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Go To A Place Of False Worship

I would never want to have to set foot inside a place of false worship, for any reason. Would any of you?

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 ---Kit on 8/13/05
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After being in & out of many denominations & reading the bible I came to this conclusion, false worship are those NOT following Gods word , the bible. False churches are those more focused on teaching the "itching ears" of just the NT instead of both the OT & NT. Yes Jesus came to save us from our sins,but that is not JUST the gospel.He came to give his fathers word, which at that time was the OT. So those just sticking with the feel good messages,I would avoid those along with other religions NOT supporting Jesus is the only way.
---Candice on 8/16/10

Jesus and St. Paul frequented synagogues, which were certainly places of false worship.
---Cluny on 8/16/10

If you know the truth of God's Word you would not join or be a part of a false church or religion to begin with. This is the purpose of being saved and reading and studying God's Word. God's Word tells us what to look our for and what to avoid. What He wants us to do and how to do it! So what is the problem here? We have all we need in God's Holy Bible. If a church is not teaching that Jesus is the center of that church, we must be born again(bible way) be baptized(full immersion) not sprinkling, holy communion We need to get out of there quickly and never go back. Jesus should be King(center)of every church,not the preacher. Love should be shown to all. Much prayer and mission work is important in every church.
---Robyn on 8/13/10

That Is very much so, dresses from below the knees to the ankles Is Right. In The True Church of The Living God you have to be completely, totally, submitted to God. The Plan of God.

That is where the Man - mades from here 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15 trin relig - org's churches beginning with the rcc & her offspring daughters trin churches are Not totally submitted to God. In other words anything goes, you can smoke, social alcoh drinks, go around half naked, join social n - clubs, drugs, club dancing etc., the glitter & glamor of the world the devil has.

You Are here for the service of God, NOT for the devils service. You canNot serve 2 masters.
Serve God or the devil.
---Lawrence on 8/13/10

All I see are titles to different churches you are nameing false places. Thease places whether we agree or not is not a false building,buildings have no feelnigs, they are made of matierials. Now if you mean the people, God himself only knows what is false& true. I was noticing on that list have you forgotten about Muslims,buda,scientology? Why pick on people who are honestly trying to worship God,& instead focus on those who thinks they can do without him or the bible?
---Autumn on 9/7/05

what is false worship??what may be false to you could be true to others,as because there are so many "Christian" denominations, so assuming that your church is true all others are false.Yet the church that Christ established on this earth over 2000 years ago is deemed to be no others than christians themselves.Strange anomaly --so who is false???people or their faith!!!!
---Emcee on 8/21/05

I attended my nephew's wedding which was held in a Catholic Church. I did not go there to worship. I went there to attend a family function. It was really strange seeing all the idols sitting around.
---Sally on 8/16/05

United Pentecostals do not worship the same God. They believe it is Jesus the Father, Jesus the Son, and Jesus the Holy Spirit. They also believe that you must be baptized in water, the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues to be saved. They believe that you must dress a certain way to be holy. You know, sleeves down to your wrists, skirts down to your ankles, no slacks, no makeup, no jewelry, no fancy clothing. Instead of making sure that what is inside the heart is better than the clothes that we wear.
---Sally on 8/16/05

Kit, stay away from churches that don't teach the essentials of the Christian faith. It is important for you to check if they worship God through those essentials. The modern church teaches them though many times they very in none essentials. Though a person is good and sincere, that doesn't make them right.
---lupe2618 on 8/15/05

shout,or jump,or run,ordo something else that a propper christian shouldn`t do????
---anon on 8/14/0

Who decided that a "propper christian" shouldn't do this. Just because they chose not to wait quietly on the Lord certainly doesnt mean they are not "propper" christians.
---NurseRobert on 8/14/05

shira why the united penticostal?????
They worship the same GOD you do the same you put them in this catagory because they sometimes get so happy in the LORD that they might shout,or jump,or run,ordo something else that a propper christian shouldn`t do????
---anon on 8/14/05

Michael, I mean Mormon church, Jehovah's Witness meeting place, Hindu Temple, Sikh Temple, Mosque, Buddhist Temple etc. at home or abroad.
---Kit on 8/13/05

Why would you need to, their soldiers are constantly knocking on doors handing out booklets full of their junk.

For most this is dreaded, but I smile when I see them coming.

The Mormans don't stop bye anymore, it's a shame, I enjoyed them the most!
---Pharisee on 8/13/05

there are lots of places of false worship and lets start naming names. Boy, would we open a big big can of worms. I will open a tiny can and say catholics, mormons, jehovah witness, united penticostals. I will stop there just to get a response. Wow, this may be a bigger can than I expected.
---shira_5965 on 8/13/05

Please define exactly what you mean by "place of false worship." Thank you.
---Michael on 8/13/05

No I wouldn't want any part of it at all. I really don't think any true christian would.
---Rebecca_D on 8/13/05

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I have been in a Mormon church. But I was there to debate with one of the patriarchs of their church. It was an eerie feeling. I would not go there to worship with them.
---Rick on 8/13/05

It depends. I don't fear such places, because if God is with me, who can stand against me? If I had the opportunity to go to such a false temple and preach the Gospel to that congregation, I would certainly do it boldly and without hesitation. So should any of us.
---Billy on 8/13/05

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