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Why Did God Allow Forbidden Fruit

Why did God allow Eve to eat the forbidden fruit when He must have known what havoc it would cause future mankind. Was Noahs Ark big enough to carry the millions of species plus have enough space for food to sustain these creatures before there would be sufficient crops on the earth.

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 ---steph_stephen on 8/11/05
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Hi Anthony; good points. :) And yeah, I too doubt there were any chihuahuas aboard the ark; can you imagine hearing their sharp little yaps every single day on that ark?! AGH! LOL :D
---Mary on 5/20/07

As for the Ark question - You are assuming the creatures we have today existed when Noah was alive. The best example are dogs. Most people agree that all dogs descended from wolves. Therefore Noah had two wolves on the ark whose descendants produced all varieties of dogs we see today. It is unlikely that dalmations, chihuahuas, and beagles were on the ark.
---Anthony on 5/20/07

Also, almost all varieties of dogs have appeared within the past several hundred years due to artificial selection. Notice that this is a one-way process: you can breed wolves and eventually get chihuahuas, but you cannot breed chihuahuas and eventually get wolves. Genetic information has been lost and is gone forever. This is a downward process testable, observable, and repeatable which refutes the claim that new genetic information arises through mutations, something essential for evolution to occur.
---Anthony on 5/20/07

As for food space nobody mentions that it is likely that 1)Noah brought juveniles onto the ark, which would require less food to begin with, 2)Animals' bodies likely used food more efficiently than ones today, so they needed less, 3)Food before the flood was alot less degenerated than today and had more nutrients, so less was needed, 4)Some animals may have hibernated through the flood and did not need any food at all, 5)Some animals like rabbits would have "recycled" their food, needing less.
---Anthony on 5/20/07

Be sure to keep in mind just how large the ark really was. Using a CONSERVATIVE cubit makes it the size of a football field and three stories tall. If people were larger in the past, say eight feet tall average before the flood, then Noah's cubit would have been alot bigger meaning the ark would be alot bigger. Note that some people who have claimed to have spotted Noah's Ark on Ararat have dismissed it because they say what they saw would have been TOO BIG according to modern (conservative) estimates.
---Anthony on 5/20/07

The purpose of the forbidden fruit was to provide an option to do something against God's will. This was part of A & E being made in His image. God has freewill, so He devised a brilliant way to provide man with freewill. Notice He did not fill eden with these trees. He only made ONE; just enough to accomplish the goal. Magnificent. "and it was very good..."
---Anthony on 5/18/07

Simply, God does not want robots, clones, or zombies. God wants people to follow him out of love. Today we have our own forbidden fruits, whether it be food, drink, smoking, or lust of the flesh. We all have the freedom to refuse or take the forbidden fruit.

As for the ark, God knew how many animals and how much food was needed when he instructed Noah in the building of the ark. Besides, God is in control, best to just go with it.
---geraa7578 on 5/18/07

The reason for the forbidden fruit...because God wants to be chosen and trusted. That is why Adam's disobedience left us "slaves" to a nature where we had no choice but to sin. Even our righteousness was as a filthy rag. So God, before the foundation of the world, has a Lamb slain to bring that choice back. We can choose Jesus who is God's sovereign choice and come to Him through Jesus or we can choose to remain controlled by a nature that leaves us no choice but good and evil.
---Linda_Smith on 10/1/05

No incest then. People lived much longer back then. Adam lived to be 930 years old and had many many sons and daughters, and their offspring had sons and daughters, and those offspring had more offspring, so there was plenty of mates to choose from without incesting.
---Eloy on 8/25/05

Eve was allowed to be tempted by the serpent to try her strength/faith. He posessed the "fruit" she was beguiled (seduced) by. Study the offspring of the enmity seed. Abel - Seth, Cain. Different families and lineages. God doesn't view our lives as such a waste as we sometimes do. He has a plan.
The Ark was big enough for baby animals,(where did it say grown ones?). Babies require very little food, take up much less space, and make very little waste. I also like the hibernation thoughts.
---mike_fl on 8/24/05

It would also not have been incestuous after the flood because there were then 8 people. Noah's 3 sons were related to each other obviously but their wives were probably all from different families. The offspring of these 3 couples would have been cousins to each other. Each generation after that became farther removed from each other. Even today, it is not incestuous to marry a cousin.
---Paulette on 8/15/05

No that was not incestuous behaviour because God told them to multiply. God gave his rules about not marrying close relatives much later on when the population was much greater and it would be easier to look further afield for a mate more distantly related. The illnesses causes through interbreding would not have happened originally because God made the first people PERFECT but that would slowly change after 'the fall'.
---Paulette on 8/15/05

One more question, was it not incestuous behaviour during A&E time and then also after the flood. Why was it acceptable then but not now. Besides it been wrong the chances of a child been born with one deformity or another is quite strong is it not. Please dont think i am trying to clever by asking these questions i hope to understand the Bible better.
---Stephen_Gladwin on 8/15/05

