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I Don't Think God Is Real

Have you people ever wondered if god isn't real. You people really need to sit back and not set your whole life on God, he would want you to have fun...if that is your fun then I just have to tell you that He isn't real.

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 ---Jon on 8/8/05
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Jon: You are not real. You are just some letters on a computer screen!
---jerry6593 on 6/3/09

The Sanhedrin knew Christ's resurrection was foretold, and knew if anyone stole the body and claimed it happened, what an uprising it would create. They had Roman centurions guard the tomb, and the seal of the Roman empire was placed on the tomb. Anyone who managed to get passed these highly disciplined guards and stole the body would suffer the full wrath of Rome. A giant stone that covered the entrance was moved not out of the way, but up a hill. To steal a body one, would only move such a heavy stone far enough to be able to get in. Yet no one was ever caught and executed for the stealing of the body. Surely it would be important for Rome to seek out a crucify anyone who did...
---Gregg on 5/12/09

The word excruciating pain comes from crucifixion. There's not many other ways to go, that is more painful. You have to constantly pull yourself up by the nails in your hands to be able to breath. In cases where they needed to speed up the death, the legs can be broken so they can't push themselves up with their feet anymore, and they suffocate. Jesus did not fake His death on the cross. He was already dead and stayed up there quite sometime after death. They pierced His side to make sure. His legs did not have to be broken, thus fulfilling the prophesy written in Exodus, Numbers, and Psalms. Jesus death was not some random event, but planned before man even fell, and first prophesied in Gen 3:15. Still think it's a load of garbage?...
---Gregg on 5/12/09

So for all of us who believe, the Bible is with out a doubt the inspired word of God. All others, I ask you take the time to read through the Bible and see for yourself how amazing it is for something written the way it was. Send 40 reporters out to cover 9/11 on the day of the tragedy, and they will all come back telling a different story.

If you do not want to read it, than your mind is made up. Your argument lacks research to back up your claims and you are reduced down to an emotional argument, something us christians are accused of making by Dawkins, Hitchens, and others. I can see the emotion in your arguments, and what you are really doing is suppressing the fact you know there is a God.
---Gregg on 5/12/09

My last point I will make for a while is Jesus' followers. Right up to the Crucifixion, all but John scattered and were broken. They were in fear of being arrested and killed for following Jesus. Their master was dead, and thought all was lost. They even denied His very existence. But three days later they all suddenly changed. They were no longer afraid. They went out to all the nations and preached the Gospel, and were willing to die a death the same as their Lord's. If they stole the body, they would have never died like that for such a great lie. The only thing that could give them a sense of hope that awesome would have been the risen Christ appearing to them. His risen body was seen by over 500 hundred people.
---Gregg on 5/12/09

Greg: Right on!
---jerry6593 on 5/11/09

I know God is real. This is not some blind faith that led me to realize this. It starts with the Bible. Have you ever heard of a book written over 1400-1800 years, containing 66 books, written by over 40+authors in three different languages on three continents. By Kings and peasants, in times of peace, and times of war. It's historical, and scientific. there is 400 years of silence between the end of the OT and the start of the NT. It all tells of Christ bringing salvation to man, and doesn't contradict itself. Try doing that without God's inspiration. Read it in it's entirety and say I am wrong. Thats where I started
---Gregg on 5/9/09

Eloy~ I've read some of your posts pointing to the fact that you have a good sense of humor. I agree with what you said about Christians have way more fun having good clean fun as opposed to 'worldly fun.' what types of good clean fun do you enjoy most?

Jerry~ Your post was funny...but wow you hit it right on the nose to Lisa's comment. I'm not sure how someone could not believe that God is real...I found that astounding.
---Anne on 5/6/09

Lisa: I don't believe that YOU are real. You are just a few letters on a computer screen.
---jerry6593 on 5/6/09

We real Christians have real fun, but none christians have sin, and our clean fun is better than all the worldy sin put together.
---Eloy on 5/4/09

It does not surprise me that the result of hundreds of years of conspiring against God, has led to people who just put their head into the discussion and state 'There is no God'. Even their Pope, Richard Dawkins says 'We were not put here to enjoy ourselves' . So he believes someone put him here. Indeed without God there is no purpose to life, and you may as well commit suicide. But before you do so, consider that there might indeed be a God. He might be the writer of the Bible, through the Holy Spirit. The Bible might be a historical document, not something written last week by a Christian. Jesus might have lived, been seen by thousands of people, been written of by historians, and followed by apostles also written of by historians.
---frances008 on 5/4/09

Lisa what is it that convinces you God's word in not the truth?

