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Every Man You Married Right One

How do you know if you married the right person? Every man you marry is that the one? If God did not send him, he's not the one? What is love? Real love or false love?

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 ---sherlain on 8/15/05
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Let me ask my wife. We've been married for 29 years and I cannot understand how she has put up with me for so long ;)
---NurseRobert on 3/11/08

If sent by God is right one. Real love is unconditional. Real love accepts all everything aobut you without trying or wanting to change you. They love you just the way you are.....Warts and all.
---Marla on 6/1/07

Well confusion is the enemy and the devil's work. Here I lie with a tormented soul trying to figure out what god's wants with my life. I have been dating a man for almost 3 years however he does not feel like we would get marry....i want to marry him like yesterday and everyday i pray and ask God to bring him home if he's gone too long...we do not live together ....but then along the way I meet others, talk to others, and wonder is this from God?
---Josie on 8/20/06

3. Many people marry for convience or need and don't wait for God. Some marry because the other is great looking and find out it was the worse thing you have done. Marriage is for a life time. You have to make sure that you will be able to handle a life time commitment. If you are loyal to God He will be loyal to you. But if you continually live in sin, you will only get the consequences of that sin. Some will have to go to the gutter before they listen to God. I know I did.
---lupe2618 on 8/16/05

2. we really didn't have a foundation to start from. It is like a house build on sand. When two people marry and are both commited Christians before marriage, you will make it work because Christ is your foundation. Not yourself. You will work with your partner even when you think you are right and she is wrong. You will be more compassioned to her and will many times yeld to her needs and not yours only. The love of Christ keeps you together. Decisions you make are more sure of coming out ok.
---lupe2618 on 8/16/05

Many of us married before we knew the Lord. We lived our life's just like the world. We married not knowing if we were right in our decision or not. We make decisions but not having God we make them for the wrong reasons. We are selfish people and do marry for something we want. It is always about us. I always thought I was a pretty nice person and I know my wife thought the same thing about herself. Not having God in our lives really caused us many problems.
---lupe2618 on 8/16/05

real love is true love it is loving someone despite their past and not throwing stuff up in their face my fiance loves me for who i am not what i did i was raped i was molested and so forth i hurt him he forgave he helps me through the difficult times he told me he used to be gay i didnt know but i still love him he lives for God now and our love is unconditional no to sya we dont get aggrevated with each other at times but we go on and work it out
---drea on 8/15/05

I didn't marry the person God chose 4-me bcuz I sinned. I was in love & got PG @ 16. He broke up w/me when I was 6mos PG. I prayed & said, "I don't care if U have someone else 4-me, I luv this man & want us 2-B a family!" God answered me! We've had many ups/downs, but I stayed faithful 2-God & 2-my husband. We're still married today, 20yrs later, praise God! It hasn't been easy, but when u choose ur own way over God's way, u suffer the consequences. Read Roms. 8:28.
---Dorothy on 8/15/05

1) If you have a relationship w/Jesus, put ur life in His hands, praying 4-His choice of husband 2-B known 2-U, then when U marry, U should know in ur heart that it's right. 2) Not everyone who gets married marries the person God has chosen for them, so 3) it is possible to marry the "wrong" person. However, once you make a vow of marriage, it is for life, right or wrong. 4) I think the best definition of true love is the love that Jesus has shown us. Read 1 Cor. 13, which speaks of real love.
---Dorothy on 8/15/05

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