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The Symbols Follow The Bible

Regarding the Potter books, I would not even touch them.
My question is about C.S. Lewis books.They are fantasy but not demonic.I see The "Chronicals of Narnia" now even in Wal Mart,and I hear a movie is being made. Opinions from those who are familier with these please.

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 ---Kathay on 8/10/05
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I was in my 20's when I read every single one of the "Narnia" books, and I just loved them. Very spiritual...I cried at the last when Aslan the lion led all the animals to safety. I don't think you will have any problems with any of CS Lewis's books. Just a few short months ago, I read a trilogy of his (can't remember the name)..very sci-fi, where other worlds are visited, but all very deeply spiritual- not demonic.
---Ann5758 on 10/19/07

Lewis was a devout Christian who gave glory to God in everything that he said or wrote. I read his work for the first time many years ago, and my admiration has only grown deeper with time. His books can inspire a love of God even in people who never heard of Him, and he was a tireless defender of the faith against every kind of heresy. I would recommend him to anyone, with enthusiasm!
---Billy on 8/13/05

John, why do you say that these books go against God's heart?
---Paul on 8/12/05

Hey John, have you ever read any of these works? Lewis was a devoted Christian, who wrote many books on the subject, "Mere Christianity" still in print, a GREAT book. But he also liked fantasy, but with a spiritual message. I loved reading these, as did my kids.
---NVBarbara on 8/11/05

Well CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien were men of education and God and alot of what they wrote can be used as an allegory for the ultimate fight between God and the devil. Their beliefs over flowed into their books.
---Auror3743 on 8/11/05

c.s. lewis is a theologian...the narnia chronicles are actually an allegory of the kingdom of God...with Aslan the lion representing or symbolizing God, Narnia as His kingdom...the 1st book is actually the story of creation...the 2nd about Jesus' dying on the cross & His resurrection...the last book, the last battle, is actually a story on the last days...i hope you'll read it with an open mind and see Lewis' intention... :)
---elisa on 8/11/05

Recently when in our local Bible Book Store I notices C.S. Lewis "Chronicles of Narnia" books on the shelves. Also they have shown them in church youth groups as well.
I have not seen them myself but am intrigued to see them as they are shown and on the shelves of the Christian stores where I get most of my reading material.
I may get a video and watch them with my son so we can discuss them and know what they are really about.
---Marla on 8/11/05

C.S. Lewis was a devout christian man and his stories were written with a theological eye. He intentionally used biblical symbolism and christian morality in his writing to help instill these values in children who were more apt to read his fantastical stories rather than the bible.
---Walter on 8/10/05

You are better off avoiding these books. They go against God's heart, and I don't want to hurt God.
---John on 8/10/05

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