Stephen_Gladwin: I wish I knew. There are some things that God does that's beyond "our" comprehension. (Isaiah 55:6-9)

"Have faith [trust] in God" & know He always has our best interest at heart. (Mark 11:22; Romans 10:17)
---Leon on 8/13/05

Eve was given freewill to obey God or dis him, she misused her freedom of choice and yielded to temptation and chose to dis God. Only 1656 years passed since Adam's creation up to the flood in Noah's time, so there were not millions of species in Noah's day. He only took 46 animals upon the ark, along with his wife and also his 3 sons and their 3 wives with them, and food for all.
---Eloy on 8/13/05

Leon, why did God allow satan in the form of a snake into the garden of Eden in the first place?
---Stephen_Gladwin on 8/13/05

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3. It would have been perfectly just for God to have left all men in their sin and misery and to have shown mercy to none. God was under no obligation whatsoever to provide salvation for anyone. Or God could have chosen to save all men,(for He had the power and authority to do so.) But He did neither. Instead, many are called and few are chosen. As for the Ark, I believe that all plans of God were perfect so whatever had to be there was there. Enough food for all.
---lupe2618 on 8/12/05

2. Because of Adam's transgression, his descendants enter the world guilty, lost sinners. As fallen creatures, they have no desire to have fellowship with the Creator. He is holy, just, and good, whereas they are sinful, perverse, and corrupt. Left to their own, they inevitably follow the god of this world and do the will of their father, the devil. Consequently, men have cut themselves off from the Lord of heaven and have forfeited all rights to His love and favor.
---lupe2618 on 8/12/05

Steph, God knew what Eve was going to do, and allowed her to do what she did. Could she have done different? yes, but didn't. If she had, God would have known that also. Could He have prevented her from eating? yes He could. God had a purpose for allowing her to fall, seeing as to that God could have put her and Adam in an inviroment where they could have been kept sinless. The choice was there for all three. God didn't create sin, Satan executed his free will and sin came into the world.
---lupe2618 on 8/12/05

Sue: Yes, "children of God by faith in Christ Jesus." (Gal. 3:26)

God DOES NOT tempt us. The devil tempts. God tries our faith (tests us: 1 Pt. 1:7). The Lord clearly gives us choices that come with rewards for obedience (blessings) and consequences for disobedience (curses).
---Leon on 8/12/05

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Leon, arn't we suppose to be like children regarding our faith for God? Why does God tempt us? He put the tree in the garden and said not to touch. He is still tempting us today. Why?
---sue on 8/12/05

God is so wonderful, He can do anything He wants to do. I believe He put the animals in a comatose sort of state until the flood was ovwer. God didn't allow eve to eat the fruit, He gave her a choice and she disobeyed God. Then she talked her husband to do the same thing. We are still paying the price aren't we?
---shira_5965 on 8/11/05

---Stephen: Regarding Noah's Ark, were there really million of species on the earth in that day? Though some of the animals did eat (Genesis 6:21) perhaps others ate before boarding the Ark & then hybernated for the duration of their voyage. I really don't know if that was the case. However, I do believe what God says in the Bible & I know He's able to make possible what may seem to us to be impossible.
---Leon on 8/11/05

---Stephen: True, we wouldn't have been exactly like robots or zombies; but, we might've been woefully ignorant (unlearned, childlike) beings. A&E knew what God said. But, did they really understand?

Life is an adventure! God allows us to "experience" the good & "the bad" so we may grow in our relationship to Him.

Have you ever seen the old movie Logans Run? We could've been something like the people in the movie if God had chosen to be aloof from us.
---Leon on 8/11/05

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I do believe the ark was big enough because it is written in God's Word and God's Word is true just as He is true.
Some people believe there were dinos because of the bones that are found but these same people don't believe there was a flood even when they find seashells in the mountians such as in Colorado.
---Laurie on 8/11/05

Not what the fruit was but where did the fruit come from. It was forbidden then, but not now! Jesus Christ is Life. We were kept from the tree of Life because we went in the wrong order. Jesus Christ is Life. I think they found Noah's ark at the bottom of the ocean because it wasn't big enough hold both of those Tyronassauros Rexs. 1,2,3. Jesus Christ is Life. He was the tree of life then and he is the tree of Life now.
---gregg8944 on 8/11/05

WIVV - your typo made me laugh! My husband's name is Robert and he's a worship leader at church!
---DoryLory on 8/11/05

Thanx for the replies. I can see where you guys are coming from but we would not have been "robots" or "zombies", i see it in a different light, we would be the same just without evil thoughts and deeds.As for the Ark, well im still not convinced , sorry.
---Stephen on 8/11/05

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God did not want "roberts" worshipping Him. If humans didn't have a free choice, that's all you'd have. Based on materials I've read from scientists who have studed the Ark being large enough, they contend that it was not only big enough, but they still use the ratios to buid ships today based on the measuments given to Noah.
---WIVV on 8/11/05

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