Or could it be that you have been incorrectly taught?

Or do you just prefer to be an unbeliever living by your own rules?
---Warwick on 5/4/09

I don't think god is real either. This decision comes after 11 years of Catholic school and 4 years of Christian school. I have never really thought it was real, but now I have the guts to be honest with myself :)
---Lisa on 5/2/09

It would be encouraged for anyone questioning if there is a God, or if he is real, to witness a child being born, and then say what you think.........
---Sam on 1/29/09

Ken, thank you for your concern.

I reacted that way to Jon's post because if you remember his entire post he mentioned: "you people...not set your whole life on God."

It simply goes against everything that I believe in, and I can't just let that pass without me saying my piece.

And the things i wrote (as a respond to his post)... I didn't just address to him, but more so for the innocent soul who may "inadvertently" stumble upon this site and be deceived by his thinking as well.

I know you understand my point bro.... as the old saying goes:

"for evil to triumph, it is enough for good men to do nothing."

---manny on 11/18/08

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

Jon tells us "God isn't real" but he also believes that this nonexisting God "want us to have fun". Hmmmmmmm???

It's questionable at best what Jon is conveying. His words point to "undecidedness", not only on the existance of God but also in how to live an enjoyable life.

He says that "we shouldn't set our whole life on God". If we only set part of our lives on God, we would be condemning ourselves to the burden of serving two masters. Loving one & dispising the other.....and well, that doen't sound like fun.

Jon is correct about the Lord desiring us to live a joyously peaceful life. But this life is found solely under the Lord's easy yoke.
---Shawn_M.T. on 11/10/08

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YOU WROTE: This "someone", this "architect", this "creator" is who the bible calls as the Living God.

True! However, we have a major problem when people start to LITERALLY believe that this "someone" is a man or male! As you know, the mere fact that people have a belief does not mean that that belief can be proven "true" or "correct" to others! Who gets to determine if a belief is true or false? Therein lies the problem! If you can find WHO originates a belief, you can easily find the PERSON trying to control your thinking on that belief! This will involve researching the history of THOUGHT (the Spoken Word or GOD "manifesting in matter").
---I_AM_I on 11/9/08

Manny>> Or isn't it obvious, and more logical to believe that "someone" with great wisdom and power was the architect behind all of this.

>>Relax brother. A man is ready when our Father draws him. We are called to make disciples (students) of those who want to know God, not those who don't. He (or she) isn't asking questions, so no reason to give any answers, they will fall on deaf ears. Only those who seek will find.

Peace and blessings Manny, your heart shines in your writing.
---kenrank on 11/7/08

"I don't think God is real"

Why do you even think of such? If God is not real, how did EVERYTHING that you see started..? Would it be more logical for you to think that all of these (the world we live in, the different species of animals and plants, and you yourself) came into existence by ACCIDENT?

Or isn't it obvious, and more logical to believe that "someone" with great wisdom and power was the architect behind all of this. That all of these were masterfully created by a great creator. This "someone", this "architect", this "creator" is who the bible calls as the Living God.
---manny on 11/7/08

Weena, you say "god is real because if he was not real why do we have the bible to tell us that god is real"

But that is no more valid as a proof than would be an atheist saying "god is not real because if he was real why do we have Richard Dawkin's books to tell us that god is not real"

To the atheist, the bible is a man written book. which states there is a god, but there could be all sorts of motives for telling people there is a god.

To the believer, Dawkin's books are man written books, stating there is no god, but there couild be all sorts of motives for telling people there is no god.
---alan_of_UK on 11/5/08

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god is real because if he was not real why do we have the bible to tell us that god is real.
one day just go to church to see if god is real.
god says "live your life to the fullest u still can have fun" just read the bible and dont let the devil take control of u. u control your life not the devil.

lord let the people in this world beleive in u lord like i do.
---weena on 11/4/08

Hello Sparky.

I am curious about what you said. Can you give me the scripture that says what you imply? If you don't know about God you cannot be held accountable for the wrong you do.
---Nicolette on 1/10/08

1) Alan in Romans 1: 19-20 God says the evidence of what He has made leaves man without any excuse, calling those who think otherwise 'fools.' This should be enough for anyone calling themselves Christian.

