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Should We Bloom Where Planted

There is more to Christianity than 'church'. Shouldn't we bloom where we are planted and, if God has put a woman in a home and family situation, isn't it better that she be there for the children and teach them well than do hospital visiting, women's meetings etc?

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 ---Kit on 8/13/05
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Yes "bloom where planted" AND be examples to children. I am a single stay mom but, I still go out to women's meetings, help others in need. I take son with me. He helps me and learns what it means to help/love others. We do not have much so we give of our time and hearts.
Teaching them does not just mean reading writing and math. Children learn by example.
teach them to love and care for others.
---Marla on 1/6/08

It's always dangerous to generalize, because every person's situation is different. Most of the time it's best if mom (or dad, for that matter) stays with the kids and teaches them well, but I can understand there might be exceptions to that rule.
---Billy on 3/31/07

There is no greater responsibilty in the world than being a Godly parent. We should always "bloom where we are planted". Before going to the mission field I told the leaders, my first responsibility was to my wife and children. My wife was NOT to become envolved with the mission work since we had a small child and a baby at the time. (The baby was Down Syndrome.) A saying I like to use is, "There is no point in trying to save the world and watch you own children go to hell."
---WIVV on 9/7/05

Amen to pt.2 of your question with some 'unavoidable' exceptions [Read "Hey God", to see how one housewife changed her family, her neighborhood, cities, etc. Good reading!].

Some homes are destroyed putting the wagon [gifts], before the [home] horse.

Times change, not God's Word(s).

Be sure 'God', not others or yourself have planted you, lest you "cast your pearls before swine" [Matt.7:6].
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/14/05

I believe that God placed certain women at home,yes raising the children spiritually, but also it is up to both parents to nurture them. The women who must work outside of the home OR have a place in church,like office duty,must not neglete this either.At a church I use ot go to,we had a womans biblestudy& child care was provided at the church,so while the mother got the message the child got to play& learn too during the week.
---candice on 8/14/05

Sure, bloom where you ae planted!
However you need some time with others, THEN you can scatter the seeds!
---NVBarbara on 8/14/05

Children are a gift from God and it His wish that we look after those gifts. We cannot do that properly if the church is pulling us in every direction as well. Whilst children are small I believe a wife/mother has enough to cope with doing the daily necessities and perhaps also getting the children to Sunday school. Other things will come later when they are older. She is a human being not a robot. The best times of my life were the first few years of each child's life. Very hard but a fantastic journey.
---Xanthi on 8/14/05

Having raised 5 children I believe all moms need a break in some way just to be a human "being" and not just a human "doing" everything for everybody and tending too often to neglect self. Even Jesus rowed out in the Sea of Galilee to rest and recupe. Most women need to spend at least some of their time with other women or outlet to rejuvenate their energy thereby being more fit emotionally and physically and refreshed spiritually to serve their family.
---Deborah on 8/13/05

Marla when I used the word teach I wasn't meaning school subjects. I mean teaching them how to live good Christian lives. The things a Christian dad would do if he were home as much as mom. I remember hearing Billy Graham saying that his wife stayed home with their 5 children whilst he travelled the world. Because of her influence all 5 gave their hearts to the Lord.
---Kit on 8/13/05

I agree with you. We do need to bloom where we are planted. I chose to stay home and raise my children and I didn't have any energy left for much else and God knows that.Now that I am older, I still don't have much energy.
---shira_5965 on 8/13/05

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