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Kingdom Of God On Earth Now

I believe that with Christ the kingdom of God was established and is here on earth. Are there others out there who believe this to be true as well? My dad states that most who are professed christians believe the kingdom is to come but is not here yet.

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 ---Tia on 8/11/05
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Is it Spiritual Kingdom or Literal your talking about?
---Pam on 1/26/08

I only concern my self with those who wish to establish a 'kingdom of God' as in a theocracy here on earth. Such as the Taliban. If they were fundamentalist like the taliban, I would call them the 'talibornagain"
---MikeM on 1/21/08

Joseph,I thank you for your comments.I beleive what I believe not becasue of the Church I attend,nor do I attend the Church I attend becasue of what I believe. It's becasue I have studied the Bible and find that what I believe is in Harmony with the Bible.Not to say that I am any smarter than anyone else,just my conclusion.
---Tommy on 1/21/08

I believe that certain aspects of the Kingdom of God are already operating on this earth, such as prayer, healing,salvation, deliverance, etc, but, the fullness of it, will not come until Jesus comes back and sets up his millenial reign.
---Gayla on 1/20/08

Dr. Rich,
Why don't you concetrate on something productive like growing spiritually or trying to know Christ on the level that Paul did instead of causing dissension with all this other garbage.
---jason on 1/19/08

Tommy I stand in agreement with your post on this blog in its entirety. I do not view it as 'your opinion', but rather the revelation of the truth of our Father's word, as He has revealed it, by his grace. It is of major importance that we make it known to all who will listen, the spurious messiah will be revealed first. Jesus will not return until his (Antichrist) mission is complete. It is then that the kingdom of heaven will be experienced on earth during the millennia reign of Jesus.
---joseph on 1/19/08

Dr. Rich.....Paul said in Philippians 3
That I may KNOW Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering..being made conformable to His death that I may attain to the resurrection of the dead.

Do YOU KNOW Jesus in this way? Have you been Crucified with Christ and raised up a NEW Creation IN CHRIST JESUS?

Has the Spirit of the LIFE OF CHRIST set you free from the Law of Sin and death?

If do not KNOW Jesus and never will.
---kathr4453 on 1/18/08

1 of this is : UNLESS your righteousness EXCEEDS that of the Pharisee's YOU SHALL NOT ENTER INTO "THE KINGDOM OF GOD".
Right from our Lords mouth to your Ears!
---Duane_M on 1/18/08

Rev.21:2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.
---Duane_M on 1/17/08

Well, I will have to go to the word of God on this one because I don't know enough about this. I don't know enough. I will say this the Kingdom of God is not on this earth yet. The Kingdom of God is in each one of us who belongs to Him. So, Oh by the way it is snowing here. Entrance into the Kingdom of God is by the new birth, Matt. 18,3, John 3:5. By studying: The expression, Kingdom orf God occurs four times in Matthew.
---catherine on 1/17/08

You better keep reading, He only comes upon those that are NOT Watching, that day DOES'NT come upon us like a theif in the Night, We are Not Apointed unto the wrath that is to come upon the World,
Like the Days of Noah when they were eating & drinking, God brought swift destruction upon the world of the ungodley, So shall it be Again, SO i tell you once more WATCH! YLBD
---Duane_M on 1/17/08

Dr.Rich,Ch.24 is referring to the Rapture, the Tribulation,and the second coming at the B.o.A. Ch.25 deals with the Millenium when he will set up the K.of H. on this Earth.As far as your comment to kathr4453's reply,though Paul may have penned it,it's still the Word of God.Christ is the word."Lo,I come in the volume of the book."ALL scripture is given by INSPIRATION of God."kathr4453 is correct in the post made.I am still not sure of your last post though,maybe I am not reading it right?
---Tommy on 1/16/08

In John 17, notice that 'eternal life' is knowing Jesus, not just beliving or having faith. Also, Jesus had finished His work before His death, (testifying to the truth). Also, the 11 are giving a (family) name of the Father, as being born again by the Mother (Holy Spirit). The same happens to the 144K (Rev.14:1) The Bride is a different group and get the name by marriage. They (from all nations) learn the truth from the 144K and 5 wise during the tribulation (Rev.7:9-14)
---Dr._Rich on 1/16/08

Matthew 25 starts out "AT THAT TIME" What time? Chapter 24 talkes about coming like a thief and is before the tribulation. This is NOT the same event as coming in the clouds.