Today we live in a world where media, TV, schools and universities etc have for ages taught the evolutionary philosophy as fact. When was the last time you saw a nature documentary which promoted God as Creator?
---Warwick on 1/9/08

2 Co. 4: 4 'The god of this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so they cannot see the light of the gospel or the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.' Those opposing God (promoting microbe-to-man evolution as fact) blinding people to the truth, are wittingly or unwittingly servants of 'the god of this world.'

I see overwhelming evidence for God in the incomprehensible complexity of the genetic code the origin of which evolutionists cannot begin to explain.
---Warwick on 1/9/08

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The bible says if u have no knowlege of God then u cannot be held accountable for your sins. So i guess that means if i was born in another country where God isnt talked about or even known then i can sin my entire life and go to heaven??

I believe the Bible was CREATED.. by a group of ppl that said "society cant handle life without consequence" so they created the bible "10 comandments"(rules so that poeple dont run around acting stipid robbing and killing each other)
---Sparky on 1/9/08

Warwick ... "God has left overwhelming evidence of His reality"
Not many people find it overwhelming
---alan_of_UK on 1/7/08

I can assure,that God is real,or I would not be here today.Not setting your whole life on God,is the biggest mistake you could ever make.God is real and God is everything...without him,we are nothing.
---tina8476 on 1/5/08

MIKE..We each have a little of Him in us.
Its only so much He will let us know.
HE gave more to some than others.And gave it in different ways.TO KNOW IS NOT TO THINK
---Jack_8773 on 1/4/08

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You're right Alan but not blind faith as God has left overwhelming evidence of His reality-Romans 1:19,20 'Since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible gualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen,being understood from what has been made,so that men are without excuse.' So what excuse have we got?

Many people passionately believe in evolution despite there being no proof.
---Warwick on 1/4/08

Oh how I've enjoyed the round robin of commending one another.

The above statement is false.

The bible clearly tells us that God has placed the understanding of eternity in every one of us. That's a given, strait across the boards.
If you can comprehend eternity - you cannot deny God. All claims that He does not exist will fade away if you can comprehend eternity.
---Mike on 1/4/08

Alan is right. There is no tangible/concrete proof on this earth which spells out there is a God. There is much Christians can attribute to God but only because they already have faith. That is why Ephesians 2:8 says,For by grace are ye saved through faith. Proof would do away with reason for faith. Reason for hope is in the Word,Romans 10:9-10 because we believe in heart,and confess with mouth we have salvation. Bible also,without faith impossible to please God. Faith is key,unlocks way to God.
---Darlene_1 on 1/4/08

Warwick ... I beleive in God ... but there is no proof ... that is why I need faith.
---alan_of_UK on 1/4/08

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Indeed Alan. But the greatest evidence is the lack of any credible alternative.

What? Dead chemicals arranged themselves into the mind-boggling complexity of life! I'd like to see that.
---Warwick on 1/4/08

Warwick ,,, Yes there is evidence, but not proof.
If there were proof, what need would there be for faith?
---alan_of_UK on 1/3/08

Kim.q there's solid evidence for God's existence otherwise why would Peter (1 Pe.3:15) say we are to give the 'reason' for the hope that we have. Why would Paul (Rom. 1:20) say Gods power and nature are clearly seen by what He has made? If no proof why would Luke (Luke Chapter 1) give details of Jesus' coming, an account from 'eye-witnesses'?

It is by faith we believe, and are saved but not the blind, mindless faith you describe. You can do better.
---Warwick on 1/3/08

Jon:: Do not rely on your Thinking which is mostly faulty But in "Belief" based on Facts.Seek & you will Find Knock & your intellect will be opened .
---Emcee on 1/2/08

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Jon:: Do not rely on your Thinking which is mostly faulty But in "Belief" based on Facts.Seek & you will Find Knock & your intellect will be opened .
---Emcee on 1/2/08

There's two things I'll say to this!
1. I'll pray for you!
---Duane_M on 1/1/08

Been there done that. What we call fun is not all that fun. It is bondage, it's effects remain with you in spite of your change. They are a constant reminder of where you were. If God had not stepped in in a dramatic way, I'd be dead. Oh yeah God proved He is real, whether I believed it or not.
---dan on 1/1/08

You just dont know the living God He is our Joy,peace,contenment The only thing we can give him is our worship .What planet did you fall off of He also is our provider and protecter Christain have fun.Try him you will love him
---betty on 1/1/08

