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My Husband Claimed Christianity

My husband claimed to be a christian when we met and married, never walked with God after we were married (never) - he is mean to my son (stepson) and now my family tell me they noticed he was not interested in my son. I can't trust him, hate his temper and want God in my home!

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 ---Jackie on 8/8/05
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You'll be in my prayers. I know God see's this situation, and He'll see you through. Pray for guidance. God Bless.
---Peggy on 10/16/07

Steve, where on earth did adultery come into it, neither of us were married when we met??? Re-read the post.
---Jackie on 8/11/05

you mentioned that your husband claimed he was a Christian, couldn't you tell? Did you spend enough time knowing him? Seems to me you are blaming him but you made the choice. Just maybe you made a mistake, is that possible? Maybe the family should have checked him out before you married him, they seem to know how to tell if he is a Christian or not. you don't trust him and you hate him, what do you want others to do? To give the ok? here is another Christian man gone bad.
---lupe2618 on 8/10/05

I was in the same predicament,dear.I rushed into what I WANTED it to be instead of what it really WAS.You are married NOW tho.PRAY,pray,anoint the whole house & determine to be CHRIST-LIKE,in & out of his presence.Love him to Jesus if you can.You may be all between him & Hell.Don't give up.God can do a miracle.I'm praying for you.
---lovable_linda on 8/9/05

, you must have known he wasn't a christian. a true christian never takes another man's wife, because adultery is wrong.
---steve on 8/9/05

Hello Jackie,
I will be Praying for you. I have been there in the same place, that, you are now. Only difference, was i didn't have any children. But, he had some children, by some of the women, he was seeing, outside of our marriage. I can tell you from experience, trust in God with all your heart. Even, tho, it is hard, God is there with you, all the time. I will remember you in my Prayers everyday.
God Bless You,
---Ruby on 8/9/05

There may come a time were you and your son's safety is more important than being with the man you married. It may even be now. As long as you stay faithful to the Lord, the Lord will be with you. Pray hard, be strong, and set the example. Be honest and true. By our actions we can save the one who are lost, and desire a relationship with our Lord and Saviour. Praying for you and your son, as well for your husband.
---geraa7578 on 8/9/05

poor you i will pray for you
---graha6933 on 8/9/05

The word of God says to test the Spirits to see whether they are of God...1 john 4 :1..The bible tells us that we have to be wary as our adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh around seeking whom he may devour.One has to realise that satan too has army who disquise and masquerade in the church.. one have to pray and fast and seek Gods guidance than just accpet that because some one is in the church and goes reqular and sings in the choir or is in a particular ministry that persons is of God
---guyiyae on 8/8/05

Jackie : If you are faithful , then our Abba Father God is faithful .My dad told my mon that he would serve Christ if she would marry him.Six mounths before he went home to be with Jesus ,he gave his life to our Lord .And was singing I fly away when he went .Pastor Danny in the love and compassion of Jesus.
---Pastor_Danny on 8/8/05

God is in your home by your choice.
This is the fight for your home. Remember not to wage war according to the flesh.
As ugly as he will be you cannot allow an offense to linger. Your son HAS TO get the right example from someone.
Now more than ever you need a PURE walk with God, and alot of time alone with the Lord.

Pray FOR HIM,(not what you want him to be, but for him to blessed by God) give him a place of honor, and God will work in your home more fabulously than you can imagine.
---Pharisee on 8/8/05

Ex husband was same he lied about his faith before marraige and even had my pastor father fooled. After married He bagan drinking, smoking and drugs as well as partying with ladies. We had a son whom I wanted raised in the church which he aposed.
Anyway, after 10 yrs of this he abandoned my son and I because I would not leave my faith and follow after him. Pray like you have never prayed before. This is what I had to do to stay sane through it all. Keep God close in your heart. Never loose your faith
---Marla on 8/8/05

I to am going through what you are. Only difference there are not children involved in mine. We met in church and both were very involved. Then one Sunday he got up and walked out and hasn't been back since. Just a few weeks ago he told me he would never go to church again. All you can do is pray and let God direct you to what you need to do. I will be praying for you.
---Elaine on 8/8/05

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