes I met someone online and we've been together 2 years now, engaged 1 year. Not sure how its going to end yet, but taking the time has been worth it. You can't know someone in a short amount of time no matter how the butter-flies-fly.
---anon on 8/9/05

yes I met a man in May we corresponded for a month talked on the phone for a month and then I went fron Florida to Ohio to meet Him...I fell in love with him and we are still connected.....going on 3 months.....never thought possible but pray and ask the Lord first, he blessed my meeting.
---kelly on 8/9/05

I met my husband on this site and we were married a little over 3 months ago. However, when he came to see me, he stayed in a motel, I did a criminal background check on him, talked with his family and church members, before I accepted the engagement. If a man is true, he won't mind doing any of those things. And mostly, I talked to God about all of them and waited for Him to tell me if this was the man he had chose for me for my forever love.
---Tammy on 8/9/05

Meeting people is meeting people, whether online or in church or anywhere else, there are good and bad everywhere.At least online you have to talk! When you meet in person, sometimes the flesh gets in the way before you get a chance to get to know someone. I met the most wonderful man on earth right here on CNet. My brother met a woman in Thailand he plans to marry as soon as she gets here. He went there to meet her and plans to go back if she cant come here soon. Be wise, pray much and God bless you!
---Pat on 8/8/05

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I have met several men over the internet. A couple were nice men but we were not for each other. A couple were not at all what they said, even though we had also talked on the phone. Like everyone else has said, Be very careful. I know a couple women who married from the internet and did very well, and a couple whose lives are hell. The important thing appears to be to take the time to know the person really well, just like regular dating.
---marya4586 on 8/8/05

Thanks everyone!
---Diann6756 on 8/8/05

I have met two men in person from this site. One man we talked and went out for about 6 months, I have to tell you it was not God centered and I've learned a lot since then. Just because a man says he's a christain does not mean he is or that either one of you can easily slip! The second man, I was smarter,He booked a motel we had a very nice time. I say it can work, just be careful and don't let your guard down like I did the 1st time. Meet in a public place and drive your own car. Best wishes!
---Sara on 8/8/05

I have met several people from online. Some did not work out, but the one I am dating now is working out very well. We did talk for a while before we met. I would advise that you meet this person at a public place. Just proceed with caution and trust your insticts. God Bless you and I hope all works out well for you.
---Melissa on 8/8/05

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Dianne, I have a friend i met on this site. Were not with a commitment, only God's plan is what both of us want. He came to visit, and it was nice and Christ centered. Make sure this man is honorable by booking a hotel room somewhere and not planning to crash on your sofa.

No Red Flags? then have fun & be
Blessed! ;-)
---Mary_D on 8/8/05

I have been married 3 weeks and 3 days to a wonderful Christian man that I met on another site. I met some nice men on Christianet. There have been 3 online marriages in my department in a year or 2. Follow the guidelines and be cautious about where you meet and giving out too much information too soon. Pray and trust God for a partner. When I learned not to settle for anything less than my Heavenly Father had in mind for me, the love of my life came forth. br>Betty3535
---Betty3535 on 8/8/05

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