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Only Family Member Saved

Why is it so hard being the only family member that is reborn again? Having a difficult time with family of catholics need suggestions.

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 ---mel on 8/12/05
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I am also that was brought up in 1 that Is of the Man-made trin - relig - org - church, a bapt church which Is 1 of the rcc's daughters churches.

God has enlightened me for His Truth of His 1 & Only salvation plan Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20 & that was back in 1972 & I'm still In Truth today.
There are family members & friends that seem to have less to do with me. I love them though in spite of.
---Lawrence on 6/21/10

If your now in 1 of the Man-made rc's offspring churches such as the luth, cog, presby, bapt, aog, naz, metho etc., there should be no prob's.
If you were in 1 of the above & now in The Church of The Living God & the Salvation of God is according to Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20 it has made the devil mad. Why?, because the Man-made rcc & her offspring churches are here Matt.15 v 9 & came from here 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15.
If you are in The Church of The Living God, just hold fast, & you need to love, be a light to those that in the Man-made relig-org's, & you canNot go & do their ways.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
---Lawrence on 6/10/10

Because you are no longer dead, you have been raised from the dead and family members are dead people. You are so very different, now, from them and the world. You see things and know things which is impossible for any unbeliever to see or to know. That's it.
---catherine on 6/9/10

I have a problem where my mom, who has grown spiritually at the catholic church, has issues with me going to the evangelical church...even though I don't want to go to her church all the time, I find myself going just to keep her quiet...she has a bunch of reasons and excuses for it that make no sense too...what a endless tyraid of nagging..HEELLLPPP!!!!
---Patricia_Bustamante on 6/8/10

We Christians desire others to also become Christian. The hard part is family does not receive us, for a prophet has honor, except in his own land and among his own people. It seems that family members are more receptive to nonfamily members and third parties then their own family. And I find that if you grew up believing "in religion" as being the right way, that it is very difficult to tell them that religion is Not the right way. Like a person addicted to a drug, trying to show them that the drug is wrong and it is not Jesus, is very difficult. I have begged the Lord to save my family, as he has me, but he will not force himself upon them nor override their own freedom of choice. All we can do is witness to them and pray.
---Eloy on 8/18/08

It has never been easy or popular to carry the Spirit of the Living God. However, millions can and do, in the midst of dire persecution, on the part of some. The word & the Spirit is the road map,as Jesus leads , we follow. Whatever the cost is, we are to pay it, and keep following. Read the word... it is Gods direction.
---gayla on 8/17/08

I am Catholic and born again. Being born again is part of the terrain. It comes with the territory.
Yes there are those who go to church for social reasons and don't commit their lives to the Lord. Sunday Christians.
There are those who walk closely with the Lord and pray and worship him all throughout the day.
being Catholic does not mean they are not born again and saved.
---paul on 8/15/08

First of off I am proud of you for standing up and being diffrent in your home. It is not an easy thing to do. Even though I was raise in a christian home all my life. I have seen other familys that would try to convert or change their other family members and you can't do that only God can change them and he will in his time.You just have to pray and seek God for them and stand in the gap for them and u will see them reborn again. Stand on God's word!!!!!
---Tasha on 8/12/08

Light shines best in dark places. Just keep shining by obeying what God says and eventually, they'll see the light. Jesus said, With love and kindness have I drawn thee.
Stay prayerful
---Anne on 11/15/07

God places a 'sheep' in families of unbelievers. Have you noticed that there is usually one in a family who is willing to obey God. That sheep obeys God and prays for the rest of the family to come in.
---Ewe on 4/26/07

My dear friend, prayer is the solution. Pray for your family daily and shine your light before them. You will then see God move mightily in their lives on your behalf. Remember, noone can come to The Father unless he(God) draws them by his Spirit.
---kelva9879 on 3/24/07

Mel, pray tell how you know your family is not saved? Only our Father God knows our hearts, as through his beloved Son Jesus, He, and He alone can save. How do you appraoch your family? Are you "preaching" at them, (big turn off), or busy "pointing out the error of their ways?"
Critisism gets you no-where, only the example of the fruits in your life, (go back and read up on them) will show where you are in your walk. Much more convincing that constant admonition!
---Margaret on 8/13/05

No Mel, there isn't a place called purgitory. There is no middle ground. How does one sin a little? sin is sin, regardless if you kill someone or adultrey, both are a sin. There is no such place.
---Rebecca_D on 8/12/05

Mel- Relax if they are baptist then they are born again, to say that there are not saved because they are Catholic is very wrong! If they keep the Commandments , read the bible, pickup their cross and follow Jesus and go to Church no need to worry. Besides how can you know their hearts and soul only Jesus knows! At Mass they received Jesus Body,Soul and divinity, how much personal can you get then that?
---ruben on 8/12/05

thank you for your reply's. I have another question that I was raised with: is there really a place such as "purgitory?" I know that they talked about that alot in the catholic society,and that you could sin a little and you wind up in this "middle area" between heaven and hell.
---mel on 8/12/05

I had that problem 30 years ago. I also made the mistake of telling my family what was wrong with their church. I don't suggest that. Just love them and find a good church to fellowship it. Pray and love. The Lord did bless me in the fact that my sister-in-law came to the Lord, then my brothers, and now my brother, sister-in-law and I all serve at a wonderful church. Keep praying.
---Madison on 8/12/05

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Your question pertains not only to born-again Christians vs.Catholic family members; it also is present within the body of "on-fire" believers and their nominal family members. I am considered a radical in my family, but I just keep praying that the others will be "radically" saved. Meanwhile we love each other to the best of our ability and by the grace of God accept each other for who we are. "Salvation is a gift but it costs you everything." (saying)
---Elsie on 8/12/05

"HE will deliver the one for whom you intercede ..." (Job 22:30).

I've been where you are except my sister and my husband and I all got saved at the same time, so we at least had each other. But the rest of our large Catholic family mocked us and laughed at us. Today more than half of them are born-again also! Praise God!
---DoryLory on 8/12/05

Hello Mel, I'm in the same situation. I'm the only one that's actually saved in a "Catholic" family. I really think the most difficult thing for me is not that they're currently on their way to eternal condemnation but that it is so so difficult to formulate truthful relationships with them because they don't know the importance of such a thing. However, I believe this to be a true test of my creativity and it always gives me a new and interesting way to show love to them.
---Jim on 8/12/05

I understand. i am the only saved member of my family. It is hard because you are not of the same mold they are anymore. You belong to another family now, the family of God, and that sets you apart. That and watching our loved ones walk around without knowing Jesus and His love is hard! Keep praying, God will answer!
---zoe5647 on 8/12/05

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I would have to agree with Kelva the most on this issue. I myself was brought up catholic and my mom is a practicing catholic. Just let them see the love of Christ in you. When you minister to a catholic, they have NO assurance of salvation. Some of the older catholics know the bible. The only difference between ours and their is the apocrypha. They do have the same basic beliefs we as Christians do. That Jesus is the only son of God that died for our redemtion. Be constant in prayer for them. God bless.
---Jeff on 8/12/05

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