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I Live In My Pastor's Home

I live in a pastor's house and we attend the same church of which he is the pastor of that church. He mistreats me in the house, he is jealousy, gossiper and many more. I am a born agin christian and I am very much affected. What should i do?

Moderator - Does this pastor have a wife?

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 ---alice on 8/12/05
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Does "we" mean you and the pastor, Alice? I notice how you do not call the pastor "my pastor", but "a pastor". How come? ARE you legally in his care, as a minor?

You can talk with someone who is a mature Christian and who knows you - - whoever you know can see through you and tell you what you really need to hear.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/12/07

Alice, IF what you are saying about him is correct > 1 Timothy 3:1-10 shows me that a person qualified to be a pastor is "blameless...temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable...not violent...but gentle, not quarrelsome..." > or that person is not qualified even for CONSIDERATION to be ordained.
---Bill_bila5659 on 6/12/07

Move out. It doesn't make sense for someone to stay in an abusive enviroment, especially from a minister of God.
---Steven_Wilkey on 6/11/07

The word "we" used here makes me think that perhaps this person is not the only family member living in the pastor's house. Either this person is in the pastor's home out of the goodness of his heart and doesn't appreciate it and this person's life is not what it should be as a born-again Christian. Or, this person is in a situation which they should not be in - an abusive life. No one should stay in any kind of abusive relationship. I'm thinking the first one is right.
---Sally on 8/16/05

I see what you are implying Elder......could the reason she doesn`t pack up and leave be because she is a minor under the guardianship of the pastor.........i`ve never met a teen yet who didn`t think they were being mistreated!!
---anon on 8/12/05

First, don't get the idea you can change the pastor, you can't.

Second, you only choice is to pray for him, and GET OUT. You did't mention why you are there is the first place. Either you have to put up with it, if you can't get out until your prayers take effect, or get out! (Romans 12:20-21) Those are you choices! (If you go or stay you need to pray for him.)
---WIVV on 8/12/05

What does mistreat mean? Won't he let you bring your beer in? What do you mean by the terms you used? I find it hard to believe that if all of this was going on someone would not be smart enough to pack up and move out.
---Elder on 8/12/05

---Xanthi on 8/12/05

It's quite simple, find a better home environment and pray about attending the church to, sounds like a double minded man to me, how could you sit under his teaching?
---Maxine on 8/12/05 the saying goes....the test of a true Christian, is what goes on behind closed doors at home when no one is watching. Not a good testimony thats for sure. You need to leave.
---anon on 8/12/05

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