Also, if you want to rebutt or debate what I state, please do NOT use anyone's writings that was not an eyewitness of Jesus' testimony. (Jn.14:26) To do so is circular reasoning. Paul, Luke and the writer of Hebrews did NOT know Jesus! Read "THE SPIRIT OF THE CHURCH" for proof!
---Dr._Rich on 1/16/08

Dr. Rich

Romans 16:24-27 Paul says NOW the Gospel according to the Mystery is preached. The Mystery is Christ in you. The Kingdom of God is within you. The Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom restored to Israel Acts 1:6 & 7 and that is **not now** as Jesus clearly stated.

The Church...His Body IS NOT the Kingdom restored to Israel.
---kathr4453 on 1/16/08

Mathew 25 starts off with-"Then shall the Kingdom of Heaven."Notice "THEN",this is after ch.24 which describes the tribulation period and and the beginning of the Millenium.Notice ver. 29 & 30 in ch.24.The 2nd coming in 29 & notice 30,"Immediatly AFTER the Trib in those days." So ch.25 does not make your case for the K.o.H. now but only gives support for my opinion.
---Tommy on 1/15/08

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Tommy, Jesus was always talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, it is the 'GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN' that is to be preached to all the world. There is ONE place where Jesus said what this Kingdom would be like at the end (coming like a thief and not the same event as in the clouds) and that was Matthew. 25.
---Dr._Rich on 1/13/08

The "Kingdom of God" is called in my Bible, THE Church.
---donald on 12/31/07

Pt-1 The usage of the two terms in parallel passages may be explained as follows: The Kingdom of Heaven is a lesser term than the Kingdom of God. It is the earthly sphere of the universal Kingdom of God, and in this respect the terms have almost all things in common. Therefore, in an earthly sense, everything that is or could be spoken of the Kingdom of Heaven could be spoken also of the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is the earthly sphere of the Kingdom of God.
---Tommy on 12/29/07

Pt-2--On the other hand, there are some statements made of the Kingdom of God in this age that could not possibly be spoken of the Kingdom of Heaven.When the two terms are used in parallel passages they refer to this age only, for the Kingdom of Heaven during this age has been changed from a literal kingdom to the sphere of profession, because of the rejection of the King who will be the earthly King of the Kingdom of Heaven when it is finally set up in the next age.
---Tommy on 12/29/07

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1. THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (Matt. 3:2,4:17, 5:3,10,19,20,7:21,8:11,10:7,11:11-12, 13:11,24,31,33,44,45,47,52,16:19,18:1,3,4, 23,19:12,14,23,20:1,22:2,23:13-14,25:1). These are all the passages in the Bible where this expression,the Kingdom of Heaven,is found.It is noticeable that all these references are found in Matthew.You will not find them anywhere else after the Rejection of Christ.However,it was not time for this to take place as recorded in Acts 1:6,7 & Lk 24.
---Tommy on 12/29/07

2.KINGDOM OF GOD(Matt.6:33,12:28, 19:24,21:31,43,Mk 1:14,15,4:11,22,30, 9:1,47,10:14,15,23,24,25,12:34,14:25, 15:43,Lk 4:43,6:20,7:28,8:1,10,9:2,11, 27,60,62,10:9,11,11:20,12:31,13:18,20,28, 29,14:15,16:16,17:20,21,18:16,17,24,25,29, 19:11,21:31,22:31 22:16,18,23:51,Jn 3:3, 5,Acts 1:3,8:12,14:22,19:8,20:25,28:23,31, Rm.14:17,1 Cor.4:11,6:20,6:9,10,15:24,50, Gal.5:21,2Thes.1:5,Rev.12:10).Kingdom of God,used 72 times,is the sovereignty of God over the universe,includes the Kingdom of Heaven,used 33 times.
---Tommy on 12/29/07

Tommy you sound goods and you seem knowledgable, but The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God means the same thing.
---catherine on 12/28/07