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We are not to believe in God to have fun. God is there to keep us from going to Hell. Hell is NOT fun, it is a place of eternal torture - how's that for your idea of fun? Without God, you WILL go to Hell for an eternaty of torture.
---Leslie on 1/1/08

My spirit was blessed by the Almighty with
SEVEN SIGNS OF EVIDENCE so as to authenticate the presence of His Deity
and divine existence,and the life and
---Jack_8773 on 1/1/08

Olie, Ollie, so nice to see you back again.
---Mike on 1/1/08

---tom2 on 1/1/08

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Doubt driven Lust is the problem here. He who comes to God must beleive that God is and a rewarder to them that seek Him-Hebrews 11. Faith come by hearing and that of the word of God Romans 10. True Christians are converted by His Instructions. They don't seek to please themselves but fullfill their purpose and please God by obeying Him. Therefore, you'll have to let go of Hedonism to have your true Creator revealed and become apart of His purpose and plan.
---yochanon on 1/1/08

This is why we call it "Faith". There is no evidence of God's existence - zilch. Either we believe or we don't. Sure Jesus was here Amen,,and I believe!!!
---kim_g on 1/1/08

Just try to believe. i had a miracle. i wasnt suppose to move my arms ever. i am moving my arms now and right after my dad a pastor now prayed for me for a hour and i moved my hands just try to believe
---ezekiel on 12/30/07

Just try to believe. i had a miracle. i wasnt suppose to move my arms ever. i am moving my arms now and right after my dad a pastor now prayed for me for a hour and i moved my hands just try to believe
---ezekiel on 12/30/07

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ELDER ... Is that really you?
If so, welcome back!
This time please stay.
---alan_of_UK on 12/3/07

What I am trying to bring here, if you think of the current times, stuff like miracles, healings just don't seem logical today, so what makes the past more logical than today? We are more advanced than ever before, I think humans are more capable of small miracles today than in the past. Christians believe that Mary was a virgin, and through God gave birth to Jesus. If I argued that to have no logic at all, many would just simply say that not true. Christians are stuck up on that their religion is right
---Brandon on 3/18/07

If God is not real, How on earth were you created? from the BIG BANG?
---Cynthia_1 on 2/28/07

Amen donna..........Jesus is Lord !
---JIM on 2/28/07

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Jim, LOL you misinterpreted my post.
THREE times he was tempted by the devil IN THE WILDERNESS.......Absolutely he was tempted more than 3 times, but just 3 times in the wilderness.
This is the exact reason why I keep saying for folks to just answer the question and not attack another person's answer (yes, I realize Jim wasn't attacking mine, I'm just in a hurry and the word attack came to mind). I'm having an LOL of a day today! Rejoice with me. Alleluia Jesus is Lord.
---donna6598 on 2/28/07

Donna...........Christ was in the desert for 40 days and tempted by the devil.
Christ was tempted in all ways.
How do you come up with 3 times?
---JIM on 2/27/07

Even the devil believes God is real. He tempted Jesus in the wilderness three times, he entered Judas and made Judas turn Jesus in, he spoke through Peter and Jesus had to say "Get thee behind me satan." Oh come now, even satan believes in God, you can too. "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Just because you don't believe in God, doesn't mean He didn't die for your sins too.
---donna6598 on 2/27/07

Proverbs 3:5
"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

Proverbs 16:25
"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."
---tofurabby on 2/27/07

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Death Reaper: man thinks they can do anything that God can do because they can't see him, because he is a spirit. To scientists if it isn't tangable they don't believe it. It takes faith to believe in God. Heb 11:1 says Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Everything can't be described by science. Everything in this world evolves around God. Man cannot do what God can do, which is just about everything. Without God we wouldn't have man...anyone for that matter.
---Rebecca_D on 2/27/07

if God isnt real, then can u tell us how the earth n all came to be n who created them. The God that we r worshiping made heaven n earth and everything therin. who created u jan?We call the being or whatever who created everything God,Jehovah,Yaweh,the Great I Am, etc etc...Evolutionists dont even know who the true creator u?
---ana on 2/27/07

They do not wish to believe there is a God because, it makes them accountable. Oboy I can do what I want, go where I want, SAy what I want, I don't have to please God. I won't be punished because there is not a HELL. I have nothing to worry about. Do as I please.
---catherine on 2/26/07

Death_Reaper let me first say you name is phony. You have no power over death or life.
Next, your statement the way you wrote it, "I Dont Think God Is Real" needs punctuation.
I will do it for you.
Death reaper said, "I don't think. God is Real."
Ha, now we are getting somewhere!
---elder on 2/26/07

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God's real-the alternative isn't.

