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Pray For My Son's Baby

I would appreciate your prayers for my son's baby. They are expecting in Jan. and were told today that there are "spots" on the kidney (show on an ultrasound).

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 ---Bruce5656 on 8/11/05
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An update to this blog:

The baby was born at 7 months and had a rare genetic condition. He was triploid (had three sets of chromosomes) and could not live. He died after 18 hours in neonatal intensive care (October 14, 2005).

However. They had another son who is now 17 months old and in wonderful health with another one on the way this October!
---Bruce5656 on 5/29/08

We have and shall pray for your sons baby and your entire family.
---Elder on 4/12/08

You got my prayers.
---sue on 5/23/07

I agree with some other writers here...don't worry til baby is here. I used to be an OB nurse and I can remember when a doctor told a woman she was having a baby girl because they found female chromosomes in her amniocentisis. But baby was born a boy!!! Medical science is not yet perfect...those chromosomes belonged to MOM! Who knows what's really seen in the ultrasound.
---ruth on 9/1/05

I am praying for our Father's loving hands to reach into the womb and clean these spots and bless this little Angel and everyone else in the family
---caroa on 9/1/05

Bruce: I will continue praying for your grandson. God can grow another kidney, or give him good health so he can have a long and prosperous life with the one kidney.
---Madison on 8/17/05

Thank you all. We went for a more detailed ultrasound yesterday and were told that the baby (a boy!) will have only one kidney. This of course does not present a problem so long as the one remaining is fully functional.
We are praying that God will restore the other kidney and the doctors will be amazed at what God has done!
---Bruce5656 on 8/16/05

Lord God, Your ChristiaNet family brings Bruce's grandson to Your throne today! We believe that Your Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth will heal this child in Your perfect Name above all names. May every cell in this little body be whole and complete with proper blood flow, no "spots", no imperfections, no damage. Lord, bring this family to perfect peace and trust in You....By Your Divine grace deliver this child with no complication. In the blessed name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!!
---Elsie on 8/12/05

Bruce my prayers are with that precious little one.May God give the family peace and I pray God will completely heal that baby.May those spots be erased from that child and the cause removed.God Bless and be with you all.
---Darlene_1 on 8/12/05

Your grandchild is in my prayers as well as your son and daughter in law.........don`t put too much confidence in the ultra sound, we were told 10 hours before my youngest was born that she was a boy and that he(she) was too big to turn in the womb and get in the birthing position.They were wrong on both accounts,SHE only weighed 7 lbs......Put faith in GOD and not in man(or machine!!)
---co_ach on 8/12/05

Ultrasound scans sometimes show things that cause much alarm which then turn out to be false alarms. You are in my prayers at this time but don't assume that the outlook will be bad. My son's baby also showed abnormalities on a kidney and they said he'd be very small. He was perfectly alright and weighed in at 9.5 pounds.
---Kit on 8/12/05

Bruce: I am praying. Psalm 139 says God knits us together in the womb. He is in control right now. Continue to have faith in His love and control.
---Madison on 8/12/05

Heavenly Father, I lift up Bruce's grandbaby before Your throne of grace. Your Word declares, Lord, that You are the Healer, that You desire Your children to experience health and abundant life. I plead Your Blood over this little one and I ask You, Lord, to make him or her every which way whole. I ask You, Lord, to correct whatever is wrong and I thank You for working everything out together for good in this situation, in Jesus name. Amen.
---DoryLory on 8/12/05

Heavenly Father, We pray for Bruce's future grand child. What ever may be going on with the Kidney, we pray you will make it a safe transaction for the child. Bring healing. Give wisdom. Guide this couple with your knowledge of what to do. Give peace to this situation. In Jesus Name, Amen
---Linda3939 on 8/11/05

We're praying, Bruce!
---Jeffrey on 8/11/05

Bruce, I know that this type of info can be scary, even to us as believers, but, we have to trust that God knows what is best in all things. I will be praying for your grandchild. Please keep us posted on any new developments. God is able to overcome all our troubles, no matter how big they seem to us. God bless you and all your family.
---tommy3007 on 8/11/05

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