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Is My Husband Leaving Me

My husband who went to live in another country with our daughters 18 months ago does not want me to communicate with my children. Is this a subtle way of his telling me that he wants out of the marriage? Does not call me either? What do I do?

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 ---Alexandra on 8/10/05
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His actions speak loud and clear. Go to the Lord in prayer about this situation, then seek professional legal advice.
---Brenda on 8/26/08

The fact that he wants no contact between you and your children sends a very clear message.

Your legal options may be extremely limited if he moved to another country.

How old are your daughters?

And what country is it? If it's a middle-eastern country (like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, etc.) you may have no rights at all. A similar real-life situation was dramatized in the movie "Not Without My Daughter"
---StrongAxe on 11/18/07

How old are the girls? Why did he move to another country in the first place?
It is very possible that is why he moved. What country are you from, in America, You would have a right to those girls. I suggest you seek out professional help where you live. Good luck
---geraa7578 on 11/16/07

Well, is he from the other country? If I were you I would ask him point blank and if he is just leaving and taking your daughters. IF he is, I would fight to get the kids back. He has no right to just leave and take them.
---Auror3743 on 4/12/07

umm, not so subtle, more like a loud must have legal rights to bring them home, get legal advice.
---Maxine on 8/11/05

why did you let your daughters go?
---shira_5965 on 8/11/05

One thing i would say,nothing just happens like that.Why did this man has to leave and take the children with him? Can he just think of this overnight and leave and even denying you access in communicating with your kids? I don't think so, something is wrong somewhere.
Anyway,God's peace i leave with you my sister.
God Bless You.
---Daphne on 8/11/05

There's nothing impossible for God to do, your situation is just a piece of cake for Him but this is where your faith as a christian comes. Let your professional counselor be Jesus;go to Him in prayer not just for your kids but also for the restoration of your marriage. The Lord loves you and is closely monitoring the choices you will make in this regard. Chose Him first because He gave you both your husband and your children; Just let Him know He is first in your life.
---Edu on 8/10/05

By the sound of it, there is nothing subtle about this. If there is any question in your mind, I would say you are in denial. The advice to seek legal advice is sound.
---Bruce5656 on 8/10/05

why would husband go to live in another country? Why send children with him?
I would try to get children back and not waste time questioning motives.
My husband went away to visit other country and I nearly lost my son for good. Deal with the children before too late. Once in another country is hard to get them back, sometimes near impossible depending on country
---Marla on 8/10/05

There's nothing subtle about it. He wants out. You can try to get your kids back, but alot depends on what country he went to. All you can do at this time is go through the proper channels to get you kids back. (Suggest you get a lawyer who is familar with International law.) You might also try contact the US embassy and even the embassy of that country. However, my first advice would be to get an International lawyer.
---WIVV on 8/10/05

I would be trying to get your kids back. depending what country you are in and what country he went to you may have no legal means to fight for your kids. My husband abandoned us for his home country and I was told by judge and lawyers if he took his son to his country I could possibly not get him back.
---M on 8/10/05

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