Consider a house: Atheist "there's no god the materials made themselves & a windstorm assembled the house"

Christian "It's obviously designed & materials can't make themselves."

So if we exist (I'm convinced I do)the evidence overwhelmingly 'says' Creator. Study of comparative religions shows Genesis(&the rest of the Bible which follows on its foundation)is by far the best explanation of creation from nothing. Therefore God is!
---Warwick on 2/26/07

Death Reaper
By your comments I suppose if you don't believe in God, much less do you believe in Jesus Christ.

JOHN 3:36
"Whoever believes in the Son has ETERNAL life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see LIFE, for God's wrath remains on him."
Repent before it's too late!
---DePuTy on 2/26/07

I Dont Think God Is Real , Everything In Life Can Be Described By The Art Of Science...People Feel If They Believe In "God" They Are Doing A Good Act In Life , But I Think Believing In Him Is Just A Way For People To Waste Time And Stay Quiet.
---Death_Reaper on 2/25/07

I find that if I maintain my JOY and my PEACE that only JESUS can give, then I get to keep my STRENGTH, And if anyone needs to be strong, it is I. ====Thank You. P.S.- Doubt and unbelief will weaken you, to a fare you well. Thank You.++
---CATHERINE on 2/7/07

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It is hard to look at the universe from its largest, smallest, closest, most distant, most varied elements and not be in awe. To study God's handiwork it is not hard to discover the Architect. I look at the miracle of each new life and know that God exists.
---lorra8574 on 2/7/07

I personally don't believe there is anyone out there that really believes that God is not real. I have fun as a Christ believer. Write another comment after the party is over, at the point when "you people" begin to acknowledge HE has been with you all along!
---Wendy on 2/6/07

Well, there are two "Michael's". And that is not me down there, Susie.

Michael B.
---Michael on 2/6/07

(your god is just a spiteful kid over an ant hill with a magnfineglass?)

There are many clues that prove the existence of God. The main clues are the 'Nation of Israel and it's Jewish people'.
We know the "Bible" is REALLY God inspired, because out of the 735 prophecies it mentions, 596 have already come to pass! 80% prophecy fulfillment speaks for itself about the existence of GOD!
Oh! And by the way, He is also your GOD, whether you except him or NOT!
---DePuTy on 2/6/07

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come on god isn't real! and if he/she or what ever this mythic thing is then why do babies die, why do wars happen. yes you'll say the devil, but if gods all knowing and all powerful why does the devil live. why would god creat him? unless your god is just a spiteful kid over an ant hill with a magnfineglass? 'god stands where science has yet to tred'.
---Michael on 2/6/07

Then you know according to the Bible, this make you a fool Ps14. To be fooled is to be convinced by false evidence. Living for God leaves a great legacy after you die; even if you're correct. No living for God. Well, lets say things really heats up after you die.
---TDG on 12/28/06

Carla5754 - No problems. I opened my mouth to change feet LOL. Happy New Year!
---Helen_5378 on 12/28/06

do you really believe that god isnt real then do this and you will know that god is real without any doubt
just look in your mirror and if you see anyone looking back at you then god is real
because god created you in his likeness and image god is real no doubt about it look around at the trees and the sea god is real
---gene5435 on 12/28/06

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You know God is real because His Spirit testifies with your Spirit. Unless, you have Jesus in your heart, you cannot know the truth. Try getting on your knees with a sincere heart ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and He will. He is Madly in love with you and accepts you right where you are at.
---mar on 12/27/06

Sorry Helen I did respond but it was'nt posted. I was addressing Jon. Sorry if I offended you no was offence intended.
Love CarlaX
---Carla5754 on 12/27/06

Brent, Jesus died so that we would not live a life of condemnation. He is the New Adam. He washes away our sin, each and every day. He came so that you and I might have life, and life more abundantly. You are no longer 'punished' for what Adam and Eve did. Jesus took care of that over 2000 years ago. We can celebrate the life of Jesus because He sets us free. Free from sin and free from death. Dear Brent, Jesus takes our 'crappy' lives and makes all things new again.
---Raine on 12/26/06

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