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Email A Good Witnessing Tool

In this new age of computer technology have you ever witnessed to someone via email and had them become a christian? Do you think that email is a good witnessing tool?

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 ---Becca on 8/15/05
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Yes, sure Is.
By The help of God & His Word I reply to blogs etc.
I don't say things to tickle the peoples hearing & I'm Not going to cheapen the Gospel for No one. If I did I'd be lost & the devil with the people has swayed ain't worth it.
---Lawrence on 7/26/10

Email can be an excellent tool for witnessing HOWEVER, nothing angers people like SPAM. Please do not consider sending out unsolicited emails as a witness tool.
---NurseRobert on 6/10/08

I have Yahoo messenger and on my profile there I say that I do church activities. The other day a man came on ans straight out asked me if I was a christian. I said Yes and he began asking questions. He was very interested and when he left he asked if we could talk more about my beliefs and church.
Can tell he is genuinly seeking. I do not what will come of it but as long as he is open to hearing I will message with him.
---Marla on 6/1/07

Hi; I just wanna add that, while email can be a very effective way to minister, be careful of those "If you love Jesus, send to 10 people and..." or the "Now do you have the time to pass this on?" emails--those are NOT good! LOL!
---Mary on 10/15/06

I think sending emails to witness to people is an excellent idea. With the number of people using the internet today, we all should be using our access to the internet to witness to people. I have been emailing Gospel Tracts to people. I look in newspapers, magazines, and websites to obtain email addresses. If you look up School & College Websites you can find 100's of email addresses. I do it I see nothing wrong with it. As a matter a fact, it could be the Biggest REVIVAL the world has ever seen.
---Travis on 8/19/06

Absolutely, I preach the gospel daily via internet.(worldwide i might add) We should utilize any method we can to share the Gospel of Christ Jesus.
---Tsuanne on 10/7/05

Emst, I liked what you said. It is in sharing what God has done for us, to us that we can tell about. That makes it much easyer to share something. God uses anything body He can. Just testify about what God has done for you....good ideal!
---Linda3939 on 8/16/05

Dear Becca,
We have to realize, over 500 million of people are connected via Internet! My messages with my personal testimonies I send to new contacts in India and Pakistan, get to be translated in their local language! We have to realize, that the Internet is an enormous missionary field! We shall not preach to them, but witness about our own experiences with our Lord Jesus Christ! Christians NEED encouragement and to be strengthen by other Chistians.
---Ernst9433 on 8/15/05

Jesus is always compelling His people to Himself. I do not need to be aware of leading anyone to the Lord unless He wants to bless me with this knowledge. My job is to remain obedient to His Word. I consider it a privilege to witness via e-mail. "Sometimes we sow, sometimes we water and sometimes we plant."(ICorinthians3:5-8) The Lord uses His people as He sees fit. I'm privileged to serve Him in anyway He chooses!
---Elsie on 8/15/05

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