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Explain Revelation 14:7

Is it later than I think in view of REV 14:7 which says "the judgment has come"!?

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 ---John on 8/12/05
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Based on the 2 commentaries I use for a reference, this is dealing with God's judgement. When it will happen is not stated, just that it will happen. From the context of the rest of Revelation, it is after the Great Tribulation, so it seems.
---WIVV on 6/4/08

This is talking about the people who are left here on earth. God is going to pour his wrath down upon them. This angel is warning them to fear him, his judgment is upon them.
---Rebecca_D on 8/15/07

Relax a bit! All I tried to do is call your attention to the fact that "the judgment" is an important multi-phased event of which the first phase is the "investigative" phase. This is all in the Bible. If you have trouble to find it I will help you, if you ask me to.
---Pierr7958 on 8/16/05

Pierr7958, what I like or don't like doesn't matter a bit. What matters is:

What does the Word say?
---Jeffrey on 8/16/05

Jeffrey:So you don't care for the term investigative judgment which DAN 7:9-10 says began in 1844. When Jesus returns HE WILL COME WITH HIS REWARD and it will already be decided who has chosen to be EVIL and who has chosen to be RIGHTEOUS (MT 16.27)
The wicked ones tremble! (REV 6:14-17) while the saints are delighted! (ISA 25:9).Also,God's people are and will suffer tribulatons til the end and will not be raptured until Jesus comes again, when they will receive their reward (MT 13:30).
---Pierr7958 on 8/15/05

But tell me:

Is God perfect? Is His Word perfect? Are the words in His Word perfect as originally written? Is the order of the words in God's Word perfect as originally written?

Didn't God use the perfect words to describe the things mentioned in His Word?

The word "investigative" isn't in the Bible. Therefore, it must not be the perfect word to describe anything in the Bible.

I'd rather use the perfect words in God's Word to describe the things of God.
---Jeffrey on 8/15/05

Pierr7958, I don't know what you're referring to in 1844, but, just for arguement's sake, let's suppose you're right. You said, "when Jesus comes back every person's final destination will be set." Well, Jesus hasn't come back yet, so Rev 14:7 is still future, which was my point.

However, when Christ comes back, there will still be people on Earth who later will believe God. Will their "final destination" be set when Christ comes back, before they believe?
---Jeffrey on 8/15/05

I am going to respectfully ask you to take another look at this question and then see if you could not come to the following BIBLICAL conclusion that when Jesus comes back every person's final destination will be set. Therefore the 'investigative phase' makes sense. Tell what you think.
---Pierr7958 on 8/14/05

Although the gospel is being preached ever since the time of Christ, for the last 2000 years, this verse is refering to the coming Judgment of God: where He destroys Rome along with condemning those who worship the antiChrist and his image, and he pours out his 7 vials of plagues upon the earth.
---Eloy on 8/13/05

This text is part of the Lord's last warning.That message introduces us to Phase 1 of the judgment: THE INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT.
Rev 14:7 tells us 'that it has come' When did it start? Dan 8:14 which is part of Daniel's vision of "2.300 Day Prophecy" sees that part of the judgment to have beun in 1844 So, it is late BUT NOT TOO LATE! Jesus is still mediating for us but He will say: "It is finished!" and then it will be too late!
---Pierr7958 on 8/13/05

Don't take the verse out of its context, John. Revelation is still future.

The writer was seeing a vision, which was revelation from God to him, and God told him to write it for us so we would know what will come after Christ comes back for us.

In the time period that he was seeing by revelation, which is still future for us, the judgement had come.
---Jeffrey on 8/13/05

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