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How To Make Friends On ChristiaNet

Why am I having such a hard time finding friends on this site? I have been on this site for several months and rarely get a message from anyone. I have sent many e-cards, messages to others, but to no avail. Anyone out there have any suggestions? By the way, I am a woman.


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 ---Michaela_Jeffries on 8/9/05
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Hi, we must remember that "true" friends are hard to come by. Sometimes God closes the doors we think should be open also. Pray for who God wants in your life and let him do the connecting. In the meantime sending cards and reaching out is just like planting seeds so dont let it discourage you. God Bless...
---Diann6756 on 6/13/07

not to be funny, but if you put your photo on your profile, you will get e mails all the time from other countries especially from young men. You know how it is, when you are young you think anyone over 50 is stupid and vunerable. The ones I know over 50 are neither.
---shira_5965 on 8/11/05

Seek God's intervention with prayer.when i joined I sent a few e-cards put out'feelers'with little response, but was "content" with my profile,so didnt change that..Friendships take time to develope, dont give up..God will bless you with someone i am sure.i have 4 friends thru this site, one very special, but it didnot happen overnight..most friendships start slowly,keep praying,try to bless someone else ,and blessings will flow back to you.
---Karin on 8/10/05

I agree with Tracy. I am one of those who is somewhat "selective". By that, I mean that I expect people to read my profile and respect what I have to say. I've received alot of "undesirable" mail, but God HAS blessed me with a couple of wonderful friends, so far ... and I'm sure He will continue to do so. GBU and DON'T give up, Micha.
---helen6669 on 8/9/05

Posting your need for friends in the Blogs will have your mailbox filled with emails if you used your CN penpal number. I am interested to be your friend, but I can't write you because I don't have your CN number. Write me!
---bebet3754 on 8/9/05

I chat with lots of people I have met via this mediam and they are a blessing to me. I haven't heard from you, before. God bless;
---Wendell on 8/9/05

I guess most of those who you have contacted are just very selective and you just haven't met the right "friends". Keep trying and you will find geniune friends out there. . By the way, I have not met a friend as yet and wouldn't mind being your friend

God Bless,

---tracy5858 on 8/9/05

Have faith my sista'!
When God is ready for your to rcv answers he will move thru his chosen people.
By the way, is there anything on your mind troubling you?
---Ms.Cj on 8/9/05

It could be that not everyone looks at their mail every day. I would be happy to write back and forth with you. Take are time getting to know each other.

Wanta try?
---Linda3939 on 8/9/05

hi i have the same problem i have been here forover a year and have met only a few friends and many who only are friends for a short while if you would like to be friends you can email me here on christianet under andre9789 i am a woman as well i dont get to check mail on weekends
---andre9789 on 8/9/05

i haven't had many replies either and some I haven't wanted! Try changing what you've writtten in your essays, say something different about yourself, ask a friend to help you to remember what makes them friends with you. judie7388
---Judie on 8/9/05

Micha, What is your profile name? One can never have too many friends. Have a Blessed Day.
---rue on 8/9/05

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