Dan 2 is a prophecy about a rock cut out w/o hands and is set up at the time of the feet or ten toes. Dan. 8:14 is more specific on the timeing for this Kingdom (of Heaven). The time started at 457 BC so the Host for the Kingdom of Heaven would be started around 1843-1844. This same group of people are the same as the last verse in Rev. 12. Also, all the 7 churches found in Rev. 2 & 3 are the conditions for this group known as the Kingdom of Heaven today.
---Dr._Rich on 12/28/07

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Matt.25 gives us the discription the Kingdom of Heaven will be like AT THE TIME of the coming like a thief (not the same event as the coming in the clouds). They will be a group of people that keep all of the ten commandments, came together around 1843-44, thought Jesus was going to come and they thought they were the bride and now they all are sleeping (spiritually). There is only ONE group that fits and that is the Seventh Day Adventist church., No, they are NOT the bride.
---Dr._Rich on 12/28/07

The SDA church is now sleeping so they don't know this yet, but soon they will wake up from a shout from the 144,000. They did not see Jesus come 'like a thief'. Half of them believe, (because of the food given at the proper time-Matt.24:45) and the other half reject this information given to them by the 144K. Their job is to get the bride (those from all the nations) ready during the time of trouble. They do this be giving the truth to the world. The Bride is the group standing before the throne. (Rev.7)
---Dr._Rich on 12/28/07

I wish to express my agreement with ---Tommy's answer to this question.
---Mima on 12/27/07

The Kingdom of the world is fatting away, since Jesus came. His kingdom is in heaven, when you are absent from your body and present with the Lord. Then you will see the true kingdom. For now we are called the church that were Jesus lives. In you, in me.
---mike on 12/26/07

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The Kingdom of God is within the believer becasue of the Holy Spirit.However,the Kingdom of Heaven has not been established yet on this Earth and won't until he returns at the end of the Trib.When John was preaching the Kingdom of Heaven at hand,this did not take place because of the rejection of the Jews,but will when Christ returns.The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God are not the same.One is of the other,but not totally the same.The K.O.H,Earthly realm, is of the K.O.G. the Spiritual Realm.
---Tommy on 12/26/07

The Kingdom is established on earth, and the present order(earth system) will soon be destroyed.
---duke on 12/16/07

Where do you think Christ ascended. To heaven. Straight up. to the planet, stars, galaxy. You need a location for a kingdom. The Kingdom of God is the whole universe. You can only enter it as a spiritual being.
---Michel on 1/20/06

Unless we have already gone threw the tribulation, and the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and of Him Christ and He shall reign forever, I must live on a different planet
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/18/05

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With the way the earth is today, I would surely hope that the knigdom has not been set up yet, cause I personally would not want it if this is it. No, by scripture, the kingdom is not here. There will be a catching away of the saints, then finish the last 7 years of prophecy. At which time the knigdom will be set up after all this.
---geraa7578 on 9/3/05

Let me repeat Jesus's words to Pontius Pilate,the Roman Governor in reply to his question Are you a king & Jesus said"my kingdom is not of this world John18 v36-37.
this world in which we live is just a stage or testing & transition.there are millioms of people out there who expound their own theories,not necessairly true.This world will come to an end but His Kingdom will live forever.
---Emcee on 8/12/05

I as a christian believed that we are the kingdom of God. Because the bible says that we are the temple of God were Christ live.
---amina8593 on 8/12/05

He has tranformed us from the powers of darkness into His light. From the kindom of darkness into the Kingdom of light. The Kingdom of God is in us. (if we have Jesus) It is in the spiritual realm. Jesus is in His Kingdom with the Father and Yet, He, His Spirit is in us. Eph.2. We are seated in the heavenly realms, in Christ Jesus. We are with Him. I think that that is what He means when He says, they shall come in and go out and shall find pasture. It has to do with the renewing of our minds.
---Linda3939 on 8/11/05

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Yes you are the kingdom of God if christ is in you, never under estimate the power you have in christ if you are living Holy. Through our prayers we have the power in Jesus name to put kings on the throne of this land and take them off again.
Jesus himself when he was on the earth, full of the Holy Spirit said of himself 'the Kingdom of God is at hand meening it is hear now
---susanna on 8/11/05

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